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Tom Curran, CSNNE, completes the Pats roundtable and helps preview the Dolphins

Dec 26, 2012|

With the Globe's Greg Bedard already in tow, Neumy is joined by CSNNE's Tom Curran as the three discuss the Pats' issue against the Jaguars this past weekend and how they match up against the Dolphins. They also discuss AFC playoff seedings and where the Pats could end up.

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Welcome back December 26 2012. Up to you want their nursery and lovely Michelle Richard. -- anniversary. It's. Wonderful. Very lucky me and I got the best deal -- worry about that great Iger at the best the -- John astronomy current brought to you by. Common Wes Welker is here doctor doctor Robert -- or call 1800 -- hair. Mr. attorney Karen how are you sir. The only people like you -- -- never gonna make it. It did go. Yes so far so geared the lead to -- Greg Bedard is with loses well all what's up Tommy. And -- Christmas my question -- is how did they approach. Sunday's game players nicked up possibility of getting by. Trying to rob it's sharp for the playoffs it's setter etc. etc. how do you view. Why has Bill Belichick about that today -- -- an update out. An ulterior plan in place in case things didn't turn outbreak fairway at 1 o'clock we'll put them an opportunity. Thinking -- -- and sit predictably. And now would it take care of business won't go into the into the mindset say for instance. The opportunity to get a buy it -- I would expect to see it very moderate brand of Bolton and Michael although model and Julian. Whoever else they -- -- Although they don't have a lot slaughter what receiver but I think the patriots really -- -- A great tribute to which is great. As I watched the game and they're watching back later you have key guys not only Welker or Hernandez but also on the offensive line. Who really could use a blow I think I'm not fully cooked which is you got to reduce some of their reps. -- not a totally agree -- Tom -- you look at some Mankins pull up a little bit lame late night game. Vollmer had trouble round he's been kind of scuffle in for a couple weeks. I -- Yeah I think bill has the look very closely at bat in the side or what you know what's best first we need to. Our guys to keep to keep playing a little bit better going in the playoffs or health more important. You know Tom won't question I have for you is you know because I I value your institutional knowledge of the patriots and Marcus. You know beliefs you've seen this team for awhile what it is first bills. Does he have a rhyme or reason I mean is that the play at the same. Every years he mix things up as far as what he does in these. Finale and. He mixes up based upon maturity level I think and I think that you've seen in years past think that 2005 team. Where they basically through the last game of the year so that they could get chaplains that came aren't. But carry over from the old -- fourteen into the understood what it took. That -- -- can be depressed and it can be let up on at different points -- didn't win a Super Bowl 2005 obviously but. You know that was just a case study in I think him. Trying to game game the system or at least. -- what I get from nineteen they understand. If you take this year's team as opposed the 2019. -- an immature team that had more experience players. Well the rest of those guys because -- -- -- -- the honest answer from them but this team. You -- which took in 2010 team for instance would probably needed to have the title -- because that was really rebuilding period. So I think that he had been at its finger on the pulse with the players meet and to -- I think they're. You know it's he is not just in the service when he says he relies on the captain's. Yeah I think you're that he probably is consulted them a lot. That's gonna work -- a break your book today is wade you have one priest who global -- -- all same. How are you able to understand -- loose in your mind at a player is counterproductive. We've given them a pat on the -- and I think that that's that's really interesting dynamic. Yeah I I agree and I think that. You know if you. It would be a sin here among the -- what they think because I think the Brady. Looking at how poorly the offense executed it's got I mean we heard it after the game can be heard through the walls after the game. He was not happy about the way they executed in the game and and you know who want to make the game back. He was totally valid and that -- it was not good enough and not even close their standards defensively I thought. They were a little bit better one guy I have. I'm curious in your opinion on. What do you make of Donta -- at this point because. What I see is a guy who kind of you know up and down as far as you know you talk about maturity. And experience the stuff like that I see him you know depending on the game being very up and down in and he is effective -- I know he's playing a little bit out of position with spikes down. But -- or how do you assess high tower at this point going into the post season. I think he's done a lot of good things and I think that you can see what I took where it's welcome but you know what should mention there. Mean who gains the touchdown run -- -- maybe you remember exactly what she was. He's got out right field look at these stepped inside article -- -- and registered and he's -- -- on the policy people have been in buffalo somebody. Edit if you could be a common sense the state is predicting that -- block you wouldn't particular direction you fight against the block that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- if you make really good athletic plays with a nice cup which please. Political conflict began in the same game you've actually -- -- questionable effort. On the screen -- where. Not sure it was but today. 01 spot so don't go a couple of extra you know excellent Dreamcast but I don't stopped. And let him go three or four more yards on the sidelines of the chase and so. It's been it's been experimenting in the actual player. Put its it's been in the -- still so. Talk about a hypothetical as you mentioned was -- 2005 that council was -- agreement at the two point conversion were to the usher. It's a play with me here this question would be. I believe Tom curry and Greg Bedard at the Cincinnati Bengals would be a much tougher draw in the Indianapolis Colts in a while cards and agree or disagree. Right -- arts -- we both agree that the Bengals would be a tougher girl let's say for the sake of -- That 1 o'clock on Sunday Houston Texans take out the news outlets cults which I expect them to do. And get the number one seat in the Baltimore Ravens. Beat the Cincinnati Bengals at 1 o'clock -- -- -- a spot. Where should your tank against the dolphins. Suddenly your seat is dropped from three to four. Which Timmy is the preferable place to be for two reasons number one you get the Indianapolis Colts in the first round. And you take care there and number two you presume. That you get the Houston Texans. And not Peyton Manning in to check around exists conspiracy talk or eight. Possibility. What the public eye on the other end of the phone number only temporary and they -- the best person. See it up and say I would I would seriously consider that a vote Bill Belichick. For the simple reason you mentioned. I think that the interior pass first. The Cincinnati Bengals -- that the problem. Peru post position the patriot and a typical for him. Ever really and ever since in conflict that started back up right in that middle of the imperial life you black into the peace. AJ green would be the best player up sensible. On either of those keeps. -- or the angles and I think of right now could. Despite all the wonderful things in new look has done as a rookie in deeper in the Indy I think I would rather see it through -- -- -- So I think there is merit. To get irritable importing arrests. It's it's sort of gets them. Well again I get -- about it. Here's the wrote this again presuming that. That Houston wins on Sunday that. That here's your road to the AFC championship either a home game against Indianapolis. And then a visitation to Houston. Org home game vs the Bengals and a visitation to Peyton Manning in the mile high city of Denver I mean to me. I'm oblivious of what QA I think that there is merit to it and I think that people feel a lot of guys like brand the ball the police he was locus sitting two seats. Michael Obama would delete them Aaron Hernandez. Don't think that. That's the direction they -- -- grip which you think that the good that. -- -- -- -- -- Who's who would be the third seed and that's an area the Baltimore. Baltimore Baltimore wins. Baltimore beat Cincinnati and that's a meaningless game. We both are sitting back and saying hey look I I feel like the same way and Baltimore tanks against Cincinnati because they see -- say thank. That is the scenario would be that if the patriots lose and Baltimore wins. Then the patriots would be the number foresee a bald eagle would be the number three seed and they get the same kind of deal. Where'd you go as the fourth seed they play Cincinnati saw there's no particular incentive and ravens winning as far as I'm cancer. I yeah I would agree -- guys the only might in my -- concern is. Giving up a possible AFC championship game at home. If you if you do you mean but under that scenario. You know likely the ravens are going to play the Broncos and I can't see the Broncos won -- game so but AFC championship game would be in Denver no matter what so. A -- -- Interesting stuff -- -- secede let's look at the bigger picture Tommy current and that is earlier in this program. Greg Bedard. Said he would be very surprised if the patriots did not win and very win. I'm putting your feet to the fire Bedard you said that you'd be surprised if they did not win the Super Bowl -- -- -- I don't know but be surprised that they don't win it. But today they have this they have to play poorly of that that sentiment that could -- say hey if the patriots play their best. The make immediately came out that the only -- only team right now. That I see and that's is probably flavor of the week crap for the in the new Seattle. Note here in the air running Barack. Quarterbacks creativity. Even more so -- blown epidemic and that -- I think Seattle aliens. So you like -- many of our calls that we've talked to today is seemed to be. -- thumbing their nose at Peyton Manning but think this is. Hasn't. Incorporated story to me and I know that you of that stuff but you know I know that one -- of the beat two teams -- winning records that beat the collections is seen Diego's. The chance. You know the sheets in the bra in the raiders and you know Manny has had a tremendous year but he still has done it was. By -- of his own. Brain not the arm strength we want to hear it probably -- with the ball over. Twelve yard here I will say that he could have won that game you're word not for the various promised fumble early. And a -- -- to -- fumble late. They'll -- mistakes but to step up into patriots team goes with your qualifiers that we would catch. So I think they're looking at it from their side they don't have reason to get the patriots but I stick it take me getting out of it. Projectile real on the other side Tom Brady you can count on 80% completion this. Here traditionally. Been under selling general Tom -- Bedard is -- -- I'm in its its okay again I think it would be very difficult team to beat in Denver. In that sector but that's say that's why we have. That's low here Tom to talk about this kind of stuff. That's what local rivalry that's what what what -- and that's why we love it. Tommy -- CN Burlington. All right immigrant feeling that we are regiment Tommy current brought to you by Tom in west smokers doctor Robert Robert Robert landed call 1800 a get here moment a moment. -- -- on but reloading at Sports Radio WE.

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