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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, comes in to break down the Joel Hanrahan deal

Dec 26, 2012|

On a football-centric day, Neumy and Greg Bedard call an audible and bring in Rob Bradford to discuss the recently broken deal that sent Joel Hanrahan and Brock Holt to the Red Sox and Mark Melancon and some other pieces to the Pirates.

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It was bring in one of our baseball experts. Quote unquote. Rob Bradford had rob. Punch him -- Pierre Robby there rob rob rob. -- clearly yes rob how are you. I'll be happy holidays and rob hunter Greg Bedard. Greg or do you draw blood I don't. We're calling you rob Bradford your analysis. All of this Red Sox -- Feel like it look for our regular the other day literally the moment. A Lotta -- it's -- little changes everything. You know I think I think that I could tell you that before I like that I didn't think it was a good trade for the Red Sox spit because. You know let's and you -- give up much that's reality you'd be interrupting part of this whole deal to me is that what you are going after regard for one year I think you mentioned a little while ago. It should be open that you might -- -- draft pick compensation if you opt for the qualifying offer. But it's a one year thing and so that's simple math is that that. They actually expects something this year and any minute now I make -- to commit to the market to a certain degree. So you're saying that this is an example that they are quote going for this year. Now going forward in terms of what I've had to put million -- a 159 million dollar payroll you have -- guys Mickey nine point five or better. That shows you that they have some expectations this year I like going forward the relative term -- You go forward in July you go forward and our -- I did before all these people are saying oh you don't want to punt -- by pocket getting just -- -- -- guys. Well you know any real world when you can make the argument that they're not identifying the right guys short but it little world there saying hey you know what. We're gonna go out -- -- an important part of this team to the bullpen and that's why they're gonna get into it and. Well to me this is a clear sign of another case of it the chance to stockpile draft picks. I'm just reading the tea leaves here it's gonna be one year. They'll make a qualifying offer he will leave and sign a free agent deal depending on the kind of year he has. And there's a draft pick around the corner that's what I see from the -- Well by you know what area there's no certainty that they're going to be able to do that because if you if you go out and hit it have a rough year. They offer the Colts are not hurt too. Our our closer who might be might have a down year and also -- -- got -- Turkey are actually be more than thirteen million dollars a year. Then you know that's a risky thing acknowledged part of the equation no doubt that at all. But I don't think that you can say hey you know what that the primary impetus here. Is the dog get that drastic I mean I think you have to take him into the market we look guys let's be honest they didn't give up much for the guys. So it if you could compare to the market that you -- and so. What is to become a bigger Bailey. Right now I think he's just got our guys in 97 a student the other day is -- day. Today there -- to be red flag with -- in the sense that. He hasn't been able to get beyond the mid twenties and save opportunities haven't been able to be healthy. The fact that they were willing -- possibly putting -- that Farrell PL. Also showed something. They have to get to build the limit which is every World Series the winner by one and since 2000 I would have gotten which is the 45 save at least 45 saves. And -- -- daily track record there was certainly all of us are sort of a longshot offers history so I think that right now. He he had the set up. They -- a good question for yeah. You know every talks about you know starters come from nailed an -- to AL I assume there's not quite the problem is -- closers don't finish. Faced pitchers in. And you know they get the pinch hitters stuff like that but you know is that is a track worker pretty good from mom you know guys -- from nailed that from the NL to the AL. Well I think that they -- closer to live a little off a little less room for interpretation I yeah I mean you have factors that. -- we go back to the series with the Red Sox played against the Pirates in 2011. And then come there and it blows 2034. Pages 97 mile an hour better. The lights out and so that's where you have to start the equation there's no question about it. But it's a good question Greg because. You look at available closers you look at hooligans who have already done it in the American League east. And beyond -- Raphael Soriano -- still sitting out there and offer obviously -- didn't -- out -- because the draft pick did everything else. But this the guy who not only get good stuff. But has also shown that he can do the American League east. So yeah I mean I think that that's part of the the thing that we have to look look at going forward -- just -- example that was mark Pawlenty. The -- -- -- didn't try and play so I I do think that you can't totally discount that. So rip Bob Brock colts' second baseman 24 years old left hand hater. Are we assume he's gonna compete for a utility spot this -- you simply. A depth guy in in the organization from the minor league point of view. I figured out guy who's looked a little ball and got guys who -- might be able to compete for that. -- Philly guy by the turn a lot of people love Pedro very accurate and they love what he did in in his skill set everything now. Well one thing you should know about -- -- -- the September where he got exposed to little bit it and well. And he's probably somewhere in between you know what that is why he was doing 185 corner in spring training and 400 halfway through the year. But you need it but if he he yeah in the middle I think he's a good viable utility guy option. But -- district we doubt -- and that's why does that again we're waiting for who's going to be Restovich trade. And the after the -- vital and came and bill maybe give up all -- We could have a pitcher that you drafted and you're trying to develop and I'm talking about him until. It's a bit. Dicey and -- two all of a sudden give this guy away knowing how valuable young pitchers can be or have they seen enough knowing that he's just not the goods. Baltimore you have to give up something and -- trade like this but couldn't -- it and trusting -- because a couple of years ago artistry it was. All month that top -- pitching prospects. While capital they're more -- did he put on some weight but not a bad way to predict he gets stronger and bigger grew a little bit in a hard time adjusting your mechanics. -- glossy paper to get right in the mid nineties even touched 97 at times. But she is not perturbed that his real results are bad so also when he goes down the depth chart Tokyo the Pirates. -- hey you know what I would upside to our potential we'll rotate it stopped. That far you know we'll take a chance and that we haven't I don't under control for a long time. But from the Red Sox perspective you've got a bunch of guys now heading him in the minor league depth chart but he did by the god you can put in one hatred. Not to sure about the Pirates stepped in pitching I don't know if there's a closer in waiting near are they gonna punch bullets into. A possible -- closer he did that with the Astros in fact he didn't do a bad job at Houston. I'm the Pirates -- -- -- says -- close or is there are some gentlemen that I'm not aware of that is the closer in waiting. I believe you can grow he's going to be -- -- the -- slides and in Edmonton and you know what you're gonna say you know you're all star closer and -- close certainly didn't. So that lead you to believe that -- can -- at some point next year be in the -- -- -- that stuff back to the Houston because -- -- had a couple years ago. Because let's and I knew when we looked up marked ball -- and last year. We look at hey this is the guy who could close with the Houston Astros in the National League but not necessarily for the Boston Red Sox. And so you know it's a final it will -- it -- going to be too close to start out. Grilli I believe in play and the depth chart right now but I think he can into the conversation as the year goes on. Jerry says -- no way big strong believe right hand hitter who came over and at dodger deal. It was kind of an -- guy. Kind of a slow pitch softball hitter kinda type guy and I'm assuming that they don't believe the Jerry Santana place in this organization correct. I think you're playing key link in the first base options and and you have a guy who is like you said a big strong guy but almost worthless too passive and that approach wasn't very aggressive. Game and it's nice to take a lot of pitchers but if you aren't able to take advantage of mediocre fastball which he recovered a hard time live there and got becomes a problem so. In a week -- what we would fit in front of bench Eric and go from first base option early in Nazi. -- and moral Gomez and carry them and came up. I've biggest cheerleader and plotted Joba has so I don't think that you would ever viewed it a viable candidate that's. Writes separate topic that is Mike Napoli any latest on him and it suddenly this they don't get this guy earn his hip. Situation we're gonna go for first baseman. You know I didn't prepare -- -- work this out I think it but whether or not it's gonna knock down eight years in the united. We -- by the civilian -- didn't look -- concerns me you're dead. If you happen in that situation you have a guy at first base who you need to get better first days. And in this -- limitation is gonna stop him from doing that for moving around. They end up becomes a problem to me I don't care you know whether they keep the your -- the money that's fine. But you big guy who has the potential would get better at first base because you can -- first base defense all you want. But the fact is this little little quick start throwing balls over there and also inactive that it had the -- on the other other time in his vehicle going to be able scoop them. Then it becomes an issue I didn't think that monopoly we saw a -- -- the first has potential to get better. But if you out of the -- physical limitation then that becomes an issue. So I had -- come over Walesa and -- did tell the Pacers since stands guard at Pittsburgh rob Bradford thank you so much for the information we wish you -- Terrific happy and healthy 2013 thanks for joining us. Got a appreciated happy holidays not putt well you soon by Rob Brown.

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