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Previewing Pats-Dolphins with Neumy and the new guy

Dec 26, 2012|

Neumy's back in for Mut and Lou and is joined by frequent WEEI guest and Boston Globe writer Greg Bedard, in his first in-studio appearance as a co-host, for the first segment of four hours of Pats talk.

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Ladies and gentlemen we have a rookie number one draft choice. Out of where league it's that Lincoln Sudbury high -- you were drafted out of high school. Really short for -- -- directly to the rose to -- you this was Kobe Bryant Eden Kevin Garnett revisited. Directly from Lincoln Sudbury high -- the pages of the Boston Globe and -- WE -- Can I sale price when support 34 I wouldn't say that passed the one of the test the water color. Maybe bench presses 425. Pounds thirty tons -- he has rookie. Greg -- the Boston low point in production and appreciate what a pleasure it is highly card carrying me. Our view it's a huge -- I mean if you would have told -- schooled me. That I would be here review in writing for the globe won in nineteen back in 1990 when it's off for December. It. Because you wanted to be an astronaut you wanted to the insurgent on novices what I wanted to do. In everything is gonna happen does it didn't happen again I don't know Greg Bedard -- read his stuff from the Boston Globe. I find his particular after game analysis. Church. I imagine it takes you all of what 891011. Hours -- coupled. A couple of days at the study and and right to analyze football. So it -- -- that long to get out that much stuff that we read in the paper every week and that is so contradictory to sit at the writers who have the wrong. To deal with like access to the players and don't go unchecked and Tom Brady and all that stuff -- it correct that stuff out each and every week. Dad and you know a good -- democratic as the global giving me the time Dudek is a lot of papers. You go to in the market they really have Alex Cincinnati too -- bodies he's he's been he's he's it he does he. As somewhat of a back up but I mean he's it so he is enough time -- set for after. Watch film and stuff like up at the globe -- -- initially museum is great job man beaten. Mike Widmer is back open couple of people Michael -- yen coming in and helping out so. You know there. I'm lucky that the globe has dedicated the time I let cover the team and a regular basis or on long time -- kind of in the -- of the few years ago. Coupled with that channel four. NBC. That pages can be a difficult group to deal with as a member of the media as a writer as a broadcaster would have you found to be true. Yeah of course is not perfect but you know the way I look at is they don't really. Violate the rules that often you don't -- as a play within the rules they are what they are taken. Our information it's it's the difficulty and when the top subjects -- up IE. A drug Boston -- the players or whatever that you don't get the free flow of information injuries etc. that you may get somewhere else absolutely. And I can tell you that if the globe -- job as patriots beat writer that would be you would not take that away and one 'cause I wanna beat my head up against law for. Everyday for three years in a -- goes someplace else like him. Green Bay were recovered the Packers from the girls were great as the players and coaches and I mean learn a lot about the game I mean. I learned so much as three seasons and now it is what is right so for those who will read this column tomorrow in your paper when you breakdown the Jacksonville game. Are you go about it. And the final product is delivered in such a way as to what -- individual tendencies of integral players. Schemes. Etc. well -- I try to start with a blank slate now I might have an idea where I wanna go -- there may be what I wrote off the game so -- went very heavy on offense might lean more defense. My follow up but. You know I go through and I just. I sort of agree to clamp -- system. And at the end of the -- put that on sheet of paper. And it gives me an idea yeah. It's breaking his jump on the Internet paper that gives this the third quarter and so you're Europe. -- the total cat out of the bag here but sure synopsis of the Jacksonville game offensively was -- They were terrible I mean I thought I was surprised sharpening her terrible. Yet it was it was as bad as the defense wasn't. I mean I was surprised -- I heard Brady after the game you know he's very critical. And it's. You know I thought all that that's kind of strange because I thought Brady played bad himself while -- give up that team. When I came away with picking ones. I've operated clip pretty -- Mean other than the pastor Ridley that was intercepted. It should have been a touchdown yeah under through. When he let go of the ball to safety was still between the hash marks and he just the report Lehman it was another throw -- Fernandez play in the end zone. Which could have been passed her parents walker was wide open underneath Brady missed but other than that few other place I thought Brady played pretty well. The rest of the offense outside of -- When bell calmly. And Welker. And -- about it real. Report so the conventional wisdom to appreciate explanation. Which our regional -- is simply this. Coming off. -- emotional wins. Blowing -- Houston Texans to smithereens. And that rock them sock from dog fight with the 49ers were down it would -- great regular season and I've seen in a long. When you play a bunch of Schweppes like Jacksonville Jaguars it's easy to let your guard. That stadium is probably. You know for in terms of an FN FL atmosphere may be 32 of 32 teams. In the late you know you're in the plight of the seeds are still up in the air and all of the stuff. Chad Haney is she acts and it's almost a glorified college team if you and stadium studio addiction atmosphere that's just not important hockey like Florida and places that this is the -- And so for me is how it plays so badly against -- -- -- is coming to to huge emotional that you see. Every week in the National Football League teams have a high hello big -- -- odd couple a big wins let down. Ebb and flow roller coaster you know all honest does that explain this war. Is there stepping beyond this. That would give patriots fans to be wary of Italy's under against Miami but more importantly. Well I think it's both I think. -- on. On the whole execution was terrible across the port and that tends to point to they had just it'll liked -- -- come. But there are also some concerns on the injury front with Hernandez in Welker. I noticed Logan Mankins late in the game. Pulling up on with a leg injury probably every aggravation what he had Sebastian Vollmer played poorly again. I couldn't get down a couple cut blocks which. Yeah kind of points to. Maybe he -- that back a little bit so those are the issues that I'm more concerned with the health of the offense. I think they execution will rebound when it when they need to play they will come to play. But the guys is better beat up. Welker and is Mankins Vollmer. They need those guys went in the play offs and immediate help I. Which religious to the conundrum. -- conundrum. Facing Bill Belichick on Sunday. And that is. As you mentioned there are a number of walking wounded. You'd like to get your team back to playing it. Tip top level against the Miami to open to -- we will commit loaded on Sunday I know that Joseph Philbin will have their team ready to go if they win that game -- get to poverty doesn't sound like much. But from the Miami Dolphins started and Joseph Philbin and a fabulous job in football team and they're gonna command. Loaded for -- So on the one hand you have injured players. On the other hand you have. The possible three or four depending what happens it is possibly could be number two refused and was just in an episode that battle happened. But that's neither here or there and that is the idea of resting players trying to win the game trying to convince yourself in the seedings. How does -- go about. That's to me is a very fascinating question going to -- It is and I Muster what he's gonna do I mean I wanna things it's working against them -- and that that. -- in Apple's game 4 at 1 o'clock but the thing is that in active sucked me in ninety minutes for the game starts. So are you gonna know who's winning that game at that point in time. I don't think so so pretty much Belichick has the make mine. Forehand what he's gonna do I think he is gonna air on the side of caution and decide. What's the best way for me to get this team healthy and I think we saw the start of it last week. With. -- down with spikes down I think he's doing some sort of almost rotation. One of the big things which really surprised me and I don't think anybody really talking about is -- to leap last week. And what you saw on film was a guy who was literally running down field holding his left -- How he got cleared to play in -- team. I don't know and I don't know how we stayed in the game -- that was the first play he was in he ran out of -- -- left hip he went out he came back in. It did the same sort of thing when he X did it on play -- he almost picked it off and jump up the girls. Almost had to beat people again. That just surprised the heck out of me watching the film. And that is something to monitor because he is obviously by far the team's best quarterback and they need him healthy. If they're gonna if they're gonna make it. -- if you go up against Cincinnati Bengals which is likely -- -- -- is super Calvin Johnson is. Probably the best receiver AJ green is not so until we can't answer the -- Doesn't this shift. According -- role on the quarterback's role etc. whereas if toll -- healthy raring to here -- you can move. According back to safety with Gregory but now often -- -- are you bring record -- quarter instantly gives Jackson -- correct yeah and I think he's a better safeties proven -- So if he -- domino effect Turkey to -- as to how healthy this. Knowing these plan. While I know I like core audience out of elected mayor since training camp on so you know you can start with. And an American on the outside Nicole that the nickel and nickel slot guy and that's that I would you mean because I think. Having recording Gregory while not the biggest Gregory fan. On I think -- -- -- ways. I think and where -- definitely the best safety Perry thank Patrick on two interceptions changed anybody's mind on on Sunday so. You know would -- that is gonna have to -- I I would say there's no chance. Or at least he should India the league should not be out there against the dolphins this week. Don't even a lot of do anything this week see -- for the clap thank you -- you need -- they need to get -- what about Robert house. Rock is. You know it would be nice to get out there and give his blood flow and then back in the groove a little bit but I don't think it's vital I mean as long as they know he's okay and that the the the muscles have built back up Juan. I I can tell you that they need is locking. Tremendously. Anyways. It was terrible I mean between it and between especially and this past 23 weeks it is. Has not been good -- me once while we get in there and whoo man hasn't been much better even in a couple nice pass receptions. -- fifteen weeks into the season the New England Patriots -- number one in points scored number one and plays run. Number one in yards per game. Number 13 down conversions. Arguably the best offensive team in. Football quarterback Greg Bedard wanna ask you do you think that this defense is Super Bowl worth. Playing at their highest youngest team is showing now. Assuming. That this offense. Plays in the playoffs as they have during the regular season IE being number one offense in the National Football League. This defense Super Bowl were 61777. Point 7937. You can text -- -- 37937. If you like football and you ought to learn about football we have the doc for you whose name is Greg -- the Boston will be read his stuff every day. -- your chance to chime in with questions and comments and all things football here on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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