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Introducing Bonecrusher: Dan Sileo fills in on D&C

Dec 26, 2012|

Dale's back as he welcomes his new co-host for the rest of the week, former Miami Hurricane and current Miami radio host Dan Sileo. The guys recap Dan's career up to this point and how he went from The U to the radio and touch a little bit on some Christmas Day basketball.

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So they sent me dale gonna commend them and and I I know all working actress. -- -- for Jerry's its. And they said -- bone crusher. -- First all -- it's called ball pressure that scares me to begin -- that second ball the last time I heard a bone pressure on the radio. -- -- people and find out he's pretty. Level headed. -- pentagon column. Alia. International -- headed now not level that welcome to the Dennis and Callahan morning show I'm Dale Arnold Kevin leaders over Childress he always is. And the guy you're hearing here. Is instantly a better -- as bone crusher and silly out. Normally works the midday program and a little radio station in Miami former Tampa Bay -- the pride of Stamford Connecticut. Who sued the NFL and lots of it -- Think this -- let. And yet listen it's been -- twenty years now when this thing here sit around talking trash. And got to take its. Love the stuff into an -- -- this -- Last October was my twentieth year. In sports. There's not a lot of filter what you got there. Now I mean it you are racing -- say it kind of guy I find it hard to believe that people don't like the truth. We speak. And we say well on our minds. I found out that 90% of the people in the world. Hate when you tell them reality they like to have it -- sunshine blown up the rear end where people will sit there and go oh yeah they'd like. Told what they want me here well when you look at some than I call myself -- observations. More than a sports talk guy I look at it I observe it and I see it with my eyes and my -- tell me -- then I'm gonna say it. And sometimes people don't like that and sometimes you -- you don't leave sometimes wrong -- yet but it. This is what I've been doing now for like -- -- for twenty years now went. When I look at sports today sports takes me away from nastiness that we saw it done in Newtown last month. I mean are from where you grew up now Mike got my dad lived in Newtown and went through that area played high school football against Ron Amadon down nets saint Mary him and I were down any FC act together. Played against him for four years it's a great place to live Fairfield County. And those Tony angels' money went away affected mean we were talking before we even. Went on here I never was more affected by anything in my life and that includes 9/11 I mean the next day I cried like a baby. When -- when I haven't -- like that since I was hit when I saw that in that home -- and done yet -- especially when it's around your area and the and the father. The monsignor Bob -- married my wife and I. So there were a lot of connections in that area there and the beautiful thing about sports economy is that release she get away from you know and you get a chance to do some things and talk about pass. Well public of people that the quick bumper sticker version of Oudin is now we're -- -- we do here. And we'll talk a lot obviously patriots dolphins -- the perfect guy. To discuss that with I grew up in Stamford Connecticut. The first guy ever out of that area to be drafted very high in in the NFL draft. That includes any -- was still to come and that it only and I don't know hall of Famer and -- -- around cold Allah so I mean like I've been involved in sports I mean. I hate to say this to have -- relationship. Bobby and Mary Leo -- bogey. The guys this is really your yeah I think -- to me really well here in Colorado. Well yeah. As your observation skills will go on and all dried up watching him work like I knew immediately it's -- -- come -- -- news. Hold -- personality. Start dictating people doing things their way championship away and he's gonna go win there. Never done anything and he's gonna tell a guy like Kevin Youkilis out what you depict that piece of trash up off the ground and that's drastic. You're not gonna tell guys massage guys like that if you become a -- in the room. It's so that butted heads up that thing was gonna explode like that so I mean. But mentality -- them as Mets when he was the Rangers. Always had that attitude on the big fish in the room you're gonna follow around as a -- doesn't work that way when your team in an area that -- that success. You went on to -- to play at the EU University of Miami cup championship teams there pot then -- year your eligibility ran out. You declared yourself pretty ancient. The NFL didn't take too kindly now. They sued me. And then I had a turnaround that suit them to get into the supplemental draft and that's supplemental draft. Brian Bosworth. And Chris Carter. Were in that same draft with me and pretty damn good supplement yeah well I was this out is this fifty player taken Bosworth was number one. I think Chris was a third or fourth rounder in that so out of Ohio State had some. You don't know what whatever round they take Q and you have to give up that pick in the next year's draft -- so they're not just gonna say a meticulous guy won this guy to disguise freebie is. You've got to give up that pick in the in the upcoming draft. Wrecked so this is how worked out I was declared ineligible on Friday. Today against the gators playing -- said it was -- in his first game. Ever as a Gator I was declared -- outstanding on the sidelines. I get a call from the National Football League. You call warehouse in the box and ego taking a flight that night. I'm playing against Walter Payton and the Chicago Bears in its final game at Tampa stadium. And it was this final year in the league and here I am against the bears I had a hurricane helmet on on Friday and I'm buying up going OK hang out here now I. And hey got it out up outstanding got a field of Ray Perkins goes. Get your rest and Iraq go under the lights so we posting under like some -- elbow pads on I've put -- -- -- a mouthpiece. So I get in the game there and it's -- It's. Scott what does. Work. I -- get a chance understand right away were I want I want from hurricane -- And it fell so in two to race wasn't at the same thing and Oklahoma to an NFL home. Baghdad alone -- that's OK okay there. Feel after a somebody called -- a drum corps veteran doubt Obama. But today I I -- nine minutes -- -- -- -- yes it was the highest paid guy. I didn't content. -- So I'm I'm standing there and they fly me into. -- complained of Rachel's what does he goes in there. Very first play they run this -- -- -- goes away and here comes Walter Payton. -- Meehan had OK I almost vomit through my mask I hear -- Absolutely -- might. It's Payton hits it to get at it again. -- my buddy comes up -- thank god is third down it goes it's. I. Let -- say OK I hey look at the field on a -- -- like com Mike. The top of them out here on my buddy goes as the field Indian on -- I ago. I'll tell you dissect it took my Mascoll vomit right there on science that was my -- back to the NFL get knocked out by Walter -- I was out of my feet. Got it pretty good I say that all the time -- pay a I got to feel like Peyton and I pat pat pat apps and -- You turn your year new career in Tampa Bay Bucs NFL -- turned it into a radio career eventually work that way. Have worked all over the place and Cisco held Tampa Miami. National Los Angeles that worked out of fox Sports Radio. To -- for awhile but national radio blue guess to me you know life yet said Iraqis -- your bosses ass all day long going how good you don't know brilliant he's great at that point. -- not under the -- not sit around sit out and I just about losses as is not for me okay and so national -- it was that I got away from that. Worked -- clear channel for like forever I called Communist channel I worked there for ever and sort of -- exonerated that yeah. And didn't jive got a little vacation one. In a -- back out of Miami and all suddenly get a call from trees. No -- and talked that he doesn't -- him brought. -- pack and a it oh deficit that. It what you do fire me again not a big hot but you don't know -- set -- -- post Christmas -- Daily show -- -- off when you actually to being in the studio altogether for an hour from. Like so. If you work in Miami yes yeah it. You'll be the guy to help us out with his dolphins thing and and and you do a lot of different things down there and now you're coming back to New England off. -- in your ass off and say -- no members and always wins. Kate it's that I'll cut gas sand always wins over -- -- goes to the runner guys goes to saying yes. And beaches and songs remember that -- else. I don't I pay -- one point the -- a few months for you see those around here are yes but not. In. Three days for me I am ahead of back down to the yeah -- holidays -- -- -- to -- -- Holy cow the tightest. The wife she's like so you're gonna be doing some radio and cost him. I had to play out like Christmas. Wife and -- Good plan. I don't you were common last I. Want. Some some way it goes -- it's also mediation -- no effect it's like. She's like this is anything with radio BSE years. Christmas lights. Go skiing and next week. I went out on I don't wanna hear things about going skiing. God this is -- my tree. Here's the and it's some of atonement and now I have to. Fly back down to in South Florida. On Friday. And drive back to. Riding Killington writing from Florida. Thank -- I tell you about this whole airplane thing yes I heard how much quicker they are -- it that's how we hear right now guys guys. This is the boss calls and says so if you want to sports. We're gonna do my thing so I have sucking up and I am playing. Well. My dad warm portly playing as yes how. Asked this baskets is why haven't. I yeah it's things like yeah all right you got -- which out of my god among. My wife is -- she produced my show so she knows my whole BS in my whole crap stuff and all that she's a senior white whales back up what you've got bad deal -- -- -- white. Reduces your -- she did she -- -- she did when I worked out and work witty. And -- the waited a cop out of Kentucky. Jobs so just Archie Archie gets the whole deal gets worked out at Los Angeles was mine executive producer. For my radio -- so she gets the whole deal she'd get. She understands problem yes and that's which turned around and turn them which goes to paint this. This is my week. And I like taking days off so -- ladies like OK we're going experience. I'm gonna be barreling down -- hill humbling Donna laughed my daughter next week. We did the I said you know we need we all know -- still got a bone crusher coming out. As overtake cubs don't go over it and where it is you helmet yeah. And although it did you -- about it this time where the mouthpiece the -- -- how -- the mouthpiece just thrown out on him there. We'll take very quick break ninety seconds only would get into and the rest of the stuff were reports called one of his players that. And I am guessing. OK with that will get -- all lets up but Celtics huge. Let's here's here's a little tidbit for you gambling folks out there and I don't gamble as you know but if I didn't gamble. I would never bet on a home team playing on Christmas Day because they open up the president's -- fat. Sorry -- -- -- -- saying that all get their doors are all off Brooklyn looks like they're not interest that. I think I probably witness something yeah that's true. And the heat. Mean your UC the mall yet. Can't root for them. I kind of wanted LeBron to get a championship ring a weird dichotomy there from now as you with the only one guy you know what I mean after the Celtics would -- -- I gotta tell you. I I gotta tell my my favorite player to -- during. I'd just -- the way he place. A -- perimeter game start to see 337. And five now instead of 33 to win one. Start revamped his game I dig the way he took Kobe -- school. Our last year's playoffs hit that. It's like watching LeBron I compare him with Chamberlain because he can play off by positions. Put us back to the glass. Asked in the facility saw what he did late night last magic in that regard because he's a bigger version of math and an Oscar. If you look at -- you can't compare him. Oscar could have played a five Nolan and this guy can't write this -- to write a spider -- Oscar can not done on the box and play by away magic could in a short stay and -- it and this guy -- -- did you -- what did against the 76ers you know we went 45 or whatever to close out that series against Philadelphia and six I mean he -- down when -- got hurt so. You're right he has more magic I said that when you watch him he is so dominate physically dominating he's not spectacular though. Like -- ones. He's not that -- got -- NJ -- my -- -- the -- -- enters the guided drove the lane and that later became the perimeter and -- And that's were elected with weight now he's trying to he's trying to get his game to being a perimeter shooter now because he can't drive the like yeast or like he did in 06. But again don't -- to meet Westbrook. Out of the two best dynamic duels in my opinion in Indian BA and the flash your dynamic duo. I say that I did kill all the time because I don't think -- so we get hurt last night little bits I mean I don't think he's consistent enough. Physically to be able to play 82 games like say. Westbrook and -- I'd love those two guys together. Member what it was like Walter Payton to a couple of times you throw up in your in your face Yasser -- People just turning on the radio -- hearing us talk so nicely about LeBron James just drawn up a little bit in their mouth is again ready yet for breakfast we'll take break silly I was here bone crusher. Winter is here as well we're in for DNC Sports Radio WE yeah.

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