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Doc Rivers with Grande & Max before the Brooklyn game

Dec 25, 2012|

Doc Rivers with Grande & Max before the Brooklyn game

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-- today presented by Lexus continues from the Barclays center in Brooklyn. Or Christmas everywhere on our conversation with a head coach brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim. Count us in most of us grew up watching NBA games on Christmas Day and law. -- -- want to be away from family it's the world get used to it has been five years in a row is it this is an owner of -- games. That's what you better look at it must learn that -- is an honor. I do think they're playing too many of whom I'd like to earlier where he wanted to three -- in Topps announced community. Having said that were playing congress Wednesday. -- important and world because the first thing. -- only. He's less true. And the first game as well there's only been two of these multiple game trips but you had. Two results the first game winning a game in Milwaukee on that first trip and that carried over and then losing the game in Houston accurate. And let's hope we can win this one you know I do think when the person -- ginger root problem the volume. Going out this this this one because this is one where you actually. You can win a game and get on a plane for six hours. Implied LA and women won't make a -- and a lot less. Thankful -- fuels to seven. From a -- a game the hill take away it seems it's so strange because of -- one thing was happening every game. Who seemed to be easier for you but you finally had a game which you waiting for a bench performance like that. The -- and a -- of all night -- add -- -- two or three of the guys leaving the lead shooting at 50% or better have bad -- Yeah you know -- -- one of those exactly make mistakes you know. Did you play in a game over did you play the game exactly the same way. And and -- the gambled and Kevin and another -- open shots because they didn't just missed shots they missed open shots. I here's quote for you after the game this is your quote a lot of guys -- different places bringing a lot of different habits and their habits showing their pressure right now it breaks down things we do offensively and defensively. Calling anyone out individually. What's an example of something. We'll a lot of things you know them on defense you know we -- control most of the constitution situations and now in crunch time couple guys got off the body shot gap and and cause problems that would force. All on all -- you know that's it right Pittman and rightfully so you know being in the wrong spots nationwide so. There's a lot of that goes on and and -- -- to already which happens to dwell on the American civil war in our guys coming off a pitch you wanna stay on his body you don't wanna get all his body and try to go under the pick. And meet them on the other side our -- is too good to do that. And our defense and help system breaks down when you do that. Last year on Christmas time you had a shot blocker from the dearly and turned -- that guy. The major player in rotation and great Steve's could lightning strike twice. Oh I don't know its this is a little tougher he's one practice -- That would denies them all for. But can you may even imagine what it's like war rookie walking in in mid season to a locker room it has. The names and legacies in the cash in the -- We'll watch and I mean it's amazing you know I've never been in that situation as it as a player or physical so I can imagine how big his eyes are tonight. You know but I -- he's really it's a good Christmas for them. And that's what's wrong and their game on Sunday night in obviously they've had success in the two games against you rebounding being big what. What are you expecting them to do. I would say boat. I don't think they -- its concern about what I've been working against us I think -- -- -- which is team right now. You know they have a better record -- -- but it just seems like they have more turmoil right now. So I think he's just searching as well it's amazing how many teams around the lead to me you know business Tuesday. The way way it and ran and everybody is talking about Kobe about surgeon you know. So. We're all trying to look for ourselves and find yourself. Well it's -- -- them -- -- and spend more time with me today for the last five years on Christmas and you know that and then a flight with -- this is going to be a little bit damaged and seven -- And here. So the thing that's very Christmas of WEEI Celtics radio network.

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