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ESPN's Doris Burke with Grande & Max before the Brooklyn game

Dec 25, 2012|

ESPN's Doris Burke with Grande & Max before the Brooklyn game

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Which brings -- -- full court press and we always save our favorites for the biggest game on Christmas Day and Doris Burke from ESPN joins us here is so -- the -- are getting set to go. And we've been talking like about Christmas Day last time you join us here last year. He says it hoped it would judges judge me like myself but these assignments -- he -- being -- we all grew up watching India today. So while we ought to get a very early and their families right now that we see -- it feels like world. This is -- this. There's there's no question there's so many things in my life Sean and I am incredibly thankful for and we we have a thousand games on the as candidates about health made but yes I'm thrilled to be here you not remember Bernard -- -- loved watching him play at sixteenth and analog -- -- do. CNN so listen this is a special NN my kids I'll be home -- by 8 o'clock. You can you're convicted Jeep eagle to beautiful. Atmosphere -- -- -- -- Obviously if you're. What is your impression in preparing for this game and being happy your finger in the -- will be used to. All of the celtics' struggles this year it has slow starts before and made that notion is it'll everything will be fine have a false sense of security most of your. What is your sense of this group this Doc Rivers passed through point six. Well I mean obviously haven't blown away about Paul Pierce the last couple games. I think that given certain the three guys you would expect to be given -- him on that here's. And KG and you know the nine new faces -- significant I don't think there's a team right now and and you listen to Dwayne wade on ESPN earlier this morning they were not where we're supposed to be Kevin Durant saying we're still building they're working out here in game situations still without James Harden. You know I guess the long term question for the Celtics to. You know we're all those nine guys get to where they need to be. In terms of understanding the system defensively they're not supposed -- -- not as intimidating defensively is they have been a second unit. Has hurt them. On the defense end of the floor and I know the numbers have changed a little bit with Kevin Garnett on and off the the floor but the reality is the Celtics have not been a -- offensive team for a long time. So they've won and stay relevant with their defense. And they're not there yet. Now levee that that's really did -- -- there there's not available in the -- on top of that rebound in the quality. Couples every aspect of what the -- has really -- the last couple years. That's just not been if John talk about rebounding. This anti. What they've done it here Brooklyn in the last couple games -- dominate the stuff itself with. -- ahead of him for the what does that from the field but when you give up eighteen and nineteen. When he opted for -- at a time. Here quickly as part -- -- -- and you know that's an interesting thing because now the next go to the smaller lineup with Gerald Wallace at the bar with a flat -- -- They've beaten the Celtics twice by by being physical and imposing their will and dominating from that and the things. You know I'm interested in today's paper talk about Andray Blatche and Brooke Lopez -- more time on the court together. Against the Celtics I would give that look like on a minute I can't wait to see how much there and how often they play together tonight. You're on the Nixon resigned -- the -- if you shoot enough. It's very difficult will be to be impartial when the -- because that's that's who I grew up watching. I'll say this -- you I do not think that. Melo is either willing or not necessarily may be able but doesn't wanna Barkley I don't think it's very good for him so his ability to -- That guy that before where he is physically strong enough to match -- of the boarders facing took me. Has been as good as the San Antonio Spurs was a year ago and I thought that was leaked basin. You know itself from the hopeful New York Knicks could come close things out a while with -- It looked dictated because I've desperate fight with that -- -- -- that the accident. He's the only health. Always laughed that if it would ease my god I hope this gets back to a good level to fight to be that way by. If you look at this team that think that -- there -- concerns me about that fix the fact that it's -- so if Hillary -- I talked about -- the bargain -- oh we don't think. They need a bowl -- -- the -- who will be scored in the thing I don't think -- -- the UBA championship if you could that you executed. Can I ask you this then that this guy who has been there and that post presence. On the second unit. Still winning check. You go beyond the second unit but we'll leave it into the game. Edit it before it's time you you could -- up to -- date declared that got moved up off the bit. It's just that it only because after the game that I think you can. I think you have been -- you have to have that both -- if effectively with the don't want him mentioning that subsequently. So it's not such can't stop asking questions. Still must be here. We're trying to -- us out on alert you know I've got an MBA got here and ask them questions like out of security analysts today but I -- -- -- that you're. If you do inside a lot of stuff I think about it you're gonna get Mike -- -- probably more so he's probably going to be one of the easier coaches to do media. If you have taught you you must -- had. I've had a -- on many he's he's actually been very very good today I didn't want -- -- situations John where. I answer one question -- my favorite coaches we've just been a fan for a long time I know it's history in front of stories about him pianist. You know Russian studies I think it's just so cool. But I was so bad guys that literally night my first question made him so angry. But he just stared at me and basically said nothing and I fumbled my way through the second one and as a walk which of course -- How are you now know my question was it serving the the spurs have a lead when Shaq to Phoenix first and ten. I've got to interview him in the third quarter and they've now given up the leader Jack -- -- like over eight in the first period 5% in the third. And instead of just saying they made their run how they do it I tried it Smart and I said you know your defense gave up next what's wrong with your defense and and that was it that I don't blame them I ask your question I deserve what I got. Thankfully my producers that to me on my way back at it would you mind if we don't run it and I said thank you for not humiliating what I've. Bless you because I asked Rick -- question like that and I got. Rip 888 Ayers did over -- if I can deal right now it's circulation. When asked that I just tapped as recruiting that. It was a -- game but he didn't want that policy board that will get -- hopes they got their numbers. I'm about to ask another question oh my god equipment that's I don't -- what it's not that. And it was they take classic -- achievable bit. And later on on what are you could do at the root as they analysts or to ask the question that you go back to the coaches they -- My bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad I -- have -- hot -- There was we we don't have enough time to. Was the only time he was what we -- the reasons -- you -- that you just swap with -- to practice and in the past you've got the best -- On occasion that you in my car. And that to me so much happening there. This -- you know that's the best highlight of my Christmas. Doris Burke from ESPN you have our permissions are announced on a watcher today instead it's just that puts a human head coach next. That WEEI Celtics radio network.

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