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Mon. December 24th Whiner Line

Dec 24, 2012|

Mon. December 24th Whiner Line

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My view is excusing views expressed and expressed. The -- -- -- -- -- Proceed with caution. At least this discretion advised. -- Morris and now -- warning airlines. Tim Tebow can absorb. I think he's the worst quarterback in the NFL I do not believe that he never had any business being a member of the New York Jets and now. There really today is not in the New York Daily News and hear from these anonymous. Sources about -- Tim Tebow is that jets while an abomination. They odd disgrace. WEEI. Award near line is this just. This isn't. -- Resembling a professional football team professional about it nothing dial 6177793535. This team has managed to get worse -- even further embarrass itself. More than it has in the past whiner line. Anybody integrity. Block associated -- gang green doesn't just makes college and now that. -- -- WEE -- they are a walking piece of embarrassment at this moment. -- -- Socially -- you know that Steve did a great read about the jets that was great for weeks ago a month ago he said he realized virgin daughters -- -- veterans right through I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh I patio let's look -- we wanna align. And -- go out case. And the message was worked out well. There -- obligated Brian. I'm really glad you broke it broke about it can be considered a strong campaign up and -- -- and then. -- -- KP you could argue. What -- call today and work. But yeah well. And this message. Well you know. Hey I'm listening to Durbin what occurred this morning -- -- bank -- and -- had ever walked out great. Shell not look at that Spock armed Wyatt playing with the -- Born and you guys were talking about it in an accountant about it. And that message that happened we shouldn't be charitable and -- -- I really thought that I agree with him people -- For the -- and a. And if that experience through Nolan still -- -- to doesn't want to -- they're they're paying me. I. This -- and did make the -- Don't know all there won't -- -- alone in front -- fans to stop calling upon and radio station patella Oak Creek there. And I hope that -- we've got them they're different picked it up won't. -- -- Other good Christmas. And that beautiful a cowboy fans are much worse -- -- Stewart and model for ports to a different because a lot of fraud doubt Dallas if if my son can't make you the plus with the jurors would like to see the count was in there simply because -- -- No because of the awesome to see Tony Romo blow again in the fourth quarter of through that could be fun -- -- regulars on through. If you got a record -- -- -- your body. A month ago after it reported that on David you're bank and diplomatic and -- -- I didn't do you have favorites but interview that any aren't very fuel and it's based on everything nobody in the space. And he also you know accidentally fallen on my back doesn't mean. But you know he and I got it here because quite frankly -- -- -- -- play yesterday. And you know I'm Manny and David Wells I don't know these guys don't deserve a lot they've had to pick out because of all of our. They don't have the brain and now -- -- -- the last involvement in the playoffs I think -- to Britain and everybody. The picture and that's how they blow blow for government should get the playoff whether we'll always harder when the two wins last minute when they play Green Day and really took it -- -- -- thought there were turnaround right government announced that it got worse right after the -- And thick bottle and I must have fact that the you become pregnant because. The -- According place on. What product perspective so -- -- going to be seven. And that message. Bad start. It was okay at times this quarterback next to the event obviously that is -- corner is not say if he's not a war. They want president of marketing it in good Hispanic artists here not Kenny Perry and our -- you -- Why is that this -- -- order went on vacation he's not around to defend his grip body. The -- that you actually don't have an agenda against the Celtics I mean c'mon really did you watch that game the other -- all the way there are no big man. They're allowing the anti Celtics agenda came through for the buck. Again. And serious. Nobody that they play until he's so what exactly did -- get the -- and I'm -- -- not a -- the red -- -- I -- didn't break -- like five -- -- that he. How about an -- on a two point I've posted on I'm a Twitter FaceBook given night. Mr. -- the USA today article did you see it LeBron James went five games about getting follow on the bottom right five game not true not true it is true I yeah 180 minutes -- -- and -- eight which means he's probably does not play defense is that it now. Since these super race -- actually there was some bad calls them Milwaukee Celtics -- our Milwaukee. It missed a ton of free throws it -- sort of won by big and regulated by the fact that five games in a row LeBron James a soccer and call for -- the -- It. Now that aren't talking about what it comes to a patriot my date with the Belichick. And yet they. Kept it after the tough questions I had an idea for a show that the -- did I think. The have been -- a -- yeah don't bet on Big Bang boom. Oh yeah they -- back marker. -- -- -- and I'd like to have remembered maybe you don't call the better one so far their best so far the angels right about one billion okay. The following -- and finally took a year's. I thought well. They'd have an armed man bit the -- -- Aaron Hernandez. Not often -- -- way or another city. God come home slam. And come home and I bought up -- cracks last week about the Pittsburgh Dallas game not the -- of the week before. That we're in which is -- pants Kimmel slowly. And that's important. -- moment. Maybe if I thought it felt like your husband been -- but it noted that it could join their benefit the public. Have a question actually heard -- Obama called -- one of them as -- -- -- the showed yesterday. You get hit three quarterback for the economic -- start. Tom Brady Peyton Manning a definite. Crazy. Like about -- happening inside my protector and where that particular quote there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How how they thought well -- thought by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to -- ten times faster than three G-8. AT&T rethink possible.

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