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Bill Belichick isn't concerned about playoff seeding

Dec 24, 2012|

Pete and Steve talk with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick about what happened in the Jacksonville game, look ahead to the Dolphins and find out hat the status of some injured players might be.

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Back Eric Richardson Monday on the big show Sports Radio WEEI. -- has to be -- filly and for the big -- Michael Holley today on a Christmas even joining us right now is -- -- to -- coach Bill Belichick the coach is ours brought to buy a Mercedes-Benz. And by -- Mickey and Jewelers Merry Christmas -- BP if we don't today McChrystal coach. What we're doing fine how are you doing. All right the right and -- workers. It closed it -- worker who was the office. Of players or an idea world. Where -- grounded through Miami front and carry them. The players also today the -- tomorrow to so and on the when America. Cotchery surprised early on. The first quarter that Jackson was able to attack the defense as efficiently as it did. Well but they come. You know as -- turned out they became a little bit of the new new look with the -- horrible and how long cadences with a line turned. Get the right play in in very patient -- an artist because look they're trying to take advantage or defense looks and and all the and it was a good game plan. Obviously a nice drive there's terrific game. And but this you know as a coaching staff you know myself obviously included. That we were really has prepared for that this approach should have been so. And then you know we went back out who will they drove all on the field than. Pick up the ball back quickly -- and we still. -- into a great job adjusting to it even on the second series that we -- -- Google. The basilica after that and we kind of got the game. You know back under control and we you're but he understood what we we needed to -- Jacksonville's attack in the differently than what really what we have here world -- at practice and it was more of Denver you know -- for the fact Peyton Manning but that act and so thought the players really did a good job decently. Of change in really change our whole load -- plane that things that we did in the game were mostly things you know and practiced all week and you know Jacksonville came out this will differ. No different manner so once once things settle down there. But all of the overall we played pretty competitively. Much better on third down. You know good -- which of this you expect from -- -- -- Because it is. -- an. Opportunity rose. In. There really this. Mature. A situation over there. Goes -- that's really. I'm more on all the bodies. Just which got a -- but overall players you know pretty well once we. -- -- eagle on the. Coach was Tom Brady is angrier as he sounded and some of those post game quote -- about the of the overall. Road games. Well pick anyplace felt great about about the game where you know happy to win. Always good when Indian open -- but it feels like that was our best in the year. And you guys are -- Mean movement on the show earlier so. However he expressed that this. And that but I can express them. -- it was just I used to hearing those kind of words coming out of his mouth and -- really. Any major player at this time a year particularly after a win -- words like you know phrases like Al competed. Out fought and got lucky we're just not used to hearing those -- phrases in late December from a patriots it. Well American I was and marksman with a great performance -- By any. And mean and and it's -- the coaches that players. Often these -- and we made enough plays to win -- -- -- a lot of what is it will only hurt you. On scoring opportunity zones we will soon. And we we could given up so. We and we all recognize. Bill. Wanna do better and better. Coach saw our captain -- all wrong and -- open. The male field and went through -- in I mean real beat on each other but certain -- it'll. Although we. We were better so worked. -- but earlier -- That were upper and if that. Coach soon it was sort Aqib Talib try to give -- go up there and wasn't -- was. Cables -- probably wanted to be. How old. Earlier in the week did you -- was -- federal -- -- was after placing a lot of court for. Well -- -- but quickly put some last week that -- -- and that and we knew going into the week that it might be a little if -- -- we thought it would be easier. Are with him were in a corner and then it yet go back to say the you know everything okay then. He would go back to safety in the wasn't. The B in asylum or to say you let us on has more so. But it was but it was good for but it -- -- good -- yesterday. But you know they be good for him to get back and and belittle or ignore them and a rich schools don't -- there. And you know it -- an opportunity -- that little bit more. Patrick certainly. In there was some big plays -- And that's that's what you need to do uses it was a take whatever resource is. Welcome and -- And a little differently and doing with the situation -- right. And those guys early on they want it well all of them and Billy did a good job world in the -- beat the practice all that during the -- that we're sure. -- so. -- on going in and the a father than play in and -- was when -- so. -- it ended up -- way to beat her or her personal. Well I was reading that you know during wars that are -- mastered conditioning coaches you know obviously noticed -- to leave wasn't you know was was struggling a little bit but. At the were at the together down thirteen to three. I think that's where did Matt Patricia CompUSA coach -- we know we got to put -- and now and once he was in that. They did it did stabilize things that to a degree as you said. Is that how -- goes down though. No no no we had. We we had a couple guys get banged up for a couple plays. And it and so that's what we've -- it had an article that amount they had some. -- Minor injuries but you know their monitoring that come out and so that's kind of what -- lead role was -- in the game with he has an emergency. Player. We felt like he could go in there and and you know play but not good enough he'll play every every down and and then when we we actually had -- planned. This so well. That level that we use to. -- I know at this time a year coach everybody's all the players of bagged up to a degree but it really seems Aaron is really -- is. -- -- stronger really played through your how close were yesterday out the gamers are we close tonight dressed him he would be considerate. -- Aaron and as. On now know. It just it just seems to me it looks like the let the last couple ever -- I know players are back up this time a year but he he seems to be. He -- we struggle a bit more than than usual least appears that way watching the game what television. Well and they get out the players and is an able played an American point. Anybody at that Christians and they and I able to go out there play at -- competitive level. And that doesn't help us doesn't help them and certainly doesn't bode well for. The games -- and in our medical staff and the player himself. Evaluation of our coaches the trainers strength coaches position coaches. And I was up there and hopefully it will we're in muscle. So. You know we collectively make that decision and each each -- a little bit different -- And on the injury the player of positions. In all of that comes together both. Each one they certainly the number one effort and aren't -- safety and make sure that we don't. This further injury to whatever it is players do. Coach your -- the big problem would go hand in hand toward what's more important going into the play every week code good outing heading into the playoffs or the possibility of vote of playoff -- Well no we really can't do anything about the seating. And we just go out there and do we can do which is in the game in other than that. But it broke up. Out of our control so he doesn't worry about it. I think we all know that in the National Football League -- and at that every week that ironic that the part of the Hartford but it. Very. All the games ago among them might go away. Most people think -- ago but they're letting in that way and so many games come down to a position or score. They're so competitive anyway that even. With and really either team has a chance to win bonus on them ourselves. We can't worry about and just do what we can do wishes to. Have a good week preparations to improve our our overall execution but all in all this is the game. And I think that'll help both us and thing going forward or whatever we have to do. So. We're playing at -- Our next game whenever rupiah at home so it was a good opportunity that. Operate and execute and peace. Only when conditions in late December and a that all those things there are opportunities for us. Try to do -- can go and do have. All that being -- coach Charlie please can we expect out of -- -- To try to -- -- -- relatively little more last week on the practice field and he did the week before. And so we'll just take it day by day in the it would -- but it will do this week. But -- they able to move well. Some bonuses and lose votes on a local law and actually dropped down a little that this or a backup so. Don't just. Evaluate all all our players usually that are in any type of haven't -- limitation about it with those those dated in. It was they can do when this is -- there's. -- maker's position for the game -- Will -- on the practice field and Kabul. So -- trigger on the -- you are delicate tricky and personally yeah. Heritage on the phone doesn't work either. Not attracted I don't have to commit to look in the crystal ball and -- will this is help players and -- that gave up after he. Those this much exert themselves this much on the practice field and that national was made in the I don't know -- nobody knows that the players as well. Her doctors don't almost certainly no one of those. Just have to take it. As it comes up with this feels good and we do little bit more but doesn't feel good. And if we need to back down the activity until. We can get at that level about it in any residual. Pain or discomfort or. Whatever happened that he then move you know ramp and up until we get this quote that we can harness. Worked in game site. In the murder that happened on after. We can have the implementation of open over the they're in the interest situation. But -- On the tentative front realize -- this that's. -- -- -- coaches and overrated when media fans writers whatever say it -- other wanna see it in him in there to at least three series or two to quote unquote you know kind of get back on track has ahead coast that you care about that kind of stuff that's a -- like deceit is an important or doesn't really matter. Well I think the most important things to do what's right for the player. Whatever that is in and has the right thing for him -- -- He's healthy and he's able -- radio plays and I think in -- spot in the right thing news. To give it a little bit more time. She's a little bit more time -- ever picked it or try to approach everything to try to do the right thing. And it's not so freely about. You know some psychological thing -- -- some other deal next week to the playoffs -- no well. It's what's right for the order and that the players are able to participate perform. At a good competitive level well then great and -- undid that and he's not worth their risk of him doing that given what the injury is -- -- Or medical -- and then open up the best -- insurgent threats. And you have to temper of that decision with knowing an individual players' enthusiasm to play you pay level is a lot. Lot that goes into that decision or imagined. Well yes certainly there's no question about that -- he knows all about -- is that there there are some players that and you with things better than other players and it was some. That's also part of -- to the end and all around the world eat each one of those differences different. Analysts. Heal faster or slower than the others or even with similar injury. It doesn't always they -- back in time for. The function of the healing process and you know whenever the other -- dynamics aren't there I'll watch. I'll -- -- lines when the guy's ready he's right -- and you're right some people are more anxious to get back out there and they might be. Saying well you know I don't feel this little eleven and maybe there really do and I think that's when. We try to use our experience as as a medical and the coaches. And strength coaches. The tribal body weight the players. We can know by some of the test whether it's measurement whether it's you know -- Try to make the deterrent determination of where we were -- there. Were they experience. Our coaches in stock and though. A -- literally hundreds of players and through the years it was very injury is that you know. We refer back to that. -- -- That's all part of that. Coach Stephen really little blip on his -- radar last week just a little one in my opinion some times that it gets. I think blown out of proportion a lot of time however. Certainly -- look at what you yesterday running with a purpose eighteen carries 84 yards he he seems. He seems to get right back on track which to me is a great sign of maturity for the second year back. Well I don't think Stephen did run hard and may affect the emperor of all year long -- when and what he's done a great job world you can rent or change it is is a bump in the Brandon has run well. And caught the ball well and had -- -- game yesterday and -- in too good to see. He's back that is the special instruction. Jump up yesterday I don't know where it was before he. And injured there in Seattle and so. As all of a good job then. You know we all know how important. Professional footballers. Only picture of all this just in general -- they can right decision. And do the right thing on every well but that -- the extent of the Cleveland. We don't execute right buttons are met with the defense. Worker. -- we we expect every player here particularly because. And we have several backs who have been brought to say it all get every opportunity -- -- if because if and -- play of personal soap or. And things for them to be ready to get an opportunity is that -- that's what a professional player that he prepared. The one play isolated the they prepare the same. Take advantage there is the better of it any player go to those up. Out of -- it can get. Coach a scorpion the Miami Dolphins you look at their record to be 78 it's it's a very deceiving record remember last year it was right around this time they came to fox would -- doctorate. For three touchdown lead before you guys fought their way back which you look at. Some of the games were involved in some of their losses early on a September losing back to back games in overtime jets and Arizona. They beat Seattle then lose -- that in closely -- -- -- close one. A couple of a -- three or four plays here -- there and did you know they're not that far off from being. Right there and competing for division this year. But I absolutely -- mr. football in and there are we we've really arrogant or down there in the first and they come. They're good on defense there there are physical on defense bill that they can rush the passer. They're good you know good depth with -- or position. A couple big guys out there that can match up there and be physical out there and -- good speed and safety position so. Either there could be -- football in the offensively they've. Make this seem to have that found a -- And as he's on along. As they are pushing in on the above him but with almost the very. Think under appreciated her under rated player in the the football player. Does a good job Foreman running game and -- receiver. S.'s. Handled our -- -- -- he get a career when we went from a month ago when this. -- -- -- -- Catch and run plays and candles and he's not a rookie anymore and -- the scene in. Everett is so he's. -- -- -- -- A little more savvy and experience. In things second time round there on -- at the current. But the kicking game encourage people strong. -- sir and her got her at. Russian arsenals but. You're right there -- few plays away from nine or ten. But that would have been to go at eleven Oakland as. In. Was way. And there is you know it's always at a game and but -- -- although it or. But the general -- well. You know they they play aggressively physical. Well. Our coach thanks so much having very Merry Christmas we'll talk to you what next Monday it would backwards diva right here next Monday for Glenn and Michael once again good luck. And the finale on Sunday by 731 know where you are the -- -- look so good he predicted to be with you again it. Happy holidays you know family and we'll talk you know actually I do to grow legs -- was a -- -- that's head coach Bill Belichick.

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