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The Jets "Quarterback" controversy

Dec 24, 2012|

Tim Tebow seemingly doesn't want to be a Jet anymore and can you blame him? Pete and Steve talk about where Tebow might end up in the future and why the Jets weren't a good fit for him.

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I jets. Quarterback -- I guess. Tim Tebow. And -- didn't know what was going on. Jets coach Rex Ryan refused to say today whether describe to back -- quarterback Tim Tebow passed out of the wildcat package but. He admitted Tebow was upset when he informed him that Greg McIlroy would replace Mark Sanchez as a starter the conversation which became heated sources said occurred last Tuesday. -- Tebow did not speak for three days according Tebow told ESPN's at a -- Sunday night -- small things over Friday. At that time people told -- -- be willing to perform in any role to help the team. Hard to imagine that Tim Tebow didn't understand him being brought to new Yorker is merely a publicity stunt by Woody Johnson Taylor ball hard to believe he was. Badly that worries couldn't see what was going on they weren't going to let him start over Sanchez Sanchez was there. Franchise quarterback regarded pick him up and then they compiled by giving -- a new contract. You know about. Sliding Tebow here -- a good man. It -- -- is not a good quarterback -- of the year objective -- -- compete evil would Sanchez doesn't make sense doesn't make. In recent sports -- should -- be upset by what transpired what the last couple several days there should be being listened as part of football but you know what a month ago I didn't. Ticked off about two of the way if things -- we are stupid direction in this room and his repeated stupid behavior. I'd go probably -- speaker about a no problem whatsoever and if that's the case here that would votes would Tebow sees. The -- and he's he wants to get out of there maybe this is also way for him to get out there or to expedite the process -- But then get out and you're hearing right now I mean everything is appointed -- that he's gonna end up with the Jacksonville Jaguars which I'm not sure that is going to be a -- No help copper sort of being a halt what the ice around there rob knows it. But you gotta -- Jacksonville's -- Biden today yet you gotta be kidding me you've heard nothing official. Did you know that is that media types like a speculated because that's University of Florida country in the bill. Go put some people in the seats instead of -- what they've been doing over the last few years so. I don't care it's Jacksonville New York Denver whatever he's not a good NFL quarterback you have Suisse wrote in a lot of situations. By eight. A great deal -- very very good to agree to a very very good defense a very good running game. At a very patient coach -- then receivers and fans of global put up it's just the way it is. Mean I just can't imagine him be -- says that mean agree that missing for for many weeks. About his style and you put him on the Jacksonville Jaguars would mean even with a healthy Jones-Drew. I'm just. Another just let Tebow be Tebow will what does that mean. That's -- skip Bayless and what I mean what does that mean. That and why don't -- Steve that people cannot comprehend. I mean he totally sucked up the joint it was a game -- he made plays here and there. -- that dumb to think that he didn't we saw what he did against the jets last Thanksgiving night and 81 yard drive he had a couple of nights. Place also put his team and horrible. Horrible fuel positions -- most of every single game last year leak leak and three and outs. Because he you know is the numbers -- the -- three yards passing and want to present a 500% of the percent passing game against Pittsburgh. Because he played one pass against cover zero Y will never know that the global came up that the -- at that particular scheme. Why won't people go back and look at the three game because other -- that -- play -- -- them out of their values year which are asking people who do was to look at it from a broad viewpoint. And not an individual viewpoint he's a very. Up polarizing individual I would Interpol residents who does a lot of why because they love the hold -- -- ideas. Because he's a good lived he goes man everybody. You know what I thought I don't have -- -- There's a religious aspect that he. That people are drawn to there's a certain charisma there. For whatever I don't care if it's. Midwestern or southern regional thing doesn't matter there's a -- Barbeque tomorrow of people out there. That look at this guy is something different and he may very well be different. But the problem is he's different as an individual he's not to produce an auction. He's different as a quarterback. The rest tomorrow what that's always -- -- when we all know what he's gone off the field we all agree on what that we after this preamble every time accused in the door again anyway it is Christmas advocates -- you're about -- very upset and he's great with kids that charity work. We we grant him everything I grant him everything I have never in my life. 45 years of follow sports probably that members since I was seven rights of secret 38 years of follow its sports that I can ever remember. Up backup quarterback being treated like this. On other not what he does off of talk about on the field his profession what he's supposed to do very well which he sucks that. I've never in my life -- any athlete more publicized we're doing slightly fairly important well what are white women he brought that team. He was part of of the team and he was the leading figure on that team. That turned around we got his team and -- left and there is the problem is I'll -- you wise don't -- -- -- I don't know I didn't say he was the best player until he was the most responsible I said he was leading character in the holed from. Usually character because the media made a bottle what it's like stability and prosperity in -- I didn't I didn't give you reasons why don't -- -- -- a fraud saying when you look at it. From a football standpoint the MVP of that team last year I said. And I don't pay to read it. -- MVP. I'll tell you without that guys kicks they do nothing he blasted some big time fifty gardeners. He missed a beat every single time they need to kick it over time he nailed it. And just I just it's. -- a government position to get that. Not a lot of times not Tebow who did -- because of the things that did the threat that I was all right what difference at -- because Tebow has so many three and outs. It's got a -- fifty artists of the Tebow. Being able to even get a first -- to close out games couldn't we we are on the exact same page in terms of his talent level I agree but I can it's very simple as to why. He is that big personality yours by Heisman Trophy winner of what a great college quarterbacks. And guys came out and there's still love certain. -- flow vote religious sorrows. Overtures to move people liking him -- does it help -- the quarterback. It doesn't he's not a young quarterback now he's an autism well below average quarterback right and NFL quarterback Rio we all agree yeah.

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