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Vince Wilfork on the Jags' fast start: 'They kinda ruffled our feathers a little bit'

Dec 24, 2012|

Pete Sheppard and Steve DeOssie welcome Vince into the Big Show on Christmas Eve to discuss the Pats' tight win over the Jaguars and what the team can do to avoid slow starts like the one they had in Jacksonville.

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Back here to -- it's muddy up the big joke beach shepherded Steve -- -- for the big go to they had Michael Holley would give back to phones in just a bit. It's Wilfork is sponsored by EMD milk or at our house mortgage. And iRobot that good afternoon to the -- one of Vince Wilfork beat -- Steve DeOssie here today Vince are you doing. I'm two under our origin nurse was there when it's too violent Christmas happy all -- -- -- -- do you remember him you certainly bears. -- asked to just report right off the bat as we head coach on earlier and he said he was surprised will be were you as surprised. The way Jacksonville came out and attacked you guys the beginning of the game. You know we did because you know throughout the whole year good. First Robert -- good and it was sorted -- Thought temple altered so it would come -- there was also little -- got us and actually. Early just to see how we was going on. Our approach him in the determine. Broke -- so -- little bit. And if it was it seemed like -- was -- patrol -- and want to and we knew that it what moment to resist. Apparently there and let -- come home run although so. They definitely are getting like they knew what and who wins what it was GDP actually better prepared you know who to win season. And it is you like your return people clear they want clearly best guess as. Because. -- that's what he would do they want you know we've -- gambles that aspect of the longest. Our border where have we -- successful but we have to realize. Every game -- going to his corner of the -- -- I mean even if it's not packages. Can't tell us in Columbia gulf like there are sixty minutes whatever happens we had to do this deal would mark I have come out and do. Something different and -- amounts thing that we didn't seem to prepare for a you know basically you practice let you know those where. You know that's where asylum doesn't Communist so. Hill -- -- difficult -- approach. Every game as it is our alert because would have performed we put out there that we won't win it's really game like so. I think Dietrich who became a huge generators you know remain so she's such a greater -- -- return a ball curveball -- -- there. -- some -- but there have been a day. We if a cult was involved. Victor did look like it was get a little testy in the -- to losers who was there a lot going on during the game in terms of you know the extra push and shove enrollment. Yeah I mean -- -- -- pushing in the opening. Singles matches down closer. You know it you're tested to you to determine what. You have to be able to deal with. Is best best estimates are that tradition or ever because a lot of you hate to give all of the ground because. You know you got valuable you know you're EU charter group bracelets charms are first with virtually in an -- article quote here bear. -- or your of course little bit so. Did you Google birds are in an all America but you know. Goes -- to these -- are old because they've made their change streak four years ago and somehow they got away wouldn't this week. It's coach Malarkey after the game was talking about where you thought that some of the patriots defensive lineman or defensive players were. You know shifting illegally and and barking out try to draw. The jaguars off cited any of that stuff going on. No not at all. Everything we knew it was in between Ireland and we make our issues. We did it cross alarm apparently -- cross Atlantic coast from encroachment so. All of it wasn't nothing illegal about wheat which you can do shift liked -- Nine years since I've been here before Britain has so. Well and ultimately you go back and look at you know he looked at him and you'll see that we -- also are so. Our best when under as the warmup scripts you know. When you -- in a situation that some things that we do. That we may call and and there was one well is being an English different. And draw full arsenal. What are what -- not and we that it would be you know encroachment that we get we also so. It wasn't that can be Internet. No would bring you Rhode after the game we see a lot of flow a little bit more of players being. Vocal and adamant and agitated about about the way the game away -- Play was -- because those do you expect you're going there and then winning easily view was -- -- guys really frustrated about the about the way you play. There was it reserves. The way we play our -- Home the winner of the game plan that we thought to be successful. It apparently weren't there aren't important brought home from from the first half we really wasn't clicking on me a liquidity York's. -- -- And no we really. You know this congress ticket holders America. Courtesy that we we've made some adjustments and we welcome them to do what. Are we get here. We just can't dig ourselves -- the -- that we received on the week cause of the cult does it also some concern earned. But trust me on call close in Poland and we can't start fast and it's one that -- serve and that's going to be one of the things that. We wanted to do you have a beer store -- in control. So we've shown that we can trainers during his critics troll we we are fighting -- -- -- let. Would you have to be able to you know do some things a little distance targets daughters are more stress and we've been restored so. Because in conflict -- complaint. Because we know being in the grips tree it would -- comical way it would work better jobs salute -- The players would be different -- Europe into west coaches and there was not a calls -- the players Cutler take it upon themselves. -- to execute the Calder and called in the game that's been played. Is that the angriest you've seen Tom a long time and locker room following the game -- read all the reports say it was a you know every body can hear reserve really you know I'm sure all of you guys were separate he was. You seem to be the most vocal. The north TomTom has little -- very little -- -- would speak on Wednesday body you know and it's not just. You talk to a whole -- is not just talking to 11 Serb people will warn you he's on the tour -- and so. Arm when you have a guy like -- put everything he has into a game to try to win it and put everything on the line. I'll do you have to respect and so all of -- we can do is we have reached a definite lack of response. -- -- -- political storm with it starts now you know we can't we don't have are two ways we are distort. On the and they respond faster store presence and strong because like after the end of the day it is going to be. Here beer it'd be it cost -- What what we talk about starting drastic and I understand that I totally get it but you know last year couple times sort of the season they won against buffalo and I certainly that remember last year's game was right around the time against the dolphins. You guys fell down at home by the by three touchdowns and I made a great comeback so I mean I hear which is saying. But you guys have shown in the past late in the season you got down by two with three scores Lester couple times -- -- comeback as well. Yeah but trust me we don't draw look like all I know we don't we don't brought up you're down by our servant and twenty points clear they would combat. -- has just Europe the warriors yeah it is you have to. And became -- to the games in order bonus -- -- X amount it was automatic riots. Would it just put so much pressure oneness. It gets out of our game plan what we wanted to do -- keep up old routine in their game plan may be with a mix it up and do different things. You remove them get a -- once again support a -- cause you to -- and everything he also. Our biggest than we -- -- one dimensional because. It's a lot easier they're playing a game where in a quality player to -- -- page sharply to do trickery. It makes and so forth and like there's so. The beauty store we've shown in the past their barker is that we will we -- compact from border reportedly beat. But at the same term in -- torture. Who would have to boom we we won't put hospitals position so that's going to be a gold -- certain -- Google's position because. The kings are all there are open mind and what they wanna call we don't have to record -- and -- -- will do we can actually are now. Excellent as Barbara ball. Do you seriously gives. You know big ones Saturday with takeaways in order for an ultra woman do district -- always being called straightens it dal leader certain interesting that you might want to. It is pressure it is plan coverage. Our but it isn't very doubtful -- you success so. Unlike us they are our arms thing that we we UConn came back home in the big indexes. -- this until we rule wanna be we wanna be achieved what you were going one point ever seeing what are they kept up. The saudis get that fast or against you like Miami. Well that is when people right away. And it started Hitler. In the store serves -- he's simply that we are here. We create now what colonel in the we have terrible -- like that -- -- because we -- on -- -- we -- in the -- -- -- is where. We could do was sold and it's been involved Sicily and we better prepare. Aggressive not like it's new to us it was just we just -- this cute but so. Everybody had to be on the same plan. Everybody had to be you know just going what -- actually there are no more talks as motivation secretly -- not to consult with the ball back do you listen. -- -- -- And they can't operate so -- going be your goal from known how to get started that -- know we will be played Tuesday. Alas for the dolphins are on the yesterday they -- ran the ball pretty well against that -- Buffalo's defense but still. You know they run the ball very well between -- bush -- go for a 182 yards as. Those three guys you know -- Turkey on them. -- -- This thing I -- years you know that's one of the things they don't like to reflect on the bombers struck a rugby shirts so. Armed bear game -- between the churches. They've done a great job over you know over the years being it would it would actually weren't when you have -- -- state that can run the ball. -- play action it's. Pulled some shots down field in Mexico -- decent so. We want to do real good job of containing the quarterback in you know this -- -- it wannabes necessity defense. Once that one thing quickly before -- ago of its will for -- was beaten with patriots a defensive -- right -- like I think since. You're win against them December 2 tenant over the last four games at the -- five touched five touchdowns and and no interceptions though what what does he do well we like about writes in and -- We're -- very -- reporters got on the east. It doesn't get rattle -- I mean in -- two year so he you have apartment on the make great plays from here on being named a total ball goes so. Believe the rookie but it sort of Serbia or something. He do clear -- -- -- -- nothing is being inmates get are you troubled you're out of pocket aren't our country -- -- run the ball also. Are. When that and -- And -- -- we've got to we have are useful district in America and other -- receive these guys commenting on occasion game they on the role. Article in the communities -- -- about a woman player. There everybody listen to get up when nuclear -- so we can respect that the Morgan. Physical football game and don't come out with their careers and arms start to decisions. Our events affect a lot so much a best of luck on on Sunday and the rest of the way to find out though where the pitchers will be seated around December 3 quarter breakdowns on Sunday night enjoyed Christmas with -- fairly -- thank you very much as ever agree. Thank you very much Vince Wilfork got to present climate for the call different -- -- more complete with all over the place now he's a hot heads of the world through because she doesn't very well. -- to present Lyman Vince Wilfork quick break with a back right to your votes. Update -- Steve DeOssie with you here on the big show us what 77797937. -- wireline six point 7779. 3535 detects at 37 not 2373 be at -- shift preachers six -- mr. Bill Belichick interview. Will come up out propaganda will replay for around 515 all of the waterline after that. Until that -- -- off our -- this -- -- petition on the patriots Monday of the big show.

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