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Patriots guard Logan Mankins on the pass protection against the Jaguars: 'We allowed way too many pressures'

Dec 24, 2012|

Mankins joins Rob and Neumy to talk about the offensive line’s protection break downs during the win over the Jaguars. Logan also explains the challenges of facing elite defensive linemen including the 49ers' Justin Smith.

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Our Christmas. Happy holidays one at all -- Umar rob Bradford. Joining us all pro guard Logan Mankins of the New England Patriots Logan happy holidays Merry Christmas to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our first question Logan is your analysis of the win against Jacksonville on Sunday. Well it was a way with a pretty good we did. Pull it out. You know you're never satisfied with just. Wouldn't we want to play that perfect game and so. Offensively we didn't -- report that world so we're gonna ready effect this week -- -- -- a pick in next week. Toll off topic I know that -- was going racquet for the gave questions by. This has popped in my head are you really the one that fry the Turkey in the backyard for Thanksgiving. Yet we do that every year we -- the Turkey that. So I wanna know what you do for Christmas. They -- -- Fries the -- -- backyard for Thanksgiving must do something for Christmas. You know we've never we haven't done -- for. Interpret -- we usually have. In -- and for this year if it's a -- support over the stadium medical home so. Think the political particular alternate. You do I think notre in doing the treatment. Shopping nothing. Oh yeah I hit the -- we have. This here in acute picked up at night well -- so. That a lot of work you edit that out. Luckily you don't like it yeah. Cutting it's it. Oh okay -- ordered that include both are only if the all right so it is a delegate that by the way I also wanna ask you about the game -- seemed to be. Some instances where Jacksonville was able make clean run -- -- -- of the middle particularly which typically almost never happens that you guys. Were they doing anything different religious and breakdowns. From -- Mexico's history there and ever got torched again until you have let. You know we we just didn't do -- -- a job than we ever want to on the did it and I think he understands started I was gonna happen. I think yesterday we allowed -- so many pressures and I think. A score so that we can always scored 23 points and were coached in the scored in the thirties and I think we had to but he runs it didn't get enough yards and two pressure on the quarterback. -- conventional wisdom hasn't Logan that when you play an emotional game against Houston that was at the top of the -- And you can gonna play the kind of game against San Francisco that was. Fantastic very. Very emotional up and down. The roller coaster you know all those cliches that you see Jacksonville. Nobody in the stands Ozzy record nobody knows who they are. That there is going to be in natural. Let down for the players and I know bill has bought that for years and years he has I think by and large the team that -- pretty good job dealing with those situations but does that in fact. Explain some of the difficulties you against the. Maybe -- Garrett but it. You know I've been around longer -- note that every team we play were give their best shot. No matter what they're introduce everyone looked to be treated. There they were to a twelve so that they did either sort of made the intercede in nice forum so we knew they're gonna get your best shot and we knew we'd have to play good to plea deal has some good football players governor and you know I don't know what reason in this order are -- -- -- yesterday that it -- for the good in the process. If we played a really good team who are let's -- it. You know him. Is the throughout the course of the year I think it's fair to say you've got a pretty good group theory that you there's offensive line that says success successful year. How do you rate this group because it is different then the group that you kind of rode with for a while there. Compared to other groups that you have been with. Well this is a good group we get. Did you get a split. NATO in his second year in getting better. Each week and if -- continue to get better you see then. We got some guys that have been around for awhile and there's another group sweet we've been together for a long time so. It was this year was pretty much our pursuit have that letter and open. We've played together for seven years so. It's a little different but you know these guys are doing great where. We're working hard to get their world try to get better and you know expected to have two or reserve guys startled -- Marcus they didn't preach what they've been -- our ministers and that's what you need has never know what does it had to step -- On -- slogan do you feel that by definition. Offensive linemen are under appreciated by the public. I don't know probably well. They're not really follow it -- -- we don't give. We -- scored ten points or anyone then let the. I'm unfamiliar offensive line fans -- -- believe me you -- -- -- it to the contrary if you miss a block. And they show the replay on television. A slow all of a guy beating you. Then Logan Mankins missed the block. If you block successfully. 89 times that it ninety that is what you are supposed to daresay -- -- and -- you've received all pro awards and justifiably so. Yeah it's it's almost like. -- -- pliers -- referees you're going noticed. When -- something. If you're you're way. You could have an eighty placate a -- block figure it. 3% -- their employees and eightieth play -- -- became satellite and he makes a play. He's the hero and you had a horrible game and so. We understand then we just we try to do the best we can't ever let your series and sometimes. They would think recruiting. Through the next everyone might think reception or just early yet. What's the best defense -- front you face this year. This here at the. Well there's been of such a good once. 49ers were really good Houston's that are very good view our. -- clothing that you really good. Well -- wrote the best player that you've gone up against you. That you had to go up against. But I try this year so far adjustments that you -- though the though he's an unselfish player first team to do with a lot of things where. -- -- -- -- woman that's what is teams that are out in the players around and embraced it because he's. He -- in every war and like a lot of those pressures and sixes although -- from justice -- holding the offense alignment where they can't get off blocks and so. Certainly that is the you'll dirty things in north LCDs and it'll just seeing. Talking to Logan Mankins all pro guard of the New England Patriots and patriots Monday Logan if you ruled the world. You could snap your fingers on Sunday would you like Bill Belichick to commit UNC Logan. We -- -- rest up for the playoffs. Or would you like to have him say. We need to go balls to the wall to reestablish our offense against Miami on Sunday -- would you prefer. Well I don't go to planet yet. After that out in yesterday I think we need to. About global mobile cubic unchecked it. Like ignored play out. Fired on all cylinders and other sputtering like we did on Sundays so. But that's out of my hand is only have to build he beat all of the shots in -- children it's routine so. I guess we'll find out the speech here at some point -- his plan it. We just asked Deion Branch systems moments ago I mean just minutes ago. And the question is is you go out of all the teams that you've gone is the play playoffs. You with a well and games ago in the regular season how would you rate how you feel about this team compared to other teams. -- -- go to Sunday that that bit. -- Total of the season I think -- reduce. We we just -- or playing good together and when we're playing the way we wanna play and I think we wanna do we're pretty particular. Logan -- enough to follow John -- when he was an offensive. Art for the patriots some people believe oral IMO the answer to -- on the -- or -- John yeah I'm just curious because. People -- -- was maybe that no one it would radius of these guys maybe the best pay to player ever I'm wondering if you're. A familiar with his style have watched clips of him play. And how are you compare his game to yours. Well I don't know playing very heavily in the few clips that I've met John and talked of a few terms is -- Everyone ever talked to about our and so achieving victory players. And pretty work ethic in the he played really hard and played really physical. You know. For -- -- to be quote the greatest player revolt I'm. But I'm sure here is what it didn't. So I guess along those lines. And we know your goals to win Sunday's game Reno is that your goal beyond master when the next playoff game in the Super Bowl. You have really personal goals to maybe having to kitten and be a hall of Famer because a lot of people think that's the way you're going right now. But I don't. A stellar play -- that it went so -- game. All the personal actually. They can what went in this. If you go to team win games and you play good. -- -- commute so. On that I could play -- -- keep some great playing and open up some -- that -- The things usually the. Did you get your isotoner gloves from him yet. Did did did Tom give you his act the isotoner gloves -- -- he he must -- this alignment something right. Christmas -- I haven't got it blow that by voters -- or excess. I'd like you cut out of that -- The the all go live -- the Christmas -- since we are -- bearing down on that. You -- kids want video games that's what they want you don't strike me as the I want the Atari Tony 600 type -- guy. What what was your go to. So another kid the city I got out article banks -- works on. I really change I gotta -- at the -- -- -- that was the potency -- and how little out charged. Where it should be let's put back the suffered second. I just asked you advocated. Got a horse a gun in its themes. On the same here and all that stuff all at the I I'm challenging any caller any tax or anybody to duplicate those gifts. And it people that as a unique unique tennis out of Gibson -- -- yet. Bag every. We -- out of bullets you know. We really -- hunting. The only way we eager -- -- that. There are fireplace so. We had to coach wooden once I was twelve or thirteen I think twelve or thirteen I got my first change and is trying to go circuit. Hustlers and ask you what the aids. What age did you get each thing. But what I remembered. But it goes. First gonna go put us. Ten or eleven or so. And so twelve or thirteen or somewhere in. He stinks so. So it's just a different lifestyle then. A lot of people are well used to live without -- I'll like it get a beyoncé you know like you've -- in the video game. Auctions -- a city -- -- I grew -- but it in a suburb of Boston. And the whole idea of chain saws and -- -- is so foreign to me personally. But it's. It's you know if if I went camping -- and order room service and get a club -- midnight. I wouldn't go on the trip. Yeah I I period. It's it's a different lifestyle we live down on a few thousand acres and you know many neighbors and there's no. 7-Eleven right down the street or anything either so. It's a different world. To tell -- I used to the fact that you could speed stuff cared a lot and I wrote it -- history. We're sure nothing but the best pretty healthy guy and a great playoff Merry Christmas I expect that you get. Logan Mankins. Wondering and asking this but I would've been signing the piers Morgan. The guys deported because of his attitude on gun control offensive -- in -- its signature. Is on. Politics. Yeah it has and we -- to I think we want to vote on the Mike on the on the streets are quite. That's a whole other ball of -- anyway at Logan Mankins and the average we thank you very much. For the contribution to today's program on and patriots Monday again we will reach that. I'm Bob Umar Comcast sports net. NBC sports occasionally. -- rob Bradford who is the WTI columnist blogger what are we. Would be your official in. A commercial title yes -- is WEEI dot com site editor. Yeah this site editor yes I. That means site and sometimes I asked myself. Site editor -- overseas aside a lot of delegation ball. So a lot of delegation guys -- have some clicks on. Yes every week I did I get paid for you want to -- Obama of that yeah I take full credit for every single -- it's all those columns and law exits that are. Are under your jurisdiction correct yes side of the buck stops here.

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