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Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch on the team’s ups and downs over the last couple of weeks

Dec 24, 2012|

Bob Neumeier and Rob Bradford talk with Branch about how the team reacted to the win in Jacksonville after a rough first half. Deion also opens up about his time in Seattle and his thoughts on the upstart Seahawks.

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Welcome back patriots Monday. Already text people one raining about me in law saying about the Red Sox. Walk. -- AT&T tax time enormous. There aren't in the -- as nasty or ritual join us shortly. To follow up on -- point about. The beef between Harbaugh and Carroll. And NBC's. Mass. I didn't have -- and I couldn't do in a that it that it -- That job Richard Sherman but can't quarterback of the Seahawks wanted Pete Carroll to go for two lead and -- this. Because as rob Bradford because he's such an excellent coach football and did point out in this. I kind of lost in my mind because -- follow college football was that Harbaugh went through two. He's coaching Stanford and 5527. Shellacking over girls. University of southern Californians are surely won't even go Seattle go for two last night when they were dropping. A separatist duet between. Your -- -- has brought you by Verizon official wireless in telecommunication. Telecommunication. Provider. Of the New England Patriots optimize our rob Bradford our pleasure to welcome in full. Super Bowl most valuable player. The on average younger Christmas happy holidays to him. It appears to -- -- well. I Dion is it your best bridge -- can you describe -- this year for you how difficult that is bad. -- out here in Britain yes up and down new knowledge and no matter. How to manage. The injury you just being you know being here in the air and gone and then knocking around in -- -- uncertainty what are you. Doesn't want because. By the now you know -- -- I think. It's effective -- Clinton won't and you know -- as good situation and his second term go to must have it is. Accordingly since it would appear on each other about it in his corner so. I'm fully aware what I think or around me. Such an important. Okay did you prayer and in a lot of caught it on the verge of a lot of playoff scenarios. A lot of patriots teams a lot of good patriots teams. How do you feel about this team as we sit here going into the last regular season game compared to some the other teams heading into the playoffs even on. Well I mean I feel good going into the you know as as we -- an -- -- It is all about what happens once it's you know. You have to be in the in this in this you have in -- around before we exceed Noah's -- was an effort I think all occurring right now. We pretty much the efficacy -- you know. -- next game and against Miami -- and whatever happens in the house -- have in -- As -- players say it's where you know. And then there was it would hurt -- you know could this is an eleventh thing. When it's well I mean what -- twelve -- thirteen -- it is going to be what is. Have or we won't know what policies. Torture feeling about it the you're what what's your sense of where this team did you say got the end of the year you'll look back and say this was this team is this this team was -- You bet on a lot of very very good team Super Bowl championship teams etc. but -- one week ago. Do you have any sense at all about where this team news. How would we do we just got to put it together. You know I think overall without work to what we've. Covered Lebanon's great. I mean that before so it's it's the eleven -- -- so a minute -- We don't wanna be -- out and we can't be. If it's I'll let us put it together and so. You know within what in the forward Communists as it is so Casey's but I understand -- -- for the corporate this is I wanna be. You know -- But we have our work it is it is is what it is because it out and play. You know I mean witnesses say that we haven't -- got in on the field yet. We can't have an -- -- does that mean alas no it felt that we do. You know so it happened and it would seem and I'll promise you. No go more -- what we executed put it together before we exit -- -- policy. If you -- you do sense. Too much inconsistency is that a fair question. Well I know I can speak in Atlanta yesterday yet. You know very consistent week before that -- certificates separated. And you know brie which before that it is that you guys have a great day. That was a great game there's too much up and -- as collateral calls as well that we absolutely -- or we can of the policy. And then record -- -- have one more week to Tuesday to see you back with everything we wanted and we can't be reading your Miami. What's gonna be another great -- Great game it's another miserable so. -- look forward to four -- -- player samples -- The I always find it fast and the after games when you hear people go to the podium and you hear the interviews at the lockers and usually the messages same in the a lot of time to -- the same exact same words camera employers mouse. And clearly those frustration yesterday on this curious when you go went back in the locker room and Bill Belichick member -- the team. What was the message was there hey guys -- this isn't good enough. Well I mean you know -- -- to -- is that. We're pretty much. Who would be an image of our coach you know coach Belichick. It's just a moment. Don't have to -- adequate after a performance like that to us because we know we can do. What we've set out to do during the week and what can we go into. None of the things that we had to. And unfortunately got away it was a victory yesterday. You know -- an -- -- what -- have and I don't know. You know we definitely a couple of weeks. You know play and the way and their players. In a fortunate -- victory. They can get close sometimes to go around the members it can't duplicate the world are. You know the close to a that you see with everything we have we know at the -- -- fight back into all those same. But I think what to carpet and we can be played and hit input and output on apparently see what happens and what I look. -- -- Deion Branch former Super Bowl most vital player wide receiver of the New England Patriots. -- it's fair to say. That. Your role is somewhat limited with the patriots now and how you reconcile that given. The fact that's for so many years you were such a featured performer in this office where does your role fit in now and how do you. Just mentally deal with the whole prospect of being in being out being let go being brought back getting -- Chancellor getting a chance there how difficult is that free. I would -- motivated simply if you play it all the everybody wrote that there. You know it's never planned out the plus side -- that is. That -- Through. Have that transition and also to cope with I think right now person to beat it players. Bikinis whatever whenever I get my absolute perfect read them. You know. A matter complain about this inedible what it could see. I'm deteriorated to to have opening game. And you don't -- would have to close at the if that -- the goals -- in the third that's what it does that concern -- -- that's what I have to do. The -- newbie here said he doesn't care about the mighty Miami and he just does not care what he cares about is everywhere and being healthy. You having a full complement of players so along those lines I'm curious. Without gronkowski in the lineup from your perspective. How has teams altered their approach to you -- take it to your office. Cricket is -- You know seemed to be as good as dozen players have -- would -- -- For -- -- he's on the field -- deciding play. Would important you know and -- Baghdad he's not here. You know we get Smart in the in office and everything but defense and between player and player. There is you look back or in your career. What are you most proud of in do you have any particular. Regrets about a movie you might have made are not. Made. And no critical -- Most -- I haven't legislators and along the ultra he'd say it will look -- -- -- Enough who -- with the guys. Exactly what you're doing monopoly -- you know you know I think that game that -- offensive -- place. You know you only get so many -- do this thing that you can do and I have been blessed to have absolutely -- -- revenues. And it looked completely -- that beautiful round of a -- to -- it -- -- at a lot of fun to read about gas. Who all have the same single life you know has played its savagery. If it's like -- -- and or so but what brought over -- Do you do you wanna can be your play him another year a few more years you have any kind of plan. It wouldn't recruit new. A few could be 23. Are at your play another year a couple more years are few points here. What you stated you don't what was it looked as -- -- -- -- -- -- complex problem Latvia in group -- is great. In an article is hard as -- compete. You know speaker elect okay of that compete in the boarded -- you know I'd paint it black. This -- that you let it compete with these guys partner will be put -- it would -- This particular memories correct me if I'm wrong that you played one year and Seattle under peak hour right. I played notre OK -- cornered and what Gordon added trying to get a Netgear or game close okay. So so your vast experience with coach Carroll. Are you are you look at you look at those games -- fan of football I'm sure you obviously played Seattle. Is everything a -- His success his approach. What they eat what's going on and CL surprise you now having seen a little bit of them. Well that discipline you know local of these two great coach you know very sensitive guy -- -- It's a lot of our players. You know -- also well. You know -- it is a great player -- evergreen tree you know great defense. In had been cities. The city's greatest let you know probably you know -- -- at -- and -- -- their great great -- I'm not credible go. So give us good Pete Carroll's speech but he used the ultimate cost it. Just objected palm stock. And so -- and -- because they individual. So he couldn't put a put a lot of things up on the board and straighten him anyway it in the world this piece of it gives a lot of us and he. Does he literally can't go and don't let. These -- and actually receive equity album out before he goes. Back into one problem. -- -- To put the retiring metal in your head of curious about. Athletes that are ready to hang them off because you're young did you have where arguably 5060 years your life ahead -- you would well yeah. And I'm sure you've made some money I'm sure I would hope anyway that you had some you have some. Financial backing and all that stuff but then again you have to re adventure of life. In your last. Fifty years unlike most people to listen to west. It's just the opposite your time his twenties and thirties and then now what now we're in the music stops Deion -- What are you gonna do with the rest your life. Are lobbying. That would you know options there. That they view me. What -- and maybe when the time that I'll have better. I'll go along what you want to wanna talk about you know to me right now over Bill Clinton and and I don't proceed with Aaron did you make him in my life I don't see that -- -- But I do know. You know so Saturday at that at whatever what is. At that that I do have a lot of different options as a part of me that I'm going to you don't take credit. See what the deal and what -- adjusted very optimistic new me works for Comcast. And in five years from now we're gonna look baca we'll look back at that moment as the first wave of negotiations. -- is sitting there sitting next Detroit brown. If you wanna do you want your daughter. -- the sports casting its okay I'm ready to lead soul. You can both be out the door -- on the school over. I don't want -- out there who grow our -- those -- fuel that's the you've got your. Wilson most of those are the great subsidy or you know beyond pizzeria. That it would reprieve for another tent and steal a line. Any help could be you know down the road agreement we we could sit and probably a bit like you wanted to partner. You lose yourself. You better well spoken. Class got to play another ten years if you want to Bo know in the medical community. Who have -- -- -- Dear good luck to your. Attention all right thanks in Denver mattress. -- And I think that many athletes. When they leave the game already retired on average but let's be if he's if you broke and he wants American play another sure it would appear somewhere else. And you say well guys in New Orleans we don't know I don't know what is usually people who it to their means and whatever but it's about the whole aspect skits in -- play golf. Or the beach in how these guys. -- Reinvent themselves. Some do it as broadcasters and do it coaching. And go back high school coach and try to make it as a pro assistant coach. But actually for these. Players I think it is the difficult transition in it's an untold story. -- people relatives who cares guy's been millions of dollars you can just retire thirty to 33 years I don't know that for a fact even if it. Is that. Is that. What do they do harder they approached life -- they look to the future I always found that to be. Interesting stories -- or that was the reason why I mean question was what he had planned peace Audubon is it -- if he wants to teach or coach or. Or on television kick my butt out of podcaster. Foreground -- move -- tile or whatever. You're just getting -- -- 33. People or to schedule there's very it in yeah no absolutely in the thing Kansas that. -- he could be very good he could be very very good. Not necessarily in your job but in a job. On the me I I I like his honesty though is it for the interviews though. Via. It's a great Smart he's. He's got a good sense of humor doesn't take himself too seriously. -- had an interesting career you don't nitpick about his career. Mean to beat the Super Bowl most valuable player. People -- -- and they and now it's all because we think about the music about the great Rob Gronkowski. You know we think about Tom Brady and in his career. Number just a forgotten and that that's the way sports works it's what have you done for me lately and yet. You go back in the record books and look at Super Bowl MVPs. His name will be indelibly etched in history. Absolutely. And you know and you know new -- right there's some point going on here of all the -- the renderings of the -- covered up well also this real quick. Is that you talked about making that transition. Football I think. It might be a little easier baseball you hear horror stories and the reason is is because. There in that environment with the VR and -- family and fired football players are home. But they have a tremendous. Difficult time. Morphing into the hey you know what I'm -- is this all sounds good home with the kids in the family and everything else it's a tougher just. I we're sure a lot of lucky to class guy -- continues to contribute again OP plays as long as he would like to play and and continues because he has been a huge plus to disorganization is communities -- as -- concern would be. Our guest today we thank him -- on average more a moment on the mark -- and portrayed UW.

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