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Tom Brady: We've got to do a better job

Dec 24, 2012|

Patriots QB Tom Brady joins Butch Stearns and Kevin Winter to break down the close win against the Jaguars. He discusses his frustrations with their performance and how they have to improve on their play moving forward. Brady also talks about why he really doesn't care who they play in the playoffs.

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It is Dennis and Callahan it is a Monday morning which means it's -- patriots Monday. John Dennis and Gerry Callahan have the day off I'm Butch Stearns Kevin winter along side. We're joined now by the quarterback of during the patriots Tom Brady Tom Brady is brought to you every patriots Monday by northeast electrical distributors. By gallery BMW. And buy staples good morning Tom -- -- Adonis editorial or carrier warned its -- Merry Christmas shirt -- So. That's a pretty pointed comments after the game last night you were up pretty brief. After the game use some I'm pretty direct words about how competed -- fought. Said it was a bad sixty minutes of football imagine after hopefully good night's sleep your team's performance doesn't look any better this morning -- Well whether it was her best game and you know we've got -- -- -- do a better job of and we leave our cuts are pretty important because supported and that's what he. We really need to play our best so. You know we just came out and got -- under lease ever really wanted to do -- -- didn't really cute too much to help our cause and that's third relief from the beginning giving him all the way to the end of the game. And I wish we could have played better we didn't. We're trying to figure well you know how we can play better and hopefully go when they're an improved this week. Most disappointed about. Yesterday we think -- on a plane right on the body do the most. Or just hurt you know just heard an ability to her continue to put together. I think just the self inflicted errors I think that's the biggest problem. I think things that. You know we showed that we're capable of doing that we just do. Consistent basis so. You know if the defense makes a good player in the making good platelet. You know the -- -- -- future -- -- yesterday -- that we could have done something better that we just had -- -- those clothes were capable. Tom after their games they hear you say and I hear bill say and other players have said and after victories they'd. You guys have a great week of practice. Is last week like on the practice field these guys. It was probably her best sleek. Ultimately we we. We were really prepare every. Parent. Deeply regretted better we're excited to play you know historic usually -- -- they're great in the game and couldn't. You know like say what you would you report first quarter like we did our first fifteen minutes where we're not very good. And then you use a -- -- to look competence and you know of the team which reported. Can that be and you know bauxite particular twitch which are really weren't -- -- and -- part -- a lot of pride. You know and believe it and I'm happy we won a game but that's the most important thing no question has always wondered that you could lose and did you really go back. You know -- -- -- litigation which is important. You're conscious. Of doing more -- actually. Is it doubly disappointing about the start given. That that's kinda -- you started this effort Cisco game as well. Yeah which I consider it's hard to dig yourself out of those continually and you'll get away with more oil. On a consistent basis it's hard that he didn't outlet -- -- like we did and then come back from. Can you put your finger on that Tom two weeks in a row Chernoff sluggish start to bad starts or. I don't know how he characterized as it was the other the other team more to start the game did you guys just execute like two bad starts and room. Well -- were hurt earlier two turnovers in the first quarter so. You know those those -- really hurt. You know we'll we'll turn the ball over or preakness we turn it over sort of crickets. So. We got to do better care protecting the football certainly are gonna do better protect social -- -- that's gonna be really critical here coming down the stretch. Speaking of the turn over yesterday's win Ridley bubble that ball and blog it's picked off you pretty anxious to get back out there. Just curious what it's like for you in those situations when you do get back out there I would imagine you are anxious to. Whenever that next throws -- common happen to be on the first play you zipped -- to Brandon Lloyd on the back shoulder more able to completed but. How Margie itching to get back out thereafter. You know we are -- throws a tech. Yeah that's that's the first street partners that are internal. To have opportunities like that -- that take advantage or -- their place you know which should be good gains in -- -- or interceptions or. You -- incomplete passes poor people. You know for the ball and connect on the place so. There -- those awards earlier today especially in our -- replaced going to be wide open there's going to be. Tight coverage and an old got to make really good pros and you know we got a -- You know super double -- so you know we've created CNET record said they -- so all the players on the team and it's. Yeah they beating Indy. They're beating me in India AP you know that took to execute cemetery and overturn it and we're very key will be but -- -- they really well. I yeah it sound like certain practical and gains checks and there are certainly sure regardless they. They're capable -- we just couldn't do. Are truly help your cause of course and there. Q that's all the people who do. -- speaking of brand in that third down in the red zone the first -- in the red zone. When you guys miss connected what happened there. I don't sorts itself way I was looking -- close look at their forums and and you know he kinda got together turnaround from what I remember but it got to recover really nicely. That Canada's government throwing away. So I think that -- you know just. You know like a proper and it was going to be wide open look at it really. A really good way to get Japanese. You know try to -- -- -- try to connect which kind of surprised me so I was area. I thought that was a good defense to play afterward looked a little bit better defense place them into. He -- it could play and Cox they are humidity you actually played a really good game although it. I'm not sure if that play as an example of your offense in your receivers but can you give us a little inside -- talk about this before. About what it's like to be receiver in this offense the responsibilities of making. Like they have reads and decisions to make on the run on the fly don't -- him was that one of those plays where. You were expecting -- to do one thing -- needed another based on the coverage or not. Well they definitely you know -- there's a lot that's put on our receivers I. Yeah there's a lot that's put on those guys you know on a consistent basis so. -- run routes but it read the coverage. You know. It's seat is in the running game and be barker aggregate and there. You know I have a lot of confidence in our receivers to be able to do that I mean Wes Welker India and played with for so long and they're as. You -- as clutch as players you could April playlist in this great teammate or whoever should do and I think they're really established a -- and some. Well you know over the course of the season so. You know we're very good receiving corps. You know it's just a matter sometimes you know there are some -- we will be makes a really good plays. You know yes they that we just -- make -- he is. You know we have written in the previous weeks so. Yeah I get checked the credit for that I think are Menard won a lot there and do better. And you know it's -- starts in practice and we had a really good -- practiced in or you have a lot of confidence going into game we just. Didn't really carry over. Tom what makes rated so effective between the numbers. In the sidelines it seems like any time the balls up that lane if you will. He's always catch -- rabbit everything went at least hold out of bounds or not what makes him so good that in that area of the field. Yeah he certainly has a unique ability to create separation out there is. It stopped and started is amazing his. His body control he's got great hands. You know he's very Smart. You know any -- -- -- catches so. Knowing that I he's done a great job out there that's pretty -- especially when their academic coverage inside. Or is -- the ability to go up there and make those plays on the field are really. Really -- -- really key for us. Is that kind of lets him him being targeted more over the last couple weeks the fact that they do packed defense -- seemed to pack it in the middle. That you can go outside to him now. Yeah certainly that's that's the big reason why it's. You know I try to go with the matchup it -- where it says. Most open player will be. That's also important shift in that position more than. You know he was -- few -- previously. Tom the yum. It reads this text it's kind of comical somebody Texans as. Quick pounding them with the negative. I mean they picked that up -- I don't think we're hammering you -- your other one it came out after the game and said that's the bad sixty minutes of football wasn't. Yeah I guess it's certainly felt that way as he -- an emotional game and you know our heartfelt reunions. You have the government certainly a lot of emotion but I have after the game and and -- are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who -- -- that is so. You know there's really no argument from me and I you know -- -- Look first of luck there ever -- weakness weakness Miami and independent the playoffs feel really good and confident about war. Trying to accomplish. The you said there were two turnovers in the first quarter the second one that you threw to Brandon said Cox had a good game in the -- and that off. -- Wilcox who's doing the analysis on the game called it a confidence ball he thought sort of going into your mind that that was one of the balls that you knew Cox was there. Like you know it was going to be a tough catch but yet confidence and Lloyd is that the way he sought is -- a ball he shouldn't -- thrown what happened on that play. Well it was. We were trying to keep you know and defense and in real hard report that we play action pass and -- -- went pretty much bit out. -- -- -- you're -- tired from last night and and console -- was. Crowd behind Brandon. -- You know what I did I didn't actually exceed the play I got there I kind of got turned around I would be sent to -- insurgency anything but -- actually -- but we. We completed -- sort of got up and that was. You know looking downfield and they -- you know cock with the ball so. I absolutely get a chance. See in order to see this film so you could kind of see what happened. You know I knew that -- put was there. You know sometimes you get your receivers or shut. Make the play. And you know Cox has made a great place. You know make a play on the ball. After a pics like that what you watch it on film. Let's say someone's open Indian. Yeah almost to sit there and slap yourself -- in the in the video Romans they -- goodness how'd they miss whoever one's who -- Well. Not get beaten. Sometimes yeah. But in -- yet and -- know you are every playwright you've got to kind of evaluate. You know what we talked about how do it on the play -- You know we go to or call -- Numerous times before -- came and we talk about you know every -- virtual space and the particular play and who we want to. You know take a look at this girl place so. You know it's the first street or you're playing you think got a -- and you let it go. If that's what happened in that the second read on the play it was opening well. You know that's that's just a little ball is in the sometimes you just -- You gotta go with the first guy that -- think so because you never know the sect could open so you never wanna cut so. The first -- you don't know what's gonna happen in the Pacific yeah. So you think your first regional from the point you gotta you gotta let it. -- guys rally you do want a -- again of a thirteen to three hole -- look at a positive what went right. After that opening quarter. Our current defense really hung in there are -- thought they played great you know over the course in -- game. And they're continuance and you know -- -- critical plays for us so they did a great and we. We get a decent job on a two minute drill and you know before that which category respecting upended. We start the second quarter will appeal cooler. And had another good trigger spurt there in the third quarter distort the fourth quarter -- Delicious looking lecture from the unfortunate situation. Hopefully we can get it -- Talk about Danny wood head when he started at second quarter he's come and in my opinion I don't think he's been talked about enough this year I think he's morphed into the Kevin Faulk -- if you will on for two patriots fans that's the ultimate compliment. I think he's had a great year and that he's got the most production out of the snaps that he gets yesterday comes in. He gets that little pass for -- to go straight ahead north and south 24 yards. I mean he's really had a good season hasn't -- He's got a great here in the -- -- the greens really unique player. He's got go to. He's got so much poor expect fair. You know he's really improved since that day he kept working both. In our -- which he's always been great runner -- That's a receiver to. He's very good in blitz pickup. You know he's just he's he's great he's a great patriot so that we little heavily. You know usually. He's real. -- creature with so. Do you agree has he gained I mean that's pretty high praise -- Kevin. Was you know. I would imagine you are sir you would use the word confidence about Kevin he seemed to have similar confidence and -- -- now in third down situations. Situation football. Yeah at all it's always about trust and dependability of American -- it's the most important thing and he he -- -- and police certainly -- of that is. In that you trust that he's doing his job and and -- so dependable because. You know whatever you're looking for him he's in the right place and he makes the right play in eastern India. Yeah that's what that's what football's all about the more trust. You have in your teammates -- the more dependability that you know our team has in each other you know the better we are in the more freed up we are secure job so what you're worried about or else you know it's hard do your job. That's -- you just have to trust that you'll all the other guys are gonna be able to do their jobs so that's a lot of though we are rotten. And they're you know doing the right thing so that we can all -- be on the same page and such stuff were true we're still trying to you know get better. Tom to Lastings before we let you go one is -- You're hit by Jason Babin there in that second series in your hand you're shaking hand and then the end of the game. Follow Lou I think his name is it pretty good pop and you come out unscathed out of that game than normal bumps and bruises. Yes just some of that policy group is sort of a -- as part of football or. That part of you know platinum -- -- because nineteen weeks we play so. I'm you know you have those little problems -- and I'll -- fine. And then Nam the game the influx next week to 425. Clearly you guys still have some to play for a could be he could get a bye. If you still loses early Amanda have you thought about that at all does that have any effect on you guys this week. You know I think I. I don't really care -- he Carol and I -- this close to a player and every -- best football here you know the next week and beyond so. I don't care who clear we're clear when we -- the -- the Placer. The opponent you know it's so it's about us and we've lost four games this year and and you know we're preaching what -- -- off for those games so. If I was the first world and you know mistakes -- -- you leave because I'm sure a lot of teams say that -- so. I have a lot of confidence -- our team no we're doing -- -- you know I just hope that our best football is still have. And Tom one final thought I mean here the day before Christmas and -- much family means to you. It's on kind of -- usual football players have heard you talked many times that you don't even know what holidays are that this army because of the schedule but it falls on your off day Christmas. You got a new baby added to your family I mean it's got to be pretty cool. For this year and -- said that the -- Christmas and you get to spend it with your family like that. Yeah actually is -- -- you know it's a great time here and and the -- -- -- you know several tragedies we try to last month you know it's -- -- You know my family and I'm I'm I'm Warren is certainly most important so. So being racist and a couple days I don't know certainly didn't prepare the Balkans but also haven't you know you're actually so. And then I'm sure it won't enjoy the holidays. And I would she go to Mary Christmas and certainly told fans and all the support that we get over here and agree here -- You know -- she -- her -- you know or all of your support. Are always great talking to its armed Michigan upper floors to smaller -- sound. It here or are they Tom Brady patriots quarterback kids interview every Monday. On patriots Monday -- WB I brought you by northeast electrical. Distributors gallery BMW. And by staples Tom Brady on -- patriots Mondale DNC.

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