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NFL Sunday: Prediction Time! Who will Grab a W in Jacksonville?

Dec 23, 2012|

No surprises here! The guys think the Pats will roll.

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-- question who is the patriots third string quarterback. Nate Jim fought -- wars -- in Matthew Slater and I don't know settlement Jesus bush should have an Internet easy. -- I'm pretty sure you have a backup Josh Josh used to throw silence them. Mcdaniels at a benefit trust me there's somebody in the that there if that you that I've for a lot I was very doubtful. Unfortunately probably wouldn't see too many passes -- the other hand the ball -- Fehr -- tomorrow if there -- a practice squad announced. What are now known. As part score while that means that mallet is taking all of these great school. -- -- I let's go around tables do we think is gonna happen today I on the waddle and say that where unanimous in our opinion that the patriots will win this game. By how much that's the question question haven't Europe first. You know me they they're gonna win in -- I'm hoping that the focus that they have been the focus that the coach said -- It really is more of those convincingly that they they like what they see it into the gaming news they're very confident going forward next -- C know hopefully by the way form meant as it is. RG three is starting just in case. Well. I usually try to keep this to -- -- -- -- thing and stay away from the intangibles but I actually think intangibles are going to be big this week I think emotion plays -- part I think it's an angry team I think it's team with something to prove internally careless about what we think the media -- fans think. It's more just they got some stuff to work on. They had some bad it's that bad taste in the mouth and the week prior. And I am gonna put a scorer just to keep with my prediction it's on earlier shows in the week putting things I came waged it's huge it's fifty -- -- I wanna I -- little crazy so. I feel like it could be one of those Saint Louis feel words you know -- nothing before you know it. And you know I read that wrong the him every week on the -- and I'm not miss -- Why you know I'll start with 35 as my base -- averaging 36 -- soul. I'm gonna start with 35 but that I look at the opposition and I think another score 135. I'm gonna say. Because you took 52 I'm gonna I'm gonna go even higher didn't -- the price is right that's I'm gonna go with three touchdowns more than 35. I have -- say car how to do mathematics 56 zip up my advocacy 56. And and I'll stick with you know fourteen. -- -- give a couple of touchdowns on team. I I I would guess they beat Chad -- touchdown passes but it's in its last weekend happened -- still Philippines to -- would comfortably would be more in the range of 35. Or something 35 with some team but I just feel like last week. It's gonna play a big part of this week at the bigger challenge and I think the response. We have a text -- believe that I don't bits thinks that he should be the third string quarter and that she's brought that up because on Friday throw the ball on Fridays there is a drill that that is being done. With him in a couple of the guys in he is the quarterback. He's the quarterback and I swear to god he believed that his almost better than Tom Green yeah. So you never give general who was the guy from Kentucky did the the quarterback Big Three pound quarterback Alexander left hander. There was a for the giants giants and he deserves an outlaw. All the guy that usually guy you'd see it was bigger than standards would be -- -- the -- take the ball hit a guy's name but I know exactly -- -- talking about --

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