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NFL Sunday: Today's Inactives and Keys to the Game

Dec 23, 2012|

The guys go over the list of inactive players today and discuss their thoughts on what the keys are for the Pats to get a W in Jacksonville.

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Going into this weekend the patriots on Friday had nineteen guys listed as questionable. The inactive expert today. Gronkowski. Spikes. Alfonso -- -- Beckett. Brace and zoo set -- savage I can never say his name. This have churches and via the Internet like I know I these I can't say it out to call him Z does that says I'm dynamo. About earlier no surprises here. The one thing I will say that -- thought. And -- keeping -- Diana was Aqib toll. Is active today in -- Beckett is back up. Not down so open you held the point is maybe a guy gets some reps in that situation you know would techsters estimate coming Cunningham -- touched on this earlier next week. Midnight tonight he's he's gonna come back can be in the facility tomorrow he hasn't been allowed to be in the facility from a yeah so well you know idea of the packets back and has been down for a little bit wonder if that's a function of maybe him getting some horror and time because maybe Ninkovich is moving a linebacker for a little while because of -- the slider around with spikes or maybe you'll have no factor at all but. The idea that he's open hasn't meant for awhile that might be an indicator of something going on a lot of this is a movement going around us in these rescue of their own. A couple of other interesting notes Michael Vick is a healthy scratch for the Philadelphia Eagles than men sector we can ruin. Yeah. As -- is going to happen is bound he's out there. I mean it's not that there is any doubt anybody's mind and Andy Reid is right -- The question is to -- it up in San Diego like most people think talking -- Lombardi on Friday he thinks that there could be as many as six coaching change. In the NFL what what's typical what's the deal with par for the course on an annual basis reform less than that I mean sixty city reply. I mean. As some of -- pretty self evident I mean some of whom we could we can do today in and probably not be wrong regarding mentioned San Diego there's no doubt -- going to be gone. Philadelphia there's no doubt Andy's going to be gone. I mean there are some questionable ones for me Malarkey in Jacksonville I think he's probably going to be gone Romeo Crennel and Kansas City. -- almost guarantee is going to be gone. Rex is an interesting because it -- if I assume -- bomb has gone an ideal. If you're a general manager the one only Harry Rex Ryan is a lame duck coach that he -- bring your own guy about the personality I think this often happens were. You know you you have to make a culture decision that we -- wanna change how we do things around here because my personality is different. And then you also put in there you also factoring in whose agenda minutes boy is exactly medal tally a lot but I think beyond manages to. Who's better I mean like it you know if you're just simply go for for culture change that's one decision if you're going for better x.s and almost. So what you're gonna get rid of racks and find some knows better what he does he actually gets rallies guys around him. Is -- and those are strong rallies people around them maybe apparently with this Tebow thing you don't want him. Make him personnel decisions are making draft decisions but. I have a feeling you're gonna have a hard time going out there and find a better guy to -- guys. And draw game plants that's not the whole job bought if you're GM is gonna take -- -- the -- because carmike ten a bomb is is a contract is up four point. Right it is so maybe your general manager that has more personal background it's a little less you know the mathematics and in a business degree in more. Football degree that that might be the formula football savvy thing if it. Until we mentioned earlier that it was expected that Tebow was going to be not dressed today. Rich to meany was tweeting from the field a few minutes ago said Tebow on the field for warm -- wearing his uniform pants -- by -- sure looks like a guy. Was expecting to play. And he's been deemed an active I don't know apparently now we get someone earlier who said he was going to be inactive. That would seem to fly in the to have and it may have an announcer I haven't seen their list yet. So well you know sometimes though I think you know congress restore my pants and -- it's not that weird yeah I mean sometimes it's not -- suspect that -- -- that. That guy the information guy and more. And let's look at -- the patriots on the grill and a -- we think his is necessary for them to win. In today's game in Jacksonville against that other football team and and I know I did this against Arizona and looked like a fool. But that doesn't deter me at all I'm gonna do it again I think they have to show -- Mean that's the single biggest thing they have to do don't even if if no -- had they don't think that way and there'll always away from where I am right now. If they show up. I don't see how Jacksonville can be. Well I think that you look at Ryan cantonal. Against that team last year. Are last week excuse me. As 80% completion percentage and he's more of a mid fifty's guy for the season. I think it all you booked a Melissa quarterbacks are playing it is just vote Jacksonville team. It's efficiency it's the absence of turnovers and you get a ten to fifteen to 20% bump and what you usually do. I think this needs to be a week for the pitchers are extremely official with the ball they're going to be able to -- -- dink and -- think in just simply move up and down the field. But you can't have self inflicted wounds or for my on the grill it's just you know what we've been talking about four weeks. No self inflicted wounds. Efficiency with the ball and just put the foot on the throat and very these guys America's human need to get to Mya. My prediction number it's highway and I am at all by the way Maurice Jones-Drew is inactive. As we expected we didn't expect it was gonna play and he's not. Kevin what do they have to do that simple on show up like he's their -- but. -- focused understand that. This game is is not really affected his game this game practice weighed down the line and his game is for your team is -- determined. A lot going forward in the next three weeks not this week so this is one games you have to be very focused understand that. You can't make turnovers that was a big fault. In the game last week and making little mental mistakes. The folding. Sometimes in the course of a game where. You meet you know doing your job so just come out there and be focused and do your job. Jacksonville's inactives today Rashad Jennings Maurice Jones-Drew -- Malden Brandon Marshall even Britain Austen Lane the other Jonathan crime yet the net via the other Randall I'm bacteria out and and Austen Lane and Jonathan Grimes. No real surprises there either and again and I. Just don't think it matters very much. In you -- if you go the records you could say Kansas City in Jacksonville or both they're both same record label at two wins the ball terrible. Oh boy you look at all of the rankings and Jacksonville's worst in Kansas City or both sides of both sides of the ball and I you know it rankings but. They are they -- kind of work hand in hand I don't put a lot of stock in the last two pitchers have low defense of -- because the dumb bombs. Keep track them based on yards through natural that. When your bad in that particular category -- sizable it's sort of it's a co conspiracy that they're both sort of playing in one another so you know hard time sustaining drives and -- hard time stopping them that does mean something I would say this when they hired Mike Malarkey I wondered what they were thinking. And now I really wonder what -- career stats are great -- is not -- been head coach I think he stroked the ball flawed thinking got a second shot again it's really hard to pencil from the some like. -- -- -- -- How many coaches out there gonna be able to do much with that group. There there that look like they're a couple who would healthy -- away it's for just -- A -- summer this week I think they have a huge the biggest number in the league this often happens teams or stroke. But guys they're going to be out -- playing it's a patron to sweep that -- opening day roster they've been cobbled together for weeks the left guard position has been capsule rotating the war. The the running back position they've got four guys back there function of injuries. Defensively you know who's their guy yeah I mean you know puzzle in the post up whatever name is that the new big contract packets -- as a service of this that you get -- as -- of the Z impeach the polish kid from western say candidate that's what you know of that their talent -- so I think that. Is as much a factor so truly offers we will welcome Mike -- you've done with this. Just like a player just like from a player standpoint is all about the situation you're going to -- hum for a guy who played. In ten years or more. It's about the situation he went into trust me it's about his athletic ability and what he's done but is also about the situation really fit. That person that at the lead and we you get -- going on this success with the world. Your coach -- and its organization where you don't have that at the least bit. Can make up what you wanna be as a football team you gonna struggle if you don't put together. Get together which are GM annual owner and build that team. Still going to be used -- -- be able to build the team have either of you guys have played on the team that was you know hopelessly dreadfully out of -- at this stage of the season. I'm trying to figure out what it's like in. In the facility -- day at this point in the season when -- since their two and well. We we weren't too in twelve Margaret final of my rookie year -- 2000 and not about Obama are united bank where. Actually we were here. We went six and one. -- -- 61. And came back and in the end only no law Anne O'Neil won two games after it so toward the end of season that was. We would just plain just to be playing so two games different two very to go also has more -- those okay your job you got there in this room. For fear -- going almost a rough 12000 -- first year that was that was painful year. Bought I think my second of 2000 year with the jets were bad form while some like that it was the play up your priority that we had appeared in the we followed up with a with a stinker. Chad blond shoulder you know -- up on IR and we were sort of scramble with the position and some of the things it was an ugly year in Arab late in the year. It's cold places miserable just as a little while in the should be when your team stinks. My old one and I was dealing with you know I'd root structure in my fourth in employment are few tweaks. My left foot happy as much my head's not happy in the fans aren't happy with happy it's off to sleep it's tough to go to work everyday just. You from a player's record if you -- or go to that because a lot of pros and you're still it's it's easy to say hey your your professional yeah they do a job now. The target. A -- which do you come and laser focused VC Norman beat that in a reporter on the beat the guy that's crossing -- but she enters -- black and Detroit lyricist golf -- -- turn on the film to see me win missile you know that's always -- to care about the game with. What I'm gonna do the matter work. Our record is I'm gonna go out there and -- more than 20% no matter what does happen in my opinion in situations likeness. Is if if a couple of things go wrong early on. Generally speaking those teams were sit their to a twelve -- off this is. You're not gonna see a two and twelve team you know make a 28 point deficit the with the patriots in. Lastly because generally speaking when when it starts to go downhill it goes down a boy and part of that is where you got to to a twelve you're not you're not you're not built to compare. Our situation is not just that you made some sort of psychological decision. Now I mean. There's a reason that teams -- that position and and I think injuries played -- part I mean you when you read -- game reports week after week we find teams haven't done well the generally write them up that way it feels like if you know -- sort of tells excuse reaching. By the way we have lost seventeen of our top point to opening -- this and -- and somebody starts from this particular whatever. -- just kind of how it's it's rationalize I think internally. Bought ever wants -- it won't be you know I think a part of its the skill that you built in the depth that you build on your team and I think that's definitely affect his jaguars team. I think one thing as far as. How you -- -- book to a 204 -- humans goes back to coach Belichick saying a little bit. A lot of the mistakes that these football teams have made throughout the course of the season I guarantee you if you go back. In just look at the early part of season pre season go back to their training camps. A lot of these mistakes were made. Doing these kind -- is always see the mistakes that you made early on are going to be -- mistake that you have to correct later in if you don't they're going to come bacon by two. It was new trustees that found in fact the steam there actually plus one turnover differential. Really unusual for a team to do that during this -- and actually be yes in that department. Which told you that it happened we'd just been beating themselves I think Kevin's point that they. You know you refusal layers are a lot of physical state but they haven't been dumb football team so much I just think that patrolled their trouble -- stop at about 111 point homeless or it's not just clicked or teams out there that are struggling general select minus twenties and you know you you know -- -- -- -- like that have a lot of bad -- -- by the -- quick note. Greg McIlroy Mark Sanchez team Tim Tebow are all active for the game. It's the first game this season. Where the jets have -- all three quarterbacks active streak Egyptian embassy I'd like to see him a year ago working. Do three or four -- packages are really like to see a game -- gets more this year but is -- back to what we were talking about dynamic case for non human. -- And yeah. Well I -- -- chair when it is dark is going to be another circus that their thirty watts of.

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