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NFL Sunday: Reaction to the Report that Tebow to Jacksonville Next Year is a Lock

Dec 23, 2012|

The guys discuss the latest on the Tebow saga. Reports around the NFL have Tebow going to the Jaguars. They discuss ownership making personnel decisions and the Jags' owner's fascination with Tebow. Can Tebow succeed in Jacksonville?

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NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing pranks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the Campbell box that your favorite -- AM. Celebrate something let's talk about ownership in the national football league for just moment. I think patriots fans. 99 point 8% of patriots fans apple would say that they are blessed. To have -- ownership that they way. I was this week chose not point nine outs I would desert storm hurdle for -- and not a perfect and didn't say a hundred well I just think there's always somebody there are some -- out there. I think most barely a point to as the I think most patriots fan to understand completely that they are blessed to have the ownership they do they have the dedication that this ownership has. There used to be that story and it was apocryphal it wasn't real the whole thing about. About pop crap with a stop watch watching Tebucky Jones work out at Syracuse and well let's stop it didn't happen but it was a story that just gained a life of its own. You had two instances both around the same guy about whether ownership gotten -- and I asked Mike Lombardi this week if it's true that Woody Johnson. Is the guy who wanted Tim Tebow for the jets because that's the urban myth. The urban myth is that Woody Johnson the owner of the jet set I want that guy I'm I'm frightened with the giants for the back page of the New York Post -- so -- image licensee. Mike Lombardi said that bull. If he said it's it's Rex who. Rex wanted him and and Rex went to ten and bomb and and and they made the move and it -- Woody Johnson had nothing to do with it. The reason I bring it up is that now it would appear. As though the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Is getting involved in personnel decisions. If you look at things realistically for the Jacksonville Jaguars. My guess is neither general manager Gene Smith New York coach Mike Malarkey -- in the beat him next year -- just guessing here. So we get these reports and Ian Rapoport got one now Chris mortenson has got one earlier where Jacksonville. Sources have said flat out. Tim Tebow will be a jaguar next year. What -- are back on from Gene Smith or Mike Malarkey. Leaked -- to the owner doesn't it. Well. When the owners a team source that's a little -- pocket you know there were talking a down personnel gathered makes the -- -- Maybe I don't know the number one known Jarrett Jack owns this I have read is his -- -- -- -- clear yet technically he's also the head of the personnel department but. Well what's interesting to me about that though is. You really give in to sort of murky water in the NFL when you comment on other people's players. And I and old there's an inevitability argument with this Tim Tebow stock boy. There's no way you can comment or have a an opinion publicly and another guy who's under contract for what three more years or two more years as his Tebow. So. -- we -- there is. This sort of mcqueary out there that he would fit. But it's not I don't know if it's at all football player I mean like you guys know and I've told you enough what I think of Tim Tebow is quarterbacking abilities. And and I'm basically try to talk United States Chatham from -- Cap -- because he's been eating Kevin -- peanuts for the last out power -- -- that comment here that 10. That's right there few minutes that he's been sharing so team in -- and sharing them and it it just has -- -- -- in general find from the feed you energy shot -- him down completely. Because I don't think Tim Tebow is necessarily good option quarterback. In my opinion that means that it's not going to be good football -- I disagree with what Matt said earlier about Jacksonville needing the boost in interest and I think the owner of the team definitely thinks they need the boost in interest. If there was ever a place where Tim Tebow made sense in the NFL. It was in that. Part of Florida where Tim Tebow walked on water let me tell you who's not cheering for that that happened. And I'm just guessing -- Just like Blaine Gabbert just a globally -- Endeavor but if you're receiver developmental guy with a -- on a pound towards the make your mark in the league Cecil shorts is just had a nice sort of upcoming here. A Blackman the rule we talented up and coming player in -- -- that's a productivity this year but is a little bit raw. Think of the Marius Thomas in Denver in the boost his career that have been a legit. Read the field drop back quarterback has done for him personally when he Scotland the best to do it don't exactly exactly what I mean it is I is there any point if you if you work. Wide receiver earnestly trying to make their mark and often it's a quarter mislead trying to make your mark. Excuse me. The last and you want to stay away from the penis from around the Iowa Iowa. Numbering in the game and a blessing you want is an -- a move around gimmicky quarterback because. The Deval -- the route tree stuff though reading coverages and drop in and find where your going to be. That's the kind of goes away and I think it's been a boon for for Eric Decker and for her to -- -- Thomas to get into a different kind of situation if you want these young players. What possibly imagine if you're two or three personnel in the go to the people offense and that's what -- that's the choice they make you maybe want to games -- maybe they the interest goes up analyst things. But how do you evaluate both her own players who were not really playing what they believe they were brought up in football the duke. And how'd you attract the free agency in free agency imagine you know they wanna upgrade it was when we talked about -- As a potential weakness with this team. The skill position issues how only that but if if you're an incoming coach. Who's gonna step in front of this train where basically if it's true the owner -- you -- One -- court and that's why it's too toxic situation I mean it is in inviting coaches inviting free agents and you know you're going into what could potentially be a mess. And if guys are always in this league you know when -- in the team when your in the middle situation your team team team. When -- offseason you do have to think about the development of such words of -- see this going to over three years from now. That's me could be especially -- watchable without a New York it's -- -- boy you just don't know point is very bad. Low deploy but there's one thing that I just keep bringing up about -- -- and I know that he's not your typical drop back quarterback. He's not going to give you. Nice slant route to you receive -- the ball he's not gonna give -- he's gonna give you something that we all want to do. -- I don't know how he does it. How he gets to. And -- over he stated these nine and seven in his career assistant -- this deal winnings deal made it to the plea of no matter how he did you give me give -- on Euphrates the -- I don't care. He's -- -- -- I don't in the past I -- now be able doesn't even matter as long as you win. The number one thing in this league is winning. In this guy is a proven way to no matter what he's that'll cure what is mechanics. How he gets it doesn't he gets it done when his -- to put. The game winning drive together he's gonna do if he's in -- and why they're two teams don't want. Well the two teams that he had the war wanna get shot -- will because one team while the brought him probably one of the best quarterbacks now they're operating yeah. And the other team I have decided that they would do is try to -- -- -- and put him in a good situation. To make him successful. As a football player. In my in my view would be they have. If a team makes his decision. They have to be all in a quarterback or -- -- the quarterback if they're not bringing him in to be the package guy it could be spotted it can be toxic and I think. You're gonna it's it does the list of teams that this would work or -- could fit on one hand and in my film on you know Utah series and carefully -- or whatever whenever Rex Ryan. Say that he was gonna put Tim Tebow. On the -- team at the person to protect -- we there should have been a red flag right there that this is going to be a while Inspiron -- was brought his OC in the -- -- -- while camping wildcat thing I think that's what made him think that it would work now have a cautionary -- and I think a lot of the journal -- went down in New York.

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