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NFL Sunday: How Will the Pats Approach the Upcoming Week?

Dec 23, 2012|

Dale, Chatham and Faulk discuss their thoughts on the Pats upcoming schedule, both in terms of the Christmas holiday and the the final week of the regular season. Do they rest anyone next week against Miami? It may be determined today based on what Denver and Houston do and how the AFC seeding looks like.

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NFL Sunday presented by -- natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. But for the Campbell box that your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something let me know logistically how this works this week now. As it turns out Tuesday is Christmas in Tuesday as the normal players they off anyway in the national football only. They will be at the facility tomorrow -- lose they'd be it's absolutely tomorrow but probably not for a long time is that fair to say well -- we get the win. You get to -- trying to be -- get to see you Wednesday had he might they have me Monday suggests oh. Maybe this is the kind of -- I don't discuss your. Wouldn't lose its he Wednesday just because holiday just -- -- -- Davis and there's no -- -- football camp this week you last night we now which is weird but. I mean time they would have Tuesday off no matter what it just turns out that Tuesday happens the Christmas Day and works out and carper for. It's it's one of those strange weeks -- with with. Everybody's got family raise debt issues they get stuff going on it. You know maybe you've got folks company in the town in and all those things that everybody has everybody else has to worry about tip where about a -- NFL player to. It's kind of funny because this is the first year. That I've been like had the opportunity to be around the house for Christmas. Game leading up to Christmas to hold what I've been getting text messages and phone calls on the phone. Ask me if I was coming home for Christmas to Louisiana and out couldn't figure out why he kept asking me to. And until like a couple of days ago my wife is like -- You normally playing football. You're you're normally. Practice scene. Parents for game mean Christmas is really not the thing that you are focused -- -- this year like -- home the whole time I get the focus on. Actually -- leave and go home with my kids for Christmas but decides to do the thing that we've been doing this to stay here and enjoy -- That's one thing we had to -- you. Appreciate more when you retire and I mean I've been out for a few more years now -- Kevin bush. That first time where you know you realized your plan. For for ten years I didn't see Christmas and I didn't release she Thanksgiving in the same light because we were right around the answer is no. You know enough for a week from work Christmas was a thing that happened on a particular day. The day prior the day after your probably working so. And often times were the entertainment on around Christmas are the ones who are -- insult. It is kind of weird in -- sort of bizarre -- -- world type thing went. When you get your first holiday nearly all I don't myself and I am. Help this looks like college I was actually involved in the Christmas and going for a glimpse into malls in the minds. But you're going to Emma square mall yesterday it took us about thirty mean he's just subjected to do my own pocket and I. To get -- at a mall parking lot. From like. One now coming to verify it was right there to ratify it took -- thirty minutes to get into an apartment. It's what the rest of us have been dealing with for a number of years knock him quite a while why did you warn media and I knew I was coming into I was dealing with this. All the stuff yet to worry about it and realized Christmas shopping was real analyst man acting my wife -- -- Amazon. Is it's -- that. Internet as. I'm sort of a little curious. As as they go -- about the final week of the regular season we mentioned this already. How bill approaches the Miami game is going to be dependent on how things go this weekend. If if the patriots win and Denver wins -- Denver's then got Kansas City last week. I guess it's possible make at least in the city in the 4 o'clock game. Probably not likely we have seen bill take the opportunity in the last week of the regular season to -- guys down. Are you expecting that happened here. I'm expert in -- to do his best for this -- I'll stop what are -- J.'s nick and it's a and it's one of physically -- like you say it but -- expect -- to do was bits of this team has a couple of situations that has happened over the past few years that. It has gone may be wrong -- B has gone right for but I think he's going to do was best for his team and in what I'm talking about is a few years go to west got hurt. And you know cup is just one thing that you never know what can happen what might happen but whatever is best for his football team and like you say -- you do. Today's game is really going to be your. A big deal what's gonna happen next week how am I going to hand and XP my football team is not -- matter what. The average gained would give different game if it's gonna matter -- and doing the -- game exactly jaguars. I think part of the calculation is as well I know they've fans and for some some pundits talk about how. We may have you know the Mac counsel to the ball in the stands thing and it appeared years ago that game as -- built its Miami. Was -- that was Miami and it was the Doug Flutie drop -- game and yes it certainly appeared. The patriots were not necessarily concerned about winning American touch on that but -- Jeff Helen and I watched what here's the point I think what Kevin's point is -- -- the ball I think is accurate in that. -- asked to take sort of the temperature of his own team I think this is an unusual situation where. You may be in a difference at risk if you're in a -- -- was younger team those were some war veteran squads you fought view might have thought as a staff that you can get away. With -- you know sort of measuring. This group if you if you put a -- out there it was purposely or not it may be more difficult for them to recover from you have to sort of know your team to north they can handle that. So I think he'll be looking -- you know what we're gonna have to play to win it we wanna keep people healthy but we do need to accomplish some things here. My best guests are going to the next week especially without the -- you know -- -- think there was a by involve. Then then he'd play a lot more guys next week I mean you've got the extra week off you want two weeks off before you play is that we need more information that we can really have an educated conversation about this on Monday or Tuesday because some things -- shaken out. I think the Brandon Spikes thing was kind of interesting because I don't think it's in -- in new injury distinct feel like. The most of the reports is just he's been playing with something for awhile when he needs to -- again healthy. Sold it how many other guys are out there that are -- stuff like that we're not seen you know everybody is at this time everybody yeah so he's gonna you know he may take a calculation is say this is gonna change the outcome of the game. Gives an opportunity to work someone else and -- maybe this one critical guy really needs this more than I need amend their so. Woolsey how it shakes out next week I found it interesting did that he gave Brady today off from practice this week I six that I -- is exactly and it's like you know let's just let's just -- -- -- Donald -- But I I believe that's the first practice -- miss this year. Is very fluent in the everybody made a big deal about it and it's in practice along with being. Mis speak out as we. I thought that might have been planned before their game even -- -- which -- -- really eat it without that -- some of those things that. 65 that's happening is like go perfect -- OK here's the excuse for us given the deal could he has 65 passes but is just what is coming in late in the year. Com he's all the guy now he's not no spring chicken anymore progress. I go to guy in he's one of those guys that OK are we gonna lose something by getting him. But let him and missed Tuesday a practice not actually negated Ryan mad -- and some critical reps in practice by himself he's getting reps with first team. Sixteen against first team against first team and a scout team so he's getting reps all of the loan in practice on Wednesday so. I'm not owned by an article here. I mean I do think that the 65 pass attempts probably sealed the deal you may be right though Kevin that the plan all along once in a lot -- just. Estes and in my my impression you guys column obviously and there -- the impression I get is that Tom Brady always wants to practice bingo identity. At least have a thing with the Bruins where they they would actually have to tell ray -- you can't come to the rink today. You're not allowed to come to the rink today and the courage thing is -- -- wasn't on the field that. But I guarantee you that he was a gentleman not to that they feel he was watching practice. From the trainer room wherever he was watching the practice question of guys -- and you know critiquing do what is that a paying right who took a nosedive -- yeah. You know and and you know just because you look at that doesn't mean he was an attendant.

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