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NFL Sunday Takes You "Around the NFL" for Week 16

Dec 23, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang discuss and analyze all the games scheduled to kick off for Week 16 including many with playoff implications.

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Three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. This part of the program where we take you around the National Football League. It a couple of quick numbers as we do this seven teams -- party clinched playoff spots including the New England Patriots obviously. But there are still nineteen. Teams. In contention for the remaining playoff spots. As we add more playoff spot and a well. You talk about commissioner or by the contains scenes but you're not talking about this scenario well it has to have they're just saying that in nineteen teams alive. Five teams could clinch a playoff spots today if things work out the way they want them to and -- course weeks and weeks sixteen actually began last night. The Atlanta Falcons beat the Detroit Lions at Ford Field and a -- for a while there. Matt Ryan pretty darn Sharpton and yet he had one of those that is that exactly it all those doubters of which I was. In that plan for part of this season wanna see them do it late year wanna see them look better than what we were a call and wanna make sure there not a one and done. Last night although was against the Detroit has been one I believe lost seven rural in Leslie's going the wrong direction. I am starting to feel better about it land -- -- -- -- -- season but it looked. A little more diverse in the ways of adult big problem is Matt Ryan could see you know he's a civilized you know we have bad guys they're that's a good branding is all -- is very Grammy. 1 o'clock games today let's kick off -- Cowboys Stadium in Dallas the 86 cowboys face the six and a New Orleans Saints. -- -- Cowboys out offensive lineman says the boys understand that keeping Tony romo's Jersey clean is of the utmost important. So you don't wanna talk in the ground you well silence -- draft pick him up most of quarterback. Running back to tackle the engine off Islam NFL you know home. Thank you mess up and smell weakness -- the block the blitzer misses whatever home it's our job tomorrow. Couple of interest in statistical notes if the saints lose today in Dallas. Guarantees their first losing season since 2007. Officially eliminate them from playoff contention although. Realistically probably eliminated but this would officially do it but Drew -- with a 165 passing yards. Would become the first player in NFL history with three consecutive seasons of at least 4500 passing yards I would not want to be Dallas Cowboys defense today. Just because you played against in the long and thanks office. Their offense is body -- -- most explosive -- for offensive besides going to preachers and a couple of things but. I'll be very nervous though that's -- was to their try to make a play off run as well take away. Tony Romo deserves -- credit he's actually played really quietly while for the last like two months. And Camilla stopped talking about I guess in this neighborhood it's easy to behave Mark Sanchez and probably should continue to is always -- jet. But I think you look at that romo's situation he was a guy it was really dangers of the ball I would throw picks throwing necessary really preach or reckless. I think Sanchez looks -- Putin needs to look at a guy like that say in a better situation at a better time he could be that kind of quarterback not an upper Echelon -- you know. There's some -- -- at Lambeau fielding Green -- the tenant for Packers host the five and nine Tennessee Titans Erin Rogers says the pack. Not satisfied with just making the playoffs they're hoping to get some rest during wild card weekend. While some solar guessing you know Nixon Nixon bruises that we have from season so. Having escaped. It is to see one season it was going to be tough but it's to -- cars and you know probably doable. Packers started the season two and three they'd donate one sense the -- the team that has had a lot of injuries on the faster. Yet until we just haven't I always I was go back through some restored argue about what seed is important we will be remembered what seeds we were definitely the championship runs though. I'm neither we don't as players you wouldn't put a lot of stock in that. You just play what's in front of you -- you're right my myopia of its its finest we just. It what's from a -- -- -- city chiefs are at arrowhead the two and twelfth she's hosting the nine and five Indianapolis Colts Romeo crew now. Says he has not discussed his future with chiefs managed. No I have not actually human teachers retooling it and urban concentrating -- is this Sunday's game and -- So. That's all I know about it. -- and discussed his future with -- management because management is in the theory that. I think Scott Pioli is gone to a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The way things are looking on the outside Nancy past Monday just never -- couple of Andrew Luck number to look at. He needs 74 passing yards to break the single season rookie record for passing yards. Felt like Cam Newton. Who he needs seven. Passing touchdowns over the last two weeks to break break Peyton Manning's NFL rookie record he already owns the 300 yard games by a rookie with six he already owns the a game winning drives with six or rookie. Andrew Luck is also looking to become the fifth rookie starting quarterback in the Super Bowl era. To win ten games in a single season and by the way. Russell Wilson has nine as well so he's right there -- take what I was element I didn't feel that way early in the season it you know life because there is Andrew Luck also as a team -- and an -- right -- the number -- does he leads the NFL with -- eighteen interceptions you know what in this league in this day and -- -- -- memories after the experience we've seen the last couple -- patriots and just understand how important both on both sides of the ball turnovers or. A block or stock I think you know giving a turnover is as valuable as maybe getting two or three touchdown passes and RG -- numbers much lower. Russell Wilson's numbers much lower I think that should be as much awaited New York I think we're watching three young quarterback they're really going to be the future for this I'd agree with that. Completely Lincoln Financial Field speaking one of those young quarterbacks who could be the future. The -- ten Philadelphia Eagles host the 86 Washington Redskins. Mike Shanahan says the skins have to believe that they and all the way because confidence leads to success. And there's only one team attempted -- end of the year in your expectations have these are very high you have to believe in yourself. You know you understand that they're -- one thing that's happened. Hopefully our football team thinking that -- mindset as I told our football team today -- -- -- Columbia were controlling your investment in December he can do that. Every game that you play remembered for the rest your life. Smart move by chanting and knock them -- Day. Beckel and I don't think so I mean dead and finally it's official yet but it looks he's been walking around the field in the suit the you know things like them my guesses. And in intelligently so maybe you know we we've talked about her in the food room and I. And then before my opinion I don't think it's. The smartest thing to do you you in front of you who you. Feel like your team can be as a whole which -- quarterback that you were arrested there. Here's the problem buried six and their right in the right there on them if you have even the slightest question mark. It's a three way it's a three way race right now and they need to get across that line I would maybe think have a maximum be backed up The Who don't that we don't. Haven't played -- and probably. -- -- We're gonna skip this one completely. Bank of America Stadium five and ninety Carolina hosting -- and -- on the engender any enthusiasm that. Stop -- homestand. Sunlight stadium. In Miami -- six and eight dolphins host the five and I'm Buffalo Bills. And the only reason we have any interest as -- it's an AFC east game -- Gailey. Curious to see how the bills bounce back from a brutal. Fifteen to seventeen defeat at the hands of the Seahawks last week. I think that we had made some strides up until last week I think -- really make some strides. And down. -- now it'll it'll test our metal a little bit to see how we come back from playing like that. As a defense to see how mad that made them. Another guy who has expertly on borrowed time. And wreath with the I record their guards if the duke are one of 218 since the merger. To allow 45 or more points in four games in one season. But it's not good not good Raymond James Stadium. Six and eight Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosting -- 67 and one St. Louis Rams I'm gonna if they went the wrong way to Tampa was the team we were talking S days as the years -- -- to stop showing up. MetLife stadium. Six tonight New York Jets hosting the five and nine San Diego Chargers again a game that doesn't mean anything to anybody except it's an AFC east game Tim Tebow. Doesn't necessarily agree with the decision to start Greg McIlroy over himself but he's trying to stay level headed. For me it's just remembered an opportunity trying to make most of it and you know so and I would do. Given ones. -- these last few games. Handling as best they can and supporting today and experienced football team and try to be a great teammate and. Help or can't he just lied to by kind of sense that for some of -- comments in his left to right which you don't want. I don't by the hole was given an opportunity thing because a lot of analysis a lot of those this are -- illegals on the practice. If you never got to the field and you know that they had the intention of using new. Well look there are approximately the right -- may -- -- -- We did not give you an opportunity because we went back on a word. You practice as far as we see you more than anyone in the nation sees you we decided you go out there for -- so I mean that might be as part of the formulas were accidentally. -- don't just. Latin. Navigate Illinois there I've just try to keep my comments to myself couldn't go to radio. I don't know what I'm saying is go I'm trying to keep my bad kind of director of the ball. This one little thing is an excellent help him out of this letter -- your comment that you -- be seen him in practice. Mean you -- -- an offer area you know all the all the opponents needed already put it seems to have anything to you guys in the right place. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh the seven and seven Pittsburgh Steelers host the eight and six Cincinnati Bengals now believe it or not. Both teams are still alive for the AFC north title. Cincinnati will clinch a playoff spot with a second per second straight season if they can win today Ben Roethlisberger says this is a must win game for both teams. Hopefully the Steelers experience in big games will prove to be help. You know a lot of the guys in this this locker quote quote been their before understand that this is a playoff game for welfare for them. Does that mean that the outcomes going to be our fair just because then no but I think that. If it does help us especially being at home. I'll say this they had some issues this week in some things that they've got smooth over when the quarterback. Is is taken potshots at the offensive coordinator and then afterwards. What he's saying is you know I'm sorry I I I let my emotions get better of me he what he didn't say what you know what I was wrong. You can say that at all he's saying I'm sorry I said some. But that happened -- before the season started remember yes there was little friction in generally do your -- -- don't -- -- by throughout the by house. How would this relationship work. We all know what kind of guy it is we don't notice though it was one of those things that this was -- harmful -- -- just exploded at Baylor. To me up on what do with the matchup would be that that the use of the in the sixth the last team in either sincere Pittsburgh who they play the first while while car. Well it will depend but it it would be the two with a three yeah. Minnesota. 86 at Houston twelve and to a Reliant Stadium everybody's talking about Adrian Peterson and he has not gonna deny. -- fully aware of how close he has to the NFL single season rushing mark. But the team is trying to get to the post season. This is this an American my it is there. Some of them just overwhelmed with. You know working hard. To get it done and we've got to the front maidan where -- and I am. They're pretty content negated. And those who live here. You know what they get -- That phone system. A lot of other things you know. You know I can accomplish. Reports first formal and you know women's game he -- A 188 yards will get into the 2000 yard mark will be the seventh player in NFL history and I think he's got -- so yes. 294. Yards to break Eric Dickerson single season rushing record and that's going to be. I'm so it. He's seen that it's in the back of his mind. -- it's in the front only -- hit -- in the forefront the important thing is he has to shield had a little bit. And put the team first because there aren't afraid of it don't potential white lines on the field that worked there you still the same job to do with the way to school and run. Ever bank fielding Jacksonville -- final 1 o'clock game. The two and -- Jacksonville you know who's hosting the tenant for New England Patriots Bill Belichick says that the priority for good football teams. The play their best football at the end of the season. And I think the most important thing for the team is to be played well for the most important games of the season. And there -- for all of us so hopefully we'll be able to do one. When that time -- You thought we were BS new -- to be honest this team. Is every bit as important as two weeks ago excuse the one delivering the importance last hope that W worth -- -- but I mean what they need to -- front -- moving forward I mean you can you can hurt yourself just -- -- not losing playing well the last two which you could not play well this week they really need to. Once before step -- this lesson strike. 405 today sports authority field at mile high the eleven and three Denver Broncos host the five and nine Cleveland Browns. Denver clinches a first round bye if they win and the patriots lose today. Little hard to picture that one but Peyton Manning also talking about how all the rookie quarterbacks have made their mark this season. It's truly impressive class soon like you -- governor of these guys in our camp in -- and they know they're all. Got good heads on their shoulders -- -- that this study this -- or redeem them obviously they'll have Callaway was there would be no draft to where they are. You know forget about the MVP race and I think it's a three man race Brady Manning and an eight -- was the comeback player and he. Manny BP one -- two -- -- arm ITs have picked the two finalists how do you choose between them. And neck and neck trump -- eight year old girl I don't know. The fact if you missed an entire -- you're listening has that AP gets hit every week committees yelled to survive with no knee brace that's been made -- now. Has been hit. That's great I'm sure -- -- -- -- wiped out had taken him and he's he's the best in the -- make entry doesn't -- -- -- growth the kind of thing you can protect the little better than I think -- paid him running back. Port 25 today University of Phoenix Stadium the five and nine Arizona Cardinals host the 86 Chicago Bears. Lance Briggs says the bears need to get back to doing the things that went well when they went. We just. Got to build on things that -- we've done well you know and you know defense we've we've we've. We made some plays and does some good things. We need to have more consistency and some of the things that were there we wanted to to do but it but -- -- You know we we we know how we're going to approaches get. Bears started the season seven and one they've lost five of their last six. And they were all about the turnover. -- early in the season we -- Charles Tillman of those it has just taken the ball from people I think it's much more about what that side of the ball those than that just to -- them a couple of points. They need to be that'll bears' defense again M&T bank stadium in Baltimore the nine and five ravens host the eight and six football giants Eli Manning says giants. And prepare to play to the best of their ability. Revered John saves in order to be ready to play and that's that's all that's all you can do and -- no one's -- said. That there I go out there and win every game in and play your best football every game that's -- that's still hope you do that that's always the plans of undone work that way himself. You know this week -- prepares roster player best. Statistical oddity Baltimore Ravens become just the fourth team in NFL history to have to. Face the Manning Brothers and active equity asset -- -- plus two Eli had to -- last week idealize this that's a couple of teams that. Or limping into this game beautiful little bit on both sides -- Paul and both need this victory badly Baltimore could be a team that article it's there and but this could be easily be one they drop as well they're going to be team it's going to be a nice seating but it. -- -- wounded go bad offensive learn from Baltimore's kind of beat up -- there to be climb back into mobile and so for. -- defense who are who are really revered. That off as either by the city. By the way Ray Lewis will not be activated. There was some talk this week that he was and try to play they are now saying that he won't play until the play -- And I thought it was silly to rush him back the way they are apparently trying to lost him -- lost Maclean lost the other -- -- -- -- -- -- on my are now Baltimore it will be up for. And gave the -- Sunday Night Football football like America is that sent trailing being field in Seattle. And nine and five Seahawks host the -- three San Francisco 49ers Jim Harbaugh says. He and his staff are working on ways to get the ball to Vernon Davis more. Well I think you have a couple things of particular where. Where -- and and and Collins spent some time uncertain routes. Excerpt. During and after practice and that helped and I think you'll agree. Some some more focus on that. This week a couple of notes about this game forty niners clinched the west with a win they can clinch a first -- round -- if they went in the Packers lose. Now here's that here's the rate of four. 49ers have allowed an NFL at 218 points this season despite what happened on Sunday night. Seahawks allowed 219 points. -- at the two best defensive teams in the NFL every other team in the league. As allowed at least 240 of the in the east. -- we saw both these teams here in new England and I think. Block against doing and I think the patriots were able for the very nearly 500 your time off its its -- government big numbers in him just about the -- -- -- -- After measuring stick against this offense I don't think it's a -- continually -- -- you'd be most concerned about the patent whether style I notable. And and by the way and you guys know -- you watch the game with Colin -- predict before touchdown passes Sunday night. Three of them were on -- of more than twenty yards down field. Sorry I gotta be the bearer of bad and we know where was getting priest in the media room this week no definitely. May 31. Quarterback in the NFL this season. With three touchdown passes wanna hear more yards -- -- TT -- the UQB Anderson another ally. Larry nowhere and it's a NFL Sundays presented by -- natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. But for the camp blue box that your favorite grocery tea. Celebrates them. -- --

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