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NFL Sunday: Breaking Down Today's Game -- The Pats Offense vs the Jaguars Defense

Dec 23, 2012|

What a difference a week makes! The Jags don't really have any big star players on D that the Pats will have to worry about. The Jags defense really has a tough time getting off the field and are prone to giving up long, tedious drives that can tire out the squad. The key for the Pats today will be ball protection. The Jags hurt the Texans up with turnovers and the Patriots cannot be careless today with only 2 games left on the schedule. The guys look for Hernandez to really exploit matchups today.

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Number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Kevin -- Matt Chatham -- -- prices offered today. Will be back with a sign next Sunday the final regular season game at home next Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Today the patriots are in Jacksonville on this is the portion of the show where. We take a look at the Patriots offense against that other teams defense and I'll just give you this little tidbit to open up this segment okay. The Jacksonville Jaguars. Have the worst. Home point differential. In the National Football League they have been outscored at home this year 189. To 78. They are minus a 111. At home. Now I'll start with that because we already know that the patriots averaging over 36 points -- game -- the highest scoring offense in the National Football League to begin with. This has the potential to be. -- I had to sit. It. You know what bill today is I put my. Cleared mine at my player's head on today. Today's game it is not about anything it's one of those take the names alphabet -- jerseys. On. Today's game isn't in the page is about us game out no one knows. No disrespect to Jacksonville Jaguars whatsoever it's about us it's about us going out there as a team offers a team execute and making up for those mistakes that we made last week. Short I was sales has shown a -- as the day hey -- we had little -- -- ruled last week but we fixed it. And we -- greater role we rader wrote this week I'm gonna show you that well focused and play football. Yeah I wrote about the -- this week where it reminded me of those 2001 seasonal -- -- -- good on the Carolina and they were 114. And I felt like that game really sort of propelled us the united one lot of media interest week there were a lot of reasons to be excited about the game stands -- half full. All we really pulled together. Sort of eradicated some of things have popped up and which part of that that we really need to work on so I think often times a player perspective as. We got a lot to work on and on it in the coaches have even a perception can read in the papers or hear on radio but. I think they really have a lot of things they know they need to get sewn up in the next two weeks of he's -- really really critical weeks and I think they're really having screws put to these two weeks that the deepest console. Focusing in here on the Jacksonville defense correct. I think they do you have. Blasters close the last day and every cap again I'm not gonna try to to paint a picture that's not really there that there there little rough and I think that when you look at that. The difficulties they've had. I believe. On the go back to the Miami game I think there were something like only four series in the second half that. But they had offensively which the first thing -- -- of the defense is our time get people off the field. The nests are given a big plays but the received fifteen that we -- Drudge just on the field. You know and that's never a good -- tiresome for defense it is and if you look at their defense would CJ Mosley is a nice player I play within your book you know he's been a rotational really good -- -- guy who's an awful time defense of -- on the inside. Jason -- we know isn't the guy that came over from Philly was a good player. But I think if you seen Cameron -- can you seen all and Smith and you seem JJ watt the last few weeks -- gonna feel like a week off now mean that he's not a good pro. What I'm saying you know you've got a really good profession of professional cross from you. But that. Isn't you know it's not it's not gonna feel like the same challenges -- you can still show up. Book you know Paul polls close music could probe leads the team in tackles 122 this year yes but I think he has some vulnerability impasse broke her arm up past probity in -- coverage yeah exactly. He. Dumars Mercedes sponsor him. Practicable when they played Houston the Houston Garrett Graham. Some of their tight ends Owen Daniels had real big days. And ahead at half time matrimony and sub with a linebacker crew and I think the -- Hernandez can ever really big week this week because I don't think they match -- -- on the inside. German mansi who we know was a -- trump security and make it with the patriots is now down their starting left defense event. He's he's a grinder he's a good player he moves people works rolled his hands what is not terrible explosive with public is scary into the wind guy. You know it's it's just I can't spin it to suit or anybody else that's really terribly scary. And have a hard time keeping off the field so this might be a patriots game where last week we saw them do something that -- Kevin mentioned earlier work. Go to a game plan it's it's maybe not what necessary matched what you need to do. I think this might be a week to work on a lot of things you'll see the regular you'll see the spread it's not going to be we're just gonna go to one thing we know compare this team with. They need to be diverse this week and I think given opportunity to work a lot of things. I've heard some talk around. In in the city this week about whether or not patriots should travel these -- All the boys in the a of them sleep -- I think it's a silly as you'd and -- -- here's here's the single biggest reason why I think it's a stupid idea. Might in the Denver plays after you'd. They -- important life in general exactly so hot you know what Denver's gonna do now -- chances are real good at Denver's going to be Cleveland. And beat Kansas City in their final two games. I'm not gonna be shocked if Cleveland finds a way to beat Denver today so you -- there and and and play as many of your subs as you possibly can and find and and man by the way I'm not sure you could find a way to lose to Jacksonville but let's just say you do it. NN Denver goes and gets bumped off by Cleveland and and your kicking yourself in the tail. Here's -- out and amused that the competitive game I have on the schedule this year was was used a team that we all respect that they took overtime it was a very competitive game here's the way you could lose Jackson. Houston had to really maternal and and we've been are put on -- the last couple weeks for summaries and you turn it over. You give machines I think this is a big week from from the quarterback position the running back position all the receivers have to catch and protect the ball possible protection week. That'll eliminate ruling any chance that I think Jacksonville would. Beyond that. Jacksonville had to one point two. You know basically went for the field placed Justin Blackmon had add or sixty yard run 83 or some crazy long run in Cecil shorts had a slant that went for sixty you know. So the one play busted coverage length of the field dries it what's gonna keep them in their but if you don't have mistakes on you know give the ball way. And you did -- not a team particularly in the fields of you don't do the dumb things I agree it is the arts as exacting coach Robertson experts don't exactly which -- through no turnovers. Don't give -- the game. Costly penalties. Display patriot football. And and had to take your point one step further think about this past Sunday night against San Francisco Tom Brady had a touchdown and two interceptions. Pretty unusual for him -- usual in the previous seven games he had nineteen touchdowns and one interception. In the previous seven I mean. Assuming that he reverts to the norm it's going to be a real long isn't -- that -- to me sort of highlights the the weakness and stats because when you get credited with an interception on screen pass the -- has had. But a couple of guys hit it exactly now but that get back to my point about. I don't think it was a Smart move to -- that screen pass in the immediate aftermath of the guy get his bell -- -- a lot of times here at the year at the mercy of the players where comes back -- exclusive models as a human ball and we don't know what the conversation was that he thought he was or -- -- it was a check called illegal -- could have been a call. Blitz you know -- never know what to what -- billion formation to -- doing that we saw him do that in the Arizona is Houston who was my viewers just Milwaukee right thing because he checked -- -- Well you know from him in retrospect and Monday Morning Quarterback could -- for -- more Russian way you receive it react -- picked you -- statute is still derelict you must've been -- -- Is there for -- beloved of called out accepted and he played. Great the rest the second half -- lot of hustle plays early so it didn't make a lot of -- called Monica's thing I think you do -- now. What you know I think you look at this game like him says it's gonna come down on the mistakes. What -- you referenced the two picks the one that is physically about one has thrown for a terrible pass it to in at one point -- you know so that idea that you get -- -- opened an early and not given away early in the series. As a team should be able walking up and on the field some speaking the wrist doesn't make -- this week when you look back to 2007 New England Patriots the team that scored an NFL record 589. Point still boggles my mind. And and I remember in the aftermath of that season saying we -- never gonna see this I mean it was like it was like pinball numbers. Well we may never see again but the fact is if the patriots score 84 points in the final two weeks. They break their own record that's employed now they're gonna they're gonna get forty Sutton today I think I am for. You to produce. And and and -- played Miami in in week seventeen now the question becomes how much is in play for you from the patriots perspective in that Miami game. We've seen Bill Belichick rest starters. You know rest guys in in the last weekend of the regular season. But but they're gonna get a big chunk of its 84 point -- Is a very. Big week for -- winning. I'm not care about -- on -- they are needed. And I -- system by -- and things of that feels there. It feels Camille Little bit -- Louis where they went out there with the challenge for refusal situations a little -- road trip and things part of that -- perfect and they came out there shall sharp 345 drives in a row. I feel like it's an opportunity -- -- give back on track for its use the phrase again this week you know and patriot don't think it's used all the -- things get back on track we can really is I think the focus players are laser focus this week and that's why Hewlett. It's your point Kevin no no names on the back it could be the moon on the -- it doesn't matter that gentler rulers -- -- it's the war the war about what you message we. We edit text earlier who just then Kevin laughed about it just trapped in track and trap game trap game. Is at its trapped at the media trapped -- France is strictly for -- and Communists on the U aside for -- down and Udoka outlaw not really I've got my prayers head on today I didn't. And as to. If you so yeah definitely. Although I think it is a week whether it it's easy as an observer overlooked I think in that if for some reason it didn't go their way today it won't because in that locker overlooked him. They had the screws.

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