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NFL Sunday: Records are Meant to Be Broken - Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson

Dec 23, 2012|

The NFL Sunday crew discuss some big records in the NFL that were already broken and some that may end up being broken by the end of the year. Calvin Johnson broke the single season receiving yards record previously held by Jerry Rice last night, and Adrian Peterson continues his quest for the single season rushing yards record. It's been a wild year in the NFL.

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NFL Sunday as presented by cam natural casing pranks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer KM. Celebrate something let's talk about records for a minute last that we set two records fall in the National Football League. And by the way when when records it held by guys named Jerry Rice and -- falling. You sort of sit up and take notice Calvin Johnson broke the single season receiving yardage record Jerry Rice also broke the record for. Consecutive 100 yard receiving games now eight. Of course the record everybody's talking about is the possibility that Adrian Peterson now. I think it's going to be really hard and I don't think he's gonna catch Eric Dickerson but he's at least in the running to break Eric Dickerson single season rushing record. I'm more surprised at Peterson being even close to that 1 that I am seeing any receiving yards fall -- that's the way the game right. Yeah I think that's a valid point like it's its -- and environment comparable I think baseball ten years ago where you do your -- -- surprised Anderson on Santa's coaster crooked -- football but because those sort of of the way to games played has changed and you're surprised a gathering and 4550 consulate kind of thing I think the same thing now. Passing records kind of -- mean what they used to and I think if you you'd you'd give the older quarterbacks the Montana's the those -- on the fall on the far those kind of guys. I think there's a little bit of banks there that you know what. The government army what they mean because these guys are thrown 65 and seven times a game there and spread all game long ride and off 35 times. So that the -- the game's changed a little bit so I think it's not surprised -- on the passing stuff go down that takes nothing away from Calvin Johnson he's obviously an amazing talent. I think he could've done it with anyone. But that said when running it on a bad football or right exactly. But that said when these are seen running statistics and running record start to go down. In this environment the Minnesota's won a few teams is still relatively old school still some to -- stills and you know just or play play action kind of stuff. When that is happening in this environment that's pretty unusual and -- on a competitive team I think that's not a team which is going on give it to forty times either there now in the playoff race themselves that. That NFC central it is very competitive right now so I think that. More than shocker. -- just think it's going to be hard for him to basically get a 150 yards a game over two games and one of those is against Houston -- is going to be real heart rate people. It was it was going to be our foreign 23 weeks ago and he's just keep climbing cholesterol. And closer when you have a guy that's. Every you know hundred some yards in the first half of the last two games. 15100 yards molest a game and and it's like wow okay is this Mitsubishi. Because. All saying when I was younger whose records are always -- to be broken and it's just upholding the beach who now. But now we're seeing -- more. Gifted athletes doing it and and knows the league is turning to a pair finally. In -- we're. Raising huge increase in for his activities right now it. Didn't director but the thing about Asian -- he's come for ACL a dangerous by the way did he did last December. A year for tomorrow after. You would have -- so that's what's phenomenal about what he's about it and he's. That's too violent running style and he runs a little -- like we said all right yeah idea that that's the kind of guy that's gonna take it's it's accumulating those -- -- York the place from -- have figured. I think that's what that's part and parcel to why you're not seeing a lot of that. Because you're gonna -- that -- alimony in his second -- and stop to keep them out there for them you can produce is pretty phenomenal honestly I've told the story about Peterson had a chance to meet -- -- at super cool -- I think it was used. And I think it was that the Super Bowl news the man of withered in the showed on radio row and and he came by to do the show. And now a very. Pleasant easy to talk to god when he when he walked up and and seven alone shook hands. He -- I mean he he's one of those guys my dad was who has always taught me about firm handshake LS Adrian Peterson takes the firm handshake took a ten degree you know it's like one a okay our act it. And he's not trying to be a jerk he's strata of you know you be a firm handshake and say hello I don't know if you get that Kevin but that's always been one moment that easily you know they know your football player. Meet -- -- for the first time you always give the aggressive late try you -- -- didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It feels like accounts that are so yes he's got a lot of -- trying to say. That's what Peterson's like say Kansas at all right I get -- already Europe a very strong football player.

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