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NFL Sunday: The Carnival Continues, Greg McElroy to Start for the J-E-T-S

Dec 23, 2012|

It's the inevitable - when you're discussing the big stories in the NFL, you have to mention the debacle in New York with the Jets. They are officially out of the playoffs, but the drama rolls on as Rex Ryan decides that the their 3rd string QB Greg McElroy will get the start this week leaving Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow on the bench. Where do the Jets go from here, and what do they do with Mark and Tim?

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I was excited obviously you know this is this is what you dream up something that you always look into and something you look forward to your entire life and you know I'm just I'm just very very pleased to. And proud to have this opportunity and I'm proud -- proud of Rex has enough faith in me to go -- got their next -- on this and I'm glad to have this -- -- -- great group of guys he'll help me -- make this transition a little easier. That is today's starting quarterback for the New York Jets will talk about that more and just a moment but first let's help somebody out here. -- text line at 37937. Who -- -- a simple explanation I don't say this to Matt -- and haven't. We as football fans don't know all everything you guys know will we know everything you guys occasionally. There's a simple question that you can help people with in this is one often times we use. Some nomenclature. You the names of the opposition groups forget that they don't those parts currently the -- Mike linebacker was the question of who is the -- -- what does Mike -- And name in front of think of the first letter. -- associate thing. Sam linebacker Europe and here the past stance for strong in him in the defense of alignment strong side is generally the -- -- Sam linebacker. I've played. Which you remember Mike Vrabel Willie would play you know back I think that's the Sam one amber grew strong said Mike linebacker annum per -- for middle. For middle means Mike so -- -- middle. When it turns the sub defense they've been called -- Mac it's just different name it's -- Mac and so like in regular. And in the -- is the W stands for weeks so why do they have to cheat like pitched this week. As it sounds bad that we who elected to just say strong idea to -- said. Well and has who threw it. Known as the number two weeks almost definitely don't. That is it in the Jack Jack -- matters reformers lose the open side outside actors is -- the there's this at an old Neil Diamond song called brother love's traveling salvation show it's it should be the theme song for the New York Jets. Because they are brother love's traveling salvation show this week after another horrible loss for the New York Jets. And I don't have a problem with Rex Ryan making a change at quarterback Mark Sanchez has earned the opportunity to sit on the bench. What Rex did that surprise most people is he bypass the backed up quarterback named Tim Tebow. And it went right to the third string quarterback. The guy you heard -- we were coming back from break Greg McElroy. What's going on with the jets in and I mean now what we're hearing is either Sanchez nor -- going to be there next year well I thought was the most unusual of this whole sort of soap opera was. Last week the wanted the game -- it's titans that -- Indeed they went into the game. With without Mac -- McIlroy wasn't even -- and what's unusual about that we we discusses three weeks ago when when Sanchez first got sent down you know the -- -- got his his series they won that game ugly. A believing it's Arizona sixty exactly. But what we thought -- I thought at least at that point was at least that was the first sort of draw the line in the sand moment they said okay Sanchez. Star guy which reckon the -- and screw up too short leash now and I thought that was Smart -- you know I don't think it's and a -- -- the answer I'll probably keep him. Active is that secondary package thing of the -- uses. Is Smart and I but I also think Kevin shortly announce -- and we don't have a Montana on this roster anymore we have a guy who starts the game we screws -- becomes and that's that's I think it's a good. Glossary based on weather team is that. The -- I'm confident it -- What was rear last week is -- -- -- option so all you brought to be named it was more Sanchez in his four interceptions ugly. And I think -- seemed Tebow -- you have wanted to play at all 'cause he's been. Hurt it any got to understand practice I highly doubt he's taken second -- in its second shrink -- quarterback reps running the regular offense he's got a separate packages so. The idea that you couldn't really have a short -- for at -- with Mark Sanchez because. You bring a got to back -- up the does what he does is dead at a secondary level. So that was bizarre that seemed odd to me now to make the change now seems sort of flight OK it makes cents. The biggest my biggest issue with Sanchez I'd been another defender but trying to understand why it got so bad because used to be a good quarterback -- great but it grew quarter. I think he's become so reckless of the ball I think he's digress wrestled a staff notably its 5050 picks and through seasons. The -- fifty turn over from the quarterback position. More than anybody in the NFL yeah when it turnovers and are -- to think this happens to a guy yeah you know I don't think he has good weapons around but that's still an excuse to turn the ball before time teachers become very reckless with the ball and I think he. -- rusher through that job away. It's. And I'm not trying to be. Beetle though whatever you go ahead and what are called equipment. Among most. Going -- and that was in his -- a few weeks ago. You know what I'm saying I'm what was -- would mean the great thing is. Not a jets fans most definitely put. It's why are we continuing bringing them up and Tebow because it's a topic I guess. Well and then it's an even bigger topic today given -- the patriots are playing right. Chris mortenson ESPN reported yesterday in his reporting again today. That it is. Forget the exact phrase that he used but it's almost this it's it's basically inevitable. The Tim Tebow will be a Jacksonville jaguar next. Last march when the jets acquired. Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos the jaguars with the other team that was supposedly in the hunt. Via. The jaguars were willing to go as far as the jets did he ended up a member of the New York Jets. The one team I knew you guys -- you know I don't think he's an NFL quarterback but one team that made sense -- all -- Was Jackson if ever there's a team in the National Football League it needs somebody to sell tickets. It's that team and it's that guy that's actually not true what is. Does that make sense Rick I was a green reading the -- reports this week that Chris always sends us I was really shocked to find out that they're they have better. Average attendance numbers that a lot of teams you wouldn't think like the Cleveland the Minnesota's the Kansas maybe it is these experts it's there their average attendance numbers actually -- you what the blacked out seats to big stadium right. But their and their percentage of sold tickets is higher than most. There there actually more middle -- I I'll always have the perception. The Jacksonville had a hard time Droid now they have blacked out games in 2009 but for the three seasons percents they don't really well drawn ruling -- I was really shocked to read some of that stuff. So the whole you know got to get him here to give people interest in this team sport and its unique about Jacksonville. Is it's the only pro sports in north and northeast for so they -- -- not do you know if you're a season ticket holder in that town you'll also -- Bruins and Celtics tickets and then have to sort of partition your money out. You -- in -- in all the way and I think that's that's unique and helps them draw. And I also think yo I'm I'm I'm as guilty this is anyone -- -- the only subject comes up -- Jamaal Jackson you know. But I think there -- little more entrenched they have a lot of civic sort of investment I think their stick around to just put like ten million dollars in the weight room in new facilities -- -- for the training facility. Really nice new stuff. I don't think they really need the ball and interests so much as they need to get there if football. And that's this isn't gonna help. Boy did it it's really sort of a backwards move because if you make that run at the super gamble and I actually I kind of see Tim's point of view I don't think either -- good options to be honest with you. You're going to New York with with the guys just kinda like twenty million dollars guaranteed. So year knocked it you're only going to be -- women in that situation -- additional package so it sounds like keyboard and a some more wrecks at. In Jacksonville. Was you know blink first round pick you know that they have an investment there was at least this season. If if Tim had been there you have to assume that they would continue to -- Blake every single opportunity to prove that he was the guy. So would have been copper one -- situation just with officer and your media mess in -- ball. According to media reports from the games site will be inactive today. Probably probably the right call there will dress two quarterbacks he won't be one of them. That now the question also becomes. A ball Mark Sanchez. Is is going to be incredibly hard to trade him based on salary cap it. Usually -- did to trade for a guy who's got a big cap number and oh by the way isn't that good. I don't know what they're gonna do with him but I don't see that he's going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL when you do you see Norton. An affair of scout home post spoke to something about it -- he's like toxic right now that's foreigners in the eighteen trying to touch him at this point. In the heat just trying to give him a shot. It would talk to elect Tebow or more -- as it I don't know how they tumbled Tebow is going to be an easy one to get rid yeah they will of wasted draft picks and signing bonus. But in in Sanchez's case it it's going to be really hard to get him well yeah I think he stays an -- -- a choice or -- he won't be the starter Null and I think what you have to -- -- looking to look down -- looked on the -- availability in the probably look at new trade unions and Alex Smith visited -- in Seattle one of the guys that. And got an opportunity you've -- down needs you know being -- -- June -- veteran proven he's done that but it's probably not a superstar competitive environment with those two in the in the real investment is so much in the quarterback position of your skin of its skill position tactic they need to get the guys in there and they need to have a legitimate quarterback competition and more describe your -- -- back -- that just might -- the reality of -- -- kids really -- don't quarterbacks perform like it was an -- in our. Guaranteed seller for the next year.

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