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NFL Sunday: Recapping the Amazing Battle Between the Patriots and 49ers

Dec 23, 2012|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Kevin Faulk are in for NFL Sunday today while Chris Price takes a day to bake some Christmas goodies. The guys start to recap the crazy game between the Pats and the 49ers last Sunday night. It was the tale of 2 halves and Chatham and Faulk explain why the Pats were able to mount such an incredible comeback. They also talk about the Pats D allowing "the big play" yet again.

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But go back to Sunday night's patriots lost. To BS San Francisco 49ers and help me understand something because the patriots run defense while it has been. Someone inconsistent. In the second half of the season has done a pretty good job against some pretty good running backs Arian Foster and others they've they've really kinda. Closed some holes that they had earlier in the season. That is up until Sunday night when all of a sudden the run defense in look very good again what was going on. Guys just I guess that Sunday morning on the Sunday evening when we -- on -- radio. There aren't asking services schools -- -- there's so many different schemes that they have and when you have captain red their quarterback. That makes it that much more difficult because now you have that. That triple option then you have defended their running in its. And it's a replay for a quarterback and he's making a good reading that the guys that do you know guys in just a skiing howdy running the bush really hurt and people not just knowing the pages. Well there's other something else that goes on with with teams like Texas for Kevin Kevin highlighted last week that it's it's an unusual scheme it's something that's it's a deep playbook you're gonna see a lot of different scheme runs. Which were for fans out there I mean it's -- -- puller for once I don't -- -- you'll get. Zone sideman Serbia deploys some times a fullback we'll take to the ball some time to -- away from the bald it's urgent. Sometimes emotion -- I didn't want you know the ball -- him some nerves go away from -- enough confusion element. That if your a young linebacker which is by and large over the -- with a group is made -- -- you take a wrong step you have the wrong leverage your -- just below lost it -- and you and you aghast. So I think San Francisco a lot like buffalo actually from my recollection of Plame against a team like that there scheme run heavy the comment was something new wrinkle -- three. You often have rough first released first quarters until you figure out get the pictures of that tickers you run. Make the slighted just released figure out -- this run future seeing its faults but don't pay attention that it's taking you the wrong way. And that often happens to young guys and I fought there was a little of that. There's also what I think of thinks there's some guys on the team that are that are. Just giving back chairman Jones to -- ruling had a rough day and some of those sort of soft edge schemes stuff for he was the read option he struggled with a little bit. Been prescient as -- a few times. I think he's the guy did you know -- given more credit the world I'm assuming it's a -- I'm assuming he's not who used to be. Debts from issues on the right side a few times and on -- I believe the third enforcers in the first half. Others that led to convergence but I think they didn't clean it up in the second half very much so I think -- walk away from it. Feeling kind of what what I feel about teams like this takes awhile to figure out hope the 31 point -- to figure out. What you do you feel a lot more confident going back -- against them another time because there's only so many different ways -- -- some of which of senior exposed to New York theater. You guys know the old football cliche nothing cheap enough and deep -- cliche. And and if you're if you're coach you don't want one big play in the game right. And the patriots gave up about half a dozen -- -- 11 place scoring drive and a game they gave up three. Do you go to the the 62 yard kick off return in the very next play Kyle Arrington makes a mistake in blue -- trees by am and in the end zone for the the winning touchdown. Was one of those things that. Was so frustrating from a fan's perspective because they just gave up so many big place while there'll retreat back through the couple interest. All of that the one big play what you want to drive but your first touchdown. The moss was was you know it over to goal over the top of the young corner which just from all appearances it seemed like you should've been a popular route it would be a problem. So these things to point to it's like not just -- and physically little fundamental like you just have to notably on popular guy for local. And that the route distribution was horrible loss and right next -- Crabtree were all a -- wasn't some great distribution router some great play. To select middle not not being on top in the per in the McCree recovered their. You go back to the other Crabtree touchdown one play drive. I don't know if you remember prior to mr. for the patriots. The jungles -- Gupta hit the need to find for this right. And on on -- and parents and in -- you know him to need Dotson another topic maybe for later but absolutely -- purple ball hit. But if your safety on the other sideline. You've just seen a -- to meet a perfect football player to fifty yards for -- big conversion yes the -- happens on the on the fumbled -- the next play. But the very next play by the way am -- treating wanna run the place Aaron Hernandez. After he apparently got to yell run the playable fought again different -- victory yeah I'd I'd died I don't I guess I don't disagree with that I'd add this this team does have a lawsuit trying to go back to a guy he's been hit you know. So but it didn't look like he was reports socially in his pursuit after was intercepted. But anyway moving on to them to the next series notes of the interceptions happen. The very next play is that middle re route -- Littlefield. Bill to the reroute -- middle of the Michael iMac which spikes didn't carry it. You just basic -- -- right a little field with two safeties on top topsy. In both those guys are great position as soon make the break a thousand times have both had pretty decent breaks on the ball. And they kind of you know play the ball as oppose the plan a man and to me I wonder. You know I didn't have done a -- point safety position but I wonder if that bit the creeps in your head you saw on the other sideline a perfect football Pitt separate guard guy from the ball. Quarterback plays it up there put him in that position. For an exploit Crabtree gets a same opportunities you guys can't put the ball and not just blow through -- like you'd expect to doing wonder if the rules -- short affect -- so a Solana now play. You go back to the final prep boy the one the one play drive after the kickoff that we that we reference there. That to me how was something I've been sort of so box on all year about the idea blitzing pitchers -- it's over a little. That is you know and I hate that were blitz blitz uses over rush that we use it correctly but it's -- of the scheme that was actually -- a scheme -- -- so few times. It was actually seven men across the across the line of scrimmage six and six in Russian wanna hog some seven illegitimate blitz an actual bullets. Meaning you only have four guys count me and there's the two corners singled up the two -- amendment cover zero coverage or snub them behind. And that's why they don't do. Because when -- you know what Kyle -- still was in a position where we could've and should've made the -- on on not not like Tatum also off the hook for that of course he should have made the tackle but that's the problem when. If you -- Put together defense that's dependent upon one person maker attack or have a blessed to touchdown that's why you don't do those because. He's playing off coverage you basically conceding the catcher trying to get seven if they read Heidi gets it right. But he misses the tackle you're seated assuming that the -- he watching the coach's copy there's nobody within four dollars and that's why you don't do that that's why that's real blitzer in the film which received very little real bullets and emea -- torture should that the fifth man which is and -- team the -- or whether to call but. That has a lot to do with so people out there that are. Blitz or blitz or blitz or. That's -- it. You guys are are gonna want going to be the ones who can help me -- I watched the patriots. We all the first half of that football game on Sunday night and they looked awful they're down 31 to three and it could have been -- and 51 there's a lot worse I mean it really could've been a lot worse than it wise. They looked inept offensively. They are all for seven at one point on third down conversions that they can't do anything to keep the drive alive. And then all of a sudden it's like somebody flips a switch now. Let's get one thing out of the way the 49ers were not many prevent defense. We hear that raised a lot all they just went into a prevent defense. They don't. -- -- The flip the switch -- that's not allowed in the locker room I test and then I understand it and look I can see where it would be frustrating to everybody on the offensive side of the ball. What happened. That all of a sudden total in happiness turned to relief. Pretty impressive offensive perform a -- that -- go first and then on the do you view my spew. OK so I love these kind of conversations because it. You'd love to say it was this. You know they just did this better this park there was there was pretty varied there was attic -- half dozen -- -- the talking about here it would have to -- -- sort of spin. It was interest being that they went to Lloyd. Early Lloyd was drive -- believe first play actual a couple times maybe 34 times in the first and for first but eventually it'll play by the way -- Tom puts it. On the bachelor like that you can't even direction is exactly said the date hasn't successful that. They did not -- I've been. Pop this up or you would like -- their of their very try to do a lot of different things we like they try to establish the running it's not just some run they do major and celebrating. But they came out with a lawsuit to replace some malevolent or or twelve in 21 are already wanna call basically too tight ends of the game who are lowest point in time and they but the point is they were gonna try to put some personnel groupings out there to see San Francisco match in regular. So. Not the spread. -- radio off entities deceit so Bibby did this in Saint Louis a little bit picked on this throughout the year but they were gonna try to. Win with some more traditional sets in the spread them out sort intermittently. I thought for the most part of that first half new England's regular run defense 1 December Cisco's regular run on our separate. Immigrants regular run off -- pursuant to rule on defense -- to one up pretty handily beat him knowing what not able to get much out of so that matchup was sort of lost and Donna got -- so we saw them in the hot butter stuff in the second half it was more we're gonna go away from that portion go back to the spread stuff. The second series was was a protection issue. All the Smith won three reps are the guys who monster in vessel from there you know he got. He got wind straight rates for solar really -- I'm not bag and -- all the Smith -- that is incredible player and I was such an impresses you watch the game. Sold a ruling category third fourth quarter against so it was kind of one of those okay disguise an unusual -- he's very -- it took me awhile to figure now bought he did bought. Early in the game they lost their entire series based on that. And -- wrong there was just you know than we had one play drive the west which was you know thrown into double coverage at great protection mackerel David to make a decision anyway to vertical route. Through double covered guys so that you stood there on the quarterback. So now we're three -- four series and your midway through the second quarter and you know you started to tick away and we have we got the launch a spurted out kind of thing. Once they sort of discovered that. Well but it was all. And I think that's sort of the if you wanna have any -- this gamer and he sort of like good feelings coming away from this you know no moral victories and like them but I think. Once they discovered okay we're gonna go one back one tight -- spread amount try to test these guys in coverage they discovered something and I think that will be sort of the the -- going forward against that particular defense because when they packed it in. On the backside of sloppy and eight almost nine guys down. It's just pretty tough to move the ball against that and they didn't test them with with you know -- the park -- you know downfield stuff once they realized group spread amount to move around. They'll want success. Well that me. It's one of those if it's fairly simple everything you say it was. Perfect it was correct in every aspect went on the -- of five where you just a little bit -- It's one posting when you're going into a big game and not being in we've been a part of that we've been -- those those preparation weeks. Whenever we go on into the week the Wednesday we get there on a Wednesday meeting. And we seeded game playing your -- while. The game playing is really changed. Bomb from the course maybe. 34 weeks down the line how game it really changed because -- -- playing a of so called fairly good top five defense we gonna change it up a little bit because we feel like there. Kitchen a hold of what we do on offense. Well you get to the gaming -- -- go unnoticed. And all the changes you made doing the course of the week is not working. You're going to have time you you read your notes you look at your fear of mom. You pictures from the -- taking -- you talk to you guys that's upstairs in a go to boxing -- -- They're really doing this simple. To coverage is three coverages that. We killed on. 34 weeks ago right well let's go back to his game and that we had. Against this team and I'm almost positive that's exactly what happened they went into the game would -- for game plan and have time drastic. Let's go back to go doing the patriots think you don't move the ball of the field and that's all you've seen and it happens in the NFL center when you have five turnovers. Situations that don't go we'll wait and in office there's used scoring forty points a game to let the reform -- You've got to have that what I'm happy day game happened. I'm happy -- say give it could've been. -- not -- it seemed like it was worse that first half if felt worse than it would in the score indicate what three turnovers I bet they needed to do I think they need to -- -- that they need that. Not the not a loss I don't think -- loss but the way this team fought back after halftime. And to show it is to have that they're fighting them from being down you you know how we called postings -- that when they're down. They don't fight back. We call you know posting this for any team. And it team to show me that no matter what the score is in no matter what the situation if they're going to give back up and fight. For sixty minutes and that's would be you really preachers and I think that's one of the things he took from that game. Tell me if Steven Ridley gets out of the dog house yes. Walter eventually will but it short term. I get out of the dog -- yes because really the way the one fumble where he gets the helmet directly on the ball as the guys that guys coming from fifteen yards away. Hold on. While the what I read and read this week it was -- recently it was an interview type thing that they talked to -- about what. What do you do better on the Tuesday the hang on to a better this week elbit. Or some sort of technique type thing in he would mention. Stay lower contacts of some times you can have a high and tight if you're going to operate. Doubles a little more exposed. It's good to pad level down it helps in those situations special situations where pads weigh your arms -- -- about -- -- -- -- but it's just. It seemed like there are technique things is not just you know I'm gonna try harder not the fumble this week there are things you can do. -- My hand is that I have an answer right now I noted instituted -- work answer your question there of how the you can. The bogey -- not supposed to they're defending it's right on the ball now. Situations happening I was gonna say it isn't it easier said than done yes it is it is on and speak to him he knows these. -- for a street in England about the situation but like I told him. You have to avoid all the noise you have established in two wood -- one thing. The New England Patriots in new would you argue with Steven really whenever they drafted him. If you watch Steven really is running style his kind of unique he's one of those guys that you know it took it's beings and you know it's. You've taken a risk would a guy like that when you when you draft him when you missed when your starting postal guy who has just founded in -- hole right. Right you're taking a risk and if you're looking at this guy just kind of guy you know he drafting. Matter fact Adrian Peterson their number can go to QB right now. Minnesota took a -- and he has some models fumbling problems that we're talking about would look at the outcome of the comment I'm not seeing really use eight in Peterson but. He's always competes in right now for this year and one hosting this he's brought us here he took a deal on the ground game and he had a few fumbles. It's life -- not ignoring the page is new would be we're getting and that's my point I think they knew there was getting when he drafted reduce. And it's just something that you know that keep confident as it is on making him understand how important is -- what it is because if not he ankle will be here to -- you noted like on the. I wrote about this is weak appointment Tuesday for a for The Herald we we got into situations I remember world Bachmann avenue issue. My view -- one of our backs -- fumbled -- or conversely the other team was ruling go to get off the back and you know coach Belichick -- this week the it was interstate has you know bill would come to the practice. And not just the product squabble the guys going to give teams off it's hey guys. This is the week to be -- -- -- would be sort of global corporate chief -- like that to my. Hands out but it was you know -- into -- Hampshire Kevin's experts as well were basically every single time you content align practice round all twelve guys have been you know and they both of you remember that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you receive this happened. And they're going to be there to trust you not team's practice it was -- do for three straight trade days with with a screws down tight. And I think you know it's a week -- but the -- on the ball but beyond that remember she agreed fumbles while. So if if the notion is we're gonna give up on really we're -- a meeting would head is an amazing player but he hasn't changed his kind of guys equally varied. But the ideas that it's not you can throw away what Theo Theo wants -- himself in India and he's not gonna go to thirty carries. So rightly be -- -- workers boy you know he was gone for extended. And did exactly has earned month long vacation bullet point bringing all that up mr. simply I believe that'll be very competitive. Running back room this week a lot of guys trying to prove that they can be that guy and somebody's gonna -- -- and I assume it'll be really again it's -- -- for guys to challenge the situation in your holdings were the fortunes of the team and. Critical situations. Danny would it. You guys. What they do trust him don't -- you know critical situation and you trust in you know you know he he's not gonna put the ball on the ground you know he's Smart. He's going to be in the right position to take your pick of the bliss -- -- so as one of those things you go and focus right now is very critical. These last two games by you know all day there ought to ought to be focused we've yet fault and there's a reason to I I actually boarded to highlight this will be really quick Ridley had. Had a series before you saw him before the fumble. Mr. bad blitz pickup in the red zone that down run their ten yard line they had sort of a site. Bullets I just a thing alzheimer's. He hugged up maligned -- and Tom quickly but. The point is yes you put the ball ground but he still would care of the ball and I think to get their trust document. But part of that the earned wraps although the blitz pickup as well number one and that's and that's where Danny has been very very rock salt -- so. Looked as bad as much a part of the form is -- he's gonna put on the ground.

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