WEEI>On Demand>>Dale and Kirk: Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, breaks down the developing trade that could bring the Red Sox a new closer just in time for Christmas

Dale and Kirk: Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, breaks down the developing trade that could bring the Red Sox a new closer just in time for Christmas

Dec 22, 2012|

Rob calls in to discuss the trade rumors that are swirling around Pirates’ closer Joel Hanrahan and the Red Sox potentially acquiring him via trade. The guys also touch on Cody Ross opting to sign a multi-year deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks instead of waiting for a potential offer from Boston.

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Our number two. Sports Saturday WEEI Dale Arnold -- minute hand we've been talking about the possibility of the Red Sox acquiring pirates closer Jack Hanrahan. John -- CBS sports dot com tweet it out by about four minutes ago he said the Red Sox are still talking to the pirates about Hanrahan. It will likely be for multiple players. Jose Iglesias not. In current offering and all I want for Christmas is and themes and I think of -- -- that's what's best for him I would think you know low at an iPod in and Niemi in the UK yet I don't that means but it's just weird. That we. I would think that they could probably I'm. Based on the the -- you have around and now it's a it's a pretty much you know your wishes their command troop Cody Ross signs with the Arizona Diamondbacks Diamondbacks are in fact according to. -- only now in the process of trying to trade an outfielder. Ought to make room for Ross. The Red Sox apparently in pursuit of pirates close object camera and let's talk about that and more. Rob Bradford from WEEI dot com erupt. So one day no one not. As tough. As. You know break -- it the fact that it. -- -- -- I let's start level it would get to Cody Ross in a moment let's start with -- -- and I mentioned the John payment -- a few moments ago. He says the Sox and pirates are still talking likely multiple players involved. But Jose Iglesias not in current offerings are you hearing anything about. Who might -- Now note to be -- -- you'd -- nothing does the fact all we know right now is that viewed abroad. Will not be ignored it wasn't expected the deal that was going to be asking too much work for him and and I agree that by the way into this a question and I would have no problem Iglesias. I -- the Red Sox might values depth typically is the potential Iglesias. Maybe more than some other team's bye mom yeah but I got I like -- -- you don't act to. The 2011. Series in Pittsburgh when he went up against the Red Sox I think like 28 of 34 pitches were 97 or better. That's where the Red Sox and he kind of came on their radar. Picture I mean there was some concern over the walk. Are controlled controlled suffering issue right. Thought to troll is definitely an issue right. Not all if you look at it though all the walks last year problem came in September. Up until September he would have been pretty much the same year that he had previously but. And it's a war since September had a couple bad outings so. But -- probably keep an eye on a lot of people think he's you know he's raises a red flag for an army issue other people think he just wasn't getting me. Opportunities so but I like him as a pitcher. I said Jack and I apologize it's Joel -- and why they're here and flat for four and maybe that's what it is widest Pittsburgh. Wanna deal. Look at these this is allowed near the going to be able to control on -- try to deal -- to a certain point last year laughed -- -- Guy like that -- Pittsburgh -- got to get ahead of the curve and and make sure they don't take cotton where they don't get anything Foreman and you know he's gonna -- as you probably won't Milan they're gonna play closer. That the amount of money a lot of teams are gonna -- so they do try to get ahead of the curve. Bush -- say they say -- saying no. As we seventy abroad and the pirates want now likely see is what sort of limbo is or prospect to middle brow wiser gutsy guy Owens may be year. Yeah I gave all I think there is certainly you're not gonna get it dip into the Bogart Bradley junior aren't stellar rose. Webster poll by. You know you keep what you said all it is cutting that in that group as well may invite me the next level by the guy I'm dumb toll -- here by. But also you know maybe it's amazing I wouldn't doubt it all I think that Major League pieces are plays well and and maybe they values -- what Franklin Morales did as our last. Or maybe they wanna take a chance -- those seven itself but the -- I think that he could expand that do. Was able to really. I figure -- there's some concern about and the fact is that you have to say help the when he came back last year wasn't lights out -- I'm -- gonna give them somewhat of a pass last year but still. The fact is that you still have to get healthy Andrew Bailey wrote today. That he app World Series team every World Series winners since 2005 at least 45 they've combined. So you got to find a way to get there and Bailey smacked down I think at the mid twenties. So you -- have to find some more probably are really really good solution I think they can't get -- -- what they have because they have our. And they have Bailey and you know they have some other guys for depth. But I hitter and I really but he solidified things. Let's turn our attention to Cody Ross who's now signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. And and we started to show a little perplexed by why the Red Sox would prefer to have Victor Reno and Gomes in the outfield. As opposed to Ross a guy who I thought perform reasonably well here. Yeah I think that what you look at the situation. I think the my opinion -- they've made it's it's it's pentagon on on films I think they'd be limited -- I don't care how much they paid you know generally -- Because with a two year contract. But I think they've really limit themselves in terms of flexibility and what they could viewed on the road to meet -- -- the guy who's gonna sign. In late December and January. Elected Scott Hairston sellout. And a lot of people felt like star Harrison was beginning get whatever Johnny -- was again and again once you locked in Jonny Gomes. So flexible and what you could do with that other positions and I think that affected the rough situations no doubt about -- I do think that -- would have taken lots. If you approach it the Red Sox approached him earlier I can get there. -- -- -- -- I mean I'd pick the Willingham contract of the year ago I think he might of god for that and and if you go for the elaborate set two million dollars more than -- Thompson and it's a year more. But the committee can deal for the last year and if you want to go to for twenty years something like that. Because so what what -- give you more than don't -- you in my opinion it's better via. Why are they so insistent as they give to three years to Napoli to victory in a wiry solar system not going to get thirty year with Ross is your report. I think they just one of the biggest value in value that abuse app player. And in that they've you make the argument why you valued Shane Victorino that layered happily on the -- guys referenced. But I just -- ever they feel like they say you know what we value Cody -- enough to get my third here because in their eyes there were other options. I get the sense I haven't spoken to him at all since the season ended even -- get the sense. That Ross's especially frustrated because I think he desperately wanted to come back here. And I don't think it would cost as much as Arizona just paid him to get him here. Doll. I can almost guarantee -- what it costs as much an idea you know that you want them back now. All that set it up pretty well fertility rust because forget about you the contract that yet getting. But he also live in Arizona so it's a good good deal for them to work out and I that you guys it's referenced that I think that just we have to keep you know I've gotten out just in up in what they gonna do with them if that becomes very intriguing. But I do think that -- for the comeback give. If they kind of jumped on them and says hey you know what this is what will only give you -- demoralize the Williams do. The question here alive -- a couple of text asking party is Dwight magistrate Ross of the deadline. The good question -- and from what I heard you the higher up -- these light them at that you know toward the end of the year or don't like that -- on the wanna read sign up. But for what they were gonna offer from wherever it up offering -- -- been realistic in terms of actually think he's gonna come back -- because that is always. -- -- some of these other dominos fell in the in the market whether it starts Campbell whether it picked the Reno what has some of these other guys. And what these other teams that needed Cody roster in the company -- deal like this but Seattle practice. The Yankees throughout their Philadelphia there are other teams who were willing to sign Cody -- for a lot more than a rat's artwork. We're talking to rob Bradford from WEEI dot com. -- Jim Bolden former Major League general manager now working for ESPN tweeted out the following in the last couple of minutes most improved Major League teams this offseason number one. Toronto. Probably all agree to that number two Boston. You agree that. They're all there improved their -- I think the second most improved the team. By. Simple when it comes to -- site that I've been saying this for awhile now how is that. It's not -- -- that the guys that they've acquired fits their needs it things that they had hoped that bill I understand that. Whether they're going to be good or not it can be -- dependent on the guys the core guys who already there. The laughter is the Pedroia is he yelled buried the Ortiz is if -- god can get back to what they used to be your what the deal a lot of work couple years ago. Then you can have a good team because you've got these other guys who were filling -- -- that they act but if you don't that you're not going to be. What brought in about just I just wanted to add the nugget at the way he goes on to add -- quoting now. Red Sox overhaul has resulted in the turning their clubhouse. Into one of the best high energy high character high enthusiasm. Vibes in baseball. What couldn't get any worse. It they. And I agree with that in I didn't think that they overpaid and certain cases -- that I think they've value that is no question about it. But I know that Perkins of the company and agree with this is that it doesn't really make a difference if you don't have the talent you know when game. The energy gonna go away it's pretty quick if you start in the bunt in a row by I didn't think he hopes it certainly a positive thing for them. Especially coming -- what you article about it last year. But I didn't hit it in bold laundry list of things why the Red Sox are going to be good next yeah I'll think back -- to operate. We're now a day nineteen of the Mike Napoli watch. Is there anything -- Love me desperate. Yes the fact that this is glad to -- told you guys while ago that there's concerns before the signing in. And and vacant after brown and they can ask the agent they can ask. Other teams they can -- everybody but until you take the fiscal you don't actually know it so they knew that there was something there. Well until you get in there and take the physical you're not gonna now and and have -- -- -- they're able to knock it down say three years two years or whatever. You Carolina's got to play first base I wanna know how well he's going to be able move around with this injury. Arm because it's you know you we -- need to improve at first base already. And if you've got this ailment that they've become more concerned. In your opinion. Have the Red Sox give up on Andrew Bailey too soon I mean have they really had an opportunity to tell. Whether he could be -- or not we pitched fifteen innings Lester. Yeah Obama taught me how little they've given up on -- think that they saw. And this should take it or they may be seeing and a chance to take advantage of something in the mark to strengthen it. He'd been and I do you think that he. The go out and get it close there it is undervalued saying look if -- -- for five teams that would have made the playoffs last year they have a decent closer so I think it is frightening in itself from the in the bullpen now. -- your point I mean I don't think they Andrew Bailey a legitimate Major League closer when he's healthy. But I have no problem of them making this move they make it forever and just because it is that makes a key part of your team better. Do you go for a close their well I'll put it this way I think you glut in target a closer if you think your playoff team. If you don't think you're playoff team misses -- a goodwill. I think there I think they pick their playoff. We know that but I think so the fact that they they have party paid seventy million dollars to guys. For next year. Tell you attribute what the debate to begin to play up in the fact that their payroll that 1599. Million. You don't have a payroll at a 169 million in in seven -- making nine point five or better. And don't think that you're gonna compete at your -- some marble. So I think that that if they keep all logged in. I didn't say. Nick in this take the -- -- Soriano situation for example. And they have they have not talked about -- feel sorry I don't weren't impressed -- fields are out because of the draft pick. But still you couldn't make the argument that -- optical Soriano is just as valuable tool would he initiate the Toledo and execute victory operate at 39 million. Nazis more -- -- -- there at his best to victory Nazis more. Avoided it impacts more games probably right itself. -- yes so I think dead I think it did they answered questions I think they do you think they're going to be competitive by the actions they've made. And and you have to keep going down that road. Is it safe to say that the reaction of Red Sox Nation in the marketplace has been decidedly underwhelming. Yeah happy because I think that they haven't got the superstar. -- they've been having got that guy that they can put on the cover it would be whatever. I mean that and I'll cut that brings me back my point about they have to rely on the guys who are you there the superstars on this team or the potential superstar of the team. Our guys -- already on the roster who were superstars at one point. Who played at that level before those of the guys that have to perform. And if they don't then they won't be good. So a lot you know so I think that that's why people are underwhelmed because. They are you know you've got to hear the other guys aren't stupid that they are the marquee guys. Probably appreciate the time is always Merry Christmas to AM I'm I'm sure there -- be eight acquisitions made between now and Tuesday mile stuff to do anyway. Yes yes you cut on duty on Christmas so he can. -- I didn't I. -- -- That is rob Bradford from WEEI dot com with the latest. Everybody is now tweeting basically the same thing Ken Rosenthal confirming that the Red Sox are indeed close to acquiring -- Hanrahan from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now -- Marty mentioned others who have -- the same thing it would appear that this is about to happen you know and -- and I'll be very curious to see what's on the other -- The question you know is is it going to be now -- another main guys it doesn't surprise -- Is Andrew Bailey one of them. Well as Pittsburgh and wanna bring Bailey back so I don't know if they want that kind of salary back I would think so. It's a possibility I had no idea that sounds like we're sort of the point now where it's inevitable this -- is gonna happen. We'll take quick wreck it read back to the calls have you on the other side 6177797937. 6177797937. The -- number is up 37937. I gotta give the Xavier basketball team a lot of credit. I'll I'll tell you what they are doing this weekend and one of the things they've got going. We'll get to a whole bunch of other stuff we'll talk patriots and jaguars as well it's daily park Sports Radio W media.

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