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Dale and Kirk Talk Cody Ross Signing with Arizona -- Does Ben Cherington Know What He's Doing?

Dec 22, 2012|

Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane were able to put down the Christmas cookies and continue "Sports Saturday". They start discussing the recent news that Cody Ross has signed a 3-year deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks and what that means for the Red Sox.

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Dexter mimicking my very own thoughts -- I'm glad you're working with -- today I haven't heard quite enough of in the last with it it's ridiculous. That we're actually you probably heard enough -- you -- science Eileen I've heard enough of me at this point so let's give way to start off good afternoon there are -- -- appointments so long since we last had a chance to visit it's true. It's true it's gone idea I I'd I'd mainly had to get out of the house to be honest when the F. I I welcome the opportunity just to get away from the fresh baked goods. It's always an alternative to -- it's sort of it's sort of like overkill at this point you know and and I actually said the girls were. Aching like beans last night and I am -- and is there a small country -- planning to send you know cookies to is there is there's some. You know maybe guys do you don't know when you over girls get cooking like that. I don't understand there's like you know three people house and it's 400 cookies and we -- more than 400 took -- -- every week passed 400 cookies a couple of days ago. And I actually said to Susan was supposed to do -- all -- Organ of some light at start getting -- for Erica. There's a there's cooking it's my it's my grandmother's recipe. And the family if there listening on exactly when I mean it's holding -- -- -- nobody you don't make. And it's got all mean you know coconut and chocolate peanut butter. And it's it's my favorite ball that taking your -- is and open because I haven't got it down on the wax paper and edits it for an hour or so in the way you go. It's that it's much simpler and oh by the way taste really that you have fresh baked. Goods and you're out now as well gingerbread men chocolate chip temperature peanut butter -- you name it actually -- I'm thinking is and -- you're talking about the preponderance of baked goods in my house -- what the element and with a solemn looking for the last Matthew thinking. Thought a nice guy would rob Matthews some fresh baked goods today it would troop what did you -- the -- -- yeah I don't think I need any. Matzo -- though. It is just before Christmas we -- that little break. Monday and Tuesday were sports -- disappear. You have you have NFL football tonight taking the place of Monday Night Football obviously it's -- for the team in the NFL isn't gonna. Trying to push it to the Christmas Eve via you do have NBA basketball Christmas Day but they kind of have the landscape to themselves everybody else just sort of stays away. And that's we have sports this weekend -- football this week and and as I was saying Kirk the other room trying to figure out. But Harrington nobody -- Listen I've had my doubts here since the start. And now with this news sobs you're immune to Cody Ross yes three years 265 is that right yes at Arizona. Now what will I get the feeling he signed with Arizona simply because these guys didn't seem to be -- -- I think that's temperature here and if that's true if the Red Sox were not interested. Got to ask why. On on a team that -- had now all of a bunch of guys hurt and a and a significant portion of other guys underperform. He was neither he was neither hurt nor under perform -- the -- he seemed like it here -- performed well here. -- unlike in some people who've played here in the past couple of years he was a guy who reportedly was very popular in the clubhouse good team guy -- I'm trying to figure out what was. What was the black mark -- Against him here you don't post. You know they had may -- -- seats -- okay fine three point six record arrests are it's close but you're going to treat Shane Victorino. What -- Cody Ross spent three years 39. Jonny Gomes finally here annually. Nothing of -- Rossi is just it's curious. Each -- onto -- would have cost treatment half million to Dick Cody -- Hollywood to -- there so that's the other -- say it's 87. You know I just I don't understand is another move I don't understand now. Like you said you refer from the Nazis these guys is you know they want to baseball players obviously also a good character. And Denise like to have every everybody talked every indications that he was and was the. I don't know anybody who has told -- -- no whispering now at all sure he acted like a nice guy in front of the of the nobody says that everybody said he was -- good guy guys like him showed up worked hard. Did everything. So why didn't they want him back here now. Maybe it's the simplest yes. They feel it's inevitable that at some point or another Jacoby Ellsbury will get hurt. And Shane Victorino can this flexibility Gelman you know at some -- outfield positions could play center field for -- Cody Ross. In all likely could could not at least not very well. So maybe it was the flexibility of Victor Reno the pointed them in that direction as opposed. Ross. -- witnesses and and Ross's game I mean you know 42 walks 129 strikeouts -- OBP 326. You know. Not overwhelmed -- slipped 481 was -- them -- -- -- senators 5:16 am so my point is if they didn't -- Cody Ross okay fine. But if you're not quite -- -- Cody Ross and use that money aside chain victory know that makes sense it just does not make sense. Well other than. The position I guess it's the only thing I've got a three well and and the only reason why I bring that up is that a there's pretty good possibility that. Jacoby Ellsbury could get hurt or beat there's a pretty good possibility that come the trade deadline you maybe Wheeling him out here share. So if we don't trade him and Jackie Bradley junior isn't ready. Probably won't -- now. You know we gotta have somebody who can at least play center fielder Cody Ross is back. Thirteen million dollars for two months of center fielder Ellsbury gets traded. A lot seems you'd be a big investor you know. I don't again I don't get it among the world's biggest Cody Ross spam. By a senate rather give him three and 233 point four and victory at 330 that's what comes down -- -- for me. Understanding of flexibility aspect of fiscal two for and strange. Strange -- I guess is the two part. Com you know and and maybe if Ross had been willing to take two here may be that it signed and made out of Robert rob repertory here they would -- they'll pass to. So you know which is again. With him uncle passed to victory they go three. Napoli they go through with some serious injury concerns. Obviously the stuff they didn't like about Ross clearly. When we were at Fenway Park for. Christmas at Fenway. And had the opportunity. Alex spear to the show and and we had two players I was invited. And wondering why. The grinch who stole Christmas which were part of its size and -- who's Smart -- -- -- So so we had a couple players who joined us table we had a chance talked to one was Jarrod Saltalamacchia. One was Andrew Bailey both terrific guys nice young man now I can see why the Red Sox would want the mountain in public they were they were gracious there. There in an engaged. And yet I felt compelled to ask both those guys the simple question are you going to be on this team. At the start of the season and both acknowledged that there was a pretty good possibility they won't be. Her now and Saltalamacchia is case they had already signed another backup catcher bid already done that. In Andrew Bailey's case we got the indication that -- they might not be thrilled with him as the closer here. And now we find out that that may in fact beating case because they may be in pursuit of the next. Closer for a Red Sox -- and you know. If it's a glacier is the need to Europe to get Hanrahan I would do that. I just don't see outdoor Topher Grace -- dale they have guys underneath him in the farm system that are better he cannot hit. Even a terrible Miley hitter in his up here he couldn't hit a move. When you make that trade. To Greece's future. Well apparently they don't feel very strongly about. Mean it's pretty obvious isn't it and and it may well be that he will never be able to hit at the major Lakeland. Mean glove work his dazzling -- is as good a defensive. Shortstop live as we've had here in -- That is a position that has held this franchise hostage for a number of seasons now but it seems fairly obvious to me that. -- party decided he's not the next best thing it's Bogart's who's the next best right that's the guy they're trying to keep the spot warm for. That's the guy they've decided is going to be the heir apparent. Yet you know you quickly c.'s numbers mine's Easter unbelievably bad I mean he slugs around 300 he never gets on base. Maybe that changes a little bit but if it doesn't he's not and you'll play the major leagues he'd get some new things of value for him now. It was good feelings I use highest right now beaches and Javier buried next year amusing to pass by -- you have to -- here to -- Goodyear who knows. I move -- now. Now I -- -- of these and help them help amenable the blue frog exhibit at tradable open as a strength that team like how Felix too broad. So I was -- not right that wouldn't I am not interest and trading Felix -- bronze for him no doughnuts that's a deal breaker there yet there and and if in fact that's what they're interested in. Oh peddle your kettle of fish somewhere else writes I -- -- interest -- right now I would agree that if you're gonna be Smart about that there's no way to reduce the gracious yes you brought. No way. And I probably would at this point dealing places forum because I think they've Marty made their determination in their mind that he's never going to be a Major League here. Yes I think that's definitely and I think they're probably right. No evidence otherwise. I mean you know there are guys who have not hit the miners to some extent and started hitting. There are a lot of guys who greatly miss that started I mean he's is bad hitters there was Tripoli took last couple years so. I don't see defensively obviously listen this was thirty years ago may be different situation getting hit by the way just -- -- as good as there was even last year. What you need to Dexter doesn't agree with -- well. A texture and it's a long text that says that the Red Sox want high on base percentage guys voting Ross is not that a blind person could see with the Sox are doing but not you guys. All the superstars are back except for Adrian Gonzales every other player they have added to the team is an upgrade who was over their last year. Just because some of them had bad years last year means nothing. If they have really good years this year it brings them to their career -- normal you heard it here first Red Sox went 89 games to make the play. -- Cody Ross is on base percentage last year's three point six. Victory -- -- three point one. I'm an upgrade two years ago with 327. He's not higher is not a crew BP's 340 one's okay not great he's not a high OBP guys. By any standard in Kenya right handed pitching I don't get that's the one move I don't get. You know the other and I understand why they bring these guys and but it it's it's the one who makes -- innocent -- and as we sit here today they still don't have a first baseman. Yeah. Mean they don't have a guy and I've already set I applaud them for not rushing into the Napoli dealer in fact their physical questions I don't want them signing a guy. May need hip surgery or whatever the issue on notice we think it's the hip but we don't know. I've I've got no issues with not. With not inking that deal based on now seems to be a medical say justice Richard. If you think. Is a real problem if some language in the -- or or cut bait if you do want to. I will take quick break when we come back we'll talk about the the patriots or in Jacksonville for the game tomorrow against the willful Jacksonville Jaguars the jaguars are so bad. -- during NFL Sunday this entire season I've refused talk about the that's how bad day I skip over them every week when we go around the NFL I can't skip over -- this week I'm fortunate to --

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