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Mustard and Johnson Discuss the AFC Playoff Picture and How it May Come Down to Brady vs Manning Again

Dec 22, 2012|

The guys are talking about the Pats and their chances in the playoffs as well as playoff seeding. Many fans are now thinking that the road to the Super Bowl goes through Denver. The question is "do you fear Peyton Manning"? Craig is not as concerned with Denver and thinks Peyton may struggle in the playoffs as he has done in the past, but Larry thinks Denver may have the right combination of players to send the Patriots home.

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI were halfway home. Make your way for Kirk and dale or some combination of of that tandem would been. Filling in more than admirably for John and -- the last couple days on the morning show Charlie from Plymouth I'm glad he actually brought that up I had all the numbers right there at but he was Kerry -- from a cold hard football facts from all his numbers. He's certainly Peyton Manning. Not the successful quarterback that Tom Brady is particularly when it comes to winning. In the post season is Charlie pointed out he's certainly. Come up a little bit short in big situations like losing. To the saints in his last Super Bowl parents couple's three years ago did B a mediocre. Bears team the year they came back against the patriots that was -- innings I think he's shining moment. If Peyton Manning retires tomorrow he says the greatest moment in -- team he ever played with -- coming back from that big deficit. At home against the pats in the AFC championship game. In January 2007. And moving on to beat the bears in the Super Bowl. I would take Tom Brady over Peyton Manning I do think however wearing right now. Yes although there don't want any one day -- wanna they both have. I'm Mary Pierce -- and Peyton has 31 touchdown strike ten interceptions. And Brady to read it does is it five earned and eleven attempts and Brady sent five -- sixty attempts. Thirty touchdowns and only six interceptions that -- -- the last game he's going to teams with different color uniforms -- a bit more. We're used to seeing him over the last two or three games but certainly nothing to worry about the other thing that's very impressive -- to throw 560. Attempts and only 23 sacks. He's well protected both teams are very good offensive lines Denver in the patriot difference reject -- Denver is decided to Marist Thomas he's got to -- -- receivers he's got seventy receptions and Decker has seventy -- so we certainly can -- the ball around. But to me the other differences on the other side of the ball Von Miller has sixteen sacks and two Rovio has -- I mean he's got some -- some. Better and he's got some support on the defense of side. I do feel better about the Patriots defense in the secondary in tell Levi I think he has made a difference but even then. You know like you said it's not consistent but who is all of -- consistent I mean we just have to talk about Eli Manning and the giants. Well you look at what the Broncos have gone since they lost the -- Maybe this will be similar scenario reverse. You know patriots lost in the giants last year at Foxboro it was another game until the Super Bowl giants again. Who knows maybe the Broncos will win the rest of the regular season games. It by then face the patriots in the in the second playoff game patriots winning all of yours blooming again. Perhaps Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. And they go out to Denver and in you know Peyton Manning's record particularly. In that second round game after the Bly is now in particular currencies they're gonna say so when you match up this season teams what is the patriots as weakness. -- Nasty. And that that's right you don't -- I'd rather I'd rather player Ryan -- probably -- by rather play -- shore in yet these guys by -- meaning I would rather not have to play him he's like a -- bright and the last place and we have seen this as patriot fans for many many decades no matter -- the quarterback is. Never easy playing in Denver always house of pars where Tom Brady. War Drew Bledsoe or in an ease in the name of our memories yes I mean he remembered John Elway. In his storied careers as we forget that John Elway belongs in the conversation of greatest all time -- -- put him out the less we forget he won late and I am I I think without the right way these last two years he went to several that is a pretty good way to. And a career and went to a couple of others we we almost didn't work out so well back the first three times. But. John -- never lost the patriots. Like eleven -- or something -- the patriots play out. Regulars you lost the page now velocity higher real look at a map see -- John always record against I don't think he ever lost a game. The patrons at one playoff game that was the game and 87 mosey with a fumble. But never lost that game and they could never -- -- -- came in the 96 the the patriots locked out the play offs when nine Jacksonville beat Denver regular season game eleven and -- the patriots and -- thank you. Game -- -- 96. 48 member of the fake punt early in the game that was a good place -- Now first arguments on Sports Radio said that that was a great place that is yet -- anyway. -- managed to survive dropping that ball and but they run on fourth down. And -- patriots lucked out that year is that the jacket and now who reads that pride and program Marxist items on the five right thing about a college and yet there -- via chants are there are pretty well itself. Both guys found a place that he via coincidentally enough all right 6177797937. Denver would be top I feel like. Of all the teams. That the team right now because they have lost the game so much as I don't see it I think they have the balance is I just have to telling you now. In Champ Bailey and and they've got to balance there I wouldn't I don't wanna play against anybody. Who's got -- quarterback like him bought the company's hot right -- well he is we've seen before and if any coach. And find a way to stymied. Pay me and a very delicate like capital link last week I said Peyton Manning right now and they know you don't want Greg stop you sound like. The conversation has has changed a bit since last week -- -- because the -- now different you know if Denver. Who has to -- again anything can use the unit you know you know I'm just saying that where we sit here. Now like editor accurately be used in marketed they did that outlet to really say what I got to be a real test drive in there for Castro -- first half you thinking at the end of corporate banking unit there pretenders not contenders but in they came back and given credit for that. But the conversation has changed his Denver continues to win. Patriots have lost the second seed for now in Denver beats Cleveland. At Kansas City game at home -- the Denver game does that -- And it limits at -- I have two home games that he against the rounds in Kansas City. Patriots are playing against Jacksonville and Miami so you expect both those teams -- out that happens of course patriots. Wind up with a third seats in the complaint a Pittsburgh and I I'd rather play Kansas City than Miami. I think they're I think it's pretty much of all -- are you kidding me you think that the Miami's dangerous. I think a dangerous I think they hours of -- patriot premiers -- game here's the problem with that and I know you don't like to play these these the seeding teams the way I do. You almost have to go back to a couple years ago were remember when the patriots at the end of the year. Purposely lost the game is so they could drop down to -- to -- -- Flutie dropped kick. Believe it once. And things didn't work out that year either when they went down they did get a first round to their liking. But that they didn't manage to win a supermarket out of the -- in him we can after the discussion how do you think the patriots have played these last two games. I think about it the other calls decided to take taking easy near the end of the year and it was a terrible decision that never could rev it up again well it enables. The jets to. Get into the playoffs that year in the jets actually picked in the AFC championship is the jets were headed for losing game that -- -- -- -- and therefore. When you -- -- -- with the jets yeah I guess maybe first bureau in memory back in -- recordings out of the playoffs but. Because they took me getting out there on defeated -- the inning and the game. And they ended up with a losing a couple games they were eliminated in the in the bye in the second round at the Q and you -- to rise up. Might -- point going back to the beginning is if Manning does have an Achilles heel as he hasn't. White backed up all those regular season numbers in wins with great consistent -- matter of fact -- looked this up. There have been many times where the colts win now. In there first run game could be in the divisional game could be in the wild card game but they have one down. In spite of great regular season records in their first playoff games though. If he does get the second seed if they hold on win against the browns in Kansas City patriots went out. They're gonna end -- playing Denver. In out the second game. I think Manning is vulnerable to doing what he's done in the path right article I think he's a different team. I think is it that way. The colts I keep up on the cult because as to the reports that the colts. Angles of the team meeting goes to it's it's it's just premiere of the calls is that -- any different really. That is all of Indianapolis Colts are -- you fear their defense. Better defense but you know what the colts defense all we stepped up in the post season when they and it Freeney and Mathis -- -- so you fear now. Real I think it's harder to get to the Super Bowl that it was last week of enemy which team would you not want -- super blow itself on my feet to the flyers the patriots have me even as the currency and I understand they have to go through Denver used and it's going to be harder. Pocket to get the home field. It's dramatically changed its end in six days later before abide. And one home game. -- buys -- two home games in all likelihood. Maybe you did win last week's -- 71 -- game may be -- now looking at. One home game and perhaps more road games where you can even thank. About the rule. And just because we certainly seen as the path of Baltimore for a slot in spades with the jets. Just as you wipe out at team in the regular season doesn't have it -- -- and right of the season went and today who with the -- first up either it's burger rob since that. Oh most likely missing somebody that no particular Cincinnati and it you know what both teams will be tough. Both teams do present problems that game would be vigilant OK so assuming that they hold serve. And win that game. Then they go to Denver. And what they have the hope is that Manning repeats on loses. Early exits from the playoffs. That he hands performed in the past. And -- him as he's getting better. Well I think the he certainly. Working. Much better with the entire offense and he was the big anyway I don't think we got a sense and you could really look. Back to that patriot game remember they were down big in that game at halftime. Actually had a very good second half -- the final score the -- 31 when he won. But the Broncos and a very good second half in -- And they have not looked back sense I still think the patriots have been fact McGahee fumbled. Right that ball is one of the place that turner you know right but the but the patriots had that game in hand. -- on the colts the Broncos did have. To me that the same I just just because he has a different color uniform it's even Peyton Manning always be. Quarterbacking the colts even of their they are called the Broncos and don't forget that people don't know and you shared it that it is is. Cool if you just sit around my house tonight is -- the got a game on tonight. Yeah Atlanta at Detroit. You're you you -- Atlanta for summary I don't ward Bynum down I just I don't know why can't you -- like warm up to I don't know why she wore -- Larry can -- warm and -- you still like Matt Ryan -- are a lot of good BC just don't like -- those his uniforms on plane inside whatever I don't know -- news out of every they'll replay I believe -- is that Detroit I think it is Atlanta at Detroit tonight. ESPN not playing there Monday night game on Christmas -- moving it over to Saturday. Little Saturday entertain willful plea is that all the time a few years and over the what's the college football season ended they used to reschedule. -- -- Saturday games in the NFL the last couple weeks of the season and I remember that even and -- we always. Allude to with but we Drew Bledsoe was a Saturday night game and I was most I remember watching that game supposed to go to party afterwards. Which is so devastated I was sober roast after that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just don't we're trying to retain it timeout for -- -- market but a couple of years ago you big hypocrite you were ripping us -- yes I've thought I've seen -- like purport match it's a whole lot that are relevant terrible. If mr. Gordon were able to work at a.

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