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Mustard and Johnson Recap the Pats Losing to the 49ers and Take a Look at the Struggling Celtics

Dec 22, 2012|

Craig and LJ get into the crazy game last week on Sunday night between the Pats and SF. They discuss where the Pats are now compared to other AFC teams. Then they move on to the C's who are looking older and older and taking quite a bit of time to mesh. And why not, even some Tebow talk!

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The ever expansive Bill -- -- on Friday obviously. Feeling pretty good about his chances tomorrow afternoon in Jacksonville one of the worst teams have not the worst team in the league to win twelve the jags are one in six. On their home field down in Florida so should be an easy one but as. As we. Think about the patriots really the two regular season games just -- warm up for what happens in January in the playoffs. And things obviously. Changed dramatically. On Sunday night you think about it Larry just talking about how the Celtics came from seven down with what 35 seconds ago the three point -- At the buzzer from peers after the great tip offensive rebound from green. And then they can't win the game in overtime that's pretty much parallel to what happened of the patriots on Sunday night coming all the way back from 28 down you think by the time they scored 31 all. It's going to be appease the case you're just gonna roll over the 49ers like the Celtics have lost over the box in overtime but just as -- a minute I'm a Celtics. Again of that we have we know the problem I'm -- disease -- played 37 minutes last night way over what you want on the play as in you can states see the league's. Other first ago when when if you're shorting a jump shot Terry. Went one for fifteen on last night so they're not getting -- outside scoring from him and Jeff Greene gave him fourteen points. And I have great expectations for Jeff Green I want more out of Jeff Green I want him more aggressive but I can remember regain. I believe they're playing the knicks. And they have those green uniforms -- like put the black letters outlined a -- In for whatever reason the Jersey was a little bit larger than usual role on Jeff Green. So right around the neckline the top of the -- -- you could see a -- of the -- right. From a -- surgery I notice of since then now he's wearing like a little white undershirt underneath the kind of cover. And as a person who had surgery and I don't know my left side about a fifteen inch gash. -- never the same there's still a vulnerability there even though it's you have your is your heels and everything should be fine. And I tell -- I cannot imagine but it would be like to have that invoke Clark says the same we have had not surgery that Heidi defying your field is supposed to be fine and in -- everything but. Has got to be moments right wing. You don't want to an unconscious while younger basketball is certainly require is that every now and then you've got to rev about. You know an extra mile. To make that as well I thought he was playing I thought he did this one of the better games I I thought he was playing every inch of the going after rebounds tap out backed appears. So is much as you want we want to be out on green I still think you have to keep in mind that. And that guy was just an ugly reminder of what this poor guy had to go through. Put the hot surgery. But the but the patriots things she got torn do I get more aggravated with the patriots and I don't agree with. I can tell you why couldn't I can I came and I know you pretty well after seventeen years on the year because your expectation again and you might have great expectations. For Jeff Green but you really don't. And -- really don't have great expectations for the Celtics. Well let me put it -- there's going to be happy with anything they do with it to around you'll be app you can help me with this comparison you know about it -- -- all I want for Christmas is you know a two front teeth and you. Saying well of the four major sports teams and you knew they -- -- is on the -- hours Doctor King show the last thing dollar. If you -- San record player visit eight in gives something. To any of these fourteen what would you want in I think -- -- what the patriots it's consistency. It's like. A big trunk she used it just made absolute. Just ran them all over the field just totally wipe them clean. And now you're playing a Friday nine assists Sunday night game and it was like nothing was going right there were sloppy and you cannot have three fumbles by you by your running you just can't -- It was just it was just woeful for a staff they come back as you said. Tidy gaming is that this has set by the greatest comeback ever frank Reich and is it that great comeback. And then. The Michael Jones is a 62 he had to -- retire -- return you you simply. Cannot -- special teams were brutal that night by the way you cannot have that. Unemployment at tackle or lack of tackling by Harrington and you know -- still have their opportunities that game winning touchdowns with seven minutes left in the game. Are controversial fourth down do you go -- fourth down from your own well we just over. Two minutes ago we have seen that happen before but for some reason. The controversy that of course we still talk about three years later from all nine in Indianapolis fourth in two faux stopped. Fraction in front of the first down marker long that one. For some reason was much more controversial because really talked about it that much over the last six days since that happened there -- people walking around I can't believe Belichick did that. No because I I think the shock of the whole first half of me -- was just out grade -- on and is so that's if you say what what I my Christmas wish list be for them consistency. What can happen though they have. Have been -- but Chester -- none out but just when you think who rarely heard and that they'll like -- had about -- after a team and -- always. Told -- they can't be -- they're averaging forty points a game that demolishing their opponents it's an inevitable apple writes is there I was a little disappointed with that with the Celtics. Palm Pilot from Santa I wanna I wanna back up big man in government take -- up and you're gonna die with this. Rasheed Wallace. Is average is played twenty games for the knicks averaging fourteen minutes a game seventeen points a game. What I don't understand how he stripped of a cracked weathered at. Ball don't lie eight. I don't how did he slip through the cracked the other guy is a mystery to me you know I wish -- -- around basketball pundits are right about it. What happened to John Williams six for ten. Athletic big man runs the floor shot blocker sound like somebody we can view -- The only thing somebody told me about him as he wasn't a hard worker he didn't wanna work. Todd in time maybe that's sure obviously it -- 610 to 611 and yours sharp blogger -- an -- plane in the NBA then. There's something wrong but that what a tragedy that -- not try to don't use that worried that what a disappointment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of the sightings that very underwhelming wreck there's a lot of good -- our Fredricka as J. D. Drew were. I don't know what the the the but he I'm happy that diamond may not be in -- but that that clubhouse is so much better -- -- pivotal role on the floor lap -- already out there have a good time snapping towels in the shower room over there. Pastor and army flying. Boy that that beard chickens get a taste ever is so good next year of all those great character guys in the Red Sox clubhouse but let's stay with the the patriots because I got a football in my mind now we're getting closer. Because the reason why I'm not really revved up about that game tomorrow and nobody out revved up about the playoffs in -- -- playoffs because things have changed. Because the patriots would not complete that historic comeback they could not do it frank writes did. Against the Houston oiler is way back in or Drew Bledsoe or -- of the Minnesota Vikings only down twenty to three in that game. But you know like with them 35 to three against Houston great playoff game with the -- ninety's. -- early 9392. Season Warren -- warm was the quarterback for by the way problems Warren -- -- -- by the way was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings let's come back warm warm because you're so when you're down big -- are right there Warren Moon was quarterbacking the 49ers last week that was the problem. But I look at this way how things have now changed it in in in specifically you can explain to stop insiders say Yugo right because. You were lowered in as everybody was -- I proclaimed. Very confidently with my usual self assurance that of course the gonna go in because I witnessed that carnage. And one knife with and I would. For used to game and they just looked so impressive they looked invincible. I mean in -- -- to Peter King earlier replay talk about how JJ watt is having this. Ridiculously Goodyear -- the Jack up all the best year any 34 and is ever had in the National Football League. Well you know what I don't think. 99 on the field. He wasn't doing the things that he was supposed to be going to he was completely off nearly invisible that game and -- also come out right so anyway. So the patriots you know should have lost the game big give them credit. But the worst thing about it is Denver. -- Winning Houston got back on the winning trail the next day the next week I should say. And patriots are the third -- Larry that does matter because the third -- the first game and all they're gonna play if things end up. The way they are now -- is no reason to believe they won't because -- -- -- -- for the rest of the year -- think the patriots schedules easy with Jacksonville Miami left on the slate. Denver as tomorrow Cleveland and next week Kansas City whoa yeah both those games matter they both at home the December games. Think that in -- -- yesterday I believe it -- via the Cleveland at Cleveland tomorrow and I'm glad I got red zones like in camp that last. How -- but my point being if Denver wins out. And everybody's obviously been talking about this. The road to that Super Bowl isn't nearly the red carpet everybody thought it was because you're gonna have to go through most likely. Denver first. And then used and after that. That's obviously Roger Rabbit have Tivo or Peyton that he wrote -- talked about that instead. Not until that bottom sang -- last year right -- Elway has a reason why this guy was a genius and he's one of a -- and who can make that transition from a hall of fame player to upper management and be able to make good decisions right in he's a quarterback and he knows quarterback and that you know a lot of bad. Why are so funny is you know flash back in and another prediction and I was completely erroneous we're having this big battle last year about TiVo's. Effectiveness as a quarterback in. And you were concerned a little bit about the religious angle and what he had to represent them. And and and I we were I would I thought they exploited him now I want to just argued -- on football terms and I did believe I was due looted I was seduced into believing that Tebow actually. Was a decent quarterback slash winner. Boy what a difference when -- Elway knew exactly -- Now say about him and we got to go to the phones I realize this but he really does say about Tebow is there aroused some people who do not rehearsed well. They do not practiced. Well -- I do think and I don't blame him like that he's not Miguel lorries got to stop. This game for the jets and I do agree with him that they should have given him a chance. To play in an actual game. -- in now to relegate him to I don't know whether he'll dress tomorrow right but I I thought they did such a disservice to him. Decent person more than a decent person I brother is there a -- that got a quarterback. Does nothing to do with the way he was treated is -- -- major press conference for backup player. They exploited him this year. The guy has done nothing to sell promote himself Piazza's is faith in his belief and he seems to be a decent person. And I think the way the jets have conducted themselves this year they've gotten exactly what they deserved route. I mean. -- Denver. Basically. Game a pink slips of -- not like. Nobody's -- value waiting Tim Tebow as a young man -- a person of faith -- -- -- you don't -- treated well -- you listen he's a football player it's he's a commodity -- none of these people are they're treated as well as they play on the field Larry I mean c'mon -- hasn't played on the field you know you're great guy to how are you treated WEEI isn't it -- -- -- about. Six and 7779. And 990 degrees seven and you wanna give Goodyear all the the the marketing moxie or WE absolutely and employed bless you went out of their countenance shine upon you are we're gonna take a break it to -- -- -- phone call 617 as Larry said 77 -- -- them. 937. Let's all do one from last year everywhere and that big thing which he would Tebow do what was that called. Used imitative on the Euro title -- -- with you now what was I oh what he -- comedy that just aren't you thing with the -- that was called something once the call -- -- keep going. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is taking anything away from Tim people as a person and as a man of all right -- -- simply try and and that -- got -- as well as you talk.

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