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Mustard and Johnson Open the Experience Discussing an Emotional Week in Sports Following the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Dec 22, 2012|

Only a few days away from Christmas and Craig and Larry kick off the show recapping the week in sports and everyone attempting to somehow move on from Sandy Hook while it continues to weigh on everyone's minds. The guys go over the latest stories with the Pats. Celts and Sox.

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-- three shopping days left till the big day it is mustard and Johnson. To bring you all that Yule tide -- -- sipping our metaphorical eggnog it's. Throughout the next four hours probably not spending much time under the the missile so. But they'll probably Andrea. Will be criticized for sitting side by side in the studio on her life but -- -- mistletoe lest anybody think otherwise says we. Celebrate the holiday season -- -- we are just three days three days away diaries have that -- a mixed emotions from a shopping perspective as I don't mix so I think once kids get -- or it I think Christmas should be for kids -- shopping standpoint but from -- Retail standpoint -- you want people are into a lot of shopping at -- good for business and helps the economy we want all that we don't know and we want all those fine -- Washington to settle their differences and a good holiday shopping season means a good economy. And a good sound. US of a -- yeah I have my big strategy -- It's all I break my personal best of my personal best is animal. Forty minutes work Christmas shopping forty minutes I have to loudly -- I don't mind wants them in there. Mean when Sharon went sure it is trying to find a parking spaces and and walking a mile to get to the ball if he does that whether -- be troublesome. Once I mean Arum finally going to MacWorld to subject its inaugural day -- the other unfortunately not shopping for anybody metric or all of these other free yeah I am I got out. So I have my I have might by three presence that I have designated one for mice on my oldest one from my younger son. In one form my bride and that's it I'm going to be my personal record I'm bound and determined I am committed I will -- earlier damage yet. Or don't care if I don't do it right on Monday well yesterday. I finally got the tree up. And that was a pleasant experience cranked up the Christmas music via pandora that great radio stations. On the Internet have little Sinatra little -- key -- little dean oh you know. So funny though be obvious I'm a Christian everybody knows that by now you've been listening to us at all but regardless of New York. Of your religious faith and belief. It's it's just a wonderful time of the year in terms of the lights in the music in you don't you ever -- to leave whatever you want to believe that doesn't bother me at all. But I just think the season itself. Just it just gives you a moment to reflect on things and to be grateful for things and it's. It's so funny have been trying we're gonna -- sports today but I've been trying. To. Not forget the just try to fire -- -- the new town incidents of last week united tea. -- should have -- that the bell ringing of yesterday it was just absolutely. So special and so sensitive and so well done. And and I said OK so that I feel outlet return at this point let me get a really from a softer and is Celtics came -- and then the middle Robert they had this apple commercial. Of this Korean dot playing -- -- I'll be home for Christmas and if only in my -- reams -- -- problem and I solve that he has stopped flowing because I thought about. Twenty kids who will be home. For Christmas in the dreams. But they won't be home in -- Dennis -- all over again and I said until. Time is the only -- of such matters. It's it's tough and -- this whole week I was doing OK and then they put photos of the kids in the newspapers every other day when they have their funerals and this is very very very difficult to get through I think President Obama has just. And brilliant he really has been the leader. Of this country without feelings and and dealing with sensitive matters I know a lot of PP it might not like come in this of that but in this is one time can we just set out differences aside for a moment. And just reflect upon the fact that they were just you know families out there that principal until like 45 kids and it's just not going to be the same in in. You know we do dark sport to me loves sports and it is an escape as we uses safe from the toy department is the -- department about lives. And it is an assistance also because you can. The weight of it all is is almost unbearable went to think that. On Christmas morning you know parents will be sitting there with it if they have a couple of kids or -- if they don't have any. And nobody's coming down. Well Larry you'd you'd be shocked I actually attended church. Last Sunday that enterprise going it was a pure coincidence my son was. In a in the children's choir at the congregation church in Dallas. And he had a couple of singing parts away in the Manger in the first -- well Boone and I read some scripture. From Luke. And a -- it was such an emotional moment in that church probably even once right let me tell you this you're gonna enjoy this. As a someone who's an ordained minister and churches obviously much more important part of your life and in his mind but I'm entertainment America okay. Parent I'll make that distinction and I want to mislead anybody out there and -- But instead of a sermon. Reverend Jan who is the minister. Reverend -- amendment Nathan's is the minister at the congregation church. Decided just to have a moment of silence which he says at this way. Our. Sunday services are always punctuated. By the sounds of children in the arm in the pews so it's gonna let the children. Tests do their usual thing because we hear the children of the young children two year old in the eight team temples in the three euros were in the pews and it is sometimes little distracting. Sometimes can almost be a little annoying you're trying to hear this arm nice and want to distract you want this -- you want it was abstract brilliant. She didn't say anything but -- let the sounds of the children. Ring through the church and I thought that was just -- and it was so poignant and so moving. And you know we're kind of silent silence over unbelievable you can hear the kids and that was unbelievable. And no we're not going to you want a child yellen. Exactly really -- I walked in and there's a kid behind me on now he's doing is just talking. About -- place it. You this time got a whole lot of that yet embraced this time -- -- said throughout weld on the so it doesn't listen I we respect -- on our I really do and I respect everybody's different beliefs that's what this country is founded on everybody has a right to believe what they want it. I pray you will find peace. Even over this weekend in this week in and just in certainly if you reflect back to the events of last week. I don't wanna forget it I just got to find a place defiantly. But I never want to forget it but I do think it was absolutely. Important that 930 yesterday. That the station observe the moment of silence yet dale -- cry a great job than usual we did it at schools schools throughout the country. Offices everywhere that silence and in between adult -- -- -- -- -- And in. It's as if it was just it was amazing sensitive moment when when everybody I believe for that moment that the differences aside and just realized the the pain in the memories. Of the whole tragic situation capsule -- And we're not going to do we did last week I thought it was. Some important thing to do last week deal that a fantastic job after -- Pete the next morning. And obviously all the conversation but we're trying as best we -- I think the guys had done a great job. Taking that left firm out of the tragedy in Newtown. And moving back into what we know you know our. Our -- houses sports and that's what we're gonna -- most things they really shouldn't care about primary but we -- know and I love hate to me the last regardless are proud of him I really am because I know his passion. In a lot of the sports and everything it and for him to take that turn. And to do an excellent job discussing. This matter ours are is it just exceptionally proud of him everybody I thought was handled that is as best we could. But I take it took them out of -- admitted I have cried on and off this whole week somebody said McHugh creek they need to get some counseling. He says I should -- that now I am not ashamed. Of that at all -- -- -- never -- in Indonesia can't get away for it with these commercials and the stuff that you normally just look at. And you don't think about -- tacky fried commercial with the two voices that they're fighting back and forth -- and the filed against him check in the silence them. It's like everything you see now that you take for current four. Now all of a sudden you don't take for current you don't take your program it and that that was a great -- -- by your by your pastor is a great idea here. This silence. Just for a moment so we give -- the children. So. It I would say to you. I I would think if you did not still feel tremendous emotional pain then you would need to see accounts and not the other where round so. That's a natural reaction Africa's -- reported. By ago. There bully me some people texted back after the stop -- -- exports Breaux of that you know. We out who we and we love sports but we also have family and we have children and even if we didn't have family -- children. We can identify you as one -- Newtown and we became one. With new town and I'm very proud of the way a lot of people stopped up and have supported. And in tried his best record to comfort that amount of people who -- certainly did not deserve that anyway and a couple of -- last week said you know you don't have to be apparent to understand it has kept bouncing and looking at this apparent of course I think you just said well. We all became parents and let's all continue to be parents'. As we get through this tragedy but we are you know what to make it not -- even told the sports though it's like. Number I said you are used to -- -- attempt to whom much is given much is is expected and I -- one of the stories thereof is I'm sure. But with Victor Cruz of the giants who. There was one kid. It was a big who was who was tragically shut down big giant -- -- big giant fan and I tea. Victor Cruz found out about it in the drove. Over to see him at the family. And he brought football's -- he was on the yacht playing touch football with the kids. And then he then afterwards OK that's -- not give one any media were cameras or anything in the frozen a moment to trying to take advantage of it. And he spent about an hour and a half. With the family. And I just I always loved him anyway he went to UMass I just love the kid anyway but I am so poised anyway our point. Probably ever heard him was on Dennis and Callahan last year when the giants played the patriots in the regular season hockey not be impressed with a young man both on and off the field. And I'm assuming it was -- illustration Larry I was a rare. Foray into FaceBook yesterday inning guys -- -- in my neighborhood emblematic Connecticut. Has if you did you draw the thing the biggest giant ball -- you -- -- well a guy that I am not even contact we just friend at each other -- we haven't seen in probably forty years. On his FaceBook you know any of the little law avatar icons yes Victor Cruz your illustrates early Gary Moore -- from romantic Connecticut. And I was really impressed that he you know this is a guy -- he obviously sought on the WEEI page. And I copied and pasted put on his face. Think my capture was a big giant off to field again that was a terrific -- -- I don't want I didn't come from Monday in a David and tears and I won't tell you about it but it'll be on the Monday but that's so that's an opportunity that some people have that they can step up and do thought something special for somebody. Out there that that normally -- you don't get a chance to do. The last pick a course following events of of of as they have happened transpired. And the Celtics were rocket and Roland last night and Arabs later -- south mobs screaming and yelling yeah -- we gotta talk about the Celtics nor'easter are the big turnaround -- here is sport not proud of our 35 points and as they were just. Aren't they were they will not be denied there have been no -- win this game in overtime and then of course they lost and you know I with the Celtics is very interesting -- get mad -- the patriots I get mad with the Red Sox. I don't I find it very difficult to get mad but the Celtics because I think I always feel like they're trying to do the best they can't. In we all celebrated dot net coming Barack. And in trying to keep the nucleus of the of the team together. -- Or watch them -- last night but I think there are perfect case that point they got what they are there and aging bit that the best players on the team are aging out. -- out there aren't they are which is unfortunately what twelve and twelve. At this point there are posted literally and figuratively a 500 team but I will say this. That we have seen them struggle in early parts of regular seasons before pretty much identical records. And they always managed to rally in the post season and that's the question we're gonna talk about it with --

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