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Jason Terry Postgame Press Conference

Dec 22, 2012|

Jason Terry spoke to the media after the Celtics fall to the Bucks in overtime, 99-94.

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I was frustrated not -- enough for me you know be an issue there. You looks set to one and an iPhone -- -- -- But assuming your team needs you most -- You know take this on my shoulders. Maybe his two books on home in this too tough for me against them so. Touching off a serial shooter shoot so here Giambi back out here tomorrow morning emotional sort of economy right. Work. -- Not a saw years and their process Sawyer was a work in progress until we complete our goal. Tonight and we know we had a chance here to put more in the first half and we just we we couldn't couldn't get two stops on a series do that. Do you come down strict. We just bought this 1 morning and so give them a lot of credit. For us I mean that this game. You have to win and now we learn from. Long tough road trip so. Different deftly and not give some back in Brooklyn they came here and looks pretty good last time. It policies -- Jesus is he's stay together. -- and our numbers are down we've depleted we don't we don't have a lot of guys so but the guys we do have we can count and you know for me this is tough night is -- tough one to swallow. Close ball game team needs you. He just couldn't get it done so. You know back in there tomorrow on work -- what I need to do is to get it right. Where you you like to think so but again it's never enough I mean we're faced with circumstances that we have and now. Got to go to guys that are in uniform and I -- -- put the best lineup out -- he -- I've got to get -- -- of one -- out here that doesn't make ball goal you know or else to mask and so albums on the and so we're in some -- -- you may -- thinking it tomorrow -- not at all not at all. I'll still -- the flags humanity. The -- that tied it looked at all in this game of steel limited Miami. To issue in this little continue to do a little. -- Lou if about to go back to the game I was took a couple of goals and just forces in and try to get to free throw line. I don't know what the numbers were but we didn't shoot many free throws tonight and vascular -- as we've talked about. Playoff basketball championship basketball. Q and to settle for two cents -- I think I did go tonight. Valiantly for Virginia. There. Coach and not knowing when -- -- -- to these not he has yes tons of -- draws up for that. If we execute nine times a team we're gonna give us. Great look at the basket and so. That was one of those plays where that was the first option and that option came off. -- -- I was of -- after it is. Are there probably sound of Altman was one on. And I had a good look in overtime that man has bread and butter -- baseline -- -- thing going. -- unit that went online I've fundamentally got ago. So and that there was Tim mormons that game I'm think I'm more firefighters as my -- my assets. In heaven tonight but again construction. I told guys this one's on me. All this stuff it is a tough one -- -- -- we've lost these guys three times this season the team that we dominate and so. Is stuff we got to fight to.

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