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Rajon Rondo Postgame Press Conference

Dec 22, 2012|

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media after the Celtics fall to the Bucks in overtime, 99-94.

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There's no clue what you know. -- those -- on through Shell's we'll do one of war so. Israel's interest. -- -- With a background that. Busy shots I had some of the biggest thing you guys. -- -- -- -- -- We missed a lot of shots that's part of the game. In this. Template leave him. -- More this morning knocking the -- showing us that you can't help just don't always work this morning from the defensive end. Then you know we -- got a couple. Came you know it's not a civic access. A lot of guys deficits they want. We missed. -- time. Taylor whose popular -- -- -- stores loss we should. You guys just averaged. We what -- it is. -- -- -- -- -- In case they were better than what we are the transition won't close. You know on the company's vice Versa so. -- -- you find a way. And just got one or more of those teams those games where we've and the blues. And I was not a game where. No it was the other way they got them. 5050 balls. When needed until we may have our run to close the quarter had a game that they they got most of it -- you -- Can't win that way. Guys on one or how does that come on guys it is time for individual that was -- -- weird -- and said it. Not stratosphere for myself. Should continue to leave it. Charlie thanks so I've been -- -- I can't so. Can only do so much you know people around so much -- so he's got to keep searching. I absolutely eventually give it not. The connective it's just to shoot a decent can't -- better than what you worry about -- have ads -- targeted -- In those. For the world player when it comes back. We'll get competitive team. -- -- -- especially the defense of me. To visit garden. I think we need that type of that type of service time -- energy that he brings the game is kind of contagious so. And unfortunately. This. Hopefully they'll approach it maybe guys come together I -- yes. The last into the -- talked about you but this has -- purchased become more important since you know it would happen right now. -- -- you always says and that's destruction caused. Almost fifty games. It's a big stretch for us. A lot of the teams that -- because -- as well. We don't want over the -- -- start approach evolved and they they came in pushed us around a couple times. -- physical game. We have two very you know I just one game continuously. For some games together. Because. The record this is average must it take that's no excuse ever if it is.

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