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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Dec 22, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics fall to the Bucks in overtime, 99-94.

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-- -- -- -- weigh in on we have a pretty good intangibles you know. Hello guys that you really don't expect to play well that really well -- senators congressman put it aside. -- so he's played well last two days. You know we focus so much similar to ours that's what happens in other guys like best of -- can. -- Wednesday you -- Tonight you can pretty much -- you get knowing. -- -- Paris trader regardless of room -- you know we developed do better in stretches. Think you know -- office. Isn't gore for long stretches we got to build the fence you know at the beginning of the fourth quarter -- -- sort of quarter reflects February we instantly. Gonna give away the lead that's kind of case where people are soft so far we gotta be gotta come down to get stops after stops out the stops. It just comes in those stretches right now. -- The last we've been ceremonial -- Carmen you know especially when we so we -- And those Communists in malicious or follow. -- one thing we patrol I think is bizarre. Since real defense or we can sister. But we just. You know that I could pick a system that department we play well for the most part when you look up there was some 43% or whatnot. But that's the -- throughout the whole game more assists and you know we can get vote. Seventeen you know we're on this Cleveland we can't get votes and over some Milwaukee. You know and then decide that's when the play defense. I don't know I think -- knows this place is a world in a good groove right now. Feel good about myself a good Obama pace of the game. -- it was a stroke tool that can help this ball forward on this. Free wheel -- more. Helder I don't know we don't plan off of the guys. -- staring them. You know play in particular or. The good number things -- this is -- wanting focusing on the way this some of the demonstrators -- just try to play today. You know I think I'm Smart enough to. To understand. You know my opportunities in office. -- don't come into the game saying in the market to target these off the downstairs on paper rolls on display with them for the Denver regardless of what is this isolation imposed though. You guys taken place for me where normal American their shots exists in the thickest. There's always going to be in place for me you know you never know you know -- -- almost -- and I it just goes. She heard I use. There are things government -- my response is going to be aggressive or. Lunatics it's. -- those are some other time in the tournament female Hitler and the system and though there's things that we've done in the past you know we're we're doing a little different this year you know I'm smarter players have triggered around him and -- -- -- Well you know hopefully you know -- road trip back to bring us together. America likes it when you and struggle you know -- -- struggle the last -- true. This game. It was a must again especially on its approach it but -- been -- so. You know maybe this could be that Rocha took a suspect go. Sort of you know things can go one direction or another so we overlook a lot of our social structure. And reporters I think regulars. On time. For yourself what you want him. -- on the set myself and I got a good look at it you know I think you'll definitely it was definitely there. I would just say it could also mean it just felt right to my hands on purpose. Just. It's. The square promoted him. Obama got -- on it that's you know. Just let -- -- -- tons -- great guys have to see it that way so. Hello we have some a little. Definitely that's awful are tied them up -- all the time at home floor. Feel like you got some momentum. You know they've they've made the necessary plays. That they needed an offensive rebounds in the front office because of the -- You know crucial office of cross over so just we just can't do. --

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