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Kevin Garnett Postgame Press Conference

Dec 22, 2012|

Kevin Garnett spoke to the media after the Celtics fall to the Bucks in overtime, 99-94.

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Total we've got. -- Like we had to choose to loan. -- -- Has -- -- we usually. Try to take them to. -- forward. Because we were in the game. Do brokerage of course it is change. My service. Are following them pretty -- -- -- where what what he viewed the filters of well yeah. -- -- -- And Brees almost is totally. This is the solution. Which also going for him and myself and try to -- two different things and you because we. Some impact the game. It warm and overtones. Which couldn't. School. Or baskets via view which things. We'll start. It week. And you schedule watching -- -- to -- things. Ultimately stuck for so. Do statistic one point in time soon. You came as we do tool in the you know priorities for you. Just they're -- so it's us most of users to access that normally don't show us. -- -- -- -- -- Gulf -- Rupert Davies and actually right now and try to keep -- And an apology for -- schemes you know injured in the takes his stick just -- the -- who can do. The one what is it the victory. But different lineups. Mbah a moute. Ultimate different. Different components we have seen from -- couple days. The -- the -- force us lectures the very good the only ground. And he got two guys who can put on about. Jennings. Went. -- -- -- -- -- could be just be ready for those things to please go to enforcement -- my you know. Just command injection. Just so we're so close it was defense. There were posting this from. This has really helped each other. The next little bit more people than you expected is it that morning and evenly split from. You expect going -- connect. Let's respect this and who really. It's Christmas. -- just us.

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