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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Dec 22, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics fall to the Bucks in overtime, 99-94.

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-- because we don't play more minutes. In our lives owner -- haven't -- it's. You know I'll always note -- and its troops initially initially it is whether evidence of that that we. -- appointment and look at -- All through. -- one of the best shooters in India and Maine and Kevin. So regatta in breach so just couldn't make him and I thought as the game went on. -- you press more more American just couldn't so one of those things. Yeah I mean whenever -- that its ups and downs and you looking for whoever is making so. And I -- part of the world -- to our British so moved to explore and and you know so. You know other guys stepped up to helpless -- -- are much admired Hitler Courtney. Made shots forces well. But when you look at just all the numbers for us in the shots that we and you know and opens its brand into six wide open. -- jet this 1512. Or more. As good as you can you know -- just one of those nights that in Germany game trying to miss or not ready pages Baldwin going. You know overall I mean you listen and it's. You know other than -- third century and wrote you know. But they did suggest that emits a free throws but they scored 99 points in. Over. And we only scored 94 and you know it's funny I don't know -- watch the -- at the Google of course take -- Conviction. -- No must be as some do the -- credit they've beaten us three times so that the better team right now. -- -- we'll play them later which means playoffs and we're better team and I think you're gonna give them credit in this three out of four they won the season series. So you know they have to -- the better team right. Yep that's -- it was great you know oh he's a rookie. Don't -- there. There are thought it was a that he regrets to the best and try to make place. You know. It's diseases to second guess. You know what I mean that you rooms and -- We're -- -- all. You know as a coach Travis stark as you did good shots and you didn't shops for the guys you want. Just think in Mohler we're going it's gonna go. And believe so. Yeah yeah and elsewhere we're. Ran the court plays over yet though on the one play. We let -- -- -- it is relevant situation with if something. Ever. Should we file. You know the problem was no timeouts and they. So -- combination. You know -- I went to the players. In this situation. And to a man it's they said let's not follow and that's olestra is just keep track and they're gonna think. Your file this trial and -- to pass the ball. Well one moves. And that's. As good as you can have as far as in game situations. They did back in which scored quickly choice. And and then -- one submitted so. You know. -- in four hours later you're never out of it and their record. More if you go to war. -- No although eager to -- again there's a lot of confusion points except for the loss in network. You know -- on the overtime determined that the couple judgment of those more minutes in the world. And it was he was missed shots ignored was. A lot of minutes and Guerrero took myself I should take one minute to start -- -- in this briefing to do diseases like us. You know maybe Beckham helped. Because you know I I didn't think we played well but I thought we wanted to. You know still. You know we made mistakes so that. But honestly we we played the right way we move all eyes got opened shops. We brown wrote. I mean. At all. Yeah you know at halftime. I was concerned that those in the know fifteen. And it was the same thing there was frustration just. We're three weakness in the first we missed so many wide open shots we missed layups weapons. So you're freshly the first happened which dipped one. In the same thing happened in the second except we ms. -- so. It was a frustrating day. There we came out got two layups and missed goals so. This -- stuff. While the. Well. We again they're just another game each one. The first -- we have to take terrorist the first game and then moved from there. You know. Hard road trip no easy teams you know are expressing their buildings where we're going. But we got to fight through just what we have to there. Thanks guys have relatives.

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