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Friday, December 21st Whiner Line

Dec 21, 2012|

When Christmas time is here... the most wonderful Pete of the year!

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Views excusing views expressed and expressed the -- -- stars like ET TE Chris Cox. -- -- this discretion is advised still. Pulling Morris and now goes warning airlines. Chrysler's current cruises -- more structure fragrance. Well Leo I don't they had no. Right sorry we get frustrated. And all of OK as far as him. Ever try to -- what I do we try to play he'd put -- WEI. Learning your lines that talks about I reported talk -- -- and -- have an album -- all right Leavitt didn't line up against somebody. Reunions away OK so it snapped the ball to me any harm someone else's. The leg or they constantly diet 7793530. Talk to Bristol Palin and -- cheap shots Jones -- Panasonic -- talking. -- -- -- Who -- shut massive shipment. Headed to Toronto OK I know the and what to want us articulate it. And wine in your line you can reach me with you're gonna bring -- states. Else Bob plug your. I'm walking right up laughter. With the blitz but all of my body and nano. I'd check it don't don't even go there Jewish gentlemen you've -- -- -- -- -- -- government in my head. You gonna. Beat you wanna go outside and -- that WEEI. Ones here. Big. Merry Christmas. Yeah outside by 201999. 2000 it was a December 3 thinking he could hear messages in the background data for an actress now. Turn away from round out doing anti bullying speeches around United States Canada still -- can -- -- Now we don't know article in the globe recently you know was dirt -- an odd time now for you to decide the AT&T wanted to wait. Right now will play the best to wise from the past week and then you will decide to one of the week winner by texting in your vote 237. And 937. Your first nominee. Because you defeated the video game and it's so they're looking at coming out. -- the lady and it helped him. It is going it would albeit -- that they let her know -- to make the video. And that it's a little harsh and your second nominee is and. The Titanic. A hundred air quicker Bob Bob Morton. Take a walk back in 2012. Here -- review. Are you ready to go back to -- him. It's exciting day as we. His body counts it's 45 manager of the Boston Red Sox bid you should see a shortage -- Let's go here we go out there when this came and went to many great memories dressed like. Beginning of all the -- that I think it's going extend beyond anything that I ever go to. Some. Blogs about it. It's a jump off the good. It was sort fiesta and France on super ball champions. And she has done that hit the water was -- over the top of. And he's. As physically or emotionally. Into the game is is he has been in the past -- -- From one tonight this is my job FaceBook is my first back and option ninth inning you know there's just something. I don't really understand it -- -- -- -- is trying to do -- -- no way we go lower. They are accurate about the -- period. There are so many unhappy people that organization you can't even imagine so whoever responds it was going down he didn't. We do do the Dodgers. Josh Beckett Carl Crawford -- Gonzales but so they -- there are a waste of money. Doc Rivers critic of the Sox. You're really -- up this. Honestly Bob I just thought yeah. Ground balls you feel that the coaching staff of the loyalties don't courses and now just get rid of -- guy you lay in bed at night because about you know everybody that he could go -- better. Disaster. -- That's just economically to vote for itself 2013 text the letter 82379372. Vote for the year and review. Tax the letter -- 37937. Have -- -- the end of today's wire lie detector voted 37937. To choose a or -- our wiggle receiving one of the dollar American Express gift. -- and we'll also be eligible for the -- of the year grand prize and why haven't won here AT&T service included. What a week is now part by AT&T. Forgy LT wet speeds up to ten. Times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible. All right Andrew relying away. Didn't like I don't know how my -- active plot. And show you got your show Olympics it was great strategy Pete's voice to those. Because -- -- no it's not it's former part timers I'm Griffin's. Owens answer. Here in the -- in -- -- Tom seems emirates team Korea has yet I look. -- Thought the home side got Edwards yesterday. In my interpretation. But I quit confident it will work back. And that message that was a great still agree that the greatest -- ever really did. -- Well I was -- they'd go these very big uh oh -- -- partnered. Bill -- out. And I can't think about -- -- that -- and so advocated by public at this. Recognizes. -- -- they probably by the Jordan current public. American board voted to -- who have always supported. But it won't -- in the spirit all walked. Open up far and -- and then hopefully at the white but of course they did talk to. Should allow people with people we've brought it won't we. Temporary world this Saturday. I can't body and talked repeatedly defied the world. But you're. Walking out when -- last. And that wow. Nice it's the taxpayers. Who -- That being divided so that prevent any type of my problem and rather stay home world. It's an idea of night so -- -- do like the team -- you know. And that that hit a -- right here until I read I'm Mike is up again is that we -- next year. Just doing -- is pre game. Thank -- for -- well he shouted yeah I can show for an hour right and then you're doing after the halftime itself it's forced into an Iran after the game until midnight right correct. Typical nice okay. Hey. That they're good guys -- why don't really mind you don't really drag we. Call it. But at all content people feel it as active I really -- of -- Well and that would get asked that they desperately to -- -- I must tell you both of them both. Bad bet. And that's fine teaches oh. -- the Pentagon from. Well these they have somebody would finally waterboarding Charley -- I've been through my hands. And that message that I stride and which remember that Steve when Fred completely room one of the best soundbites ever MacDougall -- Just read by truth and who's been wrong more than Charlie cast licensees the last instance. -- along more than you wherever wherever he's been whatever is done. His percent -- -- it's like a meteorologist. Rebecca goes -- I don't. Own fortune can't stop themselves if that's all. He has some disorder. That column through it erupted to my beautiful wife -- says to me at least want to Wednesday. Talking. -- talking -- -- -- thoughtful and who's been wrong more than Charlie cast licensees Clarence. -- Where on earth shattering tip. -- -- -- -- -- I love Barbara the Mars -- An excellent. Thank you Mike I ended steady mavericks had a cup of Panama. Thank you could yet get -- for the Bruins got out. That's from my brain dead -- best ever. -- -- -- Okay he's still can't. Mean he doesn't doesn't -- thing as I hit three that would bring Playboy model but yeah okay. Only three he's Batman is what they are all like an economic outlook Merry Christmas. And -- That he's always been farther than than on abstinence Angelo always. Don't. -- better watch what you say about sport. I've heard that there was this but this five year old Ford credit what would it. Oh wait a minute. Rob the crap out of -- that -- and does that. Look great on the street -- -- -- shepherd turned his body at this hour technical comeback. Forward -- 132. To. And according to a -- border. That the golf is an earthquake -- -- -- -- And felt comfortable for -- -- it was 3331 to three with 1052 left Pittsburgh or MI output was what asset to my friend was wrong. I said. Is a lot of time that if they can score on this upcoming drive I -- things to get interest in what it calls to -- the importance of wind a little bit slow. Our -- looked a little bit a little genre that go by -- on. The accused Iran that. Now the baby's dad. I kind of let up on the spot -- organization. It out and they didn't pick caller called I was there what the message that based -- spirit of you know. If that's not done by January 3 they're going to really thought about -- -- I don't know what that bad and not going to be. And it now everybody thought it. I ordered back where I could get picked it -- And that message at both sides but -- -- both sides and and that's the real -- called. About two minutes. Sure Christmas. -- -- -- You can -- Sales -- holy -- Adams upon because. The courage to try and do song okay. Watching Franklin used to beat them so so. The guy who don't like me. This up a -- Went Christmas. -- -- acquired -- Chris yeah I unbelievable. And we have -- and the you know holiday season -- of course. That is missed let's see of the green and red but basically. From the big show. That's a sound of -- it's been a story on that he can't because houses residents even. It in the water. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is about you know. -- -- And that's -- America is a trial for its rules as well it was a it was for him to all of you to our rights. Okay viewers are one of the week -- The year in review by a long Asia by and launch an outstanding. -- -- receives a it. What do our American Express gift from AT&T is eligible for the -- of the year grand prize. Claim your prize sent an email too wide of the week that's WEEI dot com. That -- -- while -- brought to -- AT&T. -- LTE was speeds up till ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible blow.

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