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Whine of the Week - 12/21/12

Dec 21, 2012|

Whine of the Week - 12/21/12

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For the Titanic thought that a hundred -- later so -- Boston sports. We interrupt or to take a look back in our 2012 peer review. Are you ready to go back to touch him. It's exciting day as we. His body counts it's 45 manager of the Boston Red Sox bid to shift some insurance company. Let's go here we go out there when this came and went to many great memories dressed like. Getting little -- that I think it's going extend beyond anything that I ever go to. Curtis. Some. Blogs about it. It's a jump off the good. It was sort fiesta and France on super ball champions. And she has done -- the hit the water was -- over the top of. He's. As physically or emotionally. Into the game is is he has been in the past they -- From one tonight this is my job FaceBook is my first back and option ninth inning no there's just something. I don't really understand -- -- -- -- trying to do it's really no way we go lower. They are accurate about the -- period. There are so many unhappy people that organization you can't even imagine so whoever responds it was going down he didn't. We do do the Dodgers. Josh Beckett Carl Crawford -- Gonzales but so they serve there are a waste of money. Doc Rivers critic of the Sox. You're really let up this. Honestly Bob I just thought yeah. Ground balls you feel that the coaching staff of the loyalty during portions and now just get rid of the guy you lay in bed at night because about everybody that you could look better. -- --

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