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Tom Curran spreads Patriots knowledge and holiday cheer

Dec 21, 2012|

We talk Patriots with the one, the only Tom E Curran from CSNNE.

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No place like home. It's. OK okay. Okay. -- honor. The U. Did you wrong. And I'm okay. OK and do. I'd be OK. Okay. Well doesn't every time -- records unbelievable always miss them smarts. What is out of my life that's off you really like that saw Alec -- -- are -- what regardless that's wrong. You're like that -- that's okay that it took him relays -- It's -- -- this news salt. Not so much -- its debut last year the big show today for big -- and Michael Holley joining us as he does every week is he has and these Tom you can Arnold Tommy. -- -- -- -- -- Just -- -- criminal legislation you know it is. Yes you read fast food cart and went to another assignment. You know what I actually get finished the wrapping. It so much of an opportunity to -- between now. And Christmas -- so dialogue gift wrapping talk about your Tommy -- you know rap rap seducing your hip hop -- house. -- The BJP in the mix that diplomacy now I just finished that they actually paid optimistic aren't too wrapped it was a dollar -- -- he gets kudos for the regular bus. Solid Ming -- good use of children. Well. Luckily got a fantastic Merry Christmas you differently by the way. And let's get into -- to me this is one of those you remember any times army. With these kind of situations this is one of those to -- damned if you do you ended the dog and if they went for it attend there are supposed to have their only win 21 to ten. You know bu there's going to be to what what's what's wrong road or they've Renault that it is not the same since separatist got beat them up. Know that an -- that kind of stuff so. It's it will be interesting to see the overreaction either way after the game on Sunday. Well I think that. You know they they haven't taken out of the last two weeks to turn the preparation and and the level which they had support. And no doubt they had a problem last week. Hypocritical but that's what to -- about this team. Certainly -- entire tender for the overwhelming majority of the time is. Is that they will still respond they don't pollute scheme they're not supposed to generally speaking I really come up -- 2004. And -- -- hadn't lost twenty -- 28 of the gulf should the small -- someplace and never felt so most shining example. The report computing and realized was that it was so twice first job they have to Miami -- Miami where there aren't you on Monday night -- look at here. I'll put a bat they generally take care -- to that remark to look at this. As the game unfolded last week outlook guys. Extreme can build what we will watch last week the most convincing lots of patriots were in the mixed with -- -- -- -- exactly what 2000 and I that they want Patrick in the market out there. No you're you're right and they do get their ass kicked in Cleveland that day that was that Ellis came across two fumbles in that game one on special teams one. Yeah no question about how do you think they're gonna handle. The -- leverage situation this week. The -- situation is interesting in that. You -- square on the football and there's the general consensus certainly within the team that that was just a matter of a guy equipment Edwards had to be and have an actual -- now could. -- we have done a better job maybe getting your left arm over. The point to the ball -- at least six over the the exposed pushed number two maybe lacking in -- maybe. But I think it's chalked up to open it going to affect them long term that would be anywhere that game which is what they do on the north temple. If you watch the chamber and fumble. It's -- with similar -- the one that Ripley had earlier in the year you could see a couple of space between his rib cage. In the ball and he wasn't -- -- -- so sure -- one week of our opportunities to our. -- that emphasized that if you know what better way to go to the playoffs Girardi basically -- are you already are secure at least the playoffs he played two crappy teams. I'll get him picking -- it's merely taking care equitable economic. You know. People be able to put on all cylinders yet they're competent back on the playoffs. -- won't admit it down there but should they be playing for the foresee instead of three. I don't particularly huge benefit to with a way to look back in 2005 when they -- to Miami. You know right now. You don't beat Pittsburgh he could beat Baltimore. You don't you could Duckett the -- -- to get the book. You know is that really what you want as opposed to going to Houston Houston. Is it pain that I think locally that are old and he got embarrassed and I -- the team's ticket embarrassed. Have a tendency to come back pretty slow on the next I think Denver to look at Denver compared to and we went. Debra probably had a -- -- figured out what they're not attribute patriots inoculated and handle electric. I think the patriots are the mine too. Don't get skate skate your wing if it's not mean with a significant. Upside to them. Playing a -- was capital 2005 Bristol technical legal structure built correct that they were transcribed so that's correct yes you're correct. Yet so I think and I think the greatest of this series. That checked over that -- until. -- actually -- -- -- the Denver -- does not have issues without him. Not at all me ask you about who know -- not agree -- soccer play. This weekend and do you expect to play at all against Miami -- it's just a series it too. Or is even worth it real as far as you know that buzzwords here all the time don't tie me you know get. That kind of stuff is even worth it to play in the Miami at all -- -- and you know. Ought to ought to go. It was reported initially. That it would be gone for the job. Until the beginning of the playoffs. For that well reported before so this is really just confirming. My report with a quote today I still think that's an outsider as to whether or not. You know he can play next week. I'm sure could get on the field. But from everything I've been told and not to believe was. Stacy a little outside putting him on the field will play out again. And I think that still the way to go if you -- though I wouldn't be surprised if you want to an extra point to prove he could do it so at least present that he. Or just a live boats -- (%expletive) everybody off players who put him all the extra points -- -- But don't tell you what is funny and I don't watch group that the third on the three total extricate it -- support -- team. Chet will fortunately Jones -- -- they're really -- and to duplicate dealers who did well -- out from having -- Guys I think it's I think that that and was may be one of the most over -- stories on because it happened at rock that I mean it is just unbelievable. These these all these type of players who play on special teams for many many years and I don't know why waste our -- dawning on people now that this is not a new concept in the NFL. -- you take too much attention to do I do you let you Wear this stuff get if you will of the people talk about. When it's easily accessible yet it's a welcome above all they targets across this that would complain the boat. You know how much playing time and whether or not Bill Belichick talks to them. -- is your questions. About what time from people don't even go out of the -- And. You said about Israeli -- and I'll gain that go by what I see things are really pretty it's pretty and reliability practice chat -- -- violence and a lot of. A strict testing whether we're absolutely fantastic whenever a depressed they play that I played Thanksgiving night for 22 seconds against the jets in the second quarter. Those the two groups thanks. -- -- smile and a great but it does. Well. We don't -- talking about when it comes to football like he would welcome back to call and the other in the board broached the marquee names of players or is oh. -- I went about what your thoughts on these rumors about Josh did his side to me after this year I'm not a much juries rented up. With the Stanley get a move on to Cleveland but did the rumors are out there you hearing and hearing any -- Effort I heard a few weeks back it was the early introductory treated so it really something to report on the Eagles -- I'm excited to assembled a list of people and an adjustment and it will be on that -- is well. -- -- -- It's like pictures and so he's going to be on everybody's. Chocolates because -- short -- and awfully good coach and I think it also. When you look at the good coaches. Throughout the NFL they have. Coach someplace wants in the 000. Get a second chance for unless they're -- disasters. In the first go round. You know -- Coca won here in New York -- -- in northern Arctic is a legitimate. Coach of the year. And it does take a number of opportunities to directly to distract that depicting handles. I will definitely be on the short list of whether -- San Diego. Chicago -- get -- at least let. The jets I think would be used to not look at him they get rid of Rex Ryan Philadelphia right on down the line completely election. Are they usually more than two years it's. Removed from their previous disaster before the end of the job. The other circuit report -- these are old friends. -- vote every two years he -- another guy we could put in the Mexican. The guy who might you look at I think generally get. Reason too much could be an exception it is you. Sort and so the people who are sitting in the decision making. Here can say look truck at the end of the night went on Brady's quarterback. And Rob Gronkowski and Hernandez Thursday that. The Bill Belichick will receive directly operation. Look what things looked like a trip will look but didn't look like appeared Denver and that fact you can't open again in this market in note would be doing. And more than anything else. How much -- he learned my expectation would be an awful lot. Didn't really a lot of friends in Denver. While making friends but it also must though cause initial strikes were not necessary and I think that's probably something you -- That's gonna make you Francis talk by the jets for a moment quickly what does Woody Johnson do with Mike -- Bob with Rex Ryan with -- Paronto. And where you think -- minute -- -- doubled she ends up. Well we shot and I think is. All we overmatched when it comes to football millionaire. With Johnson & Johnson fortune. And as such you know kind of people around the seventy's and the eighty's and ninety's -- became the -- basically afford -- -- slash. Supporter of Republican. Party it's their fault I go you know I don't care what party -- -- when -- just public money out all the parties. So finally due to a -- threatened to blow his neighbors he wanted to. And since then you know it really hasn't made any. Landmark decisions that need to say what the owner really has been together. -- hit a bump survive inexplicably -- PGA fired. What note to a lot to get so I don't know if Woody Johnson couldn't discriminate between. What's good for the jets. And what's good for him to feel a bit. He's in on the ground war all the decisions being made it at that separately that it could disaster but I think that. Get a bump those. I think that Brian. Status which would be durable comprehensible -- a kernel of driving it would -- to take people that -- -- someplace else. Except circles that might. My feeling is. PO ordered it and I -- -- -- -- but the chip that you that portal want. There's people that here. Really. What are no doubt with a with a pitch well -- what athletes that as well as age back girls -- we call. They got special theme. And I don't what you can do with a I just think the Bill Belichick has such respect foreign armed. And there at that -- I'd like show you what I can do with this clear -- put him in the right situation. Well yeah and I. Review -- certainly we I think all of us agree there's a place for Tim Tebow won the NFL just not as -- decide as a quarterback there's no doubt in my mind that. Now he's awkward as what that. As I just said it does some of the positions Regis and maybe expected of him it's okay. Products right or notes is all the students of the game and -- -- actually did that these. And again -- block like once you know these good athlete there's no doubt -- problem he -- probably -- the patriots -- -- You know German block Burris from Houston didn't -- that would probably soccer players that that panel at the quarterbacks statistically most productive quarterback ever in the SEC. Shortstop right now. It won't get a -- to -- -- the -- that question orders taken Denver. Group inquiry into -- -- and they're really more -- well maybe I was alone in an island lighting you're gone if you -- you're fighting it's on at this point adult life. I was not buy him a fact I remember you -- my short period the stock comet broke down all the games together and I said it wasn't -- wasn't Barber's fumble was preponderance Santa's -- pick sixes. Yes we -- he made a player to hear there but he had a lot. He had a lot of help from a lot of Bob ridiculous incompetent other NFL players from the team a talk with you learn about Iraq by shorts and I thought. I said there were not hurt with a quick slant at that most of the patrons -- -- remember that. You remember. A government are it's obvious the press. We heard it was the year that your top beak are -- accurately which gets up like that that there -- only about what it's that like this is such a logical Denver team. That the last three games again annihilated -- result it was a breezy I would assume he's on the council which could TV radio. And -- -- -- them or 61777. Guy that's 7937. -- a while it's excellent 777 died. But the occupied the private Texas 37937. To -- -- got a quick break Steve others as you guys all I doubled -- -- calls next year in the big show.

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