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Around the NFL with ESPN's Chris Mortensen

Dec 21, 2012|

We go around the league with ESPN32's Chris Mortensen and touch on all topics around the NFL.

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-- -- Snow. -- And jobs for French government requests. To contain it. And I just. Don't like country you are expected I don't like it. Never have even meant nothing as ever -- my mind -- of the old school stuff now burial not. Now the -- -- -- -- -- like some old Glen Campbell -- that on that thought ever we got -- about Hank Williams thought I had you're cup that is country senior not letting Williams junior seniors and. Johnny Cash. Orioles and you'll get back -- on the -- let's head back to propose no idea AT&T forgy LT with speeds up to -- -- -- -- -- three GAT and T -- yourself Chris mores and from a ESP have a conversation with Chris has brought you by the Sharon credit union dragon speech recognition and by top rear tire. Krispy Shepperd and CB got to you today -- Michael -- how we serve very good. Audit Merry Christmas it's named you the same view. Well just quickly your thoughts and on last week's game regarding the patriots before organs -- -- NFL issues and in what you expect out of them going for here the rest of the way. All to me that I let the ANC I still think the patriots are -- -- pages to the team to beat. You know seems -- schools. Heck of a team. I mean I have always said that the one team that nobody really wants to play this coming weekend. I mean this because of the physical nature and then -- and they -- Kong Japanese prime pretty well. It was -- I mean that -- the conditions are rough. Thought it was a remarkable. Just remarkable. That from 31 -- patriots came out and tied and then almost as remarkable that the for it and came back and won that game. I would have liked to have been any fly and then the walls of the Broncos players and -- headquarters. You know in the preakness came back in and decided to do that you know David is that is that by and -- involved here but. Just to disagree for an immediate and get gronkowski back that this the patriots are still gonna probably be the team to beat because. With -- notice. This year the -- playing out the I mean guys that had a dispute with the job go to Vegas. And well. It's good to go it's own life or the but I don't know communism and -- the pay detectives have real issues in the secondary that's obvious because we've seen. Anybody from getting needed to number EU justice summit between -- -- them twice and -- some pretty good. This sacred and that here that is so dangerous because. You know at home you know they get run on the football on jobs on his game then ill. They have a good front seven. Not -- another Texas. The Broncos have even though they put together a really good winning streak here if you break it down game making its spin on it and they've had to grind these wins out. And you know the key for them to me is getting their -- right Chris Cooper back. And he's really been out now most this season and they go to his comeback in the playoffs. But I just don't think I still think they're they're very. They're learning -- still evolving and -- so. You know to me it's it's those three teams that it'll -- any bill that conference. You know winning any and one of those retained will be admissible. The other is a couple other entry only ask you this quick discreetly on the pages report before -- moved to some of the games and some other issues going on the NFL. We're currently having the fumble don't count the forest and because it was ruled on the overturned -- had a -- how do you think -- -- sector's going to handle. -- Ridley and -- over the next couple weeks away. Assumed that he just let him that he got to have the complacency he uses it's gotten into their head -- and whether we can happen I mean and then. And you know OK you're on your back to your passing game you run game. But you know at some point in his second kicker misses still goals I mean you know use that -- you know run and put one between the -- sin. -- on out he put two balls down every game the next couple weeks and he got -- you probably gonna break confidence that the coach. And what are we are closer to figure out who's the MVP Yugoslavia if overseas. You know I've said that the three Timorese who treatment three player race with you know Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan kind of -- -- in 04 and five with -- JJ -- and -- around the you know right now are casting the vote today I'd guess -- rate him Peterson and it would mean embrace your idea but it's not like baseball where you get to. So -- 125. When you turn your belly -- -- for one. The Associated Press ballot so I just voted for -- it would be Adrian Peterson and even though. There's an offensive player of the year award the counselor I have my record breaking year but not on a playoff team. So I I -- not ever envision in Minnesota Vikings been -- six at this point I'd ever been in the meaning Nate yeah. I think Adrian Peterson elevated the play everybody despite the quarterback plane. Sub par despite the despite the -- you -- been missing for half -- season. You know. To -- in Houston has been the MVP and then like Tom Brady's head. You know this -- season record back to me of any quarterback but. Enter the you know. Playing in a new system bringing along new players. All the -- -- change you know meaning you know might have slighted them Brady but it doesn't matter broadcast level for Adrian Peterson that's only vote yet. Speaking of mediocre quarterbacks play lately how about the intriguing game this week one of them Baltimore and the giants Manning and Flacco. As such it's a tough game to handicap the tough game to break -- something's gotta give judge humiliated last week the ravens just look like they've been lost for a month. Icy -- game player now. -- -- I have picked the giants that led to openly talked to both teams there is no swagger. On either team I mean to both teams competence. Barely broken and the mentally toughest team the proper team and I have to give the -- the giants and -- -- leader mentally tougher. You know they haven't Ahmad Bradshaw back this week is a big deal. Because I think it Eli Manning's confidence. Grows when he's -- in the back field as well they have a little bit tougher running game physical running game. He'd been on the passing game and a modest got everything down in terms of protection David Wilson the rookie does not. And then. That is the effect of not having Hakeem -- been -- practice on a regular basis this year I mean. And that's that's not -- level of confidence that they needed to Kenny Phillips -- SAT I think it's big deal for the giants. So dugout like the giants in this game and to me that the ravens -- mean now I can here in their voices in more than one voice dislike. It we just so we went in the rest of the season and a lot in the playoffs but I don't know if they're gonna win another game the rest of the season. Are you surprised Cam Cameron -- Cam Cameron Jim Caldwell are you just surprised at calorie rice has been yours overall this year with that team I'm stunned. -- dollars and there have been times in the with a -- when they. Tried to use this all the right ways that. Yeah I mean you know this -- with great race always wanna be able to get the -- it and somebody yelled run and passed 25 times a game. I don't know what the average touches -- great is that. But you know did I used to the -- -- Cam Cameron was still mistake. You don't fire opposite coordinator at that point this season. In hell. And so you know I think that was that was the mistake that the analysts and their problems this year. They've been more on defense and offense. And that would be a great -- So therefore that's why ray rice's role was even that much more important because certainly wanna keep -- clock. These -- you know -- your defense a decent rest down. Was out firing of Kim Cameron -- mortar -- votes play calling or personality conflicts. And I think brought play call and say -- and they they did almost pitted at the end of last season they probably shouldn't just then. But you know I mean it's not likely would have I don't know they would have found somebody get a better job. So we know the ill -- -- -- the -- just -- Seen enough probably had expressed this same frustration you'd expressed that. Mean just the target and it -- that I can -- -- only -- with your team less than a year and as a quarterback coach out of the coordinator and not call plays. In this league I mean. There's an -- -- plays in game Joseph Gibbs you know that -- named coach of you know Joe's Joseph used to think -- maybe five to seven guys. Who really understood the art of indeed play call and -- obligation plan you can means script the first fifteen plays. That it takes it takes to the hill it's a gift it's a gift and in its -- I don't know why maybe we expected Jim Caldwell would be able to turn that around. Was -- Chris mores have ESPN's Chris as a couple quick questions one another game quickly that it that affects the patriots of people are interested and to me. That is is Pittsburgh and Cincinnati is this the week where the Bengals finally. -- compete one of the teams in the division that they need to be. I they've lost the Steelers five straight in you know I don't know how what three out of the beat him what three out of last maybe fifteen times they played. And the Bengals get it done on the road on Sunday. I had just don't know I mean you know did it look in the series ever wrote the deficiencies in the secondary those are real. And so you know Andy Dalton AJ green have to have a big game in the -- entering Grissom to the the other. It was just trying to develop another another receiver since the new one out is that a problem. BenJarvus green Ellis and only -- -- running game it's student leaders have. Notes and yet in the big certainly have an opportunity here but it but that's all right there right now that I think the Bengals defensive front seven. If they're gonna have to dominate this game and create some turnovers some now and so I think it's a it's a tossup game and I picked the Steelers to win it. And and finally from me Chris. Are you hearing rumors about Josh McDaniels Jones of Cleveland brown do you think there's any way. That he leaves the patriots after this season. -- -- -- get the heck of a coach and I think that. You know in the right circumstances you know you were judges get some folks -- head coach. That you know he's he's he's gonna go when he's ready to go I mean I'm sure -- -- -- justices. The united plus settled down my family's just settle down one place for awhile. But you know. When you look for jobs you look at the owner. And and do we have room I think we're talk about -- guys -- going to be one of the premium holders in this week. So summaries and they King Kong for jobs. Mean maybe just answers and not a -- no. I would think it that would be a little bit foolish because there are rare opportunities and have a chance to work for an owner. That I think is going to be successful example. Our Chris thank you -- growing at them oh no I know I hear Nigeria well thanks so much always great stuff you Chris symbol talk to next week I get tickets for next elect Chris mortenson are from a ESP and it's 6177797937. -- Fred -- honesty guys all lined up. Quick break we'll get your flash it's being jeopardized DB Osce in for the big old Michael solid today on the big show.

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