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Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Dec 21, 2012|

Pete Sheppard and Steve DeOssie talk to Jerod Mayo on a Patriots Friday and get his take on the Jacksonville Jaguars and the playoff outlook for the New England Patriots.

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Big Shepard and Steve DeOssie brilliant today when Norway Michael Holley a conversation with drug mail brought to you by camp practice sausages Sam Adams Boston -- and Boston laser also are quickly and if you were drug -- presented by. SP ally the no nonsense no not that life insurance company is now offering lower rates for men and women call 88. Debt SP go -- or visit SBO I dot com -- York free quote drug male page -- DB Osce which you repeated Friday how will you share. -- a fantastic. Let me ask you -- Mike -- you might not know from WEEI dot com just -- ought to say is said. After mail just -- interview in front of agitated Kyle Erickson who joked quote I'll be waiting outside your house. Anything to that you guys this -- and around. Our domestic. You can definitely wanted to. I've -- exactly that if you're infringing with that crowd of media person all around his locker make it difficult for him to to suit -- -- get -- to would've. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah as well. Absolutely. If you don't go to two. You couldn't be playing too. Different levels of of opponents of old feud between last week Kim and this week. How old you know. Prepare. Differently if anything for Jacksonville as compared to how you prepared for a percent Cisco. -- -- beyond what you on Oakmont anywhere you know let's just in the other and might as you can't that we actually. You know we dollar settlement each and every game -- think that since I changed the pace of success that after the law currently have. After they went to -- offense so. Now that put a lot of focus in on Jacksonville and that's where it used to be. How stunned were you initially when the team was down by you know Blake early in the third quarter. You know you're down you're down 31 to three you look at the scoreboard I -- -- most of -- oh my goodness does not used to seeing the patriots trailing at home. Or any other wrote that mad about that many points. -- you know obviously I shot a little bit -- you know it and I looked around. I'm sure -- -- -- and the guys you know it won't go out and -- and we do not plan on special also. The gas continue to fire -- the woman that -- not so. Black assailant would turn the page now -- -- -- And when you when you look at Jacksonville loses their. Anything at all there that you can point to visit that gives cause for concern. Well as eight based good off from time in my opinion on -- as well. I got off alarm I just heard that John as you want people I have a sense they have got to. If the plant which now that -- got -- -- -- -- there will be on again and got people got out thanks short there is governor gray uniform. Taken short short passes a long ways such an eleven -- to applaud also get a -- and he's athletic ability to think they can do it removed the last. He met a lot of throws on the -- -- outside inside the so there's a lot of good things. When asked about the linebacker unit as as a whole. What they need to do to get better last that they need to play a little bit better up the middle to help -- the second or more. Our allotment that -- that are now would try to focus our. The first law communication and -- on the same page Iraqi says being able to hit it out from across the middle. We'll would discourage some of the close enough to help -- out. And also played around there are many look at they're say there are a lot of things that we can do to get better you know across the board. How does two adults look on films has come back injured. -- Our I'm sure everybody looks pretty dirty as -- -- -- for those you know. Into arguments and you know that and that you know what the other instruments are. But it's true that literally you're right -- well you're you're sitting here -- your your art RD in the playoffs. You're looking at two a number of different possibilities. Two guys talk about it think about it discuss it at all the -- around locker room -- Oh yeah what the possible seedings are and how they might line up two guys even. Bring that subject up. -- how little you know we will have little short term focus short term memory and you know what I think one day at a time man right now also on actual you know actual summit that's about it. They -- -- really hurt them much around the locker remains and I fed assault by Jack tremendous potential that -- And as the leader of this team. How do you get the young guys all on board to -- the same way how the body get them to buy into this one game at a time thing the guy has done so well. As a mom how that conflict. It just continues the stretch that you know. Any given time that you remove it and you know no matter what their record that we ultimately cast will say they'll have a direct result of -- record on the candidates played the task. You know that is now of course again and professional manner and put a lot into it not Internet and. I saw this wanna go back in and focus on certainly we see not just the period is paid to have blown out -- before and the jets in 2010 and then. You know what happened in the in in the playoffs real on the west participated happens all the time. Is it frustrating -- sometimes to two. Answer certain questions or you hear it would you listen to the radio he reached up and newspaper whenever. Sometimes the the over reaction of fans and some media alike. Try to compare. What happened in week thirteen to what possibly could happen down on the -- to me it's the most frustrating aspect of of dealing with some people and reading listening to some media people are concerned not just you guys for the whole National Football League. -- about them you know not like you have liking or anything like that and rocket center there is -- any given Sunday. It could be out I really don't pay attention. Not and I don't support you that -- -- that armor in that. I don't look that already. You know I don't like -- or Centre -- like that -- -- you know we don't talk about it norm ignores it and not get caught up -- -- and such as they gather around the block of pretty much goes -- -- but you have to remember you know. And -- stand. That the media type circles you know they sort of you know changes one week you're the hottest thing and then next week. -- you're the worst insult tumbled out to dispatch this season. No rebound anytime you play at sixteen weeks assistant and -- I sat there as you know as slow policies you know so so. No we chartered -- -- and continue to work everyday get better not focus our focus right now we're currently. We don't we don't care about the regular vote here about -- and losses on one. Our question for me just wanna know house crock looked at practice this week he's been there all three days and and I've got to go up against them. The last three days at all. Now you know you know I can't answer that question yeah. I'm glad -- Oh on the leader on the phone reception no let your that's that is yet as rock you rock I sit. We did you motives -- That's what you guys ask you about I don't know Clinton talked I kept to a tournament. All we have asked bill -- anybody here looking at the latter part of efforts -- ugly and not daddy -- I'm not saying we have to break down and he plays are about to -- and it always is -- as he -- you know decent out there as he lost a step or two which I don't think he has but it. Terrible I don't -- while the -- horrible. 21 well we get -- is there and have been removed fully yet we're still trying so we're trying to tracking some bad subsided full -- we should ultimately -- sorted out like out Jack I give the senate -- I'll I don't know does well this week. I saw which will try to drum circle round who worked her way you -- that if we you know we we have -- -- Belichick or Wilfork yet several. We're not stop trying to go back -- The drug -- version Roger up next molecular evidence. Good luck on Sunday against the Jacksonville -- and against what documentary that's what our particular. Drug -- patriots linebacker here on the big show and a sports reader WR with -- were drug mail what's presented by SB illogical nonsense like insurance company. Is now offering new rates for men and women call 88. Yet SP allies or visit SP EL I dot com for your free quote -- -- tried to jab my intricate black -- David last bit of its ways -- it. Ago the big goats augur well but it -- At maybe his rookie year -- triple that put Heath if I phrase like -- rock bridge today twice is that true. It can work to reverse a good idea you know you have -- -- -- call -- yeah yeah. Gosh rockers really tweet Nevada earned it today ought to cut by about two weeks dog restaurant -- -- your -- absolutely it's a good corporation. I quit that second break Tim Sam John -- you guys lined up 617779. 7937. You can tweet that are at Texas -- it's the act at 37937. You can tweet me. He -- PS ATP. Three through six in the and we have to read. And he tweets with the quarter quote thoughtful discourse and Texas well so far. Africa today odd speech to Steve -- with you on the big show in for Glenn and Michael back to more phone calls next on Sports Radio W yeah.

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