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Patriots safety Pat Chung on the evolution of the team's secondary

Dec 21, 2012|

Lou and Chris take a look at the Pats secondary with one of the team's key members, Pat Chung, and how his return and the addition of Aqib Talib have changed the defense. They also discuss the team's response to the 28-point deficit last week against the 49ers.

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Right now gonna bring in our guy Patrick Chung and Patrick Chung brought you back quickly tire and auto center Patrick it's -- increase price from WEEI dot com and wonder how the week went coming off the tough loss against. Against the Sampras Cisco when you walk into a team that's that's two and twelve and I'm sure Bill Belichick trying to explain you how great they are in all three phases as the bad for a week to practice get ready for this one. Good thing about exactly hardly excused mean. -- -- that actually I mean you're right Jessica attempted apps out there and get their record who are the critical. I imagine you guys saw a lot of film of Chad -- this weekend in we've written about this a couple of times and it's been talked about a couple of times that. It did pennies put together says some pretty impressive performances against the knowing and they're doing and defense what's your what are your impressions what are you seeing on film of him and the way he's getting acclimated to those two young receivers Cecil shorts and Justin Blackmon. Now he's going there actually there who watch and he's he's really good quarterback validly argue that -- are using your record regular script throws anything like that things -- right now so. When he got to play got to play a regular you know NFL offense quarterback -- in -- that we -- You saw an uptick in playing time on last week against the 49ers how are you feeling right now going into this key stretch of finals a couple of games of the regular season go to the policies are you where you want to be both mentally and physically. Yeah that's what impact of the demands -- your hearing in my number's called -- and there are members called little -- -- Clinton has got to. -- we're about to -- Sony's got to work hard keep keep work or are they consistent and it just don't do. You know you guys have done a much better job here in his last few weeks as far as big plays giving them up and -- Last week there was a couple couple one possession touchdown pass to Crabtree but overall. Much better play get a couple guys in Cecil shorts who's really. Had a great run here recently Justin Blackmon has sort of walk up them I'm sure a lot of film lot of study -- these two guys to make some big place. Yeah that that's inclement where I mean they they're bolt won one and -- deep once -- -- -- stronger and bigger you know so that post. Two different aren't threats it's. And got a player potentially dangerous. We've talked about this a few times over the course of the year but so much of the success back in the secondary is about. Building continuity in building wraps alongside guys in getting to know their tendencies and strengths and weaknesses and learning how to work together you guys about a lot of moving parts back there over the course this season. How do you feel right now about the continuity about where you guys are as a secondary about where you guys are as a group the defense effects. Yes you're good man and as a bunch. Young guys in this -- make plays and you know as a child wanting help. So when they're going to you know whatever game we have to go out of incontinence and slowed -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm like no -- guys out not. In -- -- and there are going to learn chanting it's only -- those like him. In a special problem. How is it key -- due to her -- as he allowed you to do some things that maybe a little bit differently then then you guys were doing before where there are you guys doing anything differently now. Then. When you were before when. With forty got -- exactly yeah before it. Everything everything the -- -- We -- we know it totally different you never know we're gonna do so they're in the same route that would have a good corner up there to you know play well. A shock you guys walk into that after time their set Sampras is going to sort of jumped all over it seemed like you guys were playing your style football there and -- first Apple's -- -- like. I mean -- -- -- that let me finish. Its own game -- Hafner is gonna come out there is purely political. That's sort of try to you talk -- -- -- and a big game because team in FC opponent that people look at as one of the Super Bowl favorite as well as yourself was that something that. Maybe if physical style of play the way they attack you from cap predict maybe throwing a ball maybe a little bit more than you thought maybe the Zogby more Frank Gore -- the surprise unit. And I mean -- -- probably place in this got to limit those big plays you know vehicle again. But I mean a world that -- -- object. You are on to Jacksonville on with the news that the pulled a couple talks they're expecting a big following from the pages don't get many fans down there Patrick. So that there are excited about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This Sunday we'll talk -- you have a safe and happy holiday season as well. -- Hear their character that's Patrick Chung.

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