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Taking a moment for Sandy Hook: WEEI takes part in national moment of silence

Dec 21, 2012|

One week after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Dennis and Callahan Show takes part of a nationally organized moment of silence followed by the toll of 26 bells from a church in Newtown, CT. They also express their personal views on the tragedy.

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As we've mentioned on a couple of occasions but I will repeat for those of you were joining us late across the country at 9:30 this morning which is. Almost to the second one week from the events happening in Newtown Connecticut. There will be a national moment of silence and I know the governor is is leading the Massachusetts moment of silence. All of the broadcasting entities -- All of the TV stations I would assume almost all of the radio stations. We'll all be participating in the national moment of silence in remembrance and honor of the victims. And and for people who don't know when it happens at the bottom of the hour. Are there will be 8262. Moment of silence. And that will be followed by the peeling of 26 church bells. One. Each in honor of the victims of the 26 victims of the of the shootings in in sandy -- elementary school. So that's all coming up at the bottom of the hour we are proud to take part in a we we wanna do whatever we can do win and all of us have been casting about. And in this case what we can do was remember and that's what will do with the bottom of the -- us and everybody else on the planet. It's it's a horrible thing to remember but this is also in honor of those victims. Yes it's been a brutal week in the you know I was watching for -- last night piers Morgan had one of the fathers on. Of a little boy he just the it's just birdied the -- guy can barely get persons and you just think this guy's life. Is shattered. It's over. Completely shattered because this mindless idiotic act. These poor kids and their families and assist. It's I guess I guess fish is hard to record -- around the utilities he just can't it's still as a make any sense of make sense there is no way to Memphis and it's just there's you know. As I said last week. Reasonable people are looking for reasonable explanations for an unreasonable -- yeah you'll never get their. And and unfortunately in this world sometimes crazy happens. It is the worst I mean you know for me when you talk or these crazy access. The one and it's for me and that an awful lot of people who just. And by the way for people who don't remember because you know memory spade and it wasn't in this country in Scotland in 1996. And almost the identical situation happened a gunman. In a school. Shot and killed I believe it was eight teen. Kindergartners yeah. So unfortunately. You -- this never happened again. I hope I pray to god it never does but it has happened before it happened in Scotland. I I hope that it never happens again I hope there's something that can be done to ensure that it never. And again like we said earlier all you can use in trying to limit the possibility that happen again in he can't. Stuff like this is unfortunately going to happen -- in the history of the world we know that but just prevent things from happening through the motion can't. That's coming up the bottom of the hour will be taking part and it as well people all across the globe a -- up in Maine hey Craig Tatum. Paid great first let their first time caller thank you got here from Florida. And I'm I'm wondering because we don't hear much about hockey down apolitical campers -- -- lightning we don't hear much and I'm I just moved back out here. From moving away a long time ago and get trying to get back into hockey and then all of sudden this happens and I'm wondering. Is that I don't even know who to blame here as far as the not the clock eating -- Everybody play everybody the owners the players I blame everybody. I don't think you know I'd like other fans with everything that's going on in the country these days in the chaos the one thing that brought. America together I think is sports I mean right after 9/11 I I had a huge gathering at my house in Florida currently has simple law. And it just you know people that wanted to get together that -- watch sports just. Who are now watching sports these days because of that because -- gatherings and things of that nature -- just. Wonder at the players and the owners realize that. Well care I mean I mean it's hard to say they care at this point you know it's hard to make a case that these guys care that much physically they don't care about the fans here Bettman clearly don't terrible things right on this point eight dead -- and they pay lip service to it. They will try to convince you that it matters that you matter they get it you don't matter. Don't matter to them obviously not. Oh and exactly hit edit it out of the get -- unfortunately Craig you you can nail on the head and and don't for a minute think when the wind when it finally ends whether it's this year -- next your when it when they finally come back. Odd they're all gonna pay lip service to how much you matter to them and how concerned they are about their line that lying every one of them is like -- individuals care. There -- the players who care their individual owners who care as a group. The National Hockey League owners as a group that turned and Gary Bettman they've turned their back they don't care don't they do not the NHL PA and Donald -- they don't care about what you know. Dale is there once once section of fans team's fans that you think might. Responded that negatively more. Meaning not actual games aside from the a sites in the areas we talked about -- -- don't -- hockey in -- you see that's the thing you know not a bad -- it yet that that you know the areas that hockey matters I mean do you think that there's going to be does this mass. I'll boycott of of the NHL in the Canadian cities like when I ask -- of the Bruins start tend to lead to. The new exhibit by anger an 18565. In that barn every night every. It's not you know. And this is one of the house this is a one places where hockey matters but good -- in -- places if you turn a city or they don't care to start the new team stinks after this moment it's brutal well that's the other part of this and and you know the news he said to me -- don't think that they're gonna play as Jack doesn't that apply. I think that will be forced contraction. I think there are cities where hockey will never exist again. If the dot if they don't play this year and other doesn't think that's good that. Yes if Phoenix went out of business if if the Florida Panthers went out of business they think it would be fine. And and if that's how you wanna ultimately get to contraction well then you could certainly do. Because that's what happened you're gonna have teams go out of business I mean you're talking about you know was just in Phoenix arable. After this -- and a hard time Randy -- trying to get sailed on. They've got a huge issue and I -- -- 253000. People at games. Right impossible come this year our eyes. Get this over please I I just. That the the problem I have here is. I fear that they are so entrenched they are so -- hell bent on beating the other guy the Donald -- wants to beat Gary Bettman. It Gary Bettman wants to beat Donald -- That's what these deals get done by the other guys by the second and third guys from. You know usually how it gets on what I thought was gonna happen when the owners and the players got to brighten my doubt -- there yet receive their leadership and. And it didn't work out. We are approaching the bottom of the hour and and I'm on one of the monitors in -- studio here I'm looking at a picture of a church in Newtown Connecticut. Pouring rain down there I've we don't have windows here but I know what was most or rain here as well. In unfortunately. Adds to the gloomy mood that we've all been feeling for a week now it was a it was a week Hewitt today at 9:30 in the morning. That this lone. Crazed. Gunman. Stepped into an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. Sandy hook elementary school and shot and killed 26 innocent people six of them were adults. Twenty of them were children. None of them were older than seven. All of the victims were six and seven years old. And that's probably the part of this whole thing that has been hardest for all of us understand. It's part of it of this whole thing that that none of us have been able to wrap our minds around. And that's all across the country. Here. Broadcast entities across the country. Cities towns across America everybody in the United States of America is getting ready here to observe a national moment of silence. It is in memory and in honor of the 26 victims. And throughout America people try to remember -- try to think about what happened. And you'll pray to whatever god they believe -- At the sort of thing never happens again. -- A yeah. -- A in. And mean. That -- That period of time. Probably best epitomized by texture who just said god please. Make that the last belt -- its. -- Richard doing obviously she's thinking. Everyone and other bells and of it as another it's some votes another key right now that other victims should. Unspeakable. Will take a break. Because frankly I need now -- just compliment.

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