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Rob Ninkovich isn't taking the Jags' offense lightly

Dec 21, 2012|

Patriots linebacker and defensive lineman Rob Ninkovich shares what's on his mind heading into this weekend's game against the Jaguars.

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Patriots are in Jacksonville on Sunday -- next the last game of the regular season. Joining us right now on the AT&T hotline is patriots linebacker and defensive linemen defensive person let's -- that Rob Ninkovich. Rob it's dale and Kirk Oreo. -- When you watch film of the -- Jacksonville Jaguars and and look realistically we don't think there's any way in the world it. That Maurice Jones-Drew can play this weekend but the have to prepare as if he will. -- You know obviously they didn't put him. Well our own reasons or big army withered you know gonna try to curb your game. Our last few seasons to interfere in order to see you don't know what you can do so you don't have to be prepared for him. Notification. On Sunday -- Mr. -- You know a consensus here obviously Robbins who wins Jacksonville you guys going down they should win this game. When you look at film these guys what jumps out offensively that should concern your guess the fans and greater watches games something. You know there will make complaints -- you know you are bigger appetite and -- -- trip to respect their direct. Aren't you go -- from Iraq actual ball. Armed -- during game it definitely has some back section makes the makes regardless. And you know pennies to -- your job arm coming it and replace senator ever -- economic and some sort of a -- so. You know again that's so you're prepared are we because. You know they're losers. Are great players and everything out there. I -- that week to week -- dated -- the patriots are concerned about improving and and and making up for mistakes that they might have made previously. When you look at what happened on Sunday night what was the problem in stopping the running game against San Francisco. Are you are and it. Sometimes other -- -- it you got to give credit for her well against us now arm appeared that there -- able to. Followed shooter from you know wrinkles. You were able to adjust to -- up so I think that. -- anybody in that -- he can't take anything away from what they did and we have to do better job and learn from the mistakes we've made. And and I. This has been a problem here the past couple weeks -- you guys -- real good start against the run this season SA what the last five or six week it. It has been as consistent -- it's jumped telling you. You guys look at this here's an -- that stands out why you guys have not been able to. These division were saying earlier in the season against the run. -- -- -- -- and the other view things throughout the year and you know again you don't -- -- uses. You know we have a better -- -- -- -- so on moving forward river. Move on pretzels gains in unchartered through this weekend the last regular season. I don't like I've ever seen 31 play scoring drives in a game in my life you probably haven't either. There are. So all -- -- world. All of those things ever again. I wouldn't I would expect weather wise it's going to be a pleasant nice nice afternoon in Jackson Miller certainly more pleasant nice and it was Sunday night here. Guys tell me that. That rain is the issue that that snow when coal is one thing. But if you just soak and wet and it's and it's like it was Sunday night that's when it gets to be a little miserable plan out there. -- under the threat of -- that are they're worried about personal all those guys that are hand on the ball on the tremendous trend like that. And they have those. Plastic globe alone. You know it -- bracelet so. You know -- together -- says. You know deal with the weather issues. You know emergency drills well. Did you consult your Mayan calendar rob did you think the world was ending today. Are. Any guys that seem any conspiracy guys on the team they're buying into that. And now a reminder realizes you know select your start capture the state to answer. The mayans didn't think this thing through is what you expect from -- Well good luck this weekend and and even beyond this weekend Merry Christmas stealing your family in that and a happy holidays in best of luck to. Thanks -- -- they care that is a patriots linebacker defensive -- Campbell these kind of hybrid and Willie McGinest type Rob Ninkovich who. Plays all over the place for this team.

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