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Dale, Kirk and Kevin survive the threat of a Mayan Apocalypse

Dec 21, 2012|

The world is clearly not coming to an end, but the chances of an NHL season are dwindling.

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Probably a bad sign and bad form that I feel obligated to begin that the proceedings this morning with -- apology. And and I do feel the obligation to apologize as we start things here if you. If you did upon my advice squat Max archer American Express card yesterday I'm sorry you're still here. IE if it'll make you feel any better -- to maxed out my American Express card yesterday I mean just because I've you know. Would give advice that I wouldn't take myself so all's fair at least I'm in the same boat you're in and I'm I'm sorry they were all still here with. Debt that we never be able. We know what you said yesterday this could be purgatory who knows we might get -- hit it might happen before it's the -- I was trying to think of yesterday with Harold camping. And I remembered John and Gerry had this guy on on the radio then he started in 1994. He said the day. He said 1994 was the year the rapture would begin. And Harold camping you know -- right and then. It didn't happen at least as far as we know -- didn't happen and so he said you know my bad I screwed up my math so he went back -- recalculated. Any told all of his followers that may 21 2011 was the actual date now at least you know owned and his mask yields and figured out may 21 -- -- death. So many -- followers drain I'm not even making a joke here drain their bank accounts. Took all their stuff got rid of it and began spreading the word on -- behalf that you know here comes the end of the world on May 21 2011. On May 22 2011. They were all still there. We're just a little pissed off at Harold camping chair. This is many of them had drained savings to promote the message and you'll be shocked to hear this Kirk. They reacted with quote anger and confusion. He now said he read this message and he's a I bet it's not may 21 2011 it's October 21 2011. It work out so well and so I I you know -- the mayans might have just forgotten to carry the one that stuff happens. They ran out of room on their we'll -- to make in the calendar could be I mean just a you know -- I mean listen. Predict swings I'm Juliet find producer of the program brought me a story that was on CNN apparently you know who doesn't believe. Some of them the Mayan calendar that the admiral gonna die today. The -- Up. Here -- My answer I think we're going to be okay that's where you are better than they are DOC you gave me advice yesterday go back to it occurred occurred UN heading to. I didn't heal right so the lions -- and don't even believe what they're spewing yet did you know that on an American Express platinum card you can actually charger car. Yes you do this of course I'm. So. Do you think it has it -- -- not quite as a new car in the drive and good morning I'm happy for her -- and -- Man oilman. We're all still. Organizing his wife amber at that. Hole that's a text message that in Britain they give -- they if we told now. Above the duties -- his in laws coming. This is actually rooting -- the priceless -- -- Ladies and I I I don't know what to tell you got an out there it's. -- like Harold camping Europe and we don't know what time -- -- I don't know to 611. Because. All the whole premise here or minutes whole premise here was that I wasn't gonna get up at 6 o'clock and all my body in Europe at 611 it was going to be gone you know what -- 611 is Erica -- -- now format it's exactly I think now's -- time for me. Finally confessed Ahmanson's. -- -- REI. Like beat up but you have right now if it's more minutes to get this in. He's also. -- I want to work on it six out of this there's this great piece of Brady was just -- just put it this way okay. I recognize the pitchers whose paper Hamilton happen and I -- about Esther does she take American Express still lives. And I've. Whole bunch of stuff going on and and and is there ever anybody who had a better name for their profession and Suzy favor. I -- I dropped last name 06 grand favor Obama I would I would rock the animal in part. She hole and it kind of disappointed because Suzy -- would have been perfect. Not to go home throughout the -- minutes. -- the most Google image search yesterday I buy this buy me alone don't tell he delivered it to yeah. It at like twenty minutes at 6 this -- put his -- These days if you haven't seen as you may that you may or may not in the -- putts socialists the highest rated that's the show in Boston sports today -- -- -- thought about it I was I was -- -- and car for about my personal the story on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These are supposed to be and yet he would payment obligation suited. -- I don't know I didn't miss that. If I was appliances and a new car at the time -- and I missed the -- and -- well. -- -- -- -- By the league and -- most Mercedes-Benz dealerships they seemed surprised when you give from the platinum card really is just well I would fictionalized pixel line yesterday -- the credit cards and platinum cards out and -- to. It's a bunch of stuff to talk about the course of date today. It is critical my boss -- himself yesterday. I tell you go there I didn't you know Max out the credit cards. -- -- Three minutes left. Well it's an attempt to do. -- -- for ticking -- -- perfect but things were -- finally things are working now for two minutes left in requests are happy we're approaching the Mike to Rico in ninety seconds left in the game stats stature. Yeah looks good I mean he's ninety seconds to go in the game I wondered if if Gary Bettman was rooting for the -- -- I think my it Gary -- was that -- Over two. 1300. Games have been canceled during the tenure of Gary Bettman. Over 2300. Games. What might have we done yet by what's the lowest he played deal. They did I hear it was 48 teams during his well I got an -- in 9495. They played 94 again and -- excuse me 48 games they began. On January 24 write a week later than the latest cancellation date date carried the regular season intent may them. And then maybe they locked out because three of the of the series the playoff series ended in sweeps. So they did end up actually awarding the Stanley Cup in late June at the series gone longer it would have been in you know fourth of July by the time they they awarded the Stanley Cup. And and what's happened here is that yesterday the National Hockey League canceled all the games up until January 14. Which is actually it's okay with me. Because that's now all of the the drop dead date. Bright if they don't have an agreement over by then the season is over and believe me I'm not rooting for the season to be over those of us who get paid per game in -- sand. Have already taken a big enough hit on this whole thing. But but I'm kind of with many of the hop fans in the National Hockey League -- just stopped jerking me you know either do what -- don't do what I'm sick of playing the game. Did the daily what's the latest on that this happened have they talked they run and -- is there a mediator involved. At at this point as much as I've got a vested interest in this thing it's like wake me up just get a deal -- Deal -- -- Deal right I mean I think everybody's. -- -- different -- can read progress is being made things are going back is just it's a deal or not. It's one of those weird things because during Gary Bettman tenure as commissioner of the National Hockey League economically the league has done incredible things. Gary Bettman himself pointed out last year they had 3.3 billion dollars in revenue an all time record. And yet in the course of his tenure over 2300. Games have been canceled. If finally the owners in the national hockey at some point or another I got a B sample. He's done real well in this department and I am happy with back. But 17%. Of the games scheduled during his tenure as commissioner have been canceled. Explain to me any legitimate major sports slate. That over the course of a twenty year period cancels 17% of again. So as a make any sense and just it doesn't make any sense that this happening again in this -- it but it just doesn't add up and in anybody's looking at. Rationally soberly outside of this whole thing looks and it's. How is this happening again now holding anybody thought you most cynical people fathers and get to this point. Now I'd been I -- I -- there's no end and I said all along and I probably still even believe. But there's no way in the world to cancel another season they lost the entire 050405. Season. I in 9495. They played safe -- actually wasn't the 9495 season it was the 95 season. -- they started January 21 this will be the 2013. Season if they if they start. I never believed there was any chance in the world that these two sides would let it get to the point where there is no season and I still don't believe they would. But I'd I'd probably think there's a lot better chance now and I did before who's gonna step up who's going to be the Bob Kraft and this here's here's the problem. And I think that this is this is a major issue. I don't think Donald Fehr is worried about his legacy as head of the National Hockey League players association through and I think he's worried about his legacy. In the legal community. I think keys EB he's retired he came out of retirement to take this position. He's I think he's more concerned about winning the antitrust legal battle against the -- And NB the first guy to take on -- league in a legal battle and win now I don't think he can win but I think that's what's in the back of his mind here. If I was a player. I'd want the executive director of the NHL PA out the door if I was an owner I'd want to commissioner of the National Hockey League out the door. Because I think it has become. Pardon the in delicacy of putting it this way a Richard measuring contest between these two Nim -- It's kind of always -- that's the one thing you look at these two guys and wondered who -- first feels like it just hasn't happened but Batman I mean does work for the owners in in in essence I mean so. While he works for a portion of the web -- the problem that really needs eight. That's the -- that's why we are where we are right I I think if you I happen to think that if you poll the players. Secretly and anonymously right now. They would vote to take. The last offer that was on the table I I think they'd say okay let's go to war owes us a deal do you believe I know the report -- Bob McKenzie added back in the last hawks when they were in New York it would want to the midnight deadlines. The players on the ready to take a vote and and fears it. Q more in the NHL this way at -- and often is an. Donald fears nickname in in the sports community is deadline. He wants to take it to the very little at 11159. Of the last today. To try to squeeze every drop every concession he can get out of the other side. And I think ultimately I think that's what they did yesterday with the cancellation of games up till January 14. And Gary Bettman proclamation at 48 games has the fewest number of games that he's going to be willing to apply -- I think what they've said is that's the -- yeah that's it. And and on January 14 or whatever day you have to have an agreement done to begin the season on January 21 if we don't have an agreement. We got to shut down now the problem is the year has convinced the players. There is no -- Right that whatever date Gary Bettman says will take him to that date has hit just add to him. Not out -- they say god January 14 listed as the deadline so we got a deal done on the fifteenth they still wouldn't start the season that's how the players feel right now. Right you know the worst part of this is right now is indifference. Public indifference that we we've entered that stage now where I mean people want hockey obviously. Nobody's jumping up and down right now. There's no anger it's it's it's given way to indifference and I've always say it will the anger will calm after week seventeen the NFL season right around the time between the he of the two week lead up. -- once football ends. That's when that's when the publicly that turnarounds -- low -- -- yields on subsidies in some cities are racked -- for those who love hockey that's where the uproar is going to call. That's and I understand that's a hard you know our core base but for the French people. And -- gonna move -- this is a city where hockey matters writes I mean this is a city where hockey is is a is a Major League sport unlike Nashville. Miami Tampa Phoenix problem Columbus -- I mean and in those cities. Not only is there indifference I think most -- forgot there wasn't a national absolutely. I mean and and this is a city where it matters obviously New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh -- Toronto movement in Detroit we -- the list of cities where it does -- anywhere where it's cold right now. So late in the midwest it's way beyond the call -- Qaeda in the midwest that on the mayans were right after I hit it I I I think that in this city where hockey matters it is slowly slipping into that. You know what just for our titled I -- that that sense here I mean obviously they made a deal through a Bruins fans should be happy but. You'll get -- you'll get I understand you know the hardcore hockey fans are different but the outside people people why are obsessed by it. The move. Rid -- the people Kevin are gonna care unit an NFL seasons over the -- watch basketball right exactly the way for baseball but for those hardcore fans right now. Brutal I mean Bettman and you're gonna give you another year off that's really gonna happen bigamist another season of professional sport. Yesterday the National Hockey League held a big conference call. Is their major they called their partners it's their major advertisers their corporate sponsors. And what they were trying to do was trying to mend some fences and build some bridges because corporate America those members of corporate America who were involved with the National Hockey League. Are very quickly saying screw us. I'm not wait yes Randy Kraft Foods in Canada already took all their money out. And said you know what we're gonna give it to youth hockey we're gonna put it into youth hockey promotion throughout Canada. And and in this country you've got to coming to and I talked to a Canadian former Canadian hockey player a couple of days ago any studio they can threaten all they want. In Canada if you got an advertising relationship with a National Hockey League you have to maintain it. Because it's all of the sports all the sports -- rolled into one package inning candidate in it in America if you Major League Baseball the NBA the NFL you. Rolled all into one that's what the NHL is in Canada so they have no choice right. Kraft -- would have to go back at some point this year party spent their money. But they'd have to go back and and you know rekindle the relationship but that's the problem after the owners are getting money this year for NBC but it just rolls over the last big kick some of the other big deal all right well -- -- -- on Marshall liked it's much like -- buying the car on my platinum card from my wife yesterday. I mean. I got the car in the driveway but you know at some point or another -- got to pay for it right the NHL owners have NBC's money for this year now from a huge amount of money it's not you know drink it but what it meant wise. At the other end of the deal. They had to give NBC a friendlier. Now at the other end of the deal if you had a normal progression of revenues and interest. -- 180 million this year would be 250 million at the other end of the package right so it's costing them money. But good news they got the money coming in this year well so what -- in the long run they're gonna lose money on the. Yeah and you know guys like Batman and fear we can sit here people all over the country talking about this in on chose and they say you know this is doing as -- care. I just don't think they care with the right now with the public thanks very much for -- does I know we don't care about in the workers around the garden around -- the clinical care about the care but the stuff. -- -- -- -- That's it to mono mono thing that's. That's exact messed up like this happens every single time comes -- stupid stuff -- And stupid stuff as the proper way to put it. Well it actually will lead us into the discussion we're gonna wonder ticket on the other side of the break rocker because the Bruins are not a team that I think has much of a window in fans minds right now. By -- I got to thinking about window's closing and I thought about it after we talked to Doc Rivers yesterday. Because Doc Rivers I think knows full well that whatever window the Celtics have the window of opportunity. Is closing quickly based on the age of his superstars. The Red Sox. I don't think the windows open at all based on the discussions we had yesterday and what we hear from Red Sox fans they don't think there's much of window of opportunity now we have one team. That we think has any chance. To win a championship. I'm not -- we think they've got a great chance we will talk about that we can back in just a couple of minutes I'll talk to Rob Ninkovich in the 7 o'clock hour today while Whitman. We made 611 we made it -- up. Must must have been 611 at night right as as somebody's head on the text machine as I drive to work on this rainy day I find myself listening to hockey talk lockout. Maybe the mines were correct ticker for him I'd actually be the case will take quick break ninety seconds only will lay out the rest of the agenda for you will dive into the phone calls with the U. It's dale and Kirk and Kevin here as well in pretty NC Sports Radio WB yeah.

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