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Ryan Dempster does Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker

Dec 20, 2012|

Ryan Dempster slips into his impression of the Chris Farley character "Matt Foley" during his interview with the Hot Stove Show.

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These guys rest all of baseball questions on the ground looking more this comedy stuff I see you do a good car. Under the carpet they are pretty certain Mexico is hot and I understand the -- all you do Matt Foley -- Chris Farley motivational speaker tip our. Alou is is that an in person type of anger we will have more active. I had makes sense to me it's more physicals. I want -- I ever had been do you I didn't bet there will be able. Speaker. Board -- it wouldn't give you a little bit. Yeah I I won't do. -- more I live in the they had the -- I mean you can't make it all been. A couple and while all all. All. Well you know -- about -- throughout -- -- I'll chalk talk. This being your big bad government even a little prayer dealt by the river. I don't -- them up odorless while it Obama felt at home. A soft that's all we could count as Austin are done they're done it.

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