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Nick Piecoro gives some insight to the Stephen Drew deal

Dec 20, 2012|

Nick is a beatwriter for the Arizona Diamondbacks and has watched Stephen Drew for the majority of his career and he gives the hot stove guys some perspective into the type of player the Red Sox have signed.

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Hot stove show in 937 WB I joining us now on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Orgy LT was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible as nick -- of the Arizona Republic nick it's -- and out -- rob Bradford RU. I don't know not. When you look at Stephen Drew is a player you've seen. You know maybe over the past couple years in the -- is more this time with the Diamondbacks in the kind of guy you would bring in for nine that million bucks for a year. -- -- I thought a little steep but. I mean not an accident -- used to be -- now I I think I think it's a good gamble by the Red Sox I I'd. I probably you know I mean it's if you were actually being out and how much but if you get a couple of bad. You know I hope it's something along 67 million dollars a year I'm not sure how many years relative -- but. Yes that is a little higher than Matt. -- try to explain to us how good a player Stephen Drew was before the injury you know went when he was coming up 2007 to 2010 years never -- player 150 games a year. Where -- he rank among the shortstop into when you kind of went through the exercise of thinking of projecting. What might he make in his free agent contract. At that stage of his career what are you thinking about this guy. Well I mean he had good -- and he never had a consistent. You're the year. High level performance in -- one after the other and he really didn't ever out. Or six months of just. Terrific performance I would I would I would -- only a winner in the maybe the top five. -- prop eight shortstop in the game from an at any given time you know when he that you know when it -- not so called down years. You know I -- in -- and got him watch him play he takes it back. -- -- in the swing -- great kitchen Cilic in -- you'd be core -- professional. And even when he's making outs. He likely the guy it didn't matter who had an answer work that Ian was always -- -- the batteries are about. And I am surprised he's not having -- better eerie at numbers are heated Barrett and -- and you know. Felt like you're in line drive -- hitting the ball at guys and -- that you -- and got lots and courier. Is it it was just something that we were talking but -- hit it it only outlet on. I know it spotlights that he is probably going to be in line or something along the lines of 45 years yield curve. I don't know me nit -- million dollar year it would have been I think it was 575. And just because of how hard it is the -- good shortstop and and how infrequently got quite -- -- market and I don't like. You know that the big market teams there are typically need to kind of a guy and and you know. Like -- sad even knowing never really put together before you or -- wasn't. Wasn't always the most consistent there were flashes of that. Of that tremendous performance -- would need to Angeline and things like. Well you know if you were at the -- six months he's going to be -- So much money and even at -- and you and it is oh and you know given how hard it short of the. Three you know -- big market team -- he's gonna handle Boston. I think you'll be on I mean I I I can say. I mean I definitely -- hurdle probably to get over it kind of a reputation and brother at what. I think it's important to keep in mind that you know three out of four years. Or for -- or at the ankle he played a hundred games -- year. Or at least a hundred but you know in prayer Warriors you know durable guy. -- or not is not that let you know -- -- reputation and his brother. -- I don't you know he kind of got a late. He you know he's kinda like brother and Utley keep in -- out back -- ability to kind of slowed down in and I don't think much relief is it and I don't think the big market and actor. Nick -- the Arizona Republic is our guest on the hot stove show is that we look at his lax production the last couple years falling off a sort of a cliff do you attribute that solely to the ankle. Well I mean in in -- a lot and he he was really good for the first. -- we need -- -- out on the heat and I'm. I think he had I averaged six week stretch where he wants then you got hurt. You know he didn't really have that opportunity to kind of bounced back -- he had like thirty games -- hit on that unit really drag numbers down. On I don't know what happened last year I mean. Look at that earlier that he won't look at you watch him and you don't think that -- membership is bad war and I mean I went and looked. Here a little bit ago it at a at a and McLemore advance numbers there a line drive rate accurate up and went on seven. Which makes I mean I'm I'm not an expert on McEnroe up but it was the highest rated we're here. And -- notes -- -- -- -- -- June 25 or whatever it was it. I I think that I I think it is going to be a lot better are there Cilic. Like it and you watched you watch him play and watched it at and there's no reason in a -- are in the area and that is no longer -- will -- Mic pre and post injury. Is you shortstop but this what it was here shorts how good defensive shortstop was he in. How how well can he handle the position now in this you know post shattered spiral fracture of the ankle in -- of his career. Yeah I mean I'm not out I don't I don't feel like I'm good at at what kind of locking in and telling you that -- that -- in. I I don't know how big of a factor I didn't notice the huge drop off but it was last year I didn't hear him and got up at. But that they're allowed to drop off but I don't know actually -- and -- and then you go in and you're you're like almost looking for that drop off and you. You can convince yourself that Richardson because nobody in. What forehand he was fine and I mean I I don't think that there -- more than -- -- three iron that I can think of me about well. Whenever he got to applaud me and stop and grow -- you can guarantee that it does not target not a parent but it's a lot of first. I'm pretty sure handed. Pretty dependable I don't think you. A tremendous shortstop -- -- what -- our cup and the thunder but it's right there and and little actually apple serviceable. And it was syrup what's your take on the Justin Upton situation obviously -- all these -- come off the board he's been a name is. As analysts if fail safe but at alternatives to that the Josh Hamilton's of the world what what it was your take on that. And an. Oh but yeah I'm not stern lecture them in the first place I never really understood let -- about them and what they're. -- is in trying to trade him but it does seem that they're better. There must be kind of a motivation from a bad back perspectives to unload him. Yeah you know get in the way that he opted not for that it it needed to trade offer. First or shortstop and court and in and -- dug deep record last week. It's kind of always how about that position at that target if they were to trade up or or -- Africa top of the rotation starter. I mean it's hard he back welcomed other now but. I get that in given how motivated it and seemingly art as they get open so you know I'm value for him I got there wouldn't be surprised if. And I think when I would I would -- up. Just curious -- from your perspective you know obviously the trade the most recent trade you've admitted that your kind of puzzled by at is the one that netted the Diamondbacks TD -- glorious. There defensively minded shortstop from the reds I'm did you get any sense that the that the Diamondbacks would have an interest didn't Jose Iglesias or is his trade value kind of far enough to the point where. -- glorious casinos are viable than him. At the time that I would -- it late in the name -- them I'm not sure that they -- so but he hit. I act and it kind of didn't wreck ever since it in particular I mean everybody though it. You know -- you -- -- great under. -- of people at a bunker glorious that you. You know he certainly had -- good under. -- a lot of flashy players and great arm I'm not sure. That as much the consensus top and he's going to be an above a regular note bat. So I don't know I attended -- on the wing package he saw Gregorian a lot only. I think -- it. Absolutely convinced that there are more -- -- potential and their with the bat I don't feel like at the people that are you at that back I don't feel like it that way and adequate it. -- appreciated the extra time. -- -- -- they expect. -- Arizona Republic joins us.

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