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Dec 20, 2012|

This week on the Hot Stove Show Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with Nick Piecoro about Stephen Drew and interview the Red Sox newly acquired pitcher Ryan Dempster. They also take some calls about the teams moves and some fan concerns as spring training draws closer.

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Hot stove show. WEEI 937 -- and hand out -- rob Bradford year. The Red Sox. Current budget their payroll as we speak right now guys is what. Balances not a 169 million dollars assuming they've done Napoli goes through hose up possible. Well Alex makes 55 minutes. Let's -- this as well. It's not what I want series it's okay. I'll back off and -- they I mean they've they've spread their chips you know they have. They have a lot of like reasonably highly stacked chip stacks that are all over the -- -- all over the table and dot. In so the net effect is what we don't have like one skyscrapers sitting on you know number seven or something they do have a ton of fairly sizable bet. -- law is pleased to meet to what I did between 11 and 12 this morning which was cyclical but are not comfortable Atlanta steel had to look at every single Major League teams. Payroll and how many guys. How many teams have guys they're making at least with Stephen Drew will be making which is nine point five million dollars. And the Red Sox are nine guys that's third. We can guess the other went pretty easily yankees Dodgers yankees are eleven and the Dodgers -- right but it was kind of interesting to me about that. Is both those teams you go to next season ball both teams are being considered -- -- listen these are contending teams that's an obvious you -- World Series -- -- -- and Anderson exemption the earth yet the perception right now it's. That's not the case the reds -- And Alex's point you'll how they're spreading this out throughout. All the highest paid guy in the -- it's hard for next season John Lackey. It is and it's not even -- -- every news at six I guess it is closed the -- at sixteen point five at least in terms of our teases -- by to hear about it yeah I mean we don't know forties and -- You know it's fifteen minutes talking right now is thirteen really I don't via electric tax threshold. So you know I've been that sort of as much larger point look at this team with his budget and it's a team now than anybody thinks is in the World Series. Well I think I think it all right and you know what everybody does anybody thought external somebody out there -- things anybody reasonably think this team is when the world title as president I'll listen to put it this way if you get a power rankings the the vaunted MLB power rankings which we're due for one week and a -- -- -- on the very difficult -- But with the golf found out. -- what they rank in in Major League Baseball probably mid -- yet 15 PM right about the middle so I so it's yours to answer your question I don't rule out anything for a team that's in the middle. Because -- you know but I wouldn't view them as as being. In the upper 20% of teens right now the rosters -- -- here -- here it's where you popular question right now is. Did the Red Sox do enough in the offseason did the guys they have are they gonna put the -- that's not to me that's not the point. The point is are the guys who they already have and perform like they did at their peak. Because they did are close to their peak here that they did OK you know what this whole equation works and how it works the next level is that we talked about in the past. If they're putting a lot of ships they're putting little chips a few chips. On the here in the now by a hundred ships on the guys the 56 guys that the process. This thing right isn't turn things legacy really or at least you know his his future really -- these guys is next generation it's not the next two or three years I think we all understand it. It's what happens when these next guys come up if they're not good it's -- I do actually think that it's on a little bit more compressed timetable because no one's really going to stand for Red Sox team that misses the playoffs for. 567 straight years so I think they have to be guys were so close to Major League ready now. It yes there's going to be a transition period of maybe a half a season to a season but they need these guys to be pretty good. -- 2014 to when he fifteen they need them to be impact player. Also point out two -- interest -- you go back to that 20072008. Team. Some of those players that were really contributors that -- the Pedroia is Lester if you buckles -- that no hitter that year and he was kind of getting going. -- there fastest in -- buried it there we forget like that's what they're looking for this that or is basically the core then in Niles -- A chunk of that core is moving on and its import to fight another. And -- you know we have nick accord the Arizona Republica I'm XP right will be with us about ten minutes he's gonna talk about Stephen Drew added here. In this past week for nine point five million dollars next season which seems you know at first glance to be very strange forgotten the last two years. Has been injured and in fact. I disagree I think that its -- as many injured in the fact I don't know I I agree with that part of it over the -- refused he was certainly injured and in effect and ineffective or at least his numbers were down although it bounced back a little bit with Oakland but not to what they've been. With the Diamondbacks -- In terms of being in terms of betting on upside. He's a guy who certain who to my mind does justify. A not trivial when your contract and again we have to get over this kind of mental hurdle what -- nine or ten million dollar a year player is. Because the landscape has changed a whole lot what's not all it's not what Stephen -- -- than the last two years that we agree we do agree that. Up until -- up until about June of five between 2008 in June of 2011. Unit that he had a bad five weeks right immediately preceding that injury. But he was his -- PS was in the mid eight hundreds in 2011 so you have. Basically a three and a half season period in which. Yet -- yes that ranked right with Hanley Ramirez and Troy Tulowitzki is the best among any shortstop in the major he slugged by the way Alex re 82 pearl. That's three -- That's not in. I died I don't Alexei you're in terms of how we'd get a view have to view these players is so much money in baseball being thrown around. All over the place is gonna only be thrown around Warrick is a guess these teams get huge checks after opening day and everything else. But still I'll go back to that number that I said before when you have. When you're the third most the team with a third most guys making nine point five million dollars of that. Bowl a real one time that's. -- was he can abuse that our different way. Sure that the fact I was I was watching fly boys on Bravo and horrible person sort of one -- going on the computer at the F three was -- -- ratings just tumbled. By but still -- -- their doing in this landscape the world living in this still doing something that not a lot of teams are so you gotta be viewing it hey you know what. They should be hitting on the guys are spending in. That's where Joseph comes Kevin Youkilis coming off of a career worst year makes twelve million dollars you know this is just the new landscape -- teams are facing our pacing. They would love to spend very heavily on short term contracts. And when you're talking -- a Stephen -- you have a guy who. Has a chance to be a very good player may be assuming that he's behind fifty entries -- and we'll get more into -- with the core here a couple minutes but what does this mean. For Iglesias. Was this why did you know each arrogance comment I thought was pretty telling yesterday which as. Flat out at this time his career yet to play everyday L I perceive that maybe I'm wrong I said that more in terms over the war in terms of he shouldn't be up splitting time it's -- -- -- -- yeah that's what you're saying if he plays a full season in the minor leagues that's okay that's I read from Narnia. Note I think it's pretty telling in -- Yeah I think is telling because there was I think people we're gonna go into. Next year and say hey you know -- maybe you'll hang around maybe he'll split time. By defense replacement especially through his defensively limited at all you know -- -- Pedro Sarah NATO's Nazis defense replacement Pedro -- -- coast seems more of the utility guy. Employing every day it will be interesting to see any trade rumors kind of pop up here as we go through the -- It places look at the numbers the Major League numbers and not examples minor league numbers scare you more distinct disguised is never going to hit the problem with -- that perspective is that there it actually obscures and -- sometimes some of the real progress that was made especially last year. If you take out you know arbitrary and points right but if you look at what he -- made before he had a back injury yet the best month as mine early to prevent what he did not guest. Even better at bat so he was actually guy and restoring the ability to get some walks. Hit some doubles he showed progress into my mind if if you're the Red Sox what you wanna maximize the likelihood of his Major League success or his potential trade value. You let him play a little bit more in the minor leagues. And you see whether or not he can sustain that for more than a month at its -- yet to see a guy and you might be right out the back -- three of six and talk last year. Statistic based on a horrific on her -- April that featured like a bizarre -- -- batting coach -- but I it was a guy hitting -- -- wasn't somebody else. For what it is actually him. He was up in Japan or just I think had a bad second. That's what this look at this look at how he's viewed in the world a Major League Baseball certainly he stars to him yet he's viewed differently than US two years ago I think if you look at pretend that parades. On with a Red Sox or other teams he's just not gonna get. Eight big trade done like he might of a couple of years. The Red Sox bring in Stephen Drew and after the break your quick break we'll come back with the core of the Arizona republic. Beat writer for the dime backs shall tell us all things even hot stove show in 937 WB I joining us now on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Or GL TE was speeds up to. Ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible is nick -- -- Arizona Republic nick it's -- and -- -- rob Bradford RU. And doing good things or not. When you look at Stephen Drew is a player when you've seen. You know maybe over the past couple years in the -- is more this time with the Diamondbacks in the kind of guy you would bring in for nine half million bucks for a year. America. Arm I thought a little eat but I mean -- -- -- -- used to be -- -- I I think I think there's a good gamble by the rest are I'd I'd I'd probably you know I mean it's if you were actually being -- -- and how much but if you need to get a couple it said. You know it's something along 67 million dollars a year I'm not sure how many years relatives but. Yes there's there's a little higher and much. -- try to explain to us how -- a player Stephen Drew was before the injury you know when when he was coming up 2007 to 2010 years never declare 150 games a year. Where he ranked among the shortstop into when you kind of went through the exercise of thinking of projecting what might he make in his free agent contract. At that stage of his career what are you thinking about this guy. Well I mean he had good T and -- never had a consistent. -- the year. High level performance you know one after the other and he really didn't. However how. Or six months of just. Terrific performance I would I would I would -- is always a winner -- Maybe the top five. -- prop eight shortstop in the game from an at any given time you know when he -- -- -- it has not so called down years. You know I am I acting community and got watching play. He picked it. -- only in the swing at corrected in -- in Virginia you quote unquote professional. And even when he's making out. He liquid diet didn't matter who had an answer work in the GM was always -- that the governor is talking about. And I am not surprised he's not having better -- in numbers are better than their art that you know. Felt like you're in line drive cute hitting the ball -- -- -- -- that you guys and got lots and courier. Is it it was just something that we were -- -- but it it it's only outlet on. I know it spotlights that he is probably going to be in line for something along the lines of war by the year yield curve. I -- need need that million dollar year I would have been it was odd but I was on. I just because of how hard -- -- the -- shortstop and and how infrequently gotten quite accurate -- market and how all the like. You know that the big market -- there are typically need. Kind of a guy and and you know. Like a dead -- even knowing never really put together before you oracle wasn't. What I'm always the most consistent there flashes of that. Of that tremendous performance -- would need to tangerine and things like. Well you know if you were -- the answers six months he's going to be -- That much money and -- that doesn't mean it is oh and you know given how hard to ensure open. Three you know vote big market team -- he's gonna handle Boston. I think you'll be on I mean I I -- -- I mean I get settled yet hurdle probably to get over it kind of the reputation and brother what. I think it's important to keep in mind that in Austria four years. 448. Or at the ankle he played a hundred -- in here. Or at least a hundred but you know in prayer warriors -- durable guy. In or not is not that -- you know of our reputation and his brother. But I don't I don't anarchy it and it got a -- He you know -- kind of like brother and that we keep in keep -- -- -- ability you can slow everything down -- and I don't think much -- it and and I don't think the big market and actor. The core of the Arizona Republic is our guest on the hot stove show is -- we look at his lack of production -- last couple years falling off a sort of a cliff do you attribute that solely to the ankle. -- well I mean in in Q outlook and he and he really -- for the first. Brought me chewing out on the heat of I think he had I respect each statuary wants then you got hurt. You know he didn't really got up searching and Al acts that he had like thirty gains were hit. On that -- really drag numbers sound. On I don't know what happened last year I mean. What it says that earlier that he won't let you watch him and you don't think that in membership is at war and I went and looked. Here a little bit ago at at a kind of a -- and numbers it liner every accurate spotlight on seven. Which makes I mean I'm I'm not an expert iMac and -- but it with the highest rated his career. And the notes and -- at June 25 or whatever it was. I I think that I think it is going to be a lot -- are there Cilic. Like it then watched you watch him play and watched in the past and there's no reason you know what I are in the -- and that is no longer able won't go. Mic pre and post injury. Is you shortstop at this what was your shorts how good -- defensive shortstop policy and how how well can he handle the position now in this you know post shattered spiral fracture of the ankle it. Leaders of his career. Yeah I mean I'm not out I don't I don't feel like I'm good at at what kind of locking in and telling you about and that things in. I I don't know how big of a factor at I didn't notice the huge drop off -- it was last year I didn't hear from and got up at. But that they're allowed to drop off but I don't know actually and -- Excitement and he's going -- you're you're like almost looking for that drop often you and ventures up at Richardson because nobody. What forehand you know it's fine I mean I I don't think that there were more than shoe. Maybe three iron that I can -- that -- knew about well. Whenever he got to a law and profit growth in the you can guarantee that it was -- -- -- on target not apparently a historic first. -- pretty sure handed. Pretty dependable I don't think he's a tremendous shortstop on the our cup and the sender but it's right there and and that all the action apple -- And it was syrup what's your take on the Justin Upton situation obviously it always does come off the board he's been a name it's. As -- policies fail safe but an alternative to -- the Josh Hamilton's of the world what what it was your take on that. And an. All but did he did not that your than in the first place I've never really understood let -- about -- and what they're. You can that is in trying to trade him but it does seem that -- -- They're not is kind of a motivation from about -- perspective to unload him. You know get in the way that opted not folded their. They've -- to trade now offer. First or short stop and -- and and and that he reported last week. It's kind of always how about it. Position that it targeted if they were straight up or or -- be Africa top of the rotation starter I mean it's hard he back. We're coming together now but. I get and given how motivated it and seemingly art they get confidence. In our value for him I got there wouldn't be surprised if. -- I -- at any one I would try to trade up. Just curious nick from your perspective you know obviously betrayed the most recent trade you've admitted that your kind of puzzled by -- is the one that netted the Diamondbacks TV group glorious. That defensively minded shortstop from the reds I'm did you get any sense that the that the Diamondbacks would have an interest didn't Jose Iglesias -- Is his trade value kind of far enough to the point where ever glorious casinos more valuable than him. At the time that I without equate it to me and offer them I'm not sure that errors all the an -- and it it's kind of been -- ever and it in particular I mean everybody believes. You know knowing that you're going to be a great under. Of people that about her glorious that you. You know he certainly a good under. -- a lot of flashy player of the great arm I'm not sure. But there's much of the content without anybody going to be above regular -- -- So I don't know I attended -- -- and actually she saw burglary -- a lot all the I think you -- Absolutely convinced that there will be more often the potential and their with the I don't feel like that the people that acute -- I don't feel like that we have adequate. -- appreciate the extra time. Expect expect. -- republic joins us quick break here. Come -- take your phone call 6177797937. And Ryan Dempster would join us at 640 right Dempster was Basra it's choices at 640 must. I see you lined up phone callers. So we will I'll hit the button and -- the on the hot stove show we'll start with Russia star pat and it is. Entirely at all so that's the best program in the business. Let's go to Georgia Cambridge even George are you. Well I -- Old chum old but he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This company may not be as successful as it once was because of the correct. Well that's helping your mind news Georgia I read I read that you read it and read -- majority every Oscar dusted for fingerprints as well so I don't kitchen while George. What personally has an opinion to -- as I liked -- and that's that's what hurts. Which he and Clinton and you know. So well one thing and one thing. Is today in it was equities have been exactly yeah event and its friend whose principal that you has -- about. -- is the so it's kind of a lonely old guy in the plug. -- -- why did say that. About it it's. So -- did you call for a big stories and Jesus. Well well well yes of course -- and and you weigh in on their secret topic -- -- wanted to you know corrected negative stereotype. Look for elders after because. I don't actually. Other than wanting to CU level issues so much -- -- is okay George. Have a baseball -- target again and ethics and spending it doesn't go on baseball. Yes he drew. Yeah outlets that she would describe what it is and you know he you know everybody's an individual. So this make pre judgments about this guy collapse -- -- Thank you George for call went to today's culture equipment that shorts ever forget the Demps -- at the Stephen a car Steve good evening. I don't might go oh yeah. Unit aren't really a question. About it and it. They actually have very similar swings by most accounts I've talked to them at night where they hit the ball. -- well. I -- they've both you know if I could put it this way Steve Steve put it this way in 2012. Neither one of the ball well. -- -- -- Thank you -- -- what does it is that the -- the -- stands on the back all the way through cut his swing which you know we don't see a -- that much and JD actually. Said the that was the reason his other shoulder not the shoulder that he had a contract -- -- shoulder. Worn down after why did the shoulder issues that last year in Boston there was because of the way he -- on the ballot. So one wonders what about the Red Sox are going to insert clauses into the Steve enters contract about that -- -- -- get the wrong shoulder yes the first time so we're gonna -- -- whose -- has ordered in Plainfield here before the break Kirk good evening. -- guys made it was. I wanted to know what it had died after a book called the Lester I would definitely try it -- as you know. Allison a -- -- possibility and a lot of depends and again RM on here a couple of minutes of Ryan Dempster -- give you the guy he was before with the Texas last year. And Buchholz and Lester a little better I think that your path to where you wanna get. Even even in Texas he wasn't he he had seven quality starts out of twelve starts which is you know which isn't bad his out his outcomes were extreme. Here's another very good or very bad and Texas. You -- has really good stuff so he's he's also kind of pivotal character or you know I think there -- three through five are all interesting guys with upside. -- without a lot of predictability Lackey being among those I don't like your 59% quality start stat for a Ryan Dempster and Texas. I like it phrase a different way in this sense that he had more quality starts as he went along. You know it in Indian and maybe it just a little bit more so. That was sort of the end he got in his last couple starts were knocked it now go by you talked about yesterday you know there was Mears initial. Hearted man I wanna do tea around -- asked him -- is that I thought I was on the -- Michael wants out of things Ryan Dempster on you Red Sox pitcher back opens. But still show in 937 WEEI -- and and rob Bradford Alex beer and joining us now on the AT&T hotline. That's AT&T -- LT. When he's up to ten times faster three G out as you know AT&T. Rethink possible. Is Ryan Dempster -- good evening how -- you. Well yet they say that's that's actually my job to measures says selling and alive now arrived we can do this thing Lori Haskell boss EC its greatness but the run such a -- become a great value teammates are. We wanna get I get to the common. Are we understand you're a budding comedian and is in command of impressions. -- that again now let's see what's that we heard right by Harry Kara did you request or care. Well no I a lot of people will you do Mary Carey if you like crime by it while you a lot of people do -- can I wanna know there's the next level type -- imports or more of a you know our team on the green and elbow. Or are eating our first date does not in the -- almost secrets already back. -- season ahead and yeah that's true -- -- -- some. Or her well there are big the other it will go on these guys want to know way is they want to know she could do with deal him impersonation which would actually be the same as a bad impersonation. So they taught -- Yup I doubt it nurtures an awesome -- pretty up there. It's a little boy here and archipelago. So that being his what was your first contact at what point where you first directly in touch with bench Harrington and did you have to do a double take at all. Wondering whether or not it was -- DO. A dedicated got a lot of -- that's pretty funny that the court if they can because -- this -- know. To. There. Well they're talking about a little while ago and wait until all the work occurred periodic. Well wolf right go right at it though in the you know bought -- -- Or -- -- I was gonna ask you said you know you kind of stayed out of it all what was the recruiting process. That it -- they went through debate. Did dude John Farrell talked to did. Did the ownership talked to you -- of that. Yeah you know other thought it would dog let me get. Altered or he'll be here be in your wallet no little bit -- about. Apparently they can get away you're interviewing your views while while they're interviewing you do it there are going to be a thing -- the other property -- -- we all -- after pocketing Margaret he's hearing from some of the people in what. You know I figured out that many of the order for years and now. There was this sort of the older and it was ultimately the thing is on a -- to a -- all. Right -- for the Red Sox joins us on the hot stove show -- impression around here when when news -- you're signing. Last week was a guy who's going to be your rotation guy to -- innings every year but there's a concern to pitch in the national league for the great majority of your career came the American League in Texas. In struggle was hurting -- individual reason for that struggle. And a couple of months the Rangers. Blackberry I know. All people they. All that dumb that he -- at the end of the day. Really solidly. We struggle -- -- couples are going to give -- sixteen around the mark for street starts. And and an outlet in the field settled now and in movies and it is -- come out that it make it it -- Is it is it is it is is simple stars as simple American League nationally is that is that deferment tell you're facing these geysers just you just pitching. Well that the realities between David Ortiz nor our share or what people see that playing BA. Think you are beat out mark for the new -- You know. So it's back and you're not you're adding another Michael Barrett Erica that are driving an impact bat so. There's there's always going to be a little bit more room full -- -- offers American League lineup against Eric when the parent of -- vital. Ryan no such that the big difference but at the end of the day I think it is being in your focus book certainly those -- -- -- It is and a period that's haters out there longer original sixes are important and -- out if -- a lot no doubt about. Ryan talking about the free agent process a little bit obviously over the summer you had -- you have the kind of you have the trade saga in which you got the chance to. That's a have a great deal of influence over where you might go. In a deal. -- what was appealing about Boston you know and why is special because I think there was a perception that when you -- -- the deal to Atlanta. Did you weren't interested in coming east you know where you all it was it that was it's specific to Atlanta was it specific to. That circumstance over the course of the summer of me and what was the appeal geographically of Boston -- those. I'll -- I mean he had been a matter because -- people -- create whatever they want some. You know I think that in -- bill that -- -- -- -- At that time in the -- you're protecting your readers like once again over there we are here because anybody in the and you know you electric as the we're not read -- while wants them if I was gonna leave Chicago. On the -- -- wanna -- -- the opposite has happened in -- being -- often. It's its profit lecture would last through their electric as he ordered but I know I'm being -- either you know -- -- -- in -- that problem. But there's that sense that they can't turn around me here I'm not necessarily -- certainly it's pretty you know barometers for. We look at the players that Vannatter before -- -- modern science. But it sought equality -- not only on the player but the person baseball player and and -- the guys who. Gonna go up because you're you think it was our audience and that's super important and quite honestly you don't have done that but even does that -- don't do it together in Iraq. In fact a forty doesn't for our policy and respect out to you in the. There wasn't a time during the summer when the Red Sox were still in contention and you're name is actually connected to them and trade rumors. To a degree where you kind of following your life in the in the trade rumor mill. Did you think at any point last summer about whether or not you might -- be willing to go to to the Red Sox is a possibility. You know I kept -- -- that order is -- a cancers treatments absent. If that works for you know where it's focused on my. There a couple of that you -- -- -- when you are not at all on your mind so. Aren't you would certainly admire -- would not sort of like in Mason and the fans got their watch if I'm not given everything I got so. -- -- But both we will play it wherever -- so hey we -- -- -- you don't hear that's kind of how it got down to towards the end and and and it's saying it infects itself. -- aren't -- -- note that with belonged on the baseball goes well the best sense for. Right you've talked yesterday the press conference school only about former team in Europe or maybe current team is here Mike Napoli. And you know we've still kind of waiting to see how that plays out. But the perception is that he would play a lot of first base here -- courage in just to get your take on what you saw at. From him when he did play for space like a first baseman could be. I believe that it diluted unit you know you worked really hard -- certainly you don't hear what what we're involved and -- -- -- and so I noticed that. Something that you know I really guarding itself. Our whole all the oh Kyra is development that. And -- -- -- you don't position and like worried about other guys. -- you you made no secret of European -- for Chicago on playing there of course it nevertheless it seemed like it seemed like this offseason bit. That you I don't know pure connected very much to the cubs if you're talking with them about coming back. Were you surprised that it appears that they now are on the cusp of a four year deal with Edwin Jackson for what appears to be you know fifty million dollars are you surprised by the direction that that franchise appears to be going office. Me -- he can get it in the delegate and a young guy like so army -- some who wouldn't you know the opportunity here there. The great great. Think of them as they're organic like that you -- is it going that direction as its number itself. You know I'm glad that I look at our rotation -- you know. You know review some good things in and that really -- the Urban League record of their ball. The -- -- call bulletin yesterday. Are very good though rarely -- -- don't mind appropriate 15. They'll they'll let you -- he's he obviously I knew how great ought to be or are you eradicated in itself. Our effort it was still within our -- you know all the fans have been our globe they're. And I could hear real well. There are so we -- -- uses these disputed that and possibly -- I talked to you briefly yesterday about a question that was burning in my mind for some reason which is how you ever pride number 46 away from Franklin Morales. And he said there's no deal had been made in and -- view you somewhat was attached to the bummer but not really bomb -- -- -- Dario went yellow he ought. I'll be nice if a big with the debut last one behind without adequate -- -- -- -- That they use the order. A but it begs the question is answered yes although veteran that I think Jacoby Ellsbury also won one of those. For -- karaoke. He we use that authorities are cheaper. It feels like you're out here and you know. -- -- Our -- probably all right one last thing to get around these guys -- all of baseball questions on the ground looking more this comedy stuff they see you do a good car. Under the carpet they are pretty certain Mexico -- is -- and I understand the -- all you do math Foley that Chris Farley motivational speaker to. Absolutely. This is -- an in person type of anger we will have more practical. I had makes sense to -- it's more physicals. I want -- I ever grabbed them do you -- a -- bet there'll be able to eat there. That are forward -- certainly wouldn't give -- a little -- Yeah I'll -- -- Read more aluminum they had the ripper. I know you can't make it all. I wouldn't while all all. All. -- Well you know by about eight out of the all. Our top. This being your big bad government even a little prayer down by the river. I don't look at the -- -- while -- Obama's open home. So that's all we could count as Austin are done they're done. It is our driver appreciate drive that drive. You guys got them the equipment at a my setup and have fun mountain -- About it. I -- That was unexpected. That -- that's definitely gonna make shots plus those yet it is confident that if -- a couple of hours taped Christmas dance with the read headlines for the well I would just say this about about Dempster forgetting all that percent a lot of these guys abroad. And Demps is the one -- when you look at. If he performs at his best established best means most for the victory no more than Napoli I think UBS -- -- you know you can make the case for a lot of these guys for being effectively -- effective by. To me maybe the best acquisition for the years -- -- Adam. And why exactly what you said what he means to the team -- could potentially mean the team is probably dumpster. I would say Dempster or drew -- drew it's an upside bad. Dempster is a -- on his consistency in track record in the fact it. You know that if you buy into kind of fielding independent statistics for a -- that sort of thing. He's been the same pitcher exactly for five straight years and a bedrock of our rotation. Even if it's kind of -- that and a 34. In a three or four -- someone who's been incredibly consistent and becoming a starter at 31 being ranked in terms impressionists. Ago you'd -- well we governor means up to -- threes he's got if Stephen Drew can do impressions anything like his brother. It's going to be close you know -- their impressions of his brother where. It. But I I assume that victory -- during an impression of himself -- -- very you know am I five. It was interesting to me the way he -- in Napoli is the question wasn't about apple -- yeah. No no no no grind out just now that they just a question was to blow. Mike Napoli playing first -- right and even yesterday at the press conference. He was moral thought he was more open -- they say hey you know I can't wait to play when Mike Napoli use great teammate. I don't know if somebody says hey you know what real that a little bit about Napoli because that's certainly what he didn't answer delegates on the get this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They got art and argue. I am -- disgusted Red Sox and they are one of the highest payroll right now our schedule -- eyes Errol -- like they have. Show -- they continually. Built around this core players. Instead of blowing it out. It's starting reps and part of that you know I just don't get understand all the while -- I'm not sensing. Maybe I'm off base -- optimist. I don't think it's that complicated this guy if Ellsbury having great years. It's got called back with bill this is a good guy to build around if he's got the -- say exactly that which is. They're building around the wrong collection of guys right now they've kind of near the range of what they can be they've created average to above average players slightly above average players -- just about every position most of them anyway. And if a couple of them let's say Ellsbury and Pedroia and Ortiz and Lester. Form an all star to superstar levels -- -- end up being a very good team like perfect so slightly above average. John writers on thank you and I take that as a compliment to me definitely doing impression. Now I'll take it. Well he wanted to know gotten -- forgetting to impression of myself. To interpret Mike Adams he didn't -- -- -- again I can do Mike Adams. Although most people can't tell the difference between me and like I understand. I'll get sound. I don't well as some idea of bringing it to you to -- what I think I I don't think it's our. Well no actually inaudible rattled from what happened earlier on today this evening to build XP. Now. That is the bulk of his rhetoric of rupiah backpack at the end of every show while yes for the auto writer wanted to talk about I'm -- in the cardinal -- just gives it away in exit spoiler the models the aura of up against blocking in. What clock. And -- on the clock communal midnight so. The -- watching it at this on the doing at the background music for the story as old and music. That's in money hand is a cell phone. The other handed Diet Coke I think rob Bradford driving with disease probably targeted David Ortiz of the of that cell phone connection I'm sure it's. Racing through the parking lot on crossing almost runs me over. That he apologized screech is on the brakes on where I just gave me away even I get waived his workman's comp. That's -- try to get you to from the company's the government cracked one or the other so why not when I was gonna guess trying to give the it was my Chris I could I could use it -- We were doing right. The car at 705 the most John Bryant again. You're getting me talking about sports. Be more specific ES while letting Magglio will be joining me as well it's -- we'll get into this the Celtics team. Also the page what do you think about this thing about -- tanking in order and it -- -- -- -- stupid -- do too as well because personally don't know about number two seed which -- the difference in a three -- I don't care you know that's gonna have to raise one of these teams want to get the water to see which is still play. In the senate Fella yeah QB right you go forth and -- about women is not -- last year and listen. Evernote happen. Listen you know attack descended -- in -- -- out -- knows it right dumpster which aspire aberration but that's all looking goes on next week. We wanted to injury -- and violent you know in unbelievable. Here but what does -- -- run for president eight. What's -- numerous state and number -- the helium by Ochoa and he had this return -- van Buren is Lou -- coming up next. Importantly expect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have to take is QC a tackle well it takes up an hour V show. So it may be we think he's -- a 45 minutes of our show. And we ought to get along in heat like this province notarized let me earlier. Celtics patriots having now read -- -- everything under the sun media and I might even end of the show I'm thinking about going festivities since were coming up on -- religious -- and play regularly old -- -- -- that I don't hold Beckett -- Valentine who ordered -- strength we have it next week. Now some people works closed of people now we don't we would fall short yeah. Ryan Dempster IQ yes. Or at the -- of thanks a lot but still -- John riders stick around let me 705 them.

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