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Ryan Dempster talks about why he chose the Red Sox

Dec 20, 2012|

Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with Ryan about his time with the Chicago Cubs, what led to his choice to sign with the Red Sox and his some of his expectations for the coming season. We also get a glimpse at Ryans comedic side as he does one of his many impressions for the guys.

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But still show in 937 WEEI Turkmen and rob Bradford Alex beer and joining us now on the AT&T hotline that's AT&T forgy LTE. When he's up to ten times faster three G out as you know AT&T. Rethink possible. Is Ryan Dempster -- good evening how -- you. -- -- yet that they say that's that's actually my job to measures such thing that I -- -- right we can do this thing Lori Haskell boss EC its greatness but the -- to die and become a great value teammates are. When it gets -- I get to the common. Are we understand you're a budding comedian and -- in command of impressions. I'll get -- now let's see what's that we heard -- by Harry Kara did you request or care. Well no I a lot of people will you do Mary -- if you like Brian buy it while a lot of people do Harry can I wanna know there's the next level type imports or more of a you know our team -- -- -- -- -- -- Or are meeting our first they know -- out in the order my secrets already back. -- season ahead. Yeah that's true -- well -- -- worker well you're in big yup that'll go on these guys want to know ways. They want to know if you could do with field impersonation which would actually be the same is a bad impersonation. So they tell me standing up like that nurtures an awesome bill pretty up and that's about it on the voice -- -- archipelago. So that being the case what was your first contact at what point where you first directly in touch with bench Harrington and did you have to do a double take at all. Wondering whether or not it was -- DO. -- -- -- target -- they're pretty funny that looked -- it could be president I don't know are there that it. There are well they're talking about a little while ago are now operate and do other work occurred periodic. What won't run -- correct itself from the you know bought it bought. Or -- -- I was gonna ask you said you know you kind of stayed out of it. All what was the recruiting process. That it -- they went through debate. Did dude John Farrell talked to did. Did the ownership talked to you -- of that. Yeah you know other Arctic from the dark when it. Or and he'll be here we don't want a little old little bit -- your vote. Apparently they can get away you're interviewing the -- Well while they're interviewing you do it that are currently -- the other property and we all in -- after pocketing a moderate hearing from so many people are in what. You know not great -- many of the order for years and now. It was just to a little over there and -- a lot of eclipsing -- our best -- to -- -- Ryan -- of the Red Sox joins us on the hot stove show -- impression around here when when news -- you're signing. Last week was a guy who's gonna be your rotation guy to -- innings every year but there's a concern he pitched in the national league for the great majority of your career came the American League in Texas. In struggle was hurting -- individual reason for that struggle. And a couple of months with the Rangers. Blackberry. -- -- people they. All that dumb but you know at the end of the day. Really solidly. We struggled -- -- couples are going to give up ground mark for street start. And and an outlet in the field to settle down on it movie it is it is it just comes down to make it it is. Is it is it is it is is simple stars as simple American League nationally is that is that deferment tell you you're facing these geysers just you just pitching. All that those realities between David Ortiz nor our share or -- people see that playing DA. In your -- on Marcum who -- it. You know. So it's back and that that your lot is adding another Michael Barrett Erica -- having an impact so. There's there's always gonna be a little bit more room full -- -- offers American League lineup -- -- on the -- open title. Ryan no such that the big difference but at the end that they I think it is being in your focus but -- -- -- It is that they're your spectators got their argument in a fixes are important and get out -- you'll no -- about. Ryan talking about the free agent process a little bit obviously over the summer you had you have the kind of you have the trade saga in which you got the chance to. But to have a great deal of influence over where you might go. In a deal. I'm what was appealing about Boston you know and why is special because I think there was a perception that when you -- -- the deal to Atlanta. Did you weren't interested in coming east you know where you always was it that was it's specific to Atlanta was it specific to. That circumstance over the course of the summer of me and what was the appeal geographically of Boston -- -- -- I mean he had been a matter because you know people leaders decreed it would -- they want some you know I think -- in the daylight set situated. At that time in the science there were respect for your leader -- critical that we -- greater than anybody in baseball. And you know you electric as the winner street -- wants them if I was you know leave Chicago. On the perpetrate a wanna do when all of that -- sent in an outdoor table often. Its its -- lecture I wouldn't last through their electric that he ordered but I know -- are seen as you know also locked -- like that problem. But there's that sense that they can't turn around me here I'm not saying rarely reports certainly that pretty enough confidence. We look at the players that that's an -- before on my editor modern science. It is sought equality of not only you know the player but the person the baseball player and and you know guys who. Gonna go up because you're you think it would have ordered and that's super important when it's an -- -- using something -- -- even dozen -- volatility delicate Iraq. The fact that forty doesn't for all options for -- to keep -- in the. There wasn't a time during the summer when the Red Sox were still in contention and you're name is actually connected to them and trade rumors. To a degree where you kind of following your life in the in the trade rumor mill. Did you think at any point last summer about whether or not you might -- be willing to go to to the Red Sox is a possibility. He -- then he -- the importance for a year for the treatment apps being. If that works for you that we're focused on my. It opened up that you wouldn't -- -- when you -- not at all on your -- so. Are trying to do with certain remarks I would not heard of like you make some answers fans -- their -- if I'm not giving everything I got so. Reconnaissance. Well we'll we'll play it wherever it is so -- -- got to -- we've built here that's kind of how it got down to towards the end and and and that's saying your taxes so. But aren't you might not but -- -- on the baseball field for the assessment for this. Right you talked yesterday the press conference glowingly about former team in Europe or maybe current team is -- Mike Napoli. And you know we still kind of waiting to see how that plays out. But the perception is that he would play a lot of first base here -- his courage in just to get your take on what you saw at. From him when he did play first base like -- -- first baseman could be. I believe it is diluted unit you know -- really are married they're putting it out here wants wants to -- ball DNC you're at least and so I noticed that that. Something that you know certainly -- so. On our -- all the -- at the higher than that one. And open up until -- my own position and why are worried about other guys. You you made no secret of European need for Chicago on playing there of course it nevertheless it seemed like it seemed like this offseason did. That you I don't know pure connected very much to the cubs if you're talking with them by coming back. Were you surprised that it appears that they now are on the cusp of a four year deal with Edwin Jackson for what appears to be you know fifty million dollars -- are you surprised by the direction that that franchise appears to be going office. Me on the you can get -- the -- and -- a young guy like so also Darby as some who wouldn't you know the opportunity here there. The great great. Think -- them -- they're organic like that's all it is going that direction and that's the number itself. You know I'm glad that I look at our rotation you know. In -- you some -- things -- And I really had to Urban League record of their ball. The -- are you call bulletin yesterday. Our experience as though we're having lectured on aren't appropriate 15. You know so what you you know he's he obviously argue -- ought to be or are you eradicated in itself. -- and convert it would open their -- you know all the standard in our globe they're. And I think your tail off solidarity -- be disputed that and possibly. I talked to you briefly yesterday about a question that was burning in my mind for some reason which is how you ever pride number 46 away from Franklin Morales. And he said there's no deal had been made in and -- view you somewhat was attached to the -- but not really bomb. I probably Mario -- yellow he ought. All -- a big rescinded Padilla left one behind without adequate then didn't like it that they use the order. -- but it begs the question is answered yes although that that I think Jacoby Ellsbury also one and one of -- since it. They karaoke. That he we use the authorities say they're cheaper. If you're -- -- like you're out -- -- you know. -- -- Are right approach -- all right one last thing I'm digging around these guys -- all of baseball questions on the ground looking more this comedy stuff they see you do a good car. -- -- are they helping or Mexico or not the dark and I understand them that's all you do math Foley Chris Farley motivational speaker to. -- this is an in person type of anger we will have more active. I had makes sense that's more physicals. I want brilliant story. Grab and do you -- a big bet there'll be -- speaker. Forward -- it wouldn't give you a little bit. Yeah I I would do it more aluminum they had the ripper. -- -- you can't make it all. The women while all all. All I. Brought them you know by about -- throughout the -- -- top. -- -- big -- government even a little prayer down by the river. I don't look at a -- -- while it's Obama spoke at home. So that's always a good account as Austin are done they're done to -- it are right we appreciate drive that drive. You guys got them they'll let my my head up there and have fun and then it. About it. I presume. That was unexpected. That -- that's definitely gonna make putts let's go to yet it is confident that if -- yeah couple hours taped Christmas guest with -- read headlines for that. Well I would just say this about about Dempster forgetting all that for second -- -- these guys abroad. And Demps is the one when you look at. If he performs at his best is that published best means most of us more than victory no more than Napoli I think you have choice I you know you can make the case for a lot of these guys for being effective -- not effective by. To me maybe the best acquisition for the years -- Adam. And why exactly what you said what he means to the team could potentially mean the team is probably Dempster. I would say Dempster or drew drew it's an outside bet. Dempster is a -- on his consistency and track record in the fact it. You know that if you buy into kind of fielding independent statistics for and that sort of thing. He's been the same pitcher exactly for five straight years and a bedrock of our rotation. Even if it's kind of in and a 34. In a three or four role someone who's been incredibly consistent and becoming a starter at 31.

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