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Thursday, December 20th Whiner Line

Dec 20, 2012|

Holiday cheer, and STDs to boot.

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-- views expressed and expressed. The wind advisories -- like ET TE Chris Cox. That's discretionary stocks still highly Morris. Is now. Warning airlines. John was the overall effort what you needed that level of effort. No and now did you Jews saw during the game to. Bumping him back up strong Cogent and WEEI. Who Maureen airlines who have fought before -- Quietly Johnson and a normal -- challenging -- dial 6177793535. We'll probably give up on the bus stop most the times. We have a great representative of the city and we'll -- you know it fiscal stands somewhere else notably now. One airline is -- -- another question I would and are pretty good movement 20. Ball. And got up and now you're trying you ask me questions and yeah me until language. Causes logistics with you you try and here's my Xbox into a corner all the time WEEI. To explain it to what he -- that's. -- -- -- You missed -- dodger. I didn't miss it towards -- my favorite people in all on the language -- -- it try to out box me in -- language of Boston guy. He is stopped -- -- that yes it's tough coaching ask your question. Went to the -- press conference and he comes out. Any. Every every answer me this is beyond. Bill Belichick he took minimalism to another level yes now that's and that was it yet. We'd like to elaborate no simple. Yes or no all day long but there was emotion behind all of those. Torres and Belichick has the poker face on a 100% at a time. Imagine telling your editor hey it was yesterday nobody it was an emotional yes and no I don't fit. Help me at all throughout the -- -- announcement -- Guys season's greetings good to see a great show. Thank you enjoyed it right here if you only have potential to do what kind of show. -- -- were -- any event let's ask a question mark how deep question. The -- its power by AT&T WEEI lives available on your iPhone android or Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. -- More needs more energy anymore energy. Including the speed up till ten. Chance of sentiment and it might have three GAT. And T or rethink possible if they'll good up and. -- I can't believe it's really good the bad joke of him you know why aren't. It happened right around. Act of incredible speed and my point you don't argue. Many people here. And obviously you know what it is I I have the dry wind whereas Mikey you know -- anger that type of stuff right archery is straightforward. Stuff you kind of have to really listen. To me when I'm with -- you know I'm innocent -- assuming you -- you your good following Twitter you sneaky zone. Thank you are you're sneaky funny you know legally -- at the -- will be people getting your goes over -- -- -- heads you know. He's not gonna say thank you if I just say -- Nancy Pelosi you know I think. I may -- yeah. And I'm not going to leave -- I might -- might so yeah I probably would but I could go and go down that path. They can read your your character that's all right he is doing you know that's -- -- them. But you know like Britain like an average -- in his -- They've got a lot of thought about what the article what he had to say about I'd be pretty happy and not black enough. Probably Beckett -- something I don't know how often do I haven't. And that message. Explains rob Parker Parker probably has Robert author Spenser for procedures significantly. It could be. Robert could be Robert Park it could be but it's not that -- an -- for Ira. Do you imagine RG three's. Parents you know watching. Watching ESPN offers. North dad calls his bomb. Honey did you realize you 22 years later. Arsenal and for 22. I just. Gave gay and it deserves a brother this little hole just rob Parker says -- -- We thought was black from -- actually pulled the treaties -- bull -- -- the brother. It. Was rob Parker. Was the picture I just noticed the the black and -- rob Parker left him. I'm very WB yeah I don't whine. -- I don't know what it really good with the department of April. -- like after I think my daughter and I. Not a great quarterback. Byrd -- and boo every time -- -- -- -- even if he's not it's good. Pop pop pop pop up. I and this message aired is that similar to buy them or leave -- alone. Could. -- You -- pet food and sort that. Either. He. We. Me. Cool. A little bit you. Often do you view we've grown fat guy. Well you know -- school all. Of that game is we. You would you call him -- Although the other two black guys -- the last we know. Hayward met Moya off. A public address that any high school game. And then one. These -- -- man grew up. With the feeling. Best friend who. It. Then all -- -- and live would -- if you repeat event. Awful behavior you boom boom -- That would burn and you can use. British terror threat is there outsider still no -- -- Christmas. And -- -- already here today and hear that every day until Christmas that's just the way it has. You don't face front on Sundays -- use it chipped it tribute. He's got two songs about. People can say that. There -- guys that second year of college -- -- basketball team for Comcast it's about 13 and I just sort of say quote I gave up my packet. -- And I heard. Are there I don't know what he was talking about but he actually it's. You know contaminant that the feel bad about the NHL lot. It did it from New Hampshire call that I -- that collapse but if it's paid itself much apartment carpet. -- -- -- -- They have written -- WPP. We will find I don't know we have had bit off from orbit seeding thing or that's not -- -- you know I would. It all commit WPP. I did. Because whoever holds the -- so. They've tried it before Christmas format stated that the planet is supposed to put that -- -- one bit four wars. And that and who wouldn't be. NC which are scheduled tomorrow I -- well played Ryder allegedly. I'll beyond after so I'm probably your lawyer album even lower on the totem -- think so what time leisure quicktime users are supposed to. With the latest -- going to be on the year. -- at midnight. Midnight. When this rule. Midnight you voted to shift but -- works eighteen -- day before that so -- -- push it to 1201 total to see it happen that will actually make it to twelve this is ominous. This is I'm Maureen what do you talk about it do you think Europe's gonna get spared. I mean come walk. Midnight nursed five hours after hours -- you know I think if there's any place that will escape any atrocity would be in this studio. All boxed in here there's no windows is no it's like a bunker. Does lead paint on the walls and radiation. To sort of talk about tomorrow here your last year. Bomb on after the Celtics games Hampshire will be talking about them. I don't know if I got -- we had to sign off on an email no discussion on this. What December -- work -- while punitive awoken and I've been working on my bucket list about what to expect -- try to read a book check. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Am working on it. And I don't think you -- -- -- Jack Peter red river considered routine scored her please look back I would make knowing it. And that message. Notice there for -- -- blue chips. Is as a pastor -- And over until he did for them Merry Christmas that we need to -- happening now -- -- and Angela. They've got got what I'd like to thank you for being on the big show today because when there are on the big hell. That means that affect you -- all make the get up go beyond why don't quietly there. All lives. They came here. And back then what. A terrible -- but don't let. I think that you know what. I think it could have. Couldn't go about it but. Anyway. It but that's it that -- -- And this message I could secure this reject you want -- yeah. No birds are brilliant here's what movies have Don big twelve -- to. Look at age 25 or under putts ten game winning streak. 920. Point -- I didn't -- So it's a sudden the music. Six wins light shot out five and seems. For. What you need prayers through good minutes worth Stan Ford years we will the third floor hard. Yeah but. The visual on at Toronto -- -- running over Ryan Miller for two commitments to good -- that you you you did that would gusto. Two good minutes -- Wallace. Belgrade. That there is big hero it's not based quality. It's over yet I think that's the good didn't it didn't didn't expect. -- It's. Car show you get that car. -- -- I didn't regret. And and I. But at a price of crude price it would evident how different -- did not have not come along way. I remember when I was living in Boston I would like to create. And I think what kind of on the ground and on the victims and I don't know what it windows something like -- that's the only hole. You had an article about -- but now look at you. But the bottom of the patent at the top of the radio. I would send them. Away. And that you'll have the best way to explain it to be -- -- commitment to the communities people people don't take it to a daily news -- read all the time minutes ago it actually commit to the military discipline echo now. I was ahead direct agreement he wants a line. Red flags and your -- people people would block the metro but more people would read that you be surprised the readership they didn't know they were reading. That they were story exactly they know they knew you but they knew exactly. It. Must have. I'd get my vote and probably. Circulate around -- that but what about your company today -- -- the -- -- -- -- Again exactly group while I don't exactly what I hope people open outlaw right now I carry my. And the message. Jerry I don't know what you just said -- a work on it. -- Is done. -- Carter. -- -- good girl I heard he would mean is it happened now. And Lynda Carter. North Andy the texture brings up a great point about Angelo. Said he wanted to have a threesome with three Playboy models. Who would that be forced. On us especially. Make no I don't article I'll leave it that a -- of -- I have admired him. But probably I would not work more thought lot. -- WTI dot now that it like crap -- here. Very excited to be do. A little bit of support and -- not been quiet and I want it at a board well Lou. How about that that's good that they appear. All American -- edit. Like crap out. -- it probably. Ordeal that would support hotline. You guys on top I don't think I'd. I. -- -- -- -- -- The winner -- American dream today or -- live power by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to know. Ten times fast and he's doing on the front and okay now he's up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible.

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