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Are the Patriots better off finishing as the 3rd or 4th seed in the NFL?

Dec 20, 2012|

Christopher Price from WEEI.com and Michael Holley discuss the Patriots, and what the best case playoff scenario for them is as the regular season winds down in the next two weeks.

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Ominous some stuff out there now it is among Smart enough to understand it any different things happen so. I don't really cares that don't we can do about any album a -- we need to worry though it's no compatriots. Some are some people say I'm not Smart enough to understand that they really mean it. Then there's the brush off I'm not Smart -- -- wanna talk about it is not a topic it's uninteresting to me and help my team so to say I'm not Smart enough to talk about it. And you'll stop asking me maybe you're smarter than he does that sometimes -- -- asked for you'd -- me I didn't mean you can -- maybe I don't know you tell me what actually usually don't. Don't tell me right now about it joke trapped close and not gotcha questions about it. Christopher price in the house Christopher price. Likes the foresees. In the Nancy. Getting to it I don't know did -- given more -- to the last what 1020 years that when the symbol in recent history I'm just don't history path just. More forsee who won -- playoffs and one of -- older threes and got a strict accurate. I just think the patriots and then and attacks -- brings a great point. You don't if you're if you're the foresee. And you get some upsets there you lose the chance of a posting actually hosting the playoff game I don't think Denver loses them. If we delusions again is -- Denver it would general losing isn't. And what often rejected -- etiquette again -- I firmly believe that that record able only beaten three teams -- -- -- only beaten three teams this year whoever record better than 500 arena. Denver three teams with a record -- -- for the record edit that are under and Baltimore's one -- Pittsburgh infants and played three teams who have ten wins or more at this point this season -- actually well that that means is actually two teams. The Pittsburgh seven and seven. Pittsburgh seven and seventy actually beaten two teams over 500 yeah. So yeah. And I just -- I just I think that's the only game. Where. The patriots would beat the patriots travel to Denver adding that the only game where they wouldn't be paper. If you look at every other matchup you look at every the matchup I mean if you look -- -- you look at Indy you look at Pittsburgh whatever. I think the patriots you very good about their teams that travel anywhere in growth in the AFC in win that -- adding that the only team in the late to. Our look at your phone call 617 service organizer fifties and number toll free 8885250850. Don't forget Celtics tickets. Sometime in this fine program you know one -- it was a number. Well I mean you know what you know my bad. While the number as I said the first time 61777. Yards and 937. Once yeah that was seven. -- sports you're. Ledger was not a vector -- is that Boston was the Victor. My book -- you don't. You know it. They're not being against Miami -- -- RBC and so Crist I hear you correctly say this there what I mentioned. Quite a few years ago -- debt to New England Patriots in that one game against Miami Dolphins sleep. That game because they want to wait and disbursed. All the years I've forgotten is this is I told you -- -- -- -- -- Victor -- the fact it can't be heavier band. And Anthony at last day intern here at the racially on the board I told you so yeah -- -- are told so it was a lot. Dukakis got a man who can't. Because I'm the ultimate moment thinking what you meant in my late -- you -- -- Do you admit you. Yeah. Ambassador Victor Victor you know the leading rusher was for the patriots and again our country great running back that you had had Corey Dylan and -- Patrick -- Don't -- that team and you don't lead a team receiving that afternoon Andra Davis. Is it that you don't let script I'd let me say that you keep it would look like -- -- -- like dummies I. I don't doubt my gear during -- on the policy day. Or you can -- not your right now that you've ever been. The campaign is over and. We told you so Jeremy and I it. Listen I'm on the part of it good I normally enjoy my that you -- against. All right our -- happy holidays through this but I told you so I just I mean again Tuesday. I mean Tuesday it's fantastic. But it patriots haven't haven't beaten many teams with records with -- records over -- no but they've played more. Them I'm gonna put appear with their potential playoff teams and community team. Potential player and an -- well I don't like it while -- -- how to define teams that are still -- Teams that could still make the post. In -- before Monday that was jets snapped a four under -- I'm not even the jets when he. -- when he and you know comparing them to. Yes and that's the Denver Denver plea -- -- -- like four playoff teams. Patriots at six playoff. They played more playoff. Thing our whole piece about like a week or so water but patriarchate WV I got an Internet account that the -- of the patriots you easy schedule the defense when in fact. The area season. -- of season conference this year they've played the most competitive if you break down restaurant the schedule. To deplete the toughest schedule. Our solution -- -- and bodies were. But what else can. I get if if you're gonna take. If you got the choice of the comes down to next week and you got the choice in you can control your destiny. Go for the foresee that -- And thought Trent Johnson Medford. -- Ball -- and and I don't all right. Quick question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does timber have a better defense in the patriots. I got a better pass rusher they have the best pass rusher of anybody on on either team. The matchup of it is the patriots have problems with those physical front seven. We saw this last week with him to go as they're not all that physical they're not debt physically did did did they did -- Yeah like I eat it out I don't know we're going to but I'll I'll play the game just as you can get there so I'll say Denver yes Denver is is a ferocious Gary before. I don't believe that but but that's what you don't know what what you're -- -- That game against San Francisco. And looking at the Patriot Act in it's just. There's something missing I don't know they've seen they have put together a few weeks and then they just. They couldn't get it together against Sampras has. Dog also played a good -- to go to the -- it's okay to sit here and say you know what the niners are good team one of the best teams in week. It's just. -- -- I just I don't see it that would be definitely the biggest obstacle for the patriots in the intent at all I don't -- I don't think there were it would match up. Definitely definitely not defense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When they played Denver earlier in the year do you think that was the real Denver team or. Thought that was at the real patriots team. I have watched every game in the last six weeks. Looks like a different -- to make absolutely. And and that I think that's a fair point they do look different. Peyton Manning looks more comfortable. Now they did then obviously but the patriots to a to a different to men at that time they were able to beat Denver. -- shockingly they were able to beat Denver. When they had there's no no probably. In the house. Had Dem according still trying to play corner. -- Greek team that you know what I can look to defuse it to -- A spotless every team given up but -- still -- earlier -- -- -- -- early game gear up the huge task that that throughout Thomas. That he actually fumbled. But -- that was a time when the patriots every game you look at it you said two things one. They're gonna give up a pass play -- -- -- -- an explosive play the explosive plays usually over twenty yards but they would make it be doubly exposed for the patriots -- forty -- Or either or forty yard penalty that would happen until you don't always say one of these guys turn around look at the football. Whether it be right on on cornerback will be there and then you take its turnaround you can get it and it would turn around. So I agree that the Broncos. Weren't the same and the Broncos were just happy -- -- -- finding -- -- 5% of what they are now yeah I think the patriot defensively. We're in the same position and I think the patriots are our great by any means of defense but it's certainly more. Prove their pattern now and -- talked it's funny I talked to Harbaugh about this I talked to -- -- -- cleaning up the forty united miles apart from according about this that the acquisition -- to leave. Has allowed him to do some things defensively that they necessarily didn't do before. They're taken a few more chances are also really like in Talib is not right well let's be honest with is here but at the same time. I'd like to leave in record he has the order perceive the combo I think to really work well together. Think there's something there and again they're doing things defensively. In they think to themselves the game play defense they understand what they're doing things defensively that they needed to early and you went to -- was. Here's the question you think -- according. Is a I mean primarily for the rest of his career -- -- -- particularly here for the rest of his career you'd think he is a safety. I think if he has this group of defensive backs around him. I think it makes sense to put him at safety for the rest of his career I think if you can yet. Consistent performance is going forward there's no reason to think that you can't but if you get consistent performances from Alfonso debtor. Who has played very well I think better than let's have a practical we wasn't it was right what should have been discovered runner but he's he's a guy who appears for the most part very comfortable with the spot I think if you have a guy in -- like to leave. And I think if you have a complimentary safety next to him like Steve Gregory shall the last three games makes perfect week. Both lines opened 61777979837. -- -- the problem I had in need any problems needs are and for the number were given away Celtics tickets to go -- second and -- Jack Edwards and Cedric Maxwell and you coming up after the. Each game has its good points instead points which rather. Reinforce the good things. Correct the things that we didn't do well whatever final score was. And and then once that's wants a stone -- we try to take the steps we feel like we need to take at that point in time to move forward to the next champs. Given all of them it. Bill Belichick talking about. It's talking about something much excitement there. Just trying to break it down to try to get through yet another press conference yet another conference call due to people leave me alone leave me alone. Just wanna give my team greatly. Playoff football. Although you know day in your experience is you've been on the depth -- is the best day. Because Friday as he says before that he is in the barn and he'll get reflective in that historical and a kind of wax philosophic about all you know if you ask -- the wide ranging question about the history you've. I don't put protectors of electrical Golan on an island usually dead Monday Wednesday Thursday. Much but it did you ask him about the history of the punt protector this week he might be a little defensive about it because you think you're trying to. Going to backdoor -- and try to get it Tim Tebow story -- Tim Tebow you know everybody thinks that because Josh McDaniels drafted in the first round because Bill Belichick had dinner with him in the north then. That it would win because if when Tebow gets released. From the jets that they think the patriots are a viable option but I would think now. Not so much -- not so much because. -- boat people coming out of school. I loved him in college thought he did great things for college football and if you know right attitude. Likely played. Now it's more of its not you don't you can't look at him as a football player. There's this circus has come. He comes you'll want to get out I told it was and and a full study at that. It did going into the jets' locker room after the Thanksgiving game after the bank's community team that -- the -- walked into the jets' locker room. And you know from -- stock in the media in use in four guys in. Reform of the -- media scrubs. In in there's one around Tebow back a quarterback in place. Right it is just it's if it comes with so much baggage that Tim Tebow show come through so much baggage I don't think that they wanted to. -- the patriots Q would -- think they can manage and I think it would do it a little differently but but to what and what are you doing the patriots why would you do it at this point. I've asked this is before they had Ryan mallet as the packer quarterback. Right now maybe they'd be interested but Ryan mallet here. You're theoretically developing him bring in Tim Tebow to do what. The idea -- to quit when when Tom Brady is not on the field. Use your your immediately to -- you taken a step back offensive. It there's no reason. If you're in a competitive game to take Tom Brady off the field. Vissicchio and I know people with a general wildcat for the near the quarterback out of wide receiver what I know you this it's not -- -- that you need me up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think this is the mistake that jets have made. That the jets have. Allowed it. To be inside story. About this pastor don't make Tim Tebow available to the media. During during open locker room not available. Because what they've been -- it's been a Tebow watch the entire season. So they've been waiting foreigners that. You see the stories now -- finally sources Tim Tebow was furious. Over the decision. The name McIlroy the starter. It seemed to Tim Tebow was visibly frustrated with the waiting for all year HM I've got to protect -- surely helped him anyway again. -- -- -- upset that mark Sanchez's getting all you know 98% of this -- remarks are great I mean we get our relationship is great and now. Since they passed him over. They are getting. And that it was relatively better. Tivo how much -- published this then compared to what people really go off to the media this this this officer but for Tebow would produce from. How much of this is if in with his plea beginning with Susie if he came to New England. He would be told through coasted -- from fourth at 45 minutes when world to be right you know. In in some this -- we talked about this clinical study which he feed into. You have to go out there and talk to me not want -- he doesn't have to put an update exactly on the barrel you know in that. That's as much on him as it is your organization he's going out there in feeding this as opposed to you know what nine guys that -- and they -- Said trainers room with the patriot. Now back in the day remember palaces rookie year. He gave up a in a pre season game up a touchdown actually Donte' Stallworth and Stallworth who was with the saint. He gambled. On a little short pass. Gambled missed and Stallworth -- 67 yards something like that after the games that add to it again. Ellison aggregate -- Got to beat that guy. -- It went to Belichick you guys you people went to Belichick and that I Ellis Hobbs that he do it again. Bills that I don't see why you do that again gave up the past. Story wasn't over column in the next day. Replayed quote storm. Had video of -- volunteering. Set -- Okay Ellis. You obviously don't know the right thing to say you have two options. You can either hang on the lunchroom. When the millions in the locker room. They silence them or you can go to your car. In -- far. Do you take your blood for 45 minutes every day during media access. Fifth in his car banished. Banished from the facility WB particularly not all you're not saying it right they are not on board there's -- been released. To go after all by the government. -- maybe a little -- July making phone call me. Another story it is the story to you would with brain tumors in this one of the reasons that already read it and I absolutely the last two rated. The rookies sing on excited beyond its team sent her up new goal against public Wes Welker one of the best guys in the league. A called meeting the next day in situation. Video quotes who. You ordinarily do for their BitTorrent incorporated who are you talk about west walker complainant and you can certainly Ulster says. Don't know you don't know about the league. The league you don't know a nickname for slot corner -- slot receivers that get them talking about. Direct where your phone calls Patrick is in Manchester Connecticut with the Patrick. Guys don't depend a great. I think everybody keeps saying that brought it to about when you. Were talking about the only game. Put -- personally. I'd rather it would not based -- as if TJ. I would wanna like implement out of it by another player at a game under the belt. We've got it all -- all been really talking about is probably seventy. We'll probably limit. Order rest would not let -- get out there on this reward. Why everyone is sort of or probably better to -- our fight -- -- players like well they're they're -- radio authority. Is it that's what it. On -- of course what better -- a -- about -- -- -- on Sunday both well but a title wouldn't call it little. It does so. -- -- -- What better but in the long. That's that's that's I think I think the language is correct regulate what district and also think Q and Ana brought -- -- -- that are wrote that if you don't have a bye week. You -- -- one out for you know it at least for the guys you know guys like Logan Mankins and Murkowski union -- it would ultimately it would be banged up. In get them as healthy as possible -- in the post. -- in -- Patrick and I think I think you're right the way you describe it but here's a question of if you abuse say these guys need to rest Brady for example mean Brady got a day off. And I think is directly related to you throwing sixty plus passes. Off all. On Sunday night vs the 49ers they look at it like a pitch count I mean the Red Sox over the patriots just have a pitching coach. And they look at -- they monitor Tom Brady Tom house and I sit tight house this is crazy sixty plus passes. At his -- at this time a year now gonna give my day off. But what do you think a rest what does that -- don't look like for Tom Brady I don't think it to be an entire game even if they say he needs to rest reported targeted. I apparently able to -- pretty well probably played at least the first water summit in the second person without that without that I think you could rest. -- for the I think it could restaurant -- -- -- -- -- that you could rest -- maybe report that there are probably should important guy. You could separate out one game they say. It's more important that they're healthy actually -- that we ought not to receive. About -- the colts in -- -- the guys in the field and play Arctic cat but I would end up with Britney. But I think now. But be happy epic -- help guide it with a foresee. Our Patrick Garrett Eric good thought that it really put that that's that's it that's really need the argument were making them -- iron in such as that is. If -- beast with that decision in -- a matter of get some guys some rest your coach -- -- obviously your coach you're always coach and win. But if -- -- the idea get guys some rest in you wanna throw. The Angel fails opener for 65 snaps as opposed to gronkowski. -- And makes it. -- a couple of Texans are saying that. -- -- -- -- Listen that's fine that they -- -- that nobody's making the -- -- -- the it'd Sadie who. You cannot. Hang out with any of your peers can have your colleagues you must go to your car. It eat -- they come back in serious. Workplace. Were credit -- your boss telling you to go eat lunch and call a straight ball your bosses -- -- you don't know how to talk to people. On the top of it will go electric car but we will talk to you people will talk to you bears.

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