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Jack Edwards' Poetic Tribute to Vincent Wilfork

Dec 20, 2012|

It's Jack... being Jack. We've missed him with the NHL lockout, so here's your chance to get your Jack fix.

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Our final hour of the big show. The Celtics Thursday so we don't have Celtics tickets to giveaway and I can tell you now given way in about twenty minutes. We have the water line as always. Yeah. Yeah that's a bonus a nice little Thursday bonus. -- you don't always have Jack Edwards thing around. As Jack Edwards and is that is in the house we have. NSA. From Jack. Jack was talking earlier about this -- work and how we just appreciate the athleticism. Big man. Isn't that what 3. O'clock is predicting it to come up with something -- attribute for provincial. It. Yeah I haven't done yet. No but -- you it it's it's been. -- like like the spirit so ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. This like the old days before TV just you would make an appointment to appointment radio yes since the fire side. Bring everybody around a radio. Realism to the wizard of odds. And now everybody gather around the radio and listen to the one and only. Jack Edwards. Did you know the light has amassed. Give away something now much of course those little fold sons or whatever they're called. Fly through space. And they fly through your corneas and get focused on your recognizing your brain translates them into what we know his vision. And remember that as far as we can understand. Mass attracts masts. In the vacuum of space. With the sun being the heaviest thing in the solar system all of the planet swing a lot less in the sun. Orbit around the sun's gravitational pull is what keeps the are going round and round. So think about how heavy an imported star known as the black almost be. Its gravitational pull is all great. They even as infinite passively little as a photon ways even light itself. Cannot escape the gravitational pull of the black hole. A black hole is so heavy that one teaspoon. Bubble black hole weighs as much. As the entire planet earth. Which brings us to the middle of the patriots defensive line. Vince Wilfork and he keeps everything around him in the proper orbits. And no one and nothing can escape his gravitational pull. Of course if your job involves holding the gravitational setter at the line of scrimmage in place the extra of quarter flies. Not some back and so Vince Wilfork and do TV ads for a whole rotisserie chickens and leave us with the impression that that's what he's seeding in the rest of us can viral and split it up. But just because he looks a little rolling -- doesn't mean he's not one of the best all around athletes in the sporting world. First he's fighting off a 260 pound center and at 275. Pound guard and pushing them both into the backfield. Forty seconds later he's rolling off a block plunging underrated and tripping at 215 pound running back with a one armed swipe across the ankles. Wilfork is a treasure. Who's often overlooked by those who are paying attention on every defense it down he can stop a truck he can dunk a basketball. And he can on apologetic -- Gulp down a chicken. Soul on this eve of the doomsayers. And of the world that might be wise to stay close divisions. Just as the Patriots defense revolves around him if the Earth's poles reverse -- all hell breaks loose. Constantly geeks like me can just orbit around Wilfork for awhile. Besides. Maybe he'll toss us a Winger to. -- -- -- Not quite right that they let. -- You have been smoker. -- evidence at all. Let's go into his -- And oh what Vince disappears. You know. They don't want it's interpreted that you. I I know but but like if you were to disappear it is like. Everybody just -- gravity. In which you have -- chaos. Right just like like somebody drops a little old quicksilver on the lab Florida just scatter resign into the corners of the -- It's not a good thought that in tiger defense rubles around Wilfork used in you can make an argument at times for. Jerod Mayo and bringing in spikes but consistently. Over the last nine years yet he has. Been the centerpiece today defense in a and we talked about earlier in the show I am. Fully on board -- viewed him as a whole thing yeah you in -- -- -- he he is a defensive scheme changer. The likes of which we very rarely seen. Let's bring their music back where the reviews and kept it did you I'm not an enemy to the tennis ball like that -- if you if you're ready for the music. That's fine if not give the reviews any. Here's some of the reviews awesome. Womb. This is -- I'm so hot hot. -- -- you're talking about Willis. Not that I -- I -- notice is that this this is is just an editing things can be changed and -- was as. 260 pound -- 175 pound guards it will work -- in the mid eighties -- -- -- point. We can change that -- not easy. That's an easy I am. Government says you're a loser you know that's true. We all know that. Poetry but there's -- -- the Canadian bash in their somewhere. Merry Christmas us why Vince will play in the CF -- is the sidelines -- wider. Another one says. Jack givers is -- -- That's what it's like. In any Andy can speak. -- -- Pittsburgh has been as a Pink Floyd mean to you. Learned that that psychedelic. Pete Williams you know shows a -- leader fluid at exactly. What that is. Would you sort of -- war. You should've asked Wear Pink Floyd that is a Pink Floyd would be perfect. With that at. With that as it like a planetarium -- -- bullies are convinced yet you're right. Now but. And -- Maryland locker room getting background veteran or apparently. He he is such a remarkable athlete when I go to hockey games are not calling. I always try to pick out. A player to who's caught my ion and is of interest. And and watched just one shift of them even if the poppies in a completely different part of the ice. And while watching the patriots on TV. I just watch Wilfork. And is on raising what are the goals throughout the course of the game. Yeah -- plays in all situations. And and sometimes. The job that he has is just to make. Nothing go anywhere and when your 403 guys is they showed in the F forty niners game. Sometimes it completely blows up a play and you know you don't figure in the tacklers on the -- three guys try it -- yet and he used to send us dollar. And player I hope he really does get the appreciation that he deserves nationwide his ability to hold up guys hold up two and three blockers. At at the point of attack. And again it's not as as sexy as piling up you know. Big -- number the exact numbers but his ability to continuously give him over and over and over again and free up things for guys like -- guys like spikes. I love the extra premium -- whoever it is is his. Really work. They passed that price that's. We're. There a girl can relate to weed out all Gloria. Well fairness. All yeah. It just killed -- I'll ever get that would have been. These numbers -- -- always take the day off Orleans or we want to -- ballot with a bit. -- note that was part of the -- he's got a prescription or. Would go well that would goes perfectly influenced thinking that the next. Expect your phone call 617. 7797937. Must talk to Andy. Andy is in Manchester. I think -- -- -- -- some part of New Hampshire was going on and. -- was yeah Merry Christmas and everything else good stuff at I -- say something that I got a question project you know arm. It's -- that what happened in Connecticut and that's who started when I heard about it -- reported on the 87. And it just makes you question everything you know parenting and -- gonna happen and in this school later. You're part of that -- people insist it's it's really really -- Makers install them and now I hope they get to. And up. There. Day earlier and we're waiting for Eric is inevitable and necessary when you have something else. Yeah I I wanted to -- -- you know you've been talking about it often on and it is I wanted to in my piece because I I live alone and Richmond and I do it like half an hour it by drive twelve mile limit the clock and a. Her right half hour ago we appreciate it. It's -- market goes. Agreement's -- -- TER I can't. I can't really get into any other sports like you know I watched a watchful Balkan unlike my brother plays both bother going to. Let us. No hockey I'm Barbara. Yeah we all are ending and it's -- the nature of the game is such that. It's it's kinetic its continuous. It has flow. You easily can make the argument that. You know when we sign on the air it's a two and a half hours from soup to nuts and in those two and a half hours he'll resurface the ice twice for seventeen minute breaks. And now you're gonna see sixty minutes of the capital lay action and that's in -- -- a hyper kinetic game and that's part of what makes hockey so exciting. And its fans especially when they follow. A particular team. Have a level of emotional commitment that may not be greater than. That of followers of any other sport but certainly the equal of any other sport and and when you're without it there's a -- and there's nothing that can can replace -- in sporting terms. Certainly there is on and in personal terms but. Yeah the the NHL. Has -- maybe eight. A massive miscalculation. Of the emotional marketplace and it has alienated some people who. Love the game and even those who come back and spend the money at the same rate. Something inside of some of them has died and that's that's the real pity because. It was never better than -- -- Before tickets next phone call here as when it is another thing for your for an essay that's just really didn't. Is it true that he spoke a teaspoon. He took a teaspoon of the black hole that is still. Heavier. In the planet are you -- Injecting even -- and wild okay well. It not even a photon of light can escape from a black hole that's -- appears black in space. So you ever think about it. They like the science I mean science teacher or anything like I was I was a front page story in the -- about six years ago and it was just like. Now my liver -- -- beauty is stuck with the job front page story in the globe -- -- -- hung onto it and here. See it's never useless information in them that -- -- jeopardy or involved in a jacket were just ahead. -- -- -- Thought the rich -- the problems average. About. A comment. Well. -- group they all. Austin you're tumor man. Thank you. Aaron Rodgers. That we have a pretty good can't -- bank of nabbing that. Second MVP and around. I think he would be probably third or fourth on the list that the -- gotta go with Peyton or Brady you know. Probably Peyton -- Brady to just the way it plays out this way. And then at say either Rogers three here or Adrian Peterson three. I don't think his politics is a clear cut this year. Don't think there's one guy you can point to you can say it like to -- -- -- -- bring your man which exact cutting its gonna bring it when they're gonna be I think you're -- -- funny guys get votes I think you're gonna see guys like RG three what did vote to win but it you're gonna see you -- Peterson did vote what is it like one of those wide open. -- -- from wrong here. It's not like baseball where you can vote for five guys you have to vote for. It's not like second place third place that don't you if you are viewer voting for MVP in football. Isn't it here's the guy to double check I think that's how it goes yeah so. -- if you vote for. Our rob Parker right available for RG three trying to come back powers try to get back in the good graces with. I don't think in this year you can't vote for Robert Griffin or Andrew Luck when you got Peyton Manning in in. Tom -- you're gonna get to you can't Adrian Peterson and watch -- -- -- -- you want to thank you Adam for MVP he's going to be people you should out of that he's gonna win but he's gonna get votes. On and the other thing -- in terms of -- the guys. -- That the -- -- -- second that Mike Ditka isn't here I was just floored when I heard about Rick Caceres. Well when I know we'll be back Stanley Cup. Nobody ever -- With the cup god didn't Wear out side. Did everything I can't do nothing but work. She does what's happening here project. It's it's affecting the ghost of Reagan but I. If I had today mostly radio. We're all gonna take a break it around me. Because Willis. Is all -- is or rewards. Or ever will be.

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