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Celtics guard Courtney Lee on his tenure with the Celtics and adjusting to a new role

Dec 20, 2012|

Tom Caron and Lou chat with Celtics guard Courtney Lee about his first year in Boston and having to adjust to a new role in a new system. They also discuss what will happen in a crowded backcourt when Avery Bradley returns.

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Joining us right now on the phone lines it's a Celtics Thursday continues is Courtney we -- the Boston Celtic tiger Gordon. A well thank you Tom -- liberal Loney with the -- I you know a -- not to travel to -- guys got back in the afternoon yesterday about five hours later you're on the court. Face and cavaliers team gave you everything you can handle their late in the game. How much of a sigh of relief was there in your locker room after the game to get that winning get that game -- -- big on could we we -- when you win a couple losses that we -- road. It'd -- if we -- missile threat to our own industry. You'll score a lot of people felt experience and look at this team beginning of the year a lot of excitement talk about the depth on this team and there are some expectations and I think. As a fan you look at it and say while flu have been inconsistent defensively -- your struggles. As the team do you look around that that locker room some nights after you lose games -- three straight -- road trip to -- you know we're a lot better in this. -- every -- every conflict. Expectations with now -- but fans of course those also we still go to words and took over named Lou we're just -- level right now. So we're we're duplicate do you work. Ago was don't work have been that we could be on guard duty and in a bigger revenue sources we want the -- that -- useless in the -- start winning games. How's it been for you here coming with the Celtics -- last year. Bill with Houston coming off the bench start some games simply thirty minutes to go back and forth of says starting line up to the bench -- that that. That -- look difficult. Assessment exit where -- -- -- that arises is totally different. Amid ducks coach and he's making those calls and where players use -- mutual radio. Because of -- rhythm you'd use to. You know document will tell you that in practice you know it's not a week goes by where there's not talked about the playoffs what the ultimate goal for this team is. -- a little different from some other teams we've talked about you've got that core veterans there that that we've seen in the past. Knows -- when to turn it on late in the season knows how to manage time means what they need to do that said you gotta be winning these games you know it's kind of a fine line to walk for team and it. Did definitely is what you Soviet this has been there. Four and don't want it -- her own book and -- as we have games at home or on the -- where political gains. But the games that we got a win a vote against -- come back in on -- literal wartime it is. The Clinton as a player also just windows or win these games that we. Is that part of the understanding. For you -- you talk about the players on this team went right when you realize if you guys are gonna get to where you wanna go. You know you need to keep Garnett pierce you need to keep those guys fresh through the year that makes your -- really that much more important throughout the entire season and. Did that we've I'm really pleased. Like -- because he's put me dead man. Who got the equipment we got a book they're produce. -- political and theorists. Arguments before Leo that the transition into in the difference in an amount played semi of this year and next year and you've got. The reports out David Bradley contracts and now is in contact -- You caught thinking that far ahead -- what Avery Bradley comes here -- what does this backcourt that's already crowded kind of look like. -- we ready doesn't look like that's the way when he used. -- over the hopeless because we have in the they're. There's seductive Coke's -- that the promise you have to be bill would. That's party game I think in watching new bill briefly. In in the path that. Now wasn't fully aware I think defensively in other that's one of the things that you come out here and has been impressive -- the way you play on the ball defense has something to prided. Is that was special when. If you can't get rid of more offices than it is just not follow me and always play defense but because the effort. That. He's gotta you gotta provide up to access to the office of does not fallen you have to give -- some of these. He walked into this this locker room and you see Rajon Rondo Paul Pierce and KG M just curious going up against those three individuals and now playing with them duke. To buy anything new about these guys is pretty much as expected. Before doing enough level. The we gotta locate a couple of -- -- vanity you have -- you have respect form and these devices. Going in the kill every day so you respect -- we start to like. They are your rookie season you're in Orlando you guys go to the NBA finals as a young player he -- guys. In all sports as young players when you how some success in the playoffs. Is there is the feeling when you're young man played this game -- -- this way it's going to be every year but as you play the game a little bit. You start to get a better appreciation that opportunities like that don't come around all the time you haven't been there you have the playoffs since that year. How much is that sort of appreciation -- the difficulty in being championship driven team a much more do you appreciate that now that maybe did when you -- young. Other run out of my first euros expect commander of the year have been -- that real quick that it doesn't happen like that vote. It definitely. If motivation and a flu among the team down -- -- everybody involved motivated to get back you know you're back with. -- -- -- -- -- And so it is only as if you took part you've partnered. Was that something you're really looking forward to and when would you be coming here you know knowing that you're part of the team that has its goals set on the ultimate prize. It. Went. That's one of fame -- Some of this this scheme in history to win and win big right now. I want to be apart a couple of. How different was it for you with early in a year when you guys won't back in and played at Brooklyn played against the nets he played with the nets the New Jersey Nets did you. Did you think did you sense something different and AM obviously a picnic there's some talent there on that team is no question about it but just that move in general. As far as your organization you feel some different. Also don't think is that. There's debris you ought to give at least that is wrong mentality and -- moved to Brooklyn avenue facilities. And new fan base those rooms -- I think that the Villanova was is what's -- -- where I was when I was there and now this. Ward it this growth was probably used them we pool with prisoners have been made. And and they've got a little ride or go with the knicks are you surprised that the struck up so quickly here. But it got to see that come and want to put two teams in in the metropolitan area there that they would strike of an instant rivalry. All you want she could you -- You're period in -- what will record with our that they where there's compete. -- the -- way it is different your rival. Well you know that come along way when there are of the marquee games on Christmas Day you'll be there taking on -- Brooklyn are good luck to you happy holidays thanks for joining us -- -- -- I had accordingly joining us from the Boston Celtics again yeah he said it but -- relief after the game I think you'd hear it throughout. New England not just a locker room both need the -- it was ugly meet the winning pitcher Brett now they're ready for Milwaukee --

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