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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston, on Pierce's big night, shifting some Celtics pieces and potential moves

Dec 20, 2012|

Tom Caron and Lou talk with Jackie Mac about the state Celtics and how the pieces will all fit once Avery Bradley returns. the topic to the Red Sox and what John Farrell will be able to accomplish in this dreaded "bridge year."

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The Celtics last night they get the when they snap the losing streak but did it really inspire you Jacqui McMullen joining us now get the when they snap the losing streak but did it really inspire you Jacqui McMullen joining us now on the on the phone lines here VS near boston.com. My judgment on broad Dubai town fair tire and they just say insurance tiger Jackie. Good karma you know and -- doing great thanks how how did you feel about that Celtics went last night. Well limit did you feel like you're in the way back machine and I felt like watching -- Feel about the way he did you know ten years ago -- can happen any on any given night and I have to admit. They've been in today's world wanna keep your -- behind the three point line a lot of parents and thinking. No amount to much time on the shot clock no we don't don't take it. -- -- kind of like go ahead baby could be had a -- I love it when he has it gone like that. Yeah I heard Doc Rivers say about about the -- of Paul Pierce goes one mile an hour. In all these young guys are running around trying to stop its frustrating is all because they can't figure it's great to watch him. On a night like last night just drop and everything isn't. There really -- and you know it's it always starts with him when he gets some of those long bombs -- to drop then he starts feeling that. Then you know you'd you'd you'd -- fly out there the three point line to try to stop and he does that one mile an -- the docket talk about that little twist that little turn I'm gonna -- -- -- -- -- figure out way. And you know people forget how strong Paul Pierce is he really can can hold people off and that in -- he's really been able do that. He's only been a decent post up guys just that you know as you get older and you came changes you're not doing that as much. I'll tell you what though. Much much needed win for these guys even know it was routine that now has the most losses and any other team in the in the NBA. These guys coming off that road trip that when my -- that they needed to do something to make themselves feel that and I think peers as much as anyone understood the years and see that. -- with a let the Paul Pierce has after the game he gives the game ball to Jason Collins who. -- -- point three minutes -- -- couple rebounds gets all this files and there but what did you think about the move of putting him at that starting seder the start this game. Or at least it weird -- -- -- coming from and it -- he can go back to the days when they had -- Atlantic the same kind of idea. A defense of guys it's not gonna score a lot they can take up some room in the middle can be down a little bit play. You're not gonna worry about him scoring but you do have to play -- honestly if you leave them open in the post. You're gonna have problems in the -- you know he's he's not that he can't score he can put into a three -- like anybody seek out that you that arm in the post and when you do that and mean to open up those. Perimeter -- yet any of putting him there to close the point or talk about earlier and insist think it's human nature -- very frustrating for doc and I just have to wonder if if these guys on the going up they're given that that effort to win each and every game but that urgency isn't there and I can't help but think the that they realize what the big picture -- -- late in the season being healthy. And a guy like calls one of the most was to kind of protect the guy like K -- getting away from some of those big bodies. You know I think -- got a point there Luke although the whole urgency thing drives me crazy. And I know what happened last year I saw the -- on night. But this year what I see is. I already seen the urgency from -- KG and pierce and Rondo clarity C and that -- concern Celtics fans because. I think. They're doing they're playing hard probably harder than they'd like to play at this point of the year. And it's all the other guys that we thought had so much promise that we're gonna help them coming off the bench -- -- we talked about the debt and the backcourt that. They're the ones that are coming -- so that's of -- great concern to me because. I think last year KG and those guys they may have flipped the switch a little bit for the second half of the year I think -- which is already on them. And obviously doc has done such a good job managing that over the years here -- their time especially in the regular season. But as you said you know -- the other guy is what they are and aren't doing right now you look at the schedule the Brooklyn game on Christmas Day in the road trip on it begins there. Hot does -- manage that fine line between getting the rest of the roster some action but but using his stars to keep in this. Well you know it's an interesting question come because. I think one thing that doc has never been afraid of doing it if he gets disgusted enough for the player or frustrated enough with their defense or effort or lack thereof. Just sit him down there on the rotation doesn't play them. But if you do that what happens. And you got to clear -- got more. And that's that's a real catch 22 for him I think at times in the it would seem Jeff Green I feel like he's coming along to get a little more consistent. Courtney -- not so much. And you know Jason Terry again you're gonna ask you to play different role in Avery Bradley comes back I think -- they've now in trying to get them. Off the bench again get him acclimated to the role that will be and I thought he played really well last night if you're pregnant at such a big game I think we'd be talking a little bit more about him too. -- and that's -- the more frightening doc puts him back in -- starting lineup and in the reasoning but he's the it was because he wants him on the flow -- doughnuts -- he gets his best shots -- you get more out of Jason Terry to prompt the point I think. Eventually be -- -- meant to happen game won't -- and that's starting lineup doctors openly admitted that secretaries at the same kind up blue Rondo from the bench. Right but the other thing about onto his. Ontario have played chances to play them because Ronald going to be out and you know for thirty plus minutes every single -- sometimes close at forty. So I am I wouldn't worry too much about Jason Terry getting minutes with I see that happening lots. And again. Depending on what the score of the game is in the fourth quarter which -- looking forward looking for defense to pressure there than eighty go with Bradley. But if you're in the situation in Sudan a few baskets in my military in the three point shooting. You know I can't imagine they'll really small and have all those guys on the floor. But you know the Celtics and they put politics rather effectively seen that before. -- what they've got to perk -- up last night during that game was was the talk of possibly Anderson -- -- Being dealt by Cleveland. And and I think -- say well perfect fit here amateur picker worked pretty big guy. It'll have that they don't have what it would take to get Anderson very -- get up on -- something right I -- they do. And they don't -- Emanuel -- carrier and so. He -- he's a Frontline guy big time -- and you're right exactly the kind of energy guiding me I. -- Cleveland Cavaliers -- who this guy. I don't see the value it and the economist Moody's and in the carrier ring that you're franchise player if you get rid of the guys -- they're giving you the most. On side of the season started -- -- nonsense to me. Jack McMullen joining us here TC -- Lorie with you filling in until you lose not knowing him think it was a full time I am Leo and higher off the eventful game. -- here -- is golly it's -- dot -- talk about John Ferrell and I said the day he was introduced to the press conference and we will see obviously what kind of manager is on the field we saw that he. Didn't get results in Toronto. -- but I have a feeling the -- they introduced. John Ferrell as the manager there was a call at Fenway Park that I hadn't felt in fourteen months of the guys got a presence -- bottom that whatever you wanna say about Bobby down. It is the exact opposite of of how Bobby Valentine. Sort of handles himself and handles things with the. There's no question about it in you know attack as some of the kids out of some of the guys in the team -- during a game one element. And ceiling and they all talk about that present that you're referring to. But they -- find it curious that it didn't translate into Iran that was so you know -- make -- I did bring that up in the peace because I. I wonder what went wrong America. From talking to people in Toronto. I guess the key still is really Carroll guy and the guy in the in the clubhouse that backed out all the lanes so when he had that injury and went down he lost one of the biggest allies. In the clubhouse. But I think his previous stint here with Boston I don't think you can talk about it enough because he established something -- not just with the pitchers. But with the position players with the front office that thought it was in Christine adventure and told me for that piece that. When they were sitting in there and their board room talking about trade and free agency that John -- the pitching coach there's -- in on those meetings. To keep his ten cents -- I thought that was pretty interesting. Listen it's a bridge year I think that's pretty obvious I'm not telling anybody anything they don't know I think. What they're hoping at least it's out and get Lester back on track -- can eat you know get buckled back on track and these guys in -- before. Needy he's the one that can solve the riddle Daniel -- he had. Remember he was the one that was a big supporter of -- When there -- some of the other front office people weren't sure -- was so you know -- very loudly to -- party can't since. Keep them up in the big league instead -- you know settled settling back and forth packets. So the mental aspect that we can do to this pitching staff it is huge plus you know it enough to get him in the playoffs. So probably not. But I think it's a good start. He acted I wanna look at this team indicative 10 and they couldn't get Josh Hamilton could get sick -- -- If they were gonna turn this thing around is gonna come from within and those guys that you would just mentioned in and Daniel -- got I don't think that they. Really can count on at all if it. Carol can turn this guy around some prosecutors. Picked up a free agent because he was lost for that long time but and that's why I think that he is you know that the good fit. Full of this team because it's gonna happen is gonna come from within. Fine thing to Lou and it I don't know if you agree with the amount but it seems to me it. Daniel Bard need to understand -- middle reliever until further notice. And that's probably going to be Israel's going forward is very successful in that role but. You know I was saying you never have access to it and I said well yeah I remember too though Jonathan Papelbon was close enough behind -- sure hopes for content have just not compatible only to take care I think he looks. I'm I don't think they have a closure of apple -- caliber here. Although herald hi hi hi and the -- Now if he can get through that now we're talking -- -- That is the talent or without that is the challenge. -- I have no lie and -- -- no internal memo here from Fenway sports management -- -- -- -- ownership Thomas but I get the feeling. That this isn't the team -- -- don't you sort of feels still as of December the Yankees I think there's a trade to be made I mean they've done a free agent shopping we'll see what happens with Napoli -- -- -- -- ever. But I. Don't mean there's just if you look at this Ross there. Yeah you got an extra catch you gotta go Lacey is now a save as I'm not sure you know you're right I mean. Ferrell seems the log -- and maybe is on this team but he'd be real valuable guide -- -- National League teams love to get a guy like him that salary. I say Felix abroad does maybe a guy you can train is like getting beaten -- but don't feel there's a deal coming still within the trade market. I I think so I agree with you and and you mentioning go -- and the interest to see what they do with him. Didn't give them one more here they already made up their mind. As you point out a plethora of catchers and and you know that outfield I'm telling -- I I know they want -- have a good year. But it can still seems to me that they're gonna look long and hard if he starts out of the gate fast. And value goes back up again they've got some -- -- over the place and feel. So I think that that's always complain Alberto is in place. And Jackie Bradley behind you know -- and obviously there's a bridge you know it's her -- you know getting to Bradley. -- we shall -- always existing Jacqui thanks so much for the time happy holidays. Yes same to you guys than them I know much probably it was indeed he does India bad father -- I would be very best that is his son. Now America that everything. -- before let's go ever -- I'm thinking that -- -- final question as nine more question -- and they'll regret but you know you'll get enough credit for a hockey knowledge I just got you know zero to lock up killing you. -- boat except I can't even it and I really can't. I'm telling you I didn't PM Thanksgiving things come with some can't nearly everybody -- feel out at all the homeless. And they were calmer than -- -- -- this makes absolutely no offense. They just had the best year that could've possibly had hoped to have less heated with all the major market. Back in play with all the incredible story lines with a capital. And you know the Bruins unfortunately first year but -- the Bruins following up. Definitely had they had everything they need more and Monique continent ever -- -- and what is wrong with these people. Now would you watched 24/7 one more thing at the big house in Michigan with a 108000 people will the should've been an -- are now what a way yeah I mean about -- -- -- would go back it's it's Boston we'll go back to the Bruins went. Our Nashville the Nashville for the winter meetings immediately that the predators now he's databases. Got a rally backer on the team. -- he's mistaken you have only Bakken play it back and play California that can only. And you blow could suck so you let me know all about the attention span of those folks and -- there delegates who called. I don't know if this segment also a cup final hour and forty minutes they go bacteria presaged Jackie. Like you I appreciate. It as as always the best argument Mulva but -- retired agency insurance. Wanna give him props for fraud -- she's I mean this is one of the great but but she's great NBA eaten you know people the world. And you can do everything shows that about you know UN HL's hockey means there are apparently on. A democratic Libyan. More hockey person people all around attacking the moment you can do many many things we know that covers all sports she's outstanding.

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